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  1. Quinn/Carter is loads better than Eric/Quinn but I am stumped on when they caught feelings for each other. They had sex a few times.
  2. Lord is Brooke going to try and take FC from Steffy. Of course. Logans have to rule all.
  3. This show continues to be ridiculous in the most soapy way. They always try to incorporate as many plots as they can. Date Rape, shootings, fires, death, divorce, miscarriages' and long loss relatives. Its too much for one season. LOL now she is pregnant and doesn't know if its Jacks or her dead husbands. Of course. Charmaine looked more pregnant last season. She barely looked pregnant. I did not miss Hope at all. I thought Lilly's illness went too quick. Hate Lizzie/Ricky storyline. I FF them. If this kid is Docs grandson then who is his child?
  4. After watching this season I am still Team Ben. His looks of devastation just get to me. I can appreciate the development for Paxton this year but I still find him to be a douche. Blaming Devi for his accident and failing his test was eye rolling.
  5. Max is in peril again!?! 🙄 Why not something new for once. Now Michael is jealous of Forrest after dating one of Alex's bestfriends last year. 😒
  6. Shut up, Brooke. How many times have you cheated. I dont get the dramatics of Liam being transferred. They were acting like he was off on death row or something. The slow motion Lope hug was so cringe inducing. They really need to go on the back burner.
  7. Oh, Hope I am sure if you say pretty please one more time they will for sure release a prisoner based on the words from his wife. Wyatt and Flo are so useless. Why would anyone let Flo near a new born ever again.
  8. Brooke is so smug and annoying when it comes to Thomas. Super Hope to the rescue. I am so sick of the Hope and Liam show.
  9. That was a clean looking baby that came out. What a cutie. Don't love the name.
  10. backhometome


    Robyn is so unlikeable but I suppose thats the point. I was loving the Eve/Melody friendship this season. I find Ruth very annoying.
  11. I dont mind the short look its the bleach blonde hair that looks awful on Paris.
  12. What happened to Katie? Did she fall off the face of earth. I dont even remember if her and Bill are together or not.
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