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  1. Yay, Shiri. Nice. Is Tyler Blackburn not able to do group scenes or something. Like why was he so absent. Even when they were in Deep Sky he was in a room by himself and not involved in the drama with the machine he was working on all season. And he was the only one missing from the Jones showdown. Kyle is adorable. Not here for another love triangle though. Its cute how Maria/Isobel and Rosa are like their own triad. I was still waiting for it to be not Max at the end.
  2. What a boring episode. So much talking. Liz was being held hostage and Kyle/Alex and Maria were no where to be found. Did any of them even know what was going on.
  3. Alex/Maria/Kyle and Rosa are all regulars so they are contracted to miss a couple eps from the 13. And this was Marias first missing ep. of the whole season. The others already missed a few eps.
  4. Kyle still remains the best. "Is ice your new power?" had me dying. I am rooting for him and Isobel to get together. Isobel and Anastashia would be pretty together but they came out of the blue.
  5. Karen's vaccinated hallucinations at the party was HILARIOUS. Up there with Scary Island good. Gizelles kids are so well mannered. They dont seem spoiled like other HW kids. I love them telling Gizelle not to chew with her mouth open.
  6. I dont get anything with Maria/Greg. He just seems like a block of wood. Anatsa previously hooking up with Max is gross if they are setting up her and Iz. I missed seeing Kyle interact with the others. Why do they always contain characters to Eduardo first Alex now Kyle.
  7. Hmm. Yes. I was thinking the same about Kyle. Not one reunion with a friend just his long lost uncle. Why did it look like Alex was working up in the mountains. The green screen outside was bad. I dont get DS location at all. Michaels shirt outside of DS was so funny to me. Max and Liz and their fighting is so boring to me. For a bunch of smart people they sure are stupid to leave their alien codes out in the open for Jones to find them. What happened to all the secret bunkers.
  8. Thinking about it I very much prefer RNM Isobel to OG Roswell Isobel. Katherines Isobel was very cold. I just remember her being bitchy most of the time.
  9. I enjoyed Isobel kicking Jones butt. That was fun. Where is Kyle and why did no one mention him :( Nathan is having so fun with Jones. Much more entertaining than Max ever was. Malex getting their shit together. Michael taking his hat off was funny to me.
  10. Liz thinking something was off should have been the huge indicator that he was Jones lol. I do find Jones a hell of a lot more interesting than Max. Plus his dog Lucky is so cute.
  11. Ok but why did it take the whole episode for Liz to realize it was Jones. Come on, it was so obvious. I just rolled my eyes at her figuring it out.
  12. Finally someone in the pod squad apologizes to Rosa. Scene of the episode. Max and his not all cops BS can stfu. Kyle/Liz/Max being tethered together is amusing. Poor Kyle.
  13. My only hope for this Finn/Sheila/Steffy storyline is that Liam doesn't ride to the rescue for Steffy. Keep him far away.
  14. I found this ep. pretty boring minus the last 5 mins. I find Liz so boring in LA. Rosa/Wyatt plot is not only dull but pointless. Feels like they are on a different show. Isobel/Maria were amusing but it felt like waste of time till the end. Kyle and Michael were fun. Not Kyle :(
  15. Who did/does Sheila hate more Lauren Fenmore or Stephanie?
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