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  1. Not to mention my new catchphrase I can’t unhear, “Jesus, Mr Dobson!”.
  2. I’m still giggling about Captain Lee looking like a child sitting at the adult table. His chair must be lower than the others. Lol at them interspersing Kate talking about those drinks (mushrooms, vodka and lemonade ew) with Tanner getting ready to be sick. Brian is hot hot hot.
  3. I must be getting really old, until next ep’s preview last night I didn’t know that area had the name “Penis Ravine”. These kids annoy me getting into bed with their nasty feetses. Especially Abbi who walked home from the bar barefoot then climbed in bed. I knew the stews ironed the epaulet shirts but do they also iron all the other uniforms like polos and shorts? That’s a ridiculous amount of ironing especially when they’re on charter and guests have things to take care of as well. Seems like they could use fabric, for the shorts at least, that wouldn’t need pressing to look nice.
  4. Kate always orders fresh flowers. Other than ordering the can-can dancers, what have we seen Hannah do that says “chief stew”? From the beginning with Mila, this season has been nothing but a bunch of contrived drama. I would like to thank Jack and his accent for preparing me to watch “Film stars don’t die in Liverpool”.
  5. This season is boring and I don’t like any of them. For some reason I heard that sentence in Jack’s voice. Ugh.
  6. I watched the trailer out of curiosity, just to see if it looked interesting. But as soon as I heard Whitney shrieking “I fucking hate both of you!”, I said nope. Nope nope nope
  7. I really don’t see why holding a grudge is a problem in this game anyway, the three previous Challenges were based on grudges and revenge. Sarah apologized to John, when she had no reason to, and he still ended up screwing her. John, and Ashley, put a price on losing a friendship and took all the money. Turbo said he wouldn’t lie for money and wants to play the game with honor. I think Natalie underestimated how much her actions actually hurt Turbo because he thought they were friends. If anyone thinks Turbo was being petty about the whole thing just remember, Natalie was so butt hurt about her apology not being accepted that on the next challenge (the plane) she commented that Turbo cannot win this because she didn’t want to see Turbo in the final and she didn’t know where their friendship stood. Now that is childish. During the final Turbo could’ve messed with Natalie on the food by giving most of it to her. But he didn’t, he even said he didn’t want to give his sisters (meaning Cara and Natalie) too much. As far as the Hunter thing, Turbo wasn’t doing anything except sitting there when Hunter started saying he could fuck him up. I think Turbo very much believes in ‘treat me the way I treat you’ and he did nothing in either case to warrant the treatment he got.
  8. John & Ashley after winning a Challenge, with a partner: I’m keeping all the money myself. Turbo: I want to win this challenge for my people, for my country, for Turkey. I want to help someone who is poor, who is living street. If you have a chance to change one life, let’s do it. Turbo is too good for the Challenge. The producers even asked him why he kept helping his opponents. I’m glad he won but I would’ve been ok with Wes or Theo winning as well. I like how Theo and Turbo carried their friendship through the final, and ran the last leg together before starting their final sprint. TJ’s appreciation of their best effort all the way to the end was great. I’m so sick of the vets > rookies/show respect to the vets shit, that I’m glad only one vet made it to the finish. I liked Cara’s joy (and Theo’s) when she was the only one to get the trivia question right, though her celebration was a little OTT. But considering she doesn’t usually do well with trivia and the fact that Wes got it wrong, she had the right to celebrate. She’s much more tolerable when she’s not around Paulie or Kyle, or talking about Paulie or Kyle. The previews for the reunion made me say, ‘Oh, I forgot he/she was on the challenge” quite a few times. It looks to be way too much John going on. And too much Kyle/Paulie continuation. I might skip it. Seeing how grueling this final was, it makes me wonder who among those eliminated prior to the finals could have completed it. Some LOL quotes for me: Wes: The door of the pain locker opens up. I’m hoping that we’re gonna see like rain forests and all these great things. Dunes. More dunes. More sand. Wes: It’s so sandy. Cara: All I have to do is eat what’s on my plate. I am Italian and I am trained for this. Cara: We’ve eaten, we’ve done trivia, we’ve run, we’ve run, and we’ve added some running into the running with a little bit more running and a sprinkle of running on top and another pinch of running.
  9. After they finished their IVs, they were informed there would be a tribunal consisting of Theo, Wes and Turbo. They are to vote on Hunter, CM and Ninja for the killing floor. I wonder how this would’ve gone if Georgia and Mattie had also completed the first part. Double elimination?
  10. I love it that Baby Wes hates baby food with bananas. That was painful watching everyone walking/limping to the tribunal.
  11. If Ninja had trusted Turbo’s strategy to begin with she wouldn’t have had to swallow her pride, as she put it, to apologize for her asinine behavior. If she really meant to apologize she would’ve done it as soon as she realized how she made Turbo feel, not after she found out they got into the tribunal. Dee can stfu with her “you’re being aggressive” shit which she aggressively yelled at Turbo. I think he stayed pretty calm for having two women yelling in his face. Georgia singing at Wes cracked me up. It reminded me of Sam in “Ghost” singing Henry VIII to get Oda Mae all frustrated so she’d agree to help him. I think Georgia actually flustered Wes more than CT did that challenge where he yelled at him all night.
  12. I don’t really care for Kyle but I love the way he hilariously admitted that he’d been counting on his partner Mattie a lot. Bad Bear choices aside, Georgia seems like a nice person. Security sure is on top of things very quickly the last couple of seasons.
  13. I’m gonna need Wes to stfu. A trophy, LOL! Cara, you’re being so ridiculous and obvious that I’m embarrassed for you. I love the special effects they give Turbo.
  14. Did anyone else think that Bear’s “girlfriend” sounded like an actress reading lines? Anyway, I don’t see how any woman could find Bear or Hunter attractive or appealing in any way at all. Looks like Bear is the puppet master since Hunter and Georgia both acted according to his plan. I like the format this season of drama/challenge/drama/complete elimination in each episode.
  15. Costa Ronin appeared as a general contractor named Vlad in several episodes of Splitting Up Together. Terrible show, but he looked good.
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