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    Looking: The Movie has been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Movie or Limited Series. (I really hope it wins.)
  2. Blue Castle

    S02.E13: Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?

    I didn't watch Passions, but I think this is also the classic soap archetype of the "bad girl." Blair Kramer on OLTL, Carly on GH (as played by Sarah Brown at least), hell even Erica Kane, were all popular bad girls. The bad girl is the woman who plots, schemes, lies, and in short does anything to get what she wants--but the audience still loves her because she's also vulnerable and tough. There's always something tragic about the bad girl because often she's doing all this for a guy who doesn't love her enough (or who loves someone else)--or she's doing this because she doesn't believe he will love the real her (or the person she is without lies). And her schemes never work out on the long run--she's usually left to pick herself up out of the ashes alone. The bad girl is, imo, the heart and soul of any good soap opera. Her desires define a soap. Even though she's often the antagonist to a "good" character--she's never a villain because the audience is rooting for her, even if they don't root for her schemes. I never really thought of Rebecca in these terms because Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has such a different tone than the soaps I've watched--but yeah, you guys are right, the show is kinda like a deep examination into the mind of soap opera bad girl if she happened to be a West Covina lawyer.
  3. Blue Castle


    Thank you for this review. Every time I see the commercials for this show I become enraged and you articulated all the issues of its crap premise perfectly.
  4. Blue Castle

    Bob's Burgers

    I just love this show so much. As good as the Tina story was, I think my favorite part was Linda's ridiculous/fun idea and how the other Belchers slowly got into it with her. So many other family sitcoms create consistently adversarial relationships to generate story and I love how Bob's Burgers doesn't do that--the Belchers are a family on the same goofy wavelength.
  5. Blue Castle

    S06.E01: I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing

    I'm not watching the show anymore (last season broke me and this season looks like more of the same crap) but I enjoyed the recap, especially the 'Professor Gretchen Witter' line. I always think of her as Pacey's sister, too! I also liked the recap's points about how Shameless deals with race because that's always been a huge problem with this show.
  6. Blue Castle

    Bob's Burgers

    I'm a little obsessed with Bob's Burgers so I know the answer to this, it was established in "Christmas in the Car" that all three kids very much still believe in Santa. That's the ep where Louise creates a "Santa trap" that Teddy gets caught in and Bob mentions to Tina that he's grateful that she plays along with Louise' belief in Santa and Tina doesn't really know what he's talking about (because she still believes, too). It's implied that all of the kids are a bit too old to believe in Santa but they all do nonetheless. I loved Nice-Capades! It's definitely my favorite Christmas episode so far. I think my favorite throwaway moment was Linda getting distracted by the fudge shop while talking to Henry Winkler, ("Ooh, fudge!"). Also, I just loved the exchange with Bob, Edith, and Harold--their irrational hatred of Bob and Bob's long-suffering acceptance of it just makes me laugh (also, the idea that Bob is having a Christmas Eve felt-emergency).
  7. Blue Castle

    Speculation and Spoilers for the Gallaghers and Friends

    I've gotta hand it to them, this new spoiler has somehow made me even less excited for season six and I didn't think that was possible. Very impressive.
  8. Blue Castle

    Shameless in the Media

    Sorry to post twice but here is a good review of the finale that identifies a lot of problems with the whole season.
  9. Blue Castle

    Shameless in the Media

    There are less and less reasons to tune into season six.
  10. Blue Castle

    S05.E12: Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)

    I am really questioning whether I can be a fan of this show anymore. At this point I would only come back because I love many of the actors. In that finale the only good things were some of the performances. I was so excited for fifth season after the wonderful 4th season and it was a train wreck. The writers didn't just create mediocrity, they burnt this show to the ground.
  11. Blue Castle

    S05.E12: Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)

    It’s not the actors. The show wrote a sex scene and the actors filmed it for the third episode of this season. It was then edited out, presumably to make room for more exciting ‘Fiona and random dude’ scenes or Frank being an asshole. I agree that Fiona had an unfair burden placed on her, but I don’t think she ever believed her family was a burden. She felt burdened by her poverty. She felt burdened by her lack of opportunities. She felt burdened by her narcissistic father who only sees his children as people he can use. But in the first four seasons she literally said, “Those kids are my life.” Lip told her in season one to leave with Jimmy because he could step up; but she chose not to leave. Jimmy wanted to take her to a hotel for one night and it took a bunch of convincing for her to go. In season three the impetus for her to gain custody of the kids was not that they would go to foster care (she was planning to clean Frank up and use him to get the kids back). Her motivation was when she learned that Frank had betrayed them - she then decided (and she never once wavered) to seek custody of them herself. It felt more like her deciding to take control away of her life more than anything. In season four after she endangered Liam she missed her role as a caretaker greatly and that was partly what led her to further falling. She begged Lip to bring Liam back so that she could mother him again. When she got out of jail the first thing she did was make a big breakfast for her family. In the fourth season finale she was a woman who wanted to recommit to her maternal role. Who wanted to recommit to being responsible to the people who needed her. This season all of that flew out the window. And that would be fine if there was a story behind it - like what you were saying - if she unconsciously wanted a break from this (but even if it’s unconscious for the character the audience should know somewhat what’s going on). But I don’t know what happened for Fiona to change her so radically from 4x12 to season 5. Why does she basically abandon her family and her previous motivations? Is it because she feels guilty about last year? Or is she acting selfishly because she just can’t give of herself anymore? What story are they telling? I have no idea. What I saw this season for Fiona was a bunch of shuffling love interests and a half-baked abandonment of the family she once loved so fiercely. For unknown reasons. I can speculate wildly about what was going on with her, but I really don’t know. It was terrible storytelling, imo.
  12. Blue Castle

    S05.E12: Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)

    If that's true, that just proves yet again that the writers are bad at their jobs. If they were planning a happier, non-break up ending for them (which the rest of the episode seemed to imply) they still could've done it! If Noel Fisher didn't want to be in seasons six they could just say Mickey's in jail for something or other. I mean, come on--why invalidate the characters' journeys for this season just because one actor might not be available for next season? The ending was insulting to anyone who was invested in those characters.
  13. Blue Castle

    S05.E12: Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)

    The weird thing is that it was most of the same writers. My only thought is that they must be busy with other projects (I know John Wells is developing something) and they no longer care to put in the needed effort to make a high-quality show.
  14. Blue Castle

    S05.E12: Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)

    She was too good for Lip. Godspeed Amanda, godspeed.
  15. Blue Castle

    S05.E12: Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)

    That was a horrible finale to a horrible season. Like everything else this year it felt like a shoddy term paper written by a 15 year old during an all-nighter. The Kev and V story amounted to virtually nothing. Fiona's Discount Barn of Men was consistently boring. I mean, Ian runs away, Debbie is TRYING to get pregnant, Carl is in juvie, and poor Liam is abandoned half the time and she wonders if she's a bad person because some jackass lead singer is mad that she dicked around his best friend? Who cares?! Your household is in shambles! These kids used to be your life! What happened to you? What is going on? And don't even get me started on Ian and Mickey's breakup which literally made no sense. And then Ian, who in season 1 flipped out when Kash pulled a gun on Mickey, was just now like "LOl. Sammi may kill the love of my life! Better go inside and have some coffee." I think I'm done with this show.