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  1. Oh yay. More high school drama to finish off. Not sorry to see the season end. Bye.
  2. I think JL looks more like Herman Munster than Lurch. See, cigarette and all. I don’t even know what the fuss was about, didn’t Alli say she was going to back off since she found out about Gary and Sidney? Now she’s upset? Get a grip people you have one more charter and you won’t be around each other what’s the point? Plus, I’m tired of watching Alli make those weird expressions with her rubber lips and head movements when she’s talking. JL and Dani - blech.
  3. This season is a total clusterf**k.
  4. The cloud formations were more interesting than the crew and guests.
  5. Gus thinks he shouldn’t be called out on something he did wrong yet he resents being called entitled? Hypocritical ass. He has no right to call anyone else fake since he himself is a fake drama queen who is always “on” for the cameras. That was a snowstorm? It barely covered the ground. I’m not sure why they bothered to film a season of them not going out to bars.
  6. I don’t like these people, guests or crew. Let’s just play with the stingrays and the tortoises. Please please please!
  7. Speaking of Gigi’s miss on deck, I love how they cut from Gigi’s poop to a female guest telling Francesca “It taste good” and back to Gigi.
  8. I’m not trying to defend Liz, but during that last breakfast Ashling was also serving with her hair down. We weren’t shown Francesca saying anything to her. I don’t know what it is about Francesca but I just don’t care for her. She makes me feel like I’m watching a bad actress.
  9. Bugsy is totally playing Alex. When she sat on his lap in the crew mess he raised his face up to her as if expecting a kiss, instead he got her shoulder in his face. She also wasn’t interested in flirting with him when she brought his cherry cup to him. The editing monkeys are really at work, and not just on eliminating Pete. That shot of Jess looking over the rail was from back when she was talking to Alex about Rob texting his ex, her hair is different. I have no doubt she saw what she thought was Aesha grabbing Rob’s bum, but she was probably behind them. Also, that table which ha
  10. Interesting how Bugs told Malia that Aesha “grabbed” Rob’s butt, and Malia immediately turned it into “smacked” and “slapped”. Hey Tom and Bugsy, if you don’t want guests sending food back why don’t you try reading the preference sheets. That’s on Bugs as much as Tom because she served the food, and is the chief stew. Just like both of them should have anticipated that guests would be hungry after a shopping excursion. Bugs is only cozying up to Alex now because the guests are flirting with him. Someone spoke to Pete!
  11. I’m going to chime in on the lack of food too. That tapas dinner seemed really skimpy and there wasn’t even any dessert. He should also have snacks ready when they return from their excursion. Tom doesn’t know how to think on his feet or improvise if things don’t go according to plan. I noticed Malia gauging Tom’s temper-ature. After lunch was changed from 2.30 to 2, he must’ve whinged to her because she was in the kitchen asking him, “are you going to be okay for lunch at 2.00?”. What was she going to do if he wasn’t? Bugsy’s afraid of saying or doing anything to set Tom off.
  12. It looked like she was eating Edamame. Even the camera didn’t like the disagreeable primary, Z, her eyes were closed in the picture they took with Rob. I noticed in the other group photo on deck, before their excursion, everyone else had their arms around each other but she was standing at the end with her arm by her side.
  13. Maritime law states that if your crybaby chef boyfriend needs a fluffer, you go and fluff. To hell with the captain’s orders. I don’t know how Tom could get another gig after his “I don’t care about the guests” comment. As Bugsy said, food is the biggest influence on the tip. I hate it when people do what Tom did. In the time he wasted repeating to Sandy what she had said and explaining he couldn’t answer yes or no, etc, he could’ve said, hold on, opened the fridge door to see if the fish was frozen and told her the answer. He just wanted to argue. So we ended up with two toddler tan
  14. It is Tom’s fault the way they were haphazardly stacked. Put bread in a basket or lay them in a row, you don’t make a toast tower. Aesha had barely moved the plate when the top ones fell over.
  15. I have to admire Capt Interruptus for not giving two shits about having “woken up” Tom. I really wish she had been in the kitchen when he got there. How did he not know it was Sandy’s call when she was the one who came to get him? I didn’t need to see Tom’s teabag when he was getting out of the bunk.
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