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  1. That sucks. She brought life back to the show.
  2. Poor Jason. The rest of the cast, obv not KB, seemed really sad.
  3. Why didnt RT and KB just make a new whole show. If they didn't want to use what people loved about it in the first place. Neptune and the other characters.
  4. RT basically said he wants to get away from Neptune. So Wallace and Weevil wont be in it if there is a season 5. Which is dumb because to me Neptune was half the appeal.
  5. What a big FU to fans. They dont even show her mourning for Logan just jumped a year ahead. What a shitty way to end his character. Logan was always my fav. But now KBell can be happy that she can get away from LoVe which she always wanted. People are really angry so good luck with another season. Based on what Francis is telling fans they basically got rid of Logan because RT and KB really disliked how Logan/LoVe overpowered the show.
  6. I think the snitch is Angela. Jake W. is killing this season as Deran. I know its AK but let him be happy with Adrian please.
  7. Suzie is real! Omg her and Dusty singing the never ending story song had me dying. The look on everyone elses face was amazing. Billy dying is no loss. Never liked him. But at least he had a purpose this season. Hopper 😞 he has to be alive. Though he could have made it back with Joyce before she turned the keys. I feel like that monster could have easily outrun the car. That seemed unrealistic. Yay! Steve coming in and smashing into Billy's car. I love how Steve always goes back for people. How do none of these characters have brain damage with the amount of times they get knocked around. Max getting knocked out by Billy and Mike smashing his head in the wall. I loved the season overall but I do think Will was shafted a bit. He didn't get to do a whole lot.
  8. Alexei 😞 No. He looked so happy at the fair. Loved the reunion with Dustin and Steve with the others. 😍 I dont mind Robin being a lesbian I just wish Steve would find someone who loves him. But him and Robin being best friends would be great.
  9. Oh Steve. It wouldn't be ST if he wasn't getting beat up. Glad Dustin saved him and Robin. Really liking Steve/Robin I dont know if they are setting up a romantic vibe or what but I like them. Steve "The Hair" Harrington. 😍 As much as I love Dustin/Steve I do miss him with the other kids. So I hope they meet up soon. Hopper would just wait around. He would want to get to El.
  10. Finally Nancy and Jonathan met up with another group and not isolated. Nancy was badass. How is Jonathan even able to stand up after that beat down. LOL Robin asking why it would be happening in boring Hawkins and Dustin and Steve just looking at each other. Steve finally won a fight. I love Alexi.
  11. Wow. That was a lot. Great episode. Sorry but I was 100% with Erica on child endangerment. They never should have involved a child in this. "If you die, I die" 😍 Steve and Dustin are cuties. I love their bickering too. The mind flayer possessing so many people now is so creepy. The whole scene with Billy and the kids in the sauna was so well done.
  12. Billy is getting more and more creepy. I guess they are possessed. I am loving the Max/El duo. Also Steve and Dustin with Robin. She grew on me. Not so annoying after the first episode. I feel so bad for Will. Though his bad wig makes me laugh.
  13. I agree that ST does the different groupings and then they will come together at the end of the season. The only thing is that Nancy/Jonathan are always on their own and its gets boring. Their strand is always my least favorite one.
  14. Mike and El were so annoying. Not at all cute or funny. Seemed like little assholes. I am glad Bob is not just forgotten.
  15. All I could think about in those mall scenes with El and Max was where did they get money from. I am liking the threesome of Dustin/Steve/new girl. I feel bad for Will. 😞
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