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  1. It is Tom’s fault the way they were haphazardly stacked. Put bread in a basket or lay them in a row, you don’t make a toast tower. Aesha had barely moved the plate when the top ones fell over.
  2. I have to admire Capt Interruptus for not giving two shits about having “woken up” Tom. I really wish she had been in the kitchen when he got there. How did he not know it was Sandy’s call when she was the one who came to get him? I didn’t need to see Tom’s teabag when he was getting out of the bunk.
  3. You have to be a special kind of dick to make perpetually-happy Aesha cry. Condescending bastard. Annoying voice aside, there are times when Aesha’s enthusiasm makes me smile. This episode it was when the guest said it was her turn for a lesson. Her response was, “My turn? Yayyyyyyyy!” I don’t remember ever seeing the deck crew helping with the dishwashing as much as this season. Pete at the club! Pete at the van and there to assist Bugs when she fell! Pete walking back to the boat! Pete standing at the bow! Pete greeting the guests! Pete carrying luggage! Pete on the the tender! Pete playing frisbee! Pete back on the boat! Pete rinsing and drying dishes! Did I miss any?
  4. Where did all Tom and Malia’s animosity towards Jess come from? Tom’s known Jess for maybe a week or so but he’s sure that she only likes Rob because he’s a model, and then he calls her a shallow motherf**cker. Nice mouth. Unlike Rob and Jess, Malia and Tom are well suited, they’re both dicks. I know Jess is drama, but Rob’s drama is just as bad with his “I feel broken” shit over a few weeks long relationship. He was the one who escalated things with the I love you. If Jess is shallow, Rob is an abyss. Lots of Pete this episode. It’s easier to notice if I’m not crocheting while I watch. He was there walking towards the tender with Aesha, helping the guests out of the tender, saying goodbye to the guests, at the tip meeting, walking to dinner beside Bugs, at dinner a couple times (sitting beside Aesha), walking to the cab, getting out of the cab, and standing around or dancing several times at the club. This is like a scavenger hunt. Got to make it fun somehow since I’m pretty much hate watching at this point.
  5. Let’s not forget that the red glass stones used on the dinner table for the baseball theme had previously been used to decorate the bed in the master for Malia and Tom.
  6. The table Jess set for breakfast was what I would expect on a luxury yacht, much more elegant than the overdone messes that Bugs makes. If I were eating at that table I would prefer not to have my food surrounded by a bunch of dollar store decorations which spend their time either collecting dust in a cabinet or sitting on a table collecting food particles, spit, spilled alcohol and whatever else. Not to mention the time it takes both setting the stuff out and brushing every little glass pebble back into a container could be better spent working on laundry. That neon party: What? Why do adults need a theme? How about the theme is a nice dinner. Like others have said, the table is so busy it takes away from the food. That table looked like a unicorn went to a child’s birthday party and then threw up. The face paint, tutus, hair bows and Minnie Mouse gloves did nothing to help. Bugsy’s “Tom’s gonna freak” remark makes me think he’s had worse freak outs than what we’ve seen. It’s a shame that stupidly-suggested, too-large bowl cover didn’t fall off just as Bugsy reached the top of the stairs. The bouncing metal sound would have lasted all the way down the steps and down the hall. It would have been like when Pip knocked the armor into the well in LOTR and it went on forever.
  7. She’s as obnoxious as she was last time and her voice annoys me more than Aesha’s. I wonder if she’s angling for a Howives position, or their own show. The red glass marbles/sprinkles on the baseball-themed tablescape looked like blood spatter. Anybody else notice the mushroom cloud in this shot about halfway through the episode?
  8. Malia (after upsetting the tray): Who gives me a glass tray of shrimp cocktail and the bottom of the glass is round? Your perfect chef boyfriend, that’s who. Ha! I think Malia is confusing HR with simple supervisory responsibilities a decent manager can handle.
  9. Looks like Malia and Sandy are doubling down on the bad management practices. Rob calmly tells Malia he doesn’t appreciate being called a fucker and her response is “then don’t be a fucker”. In front of the captain. I doubt the amount of Febreze used on the boat could put a dent in the toxic atmosphere that Sandy has festering. Tom’s entitled attitude is ludicrous. He can’t even handle his own plating. And because the guests don’t want raw food they’re idiots who don’t understand poaching? Poor Tom, just a misunderstood perfect chef. Take a hike, sweetie. Tonight I heard Bugs say ‘billy dancer’ and ‘dickhands’. Shit season is right.
  10. Are WWHL ratings so bad that they’re trying to force us to watch by including it with BDM? I can assure Bravo that it’s not working with me because as soon as Andy’s face comes up the exit button is pressed. Just another reason to reconsider watching this show.
  11. ID channel has an episode of ‘Still a Mystery’ which covers the tragic death of Madison’s sister Paige. It’s S2 Ep8 which premiered July 14.
  12. What an insult to poor Tigger, but damn it’s true.
  13. I quit smoking 20 years ago, unfortunately none of the weight I gained went to my chest lol Good for her for quitting, but you would think they would have made sure her uniforms fit. It reminded me of Dodge’s comment to Lt Lake in “Down Periscope” when the guys shrunk her uniform, “Lt Lake...you’re...almost out of uniform.”
  14. Did someone shrink Hannah’s epaulet shirt, that button was barely holding on. Those crew cabins are tiny. I would feel like I was in an MRI if I was in that top bunk. So if Hannah planned for the bosun to bunk with the chef, who was she originally going to have room with her?
  15. What a great group of charter guests. That pajama night looked like fun for everyone. Except Jenna. Her walk was ridiculous. Why wasn’t Byron the one to go up the mast? I get uncomfortable whenever Jenna discusses feelings with Adam because she just seems so, I don’t know, impersonal, robotic? Like she’s ticking things off a checklist for relationships. The way she was at that dinner when she wanted to fuck Adam was weird, plus I haven’t sensed any real chemistry between them at all. They just seem intent on manipulating each other. Forgot to add how disgusted I am to hear Jenna and Adam refer to Madison and Georgia as Jenna’s minions. As if they’re there to do Jenna’s work for her. Ugh.
  16. Wow Jenna, your idea of giving the primary the best trip of her life involves requesting that your subordinate (who’s getting ready to perform for the guests) cover service for you so you can talk to your boyfriend about an argument. Handle your personal shit off charter. She just kicked the “worst chief stew ever” title up a notch. Adam and his overly dramatic facial expressions make me cringe.
  17. Georgia has already shown she can side with Jenna against Madison. I hope Madison doesn’t put too much trust in that friendship. I would like to voice my support for Chris and his snoring. I hope he bugs the shit out of Adam.
  18. Boy, Parker really had to be in control of things right to the end. Good luck with that, love of his life. Adam is ugly. He and Jenna cackling about the punishing of her subordinates for things that have nothing to do with their job performance is disgusting. Previously Adam told Georgia to stop laughing about something now he’s telling Madison to stop talking about something. If he hadn’t gone after Parker as well I would have said his misogyny was showing. Ok, f—king douchebag it is. The term “influencer” makes me cringe. And these women are ridiculous. Byron always rubs me the wrong way. He acts above everything and then he’s the first to start gossiping. He even jumped in on the Madison bashing. Adam asked him, ‘what’s she over there whining about?’. Byron replied, ‘take your pick’, then they laughed. Ass.
  19. Well this was a totally whiny episode. I get the feeling the world’s most useless chief stew Jenna thinks the romance is back on since Adam made nice with her. She’s weird. And lazy. And her voice is really annoying (like her face), to say nothing of that laugh. The theme music for BD Sailing Yacht is uninspired.
  20. If I had to be around Jeremiah I would be very worried. His moods flip flop so quickly, he’s paranoid about people being against him and he can go off at the drop of a dime. Roid rage or whatever, he just seems scary. Nilsa looks soooo much better without all the make up. Whenever Gus talks I just want to punch him.
  21. Someone on here hit the nail on the head when they said Gus only wants to be fawned over by women, he doesn't actually want to do anything with them (or something to that effect). There’s no chemistry with Nilsa or any other women, despite what the roommates say. Everything Gus has said and done this season seems calculated and only done for maximum screen time. The way Gus said he was going to establish his dominance over Jeremiah by taking Kristin from him a couple episodes back was unusual wording for a guy mad at his friend for not having his back in a pushing contest. There must be more going on with them than just the thing about the car being totaled.
  22. I never want to hear “bruh” again. I don’t understand how everyone thinks Courtney is cool or why Brian is so attracted to her. She’s perpetually grumpy and whines all the time. And how can she keep saying she doesn’t really know Brian yet she’s sleeping in the same bed with him.
  23. Kevin, you cook for the crew not just the charter guests. Rhylee is part of the crew, therefore you kinda are Rhylee’s chef. Asswipe.
  24. I think they need to add a doctor to the crew.
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