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12 Monkeys Quotes

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Ramse: I want you to have fun back there this time, okay? I want you to get laid. Find some vintage.
Cole: Vintage?
Ramse: Yes.
Cole: What was your mom's name again? Roberta, right?
Ramse: See, that is some cold shit right there.
Cole: Briar Street, Philly.
Ramse: You're not being nice to me.
Cole: She was pretty, right?
Ramse: Let me ask you - are you my father?

Cole: How did you find me?
Cassie: North Korea called.

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[Cole eating Chinese takeout]
Cole: This is good. What is it?
Cassie: General Tso's chicken.
Cole: That [delivery] guy was a general?
Cassie: Yes, here in the past we have soldiers on the front lines dedicated to the preparation and distribution of both sweet and sour deep fried chicken.

Cassie: It's not every day you see the building you're going to die in.

Scarface: I'm not what you would call a people person.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cole: You should get some rest.
Jones: So should you.
Cole: Yeah, I never really sleep before a jump. Ramse and I usually knock a couple back. It's become kind of a pre-splinter tradition.
Jones: Now I know why our calculations are off. It's the alcohol in your bloodstream.

Jones: If our timeline is reset, poof!
Max: And we're all just erased?
Jones: This version of ourselves will cease to exist and our mission will be over.
Ramse: Ohhhhh, gawd, she said "mission."
Cole: Drink!
Jones: What?
Ramse: She said "mission." Another shot.
Jones: I don't understand. Do I say that a lot?

Cassie: Notice anything weird about that place?
Cole: I'm from the apocalypse. Everything here looks weird to me.

Cole: Let him go. You can't save everyone.
Cassie: I thought that was the point.

Ramse: Excuse me, pardon, pardon me. I know you guys are hard at work, but I just discovered something. Are these my hands? Oh my gawd. We're still here!
Jones: Sarcasm. I like it.

Jennifer: BOOYAH! Fail safes! BOOM! Attention, Night Room shoppers, Markridge commandos are on the way!

Jennifer: Quick question - who's this bitch?

Pallid Man: Jennifer, you deceived us.
Jennifer: Shit, no, son. I'm Honest Abe. I'm chopping down cherry trees. Hey, I did not have sexual relations with that woman! I cannot tell a lie so I told you half a truth.

Cole: Ramse and I, we had rules for ourselves. Never kill in anger, only for self defense. Then that became food and shelter.

Jennifer: They told me, Cole. You did it. You killed daddy. That is...AWESOME!

Jennifer: First rule of growing up Goines - don't trust daddy.

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Aaron: I don't know this guy. I don't trust this guy. But if you don't know where she is, you're of no use to him. And then he's just going to do this for fun.

Cole: You still don't believe me, do you?
Aaron: I believe that this cult is real but no, I don't think you're Marty McFly.
Cole: Who?

Cole: I got a buddy back in 2043, always says this thing. Everybody's got two wolves inside them. Both of them are starving. The one wolf is anger, envy, pride. The other one's truth, kindness. Every day they tear each other apart but it's not the better wolf that wins. It's the one you feed.

Aaron: How the hell are we doing this?
Cole: We go in, we get Cassie, we get out.
Aaron: That's it? How about a plan this time?
Cole: Everybody wants a plan. There's no time.
Aaron: You're a time traveler.

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Cole to Aaron: What's 911?

Aaron (nodding towards the SWAT team about to break down the door): That's 911.

Cole to Aaron: What's a license plate?

Aaron to Cole: It's the numbers on the car bumper.

[Cole rattles off the license plate numbers]

Unspoilering the trailer for the next episode:

Cole to Chechnyan taxi driver: Slow down! They're going to see us! Speed up! We're losing them!...

Chechnyan taxi driver (explaining in limited English that he understands): 007!

Cole [sighing]: Yeah. Double-o whatever.

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Aaron to Cassie after the ball: I am way under-dressed.

[now looking at Cole]Is that my tux?

Cole [grimacing]: They're going to send me back. A week from today. You're gonna have to get me all the information on this Chechnya thing. Everything.

[Cole disappears]

Aaron: Wha-at??

Cassie: You get used to it.

Aaron: I'm just worried about my tux.

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Cole: Slow down, slow down. They're going to see us. Speed up. You're going to lose them. Look, we see them. They don't see us.|
Cab driver: 007!
Cole: Yeah, double oh whatever.

Wexler: I never thought I would meet someone more nihilistic than me.

Wexler: What about this world is worth saving if they would risk extinction to swat a fly?

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Wexler: What about this world is worth saving if they would risk extinction to swat a fly?


I found this statement by Wexler to be particularly profound -- that the CIA would risk an extinction level event so they wouldn't be embarrassed further by his leaks of what sort of shenanigans the CIA was up to.  That's like using a nuclear weapon to take out someone for jaywalking, be damned the collateral damage.

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Ramse: Sup, pops?

Ramse: Look at this place. I get it. I get why your pops is so frosty with you. He wants you to be here as opposed to the basement you're in now.
Whitley: ....
Ramse: What? Oh, you don't want to talk to me now? It's cool. We all got our past.
Whitley: Don't you ever shut up?
Ramse: No.

Foster: How many men have you seen splintered only to wake and find yourself living and breathing in the same reality?
Ramse: I don't want to be involved in this. A lot of lives are at stake and you guys are having a dick measuring contest right now.

Ramse: [Sam]'s a good kid. He's handsome - like his dad.

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Cole: I think we can take them.
Ramse: There's six of them.
Cole: I can count.

Whitley: You must be the stupidest sons of bitches I've ever seen, general and lieutenant of a two man army.
Ramse: Where are we? What the hell is this place?
Whitley: Wouldn't you like to know, shithead?
Cole: That's general to you, dickhead.

Cole: How do you know my name?
Army woman: I'm not authorized to explain that to you.

Cole: No matter what I do, you always die.

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Whitley: It was an accident! I made it right!
Jones: Really? Is she alive again?

Cassie: Helping to destroy the world to save just one person?
Aaron: One person that you love. In the end, isn't that all that matters?
Cassie: No.

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Cole: You knew. You've always known me.
Jones: It appears so. But maybe your always and my always are not the same.

Cole: How'd you convince [Jones]?
Cassie: The way you taught me - with a gun. And the truth.

CEO: What the hell is this?
Jennifer: A takeover. Hostile! An embarrassing takeover. Move! He's right about trust. If I can be frank for a moment, never trust a man with an offshore account and a midsized chubby for redheads.
CEO: This is ridiculous.
Jennifer: Embezzlement, infidelity. Friendo, you're first mate on the Titanic and you're filling up lifeboats with caviar. Here - it's your resignation. As majority shareholder persuant to dear daddy, I am exercising my right as in article blah, subsection yadda to hostilely take you bitches over!
CEO: You're insane. You should be locked up.
Jennifer: Charges were dropped. New evidence. I've been set free! I've been-
Assistant: Released.
Jennifer: No.
Assistant: Let loose.
Jennifer: No.
Assistant: Uncaged.
Jennifer: Yes! That! Uncaged. [growls]

Jones: Mother Nature doesn't like it if you rearrange her furniture.

Cassie: I'm going to tell you the truth.
Jones: Oh, God help us.

Matthew: The only failure is giving up.

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Mine was Cassie about apparently-sane-Jennifer: "Looks like she finally got the dosage right on her meds."


I wrote it down as "those meds."  But anyway, this was my favorite line, too, even though, on one level (mental illness not funny), that line was so wrong, which just shows how far Cassie has come this season.

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Speaking of:  Jennifer Goines (To Cole and Cassie about her presentation to the shareholders of her company) :  "I just wanted to see their faces when they realized I set their money on fire.”


Cassie:  “So you’re not cloning the dodo?”

Jennifer “Of course I am. I’m not a liar. I hate you.”


I am not sure if the lines came directly after or not but they are all really funny.  

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From the pilot (and the season finale):

Cole: Where are you right now? Somewhere warm? Safe? Next to someone you love? Now what if all that was gone and the only thing you could do is survive? You would, right? You'd try. You'd do things, horrible things, until you lose that last thing you have left - yourself. But what if you could take it back? All of it. A reset switch. You'd hit it, right? You'd have to (even if you didn't want to. Because sometimes the choice isn't even yours. It's fate.)



Jones: If botany were my field of expertise, Mr. Whitley, none of us would be alive. We'd all be lying dead in an empty greenhouse.

Jennifer: Leland Goines, my father, was just a man. But what kind of man? A charitable man, a giving man, a wise man, and most importantly, a family man. Except that my father was none of those things. No, my father was only ever a Markridge man. Love you, dad.

Jennifer: One more thing - the dodo. Silly thing, couldn't fly. Too fat. Flapped its wings futilely - into extinction!

Jennifer: This year, the dodo. Next year, the unicorn.

Jennifer: Blip bloop blippity blah. That's all I hear when your facehole opens.

Boy Jones: We have achieved temporal displacement and we have found a way to make it incredibly boring. I know, I know, progress is measured in inches. Leaps and bounds are only in hindsight. It's like Kat always used to say - "Sometimes science is literally like watching paint dry."

Ramse: It took time travel to create time travel. That's how it works. There are no straight lines, brother. Our only future is the future.
Cole: Is that what you've become? Someone who would kill seven billion to save one?
Ramse: You'd do the same thing.
Cole: No, I wouldn't.

Deacon: Hello, again. [waves]

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 11 months later...

Cole: Relax, you're alive. You're such an old man now.

Olivia: I see that both of you are once again unified in purpose.
Cole: Nah.
Ramse: Not really.
Cole: We just don't like you.

Ramse: You know, these old man jokes you keep saying, this gonna be like a running theme?
Cole: I think so.

Ramse: You believe in the past. I believe in the future.

Cassie: I'm in the future.
Jones: Or the present, depending on your point of view.

Jones: Grieving over who we were only gets in the way of who we need to become.

Cassie: What do [the Messengers] want?
Jones: The machine.
Cassie: They want to travel through time?
Jones: For what, I don't know. Alter history, ensure the plague. Maybe they just want to hear Hendrix at Woodstock.

Messenger: Your philosophy is still marred by your simplistic notion of causality. You still don't understand the nature of time.

Cole: We owe something to the people who make us better.

Cassie: I'm a doctor.
Deacon: Believe me when tell you, "Do no harm" died thirty years ago.

Ramse: You're going to get yourself killed. I just don't want it happening on my watch.
Cole: So I'm on your watch now?
Ramse: Oh, I never left.
Cole: Except when you stabbed me in '87.
Ramse: I did. I got you good.

Speed dating guy: I got a Wave Runner when I turned 40. I bought a boat when I got divorced. So, you know, I got a boat.

Jennifer: A viral armageddon that'll make the Ice Age look like autumn!

Jennifer: You got moxie and I like your tie.

Jennifer: Stock tip - invest heavily in very deep holes.

Cassie: What about Jones?
Deacon: She should get down.

Jennifer: You're going to stop me? Finally someone's going to stop me. Thank you for coming for me. Faith in humanity restored. Faith in myself, not so much.

Cole: Jennifer, you don't have to do this. You don't need anyone to stop you. You have a choice. This isn't fate.

Cassie: Don't make me do this.
Cole: No one's making you do anything. You have a choice.

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Loved this line:

Cassie: What do [the Messengers] want?

Jones: The machine.

Cassie: They want to travel through time?

Jones: For what, I don't know. Alter history, ensure the plague. Maybe they just want to hear Hendrix at Woodstock.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cole: Where are you right now? Somewhere warm, safe? Next to someone you love? Now what if all that was gone and the only thing you could do was survive? You would, right? You'd try. You'd do things, horrible things, until you lose that last thing you have left - yourself. But what if you could take it back? All of it? A reset switch. You'd hit it, right? You'd have to.


Cassie: Where are you right now? Somewhere you don't belong? Wondering, "Who have I become?" Living a life you thought you'd never have to? Doing things, horrible things, you never thought you'd be capable of? No matter how hard you fought, you'd have to live with it. You'd adapt, transform, evolve. Metamorphosis. But sometimes you have to accept not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

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Cassie: Let them live, create an enemy.
Ramse: Deacon.

Jennifer: Times they are a-changing!

Whitley: Welcome back, asshole.

Jones: I had to investigate our own investigation.

Cassie: Cole has abandoned the mission. He's emotionally compromised. Ramse, now Jennifer.

Cole: We need to find a place, get off the road, find a phone, get a message to 2044.
Jennifer: You know that's not how call forwarding works, right?

Emerson Hotel clerk: You got a credit card or ID?
Cole: No.
EHC: No ID registration is 100. I need a name.
Jennifer: Morris.
ECH: Last name?
Jennifer: Morrison.
ECH: Mr. Morris, Morrison. Check out time is by 10am. Your key. Room 210.
Jennifer: No. No, no, no, no, no. No good. Prime. He needs a prime number, something like 607.

Deacon: I'm so glad we have this time. Do you remember when we would go out and raid survivor camps and you would get all judgey and you would call me thief and tyrant and killer? And then you team up with them to create the plague that destoys the world. Help me understand.

Jones: In my reality, we invaded [Spearhead], confiscated their core, and used it to continue our mission.
Whitley: That happened.
Jones: And Dr. Lasky was killed.
Lasky: Uh, what? I was killed?

Jennifer: Better living through mass extinction.

Jennifer: You want [Cassie] to love you, but she doesn't. Being single's not the end of the world. You two together is though.

Jennifer: Why do I always have to do bad things to get your attention?

Ramse: You here to shoot me again?

Cassie: Everyone and everything changes, Cole.
Cole: I know that. I was sent back in time to kill a man. It was supposed to fix everything. It didn't. So I killed more people. Nothing changed. And then I saved someone, someone who should have died. And that, that is what changed things. It's the only thing that's ever made any difference.

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20 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:


Jennifer: Times they are a-changing!
Cole: We need to find a place, get off the road, find a phone, get a message to 2044.

Jennifer: You know that's not how call forwarding works, right?



Jones: And Dr. Lasky was killed.

Lasky: Uh, what? I was killed?

These 3 were my favorite lines this episode, especially the call forwarding line. Jennifer is a great, unique character--kind of like a combination of Cole and Brad Pitt's character in the movie, but with a female personna.

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Cole: [Deacon]'s the asshole who brought [the 12 Monkeys] here in the first place!
Deacon: Mea culpa.

Cassie: Omigawd, you like it here [in 1944]!

Gale: Uncle Sam rationing razor blades now?
Cole: Huh?
Gale: The beard. This is New York City, not the Appalachians. You walk two blocks, you'll run into at least three barber shops.
Cole: I'm going some place cold.
Gale: Some place cold? The North Pole?

Cassie: Is my brother troubling you?
Gale: Not at all. I just wanted to hear about the Seventh he was stationed with. What with him being a war hero and all.
Cassie: My brother was in the Philippines in '42.
Gale: Matan?
Cassie: He fought the Japanese for three months straight before he was taken prisoner and forced to march sixty miles. When he finally escaped, he was shot twice - including...down there. So you will forgive him if he doesn't want to share his stories.
Gale: I'm sorry, kid. Goddamn Japs. No hard feelings?
Cole: No hard feelings.
[Gale leaves]
Cole: Why did it have to be down there?

Jones: I've loved very few in my life - my father, a husband briefly, and my daughter. All three were murdered by a disease in which you had a part. Why? To save the life of your child who you barely knew?
Ramse: You created time travel to save your daughter. You of all people should understand.
Jones: Understanding does not lessen my contempt for you. My selfishness was in line with saving billions of lives. Yours was bent to destroy them.

Jones: There is a difference between what I'm choosing to do and what I'm unable to prevent.

Cole: Locked up for delusions and voices in the head? That sound like anybody we know?
Cassie: Jennifer Goines. Yes, she's crazy too. How is this news?
Cole: She's not just crazy. She's..
Cassie: She's what? Special?
Cole: Yeah, she is. Maybe Tommy is too.

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Ramse: I can only fix one of your mistakes at a time.

Jennifer: Cat, strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Jones: Mr. Cole and Dr. Railly are lost in time. This anomaly is threatening to kill us all. I don't have the time to break on through to the other side with you.
Jennifer: Jim Morrison - primary.

Cassie: What's in this for you?
Ramse: Just the pure pleasure of saving your life.

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Pallid Man:  The one who sees all and knows all is asking us to see nothing and know nothing. It's chaos. It's beautiful. A new uncertain cycle has begun. 

Cole: Jennifer, you're not safe out here. You should come back to the facility. You'll be safer.
Jennifer: You want me to move in? It all feels so sudden. 

Jennifer: If they paradox even one more primary, game over. Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

Ramse: You know how this shit works. No straight lines. Chicken, egg, omelette.
Cassie: I hate time travel. 

Ramse: What are you doing?
Cassie: I'm mustering the energy to face Jennifer Goines again.
Cole: Come on, she's not that bad.
Ramse: She's horrible, man.
Cassie: She's worse!

Cole: I can feel your breath on the back of my neck.
Ramse: Do you like that?

Deacon: Four of my guys who are stronger, faster, and smarter than you - they got grabbed and you got away?

Ramse: You have all this responsibility and you're still a homicidal asshole.
Deacon: Do you want to read me my rights, officer?

Cassie: Executing one of your men in cold blood? I bet he's not happy I saved your life. 

Deacon: Where are you going?
Cassie: 2016 to find Jennifer Goines - the young one.
Deacon: Didn't you try to kill her?
Cassie: Technically. 

Deacon: Hey, look, it's time Jesus!

Deacon: Glad Cassie's cleaning up your mess.
Cole: My mess? How's that now?
Deacon: Weren't you supposed to save the world? Bang up job. Love the red skies.
Cole: My job would have been a lot easier if you hadn't marched the messengers in through the front door. You know, for a guy who's always going on about traitors –
Deacon: Said the man whose best friend is a mass murderer.

Cole: Try not to shoot anyone in the face on the way home!

Jennifer's Post-it note affirmation: I let go of my past and write my own future

Jennifer: Listen, bell boy, I get the most of your clientele is one syllable shy of monosyllabic but I don't come here to chitchat.

Jennifer: No, I'm good now. Fully medicated, gluten-free. You're not going to screw that up for me.
Cassie: Medicated like through a licensed physician?
Jennifer: Turns out my condition can be managed when my doctor isn't being paid by my father to keep me locked up in an institution.

Cassie: You know, you are a pain in the ass in every time period. 

Cole: Is this what you really want? People being executed in the hallways?
Jones: Mr. Cole, very little in my life consists of what I want. 

Jennifer: Next time vet your sources better.
Cassie: YOU were my source in 2044. You sent me here!

Jennifer: Maybe every version of me thinks you're kind of a bitch.

Cassie: If the meds are preventing you from seeing primaries, taking you off of them may bring back the visions.
Jennifer: You know that's not how it works, right? Hallucinations don't come with an on/off switch. Are you sure you're a real doctor?

Jennifer: No means no. Take back the night. Stop the insanity. 

Jennifer: I take my meds. I watch my stress. I stick to my routine. I cope. She's always there. You have no idea how exhausting it is being crazy.

Jennifer: Rehashing my deepest, darkest secrets will see if the collapse of time and space? Why not? Sounds like fun. The Goines family summer home is a long drive. We need snacks.

Jennifer: Welcome to casa de childhood trauma.

Deacon: Camping trip? That's romantic. 

Cassie: Fear city. This is New York City in the 1970s. Fiscal crisis, high crime. Police made pamphlets to give to tourist. I saw it in a documentary about the origins of hip-hop.
Jennifer: Well aren't you full surprises?

Deacon: You know, I could kill all day every day for the rest of my life and it still wouldn't touch your body count.

Deacon: You are Lady MacBeth at best.
Ramse: I never pegged you as a reader.
Deacon: Books didn't die in the apocalypse, boys. Which reminds me -
Cole: Jesus, will you shut up? I swear, I would drive us into an anomaly right now if I could get away from the sound of your voice.

Olivia: Do not challenge my authority.

Olivia: Stacy was there to watch over you, ensure your safety.
Jennifer: I'm tied to a chair. Epic fail.

Deacon: You set me up? Respect. 

Ramse: We had to strike first.
Jones: Isn't that exactly what Mr. Deacon would say?
Ekland: That's some weapons grade irony right there. 

Deacon:  Next time you go to the past, why don't you bring back some whiskey? We can finally have that drink. 

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I pretty much want to quote every conversation between Cole and Ramse, but I'll start with this - 

  • Cole: [scoffs] I know that look.
  • Ramse: What look?
  • Cole: The look that says you're about to father another child and change the course of history. Let's not get involved with the locals. 
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(paraphrasing from memory)

  • Ramse:  You sure you don't want some coffee?
  • Cole:  Nah, I prefer this stuff.
  • Ramse:  You don't know what you're missing.
  • Cole:  Sure I do.  I had coffee back when we were living like scavs.
  • Ramse:  That wasn't coffee, man.
  • Cole:  It wasn't?  What was it??
  • ..........
  • Cole:  Seriously, what the hell was it??
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Cole: Cover me.
Ramse: Hold it, hold it! This is your problem. You've got no plan. You rush down that hallway naked, he's gonna get you.
[Cole goes anyway]

Ramse: You'll all leap, no look, little brother. You're going to get yourself killed.
Cole: My hero.
Ramse: It's either that or Jonesy sends me back in time to save your ass again.
Cole: You're crazy about me. Just admit it.

Ramse: With that hair, you'll fit right in.
Cole: Just try to stay out of traffic this time.

Jennifer: Sedatives for a concussion? My malpractice case against you is growing by leaps and bounds.

Jennifer: As the former CEO of a major biotech company, I'm used to certain amenities. This place is old and it smells. It smells like old. Probably haunted. It's definitely haunted.

Ramse: The coffee's not bad.
Cole: I'll stick with this [Tab]. This is good.
Ramse: Have you ever had coffee?
Cole: Yeah. I used to drink coffee all the time when we were scabs.
Ramse: That wasn't coffee.
Cole: What do you mean it wasn't coffee? What was it? Seriously, what was it?

Victoria: Your friend there's putting away flapjacks like he's never had them before.
Ramse: Where we're from, the pancakes are horrible.
Victoria: Oh yeah? Where are you from?
Ramse: I'm from Jersey.

Victoria: Okay, so you guys came here from the future to stop some guy from killing me in order to stop the guys who are trying to kill him? That is some Twilight Zone shit right there.
Cole: Maybe honesty's not the best policy here.

Cole: The last person who should be passing judgment on parenting is you.

[Cole steals a police car]
Ramse: Don't do that! Don't do that! That's a cop car!
Cole: Get in.
Ramse: Oh, I'm an idiot. Oh, I'm an idiot.
[Ramse gets in the car]

Ramse: We can't go off half cocked. I've got a kid!
Cole: Really? I haven't heard that before.

Jennifer: I found you down here going full Nell. What's going on?

Kyle: I'm the Immortal. I'm not supposed to die.

Jennifer: Please know I appreciate the irony of what I'm about to say, but what if it was all in your head?

Jennifer: We have to go monkey on demon. What's the natural predator of the monkey? Hyena! Like a pack of hyenas!

Jennifer: What did [the Messenger] say to you?
Cassie: He told me he wants to destroy time so there'd be no more death. He made it sound almost beautiful.
Jennifer: Well, it's not. Death is like everything. It's a time clock that makes us better, makes us love harder. I don't know. I think it's like maybe what makes us human.

Cole: Listen, man, you know I love-
Ramse: Ohhhh, what are you doing?
Cole: What?
Ramse: You don't say that.
Cole: Say what?
Ramse: You never say that.
Cole: I was going to say I love whiskey and we should go find some and drink it.
Ramse: No you weren't! You were going to declare your undying love for me.
Cole: Don't flatter yourself.
Ramse: I heard you!
Cole: You're emotional right now. I heard that happens to new parents.
Ramse: I'm not being emotional. You're being an asshole.
[Cole and Ramse start walking to the door]
Ramse: Me too.

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On ‎5‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 5:27 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Jennifer: We have to go monkey on demon. What's the natural predator of the monkey? Hyena! Like a pack of hyenas!

She actually says, "We have to go monkey hunting." Though given the Supernatural-esque black eyes, a demon mention would've been appropriate.


Jennifer: You don't believe in ghosts, do you?
Cassie: I don't.
Jennifer: You gotta open your mind, doc, before someone opens it for you.

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Eklund: If only the Germans would invent a card game where the rules change halfway through. Where I come from, we just call it cheating.
Jones: That's because you're losing.
Eklund: So I'm a loser?
Jones: Yes, you're a loser.
Eklund: You say the sweetest things.
Jones: Not on purpose. I'd hate to give you the wrong idea.

Jones: I prefer to correct my mistakes, not repeat them.
Eklund: Where's the fun in that? Where would we be if we were scared away by a little failure?

Cole: Does this sound even remotely possible?
Ramse: There's some pretty trippy shit going on with that tea.

Eklund: Chivalry, my ass, Cat! If anything happens to you, we're all screwed.
[Deacon offers him a gun]
Eklund: I'm a pacifist.
Deacon: You're shitting me.

Deacon: Hey, friend. Weird question - what year do you think it is?
Soldier: It's 1959, shithead.
Deacon: So, uh, fella, we've had a little bit of a time travel snafu here and, brace yourself, you're in the future - 2044 to be exact, so if you want to drop your weapon we can catch you up on the last 85 years.

[Deacon offers Eklund a gun]
Deacon: Take it. Die as as pacifist or live as a man.
Eklund: Violence doesn't make a man.
Deacon: No, but it's a good way to unmake one. Point and pull and watch for the kick. Don't worry. I'll tell all your hippie friends that you fought them off with flowers and rainbows.

Deacon: Nice job, gramps.
Eklund: Gramps? I'll kick your goddamned ass.

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Pretty sure this one:


If only the Germans would invent a card game where the rules change halfway through. Where I come from, we just call it cheating.:


"Only the Germans would invent a card game where the rules change halfway through. Where I come from, we just call it cheating"

(without the "If")

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Jennifer: Omigawd, you guys!
[Jennifer hugs Cassie]
Cassie: Jennifer.
Cole: How are you here?
Jennifer: Uh, how are YOU here? Oh, wait. I gotta figure out which version of you two this is. Night room. Dodo. What comes to mind when I say, "The hyenas"?
Cole: Nothing.
Jennifer: It hasn't happened for you yet.

Jennifer: Feels like a déjà vu, right? A repeat?
[Cassie nods]

Cole: What's a reboot?
Jennifer: Same day, different shit.

Cassie: That's not how time travel works.
Jennifer: Oh, look who's an expert now.

[Cassie and Cole leave the holding cell]
Jennifer: They're like my best friends!

Cole: You need to summon your primary powers or whatever. How do we break this loop?
Jennifer: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting  different results. Maybe time won't let you kill Jones. Maybe time likes time travel.

Cole: [Jennifer] said time knows Jones invented time travel and needs her to do it.
Cassie: Did she also tell you that time has a long white beard and a list of commandments? Thou shall not splinter and kill the creator of time travel.

Cole: The only world I ever gave a damn about was the one with you in it. All this bull shit, everything I've done - it's been so you have a place to go back to. That's it.

Jennifer: Hey, I didn't see either of you two yestertoday! No vacations! Work to finish!

Jennifer: Did you ever think of maybe doing something but not doing it?
Cole: I'm getting pretty tired of hearing you talk in circles.
Jennifer: You're tired of hearing me talk in circles? I'm tired of you going around in them. Focus! You need to do something but nothing. Think about it. What needs to be done first and foremost? What needs to be done to save the world, Cole?
Cole: Get you to stop talking?
Jennifer: What needs to be done to save the world is to believe you can. But you can't because things have been bad. Hope is lost. Get it back!
Cole: I have hope. I haven't lost anything.
Jennifer: Not just for you.

Jennifer: A leader is only good if they're present to lead.

Jones: If you expect congratulations for failure, I have nothing for you.
Cassie: I did what you asked me to do. I shot you several times.
Cole: So did I.
Jones: I must be bullet proof.

Cole: I'd rather have that moment and lose it than die never having had it at all.

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Jennifer: Hiya, tall man. Get my note?
Pallid Man: Jennifer?
Jennifer: I want you to take this moment and think back to the day we met, to the person I was then - crazy wild-eyed Jennifer Goines. Well, the good ol' days are over. I'm not a victim anymore. I've got credit cards and the second amendment on my side. I'm free, like a virus in a preschool. I'm paying it forward to all the other crazies. I've got keys to the zoo and now I'm springing the cuckoo's nest. There's a new pack in town, predators with a purpose and a thirst for vengeance. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that nothing frees you to be crazy like learning that you're not.

Jennifer: Primaries, plague, paradoxes - and the Witness.
Cole: I didn't come here to see you do a magic trick, Jennifer.
Jennifer: This isn't magic. This is a lesson - perception versus deception. Cassie, Ramse, Katarina, her daughter, my daughter - all of them distractions. You're watching the ball when you should be watching the hands.
Cole: I'm beginning to think you get off on this.
Jennifer: There was a time when you could have known for sure.
[Jennifer rubs his hand against her face and then bites him]
Cole: Ow! What the hell was that for?
Jennifer: I told you to watch the hands.

Cole: You know how all this ends, don't you?
Jennifer: A wise man once told me there are many endings but the right one is the one you choose.

Cassie: I hope you get your vengeance, Cole, while we all wait here for ours.

Jennifer: Otter eyes!

[Becky drops a grenade]
Becky: Oh shit.
Jennifer: Becky, I asked you to please be careful with the grenades. We got a discount for a reason.
Cole: This is a new level of crazy.
Jennifer: Crazy is as crazy does and this crazy's getting shit done.

Vanessa: [Cole] shouldn't be here.
Jennifer: It's okay, Vanessa. He's familiy.
Cole: Where did you find them again?
Jennifer: You want to start an anti-social organization, you need anti-social personalities, right? I sprung them from a handful of institutions. Sure, a few of them are borderline personality, but very dedicated. It's like the A Team with all Murdocks! They're like me. They're just misunderstood. I freed them, I feed them, and now I lead them. We're like family.

Cassie: You're not going alone.
Ramse: You're concerned for my safety now?
Cassie: No.

Cole: What part of "run away and disappear" didn't you understand?

Cassie: What would happen if I died here in 2044 anyway? I'm the one who starts all this when I leave a message for Cole but if I never do, does any of this happen?

Jennifer: Don't worry, Cole. Be happy.

Cole: You want to tell the world the truth, that there's no hope, that they're all going to die? I've seen what happens when people think their days are numbered. It's ugly. We're not speeding that up.
Vanessa: People need to know the truth.
Cole: No, they don't. I know what happens. We turn on each other. We become animals, real ones, not like you're pretending to be.

Jennifer: Old me is proof that I live to fight another day.
Cole: What about everybody else?

The Keeper: People died because of liars. "There's no need to panic." "We're working on a cure." "Quarantine zones will save us." Their lies doomed us.

Cassie: I hate [Ramse] because he's selfish, because he let countless people die to save one.
The Keeper: Lie! What is the real reason?
Cassie: I hate him because someone I cared about, someone I sacrificed everything for, chose him over me.
The Keeper: And you?
Ramse: Same.

Jennifer: You know the otter is a branch of the weasel family?
Cole: No, I didn't know that Jennifer.
Jennifer: Sad, soulful eyes, tiny backstabbing hands.
Cole: Is that what the voices in your head tell you?
Jennifer: I didn't try to control my hyenas, control freak. I told you already, we're like family.
[Jennifer grabs the Hyena's gun and hits her in the head with it]
Cole: About what I said over there.
Jennifer: Yeah, yeah. Let's just go get the Tall Man. We can hug it out later.

Pallid Man: James, did you lure me here just to shoot me?
Cole: No, asshole. I'm here to save you.

Cole: You killed my father.
Pallid Man: You killed some fathers, including [Jennifer's]. She seems to have gotten over it.

Elliot: I could have been that man that science mistook for a magician. Me and Tesla and Ben Franklin and his kite but nope, they pull your funding. They find one dead body in your facility and they mothball the future and then they discredit you.

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3 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Jennifer: You know the otter is a branch of the weasel family?
Cole: No, I didn't know that Jennifer.
Jennifer: Sad, soulful eyes, tiny backstabbing hands.

This was my favorite exchange of the episode. It was the way she said "tiny backstabbing hands" that made me laugh out loud. 

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Adler: Most of this is redacted.
Ramse: Read what's not!

Cole: Look who's all leap and no look now.
Ramse: You know what the difference is, brother? I earned it. So has she.

Jones: If I were being forced to bet my life on a mission, I prefer it would be one of hope rather than revenge.

Ramse: Adler, what do you think?
Adler: Since when did that matter to you?
Ramse: You know what the Witness did to her? To my son?
Adler: Don't patronize me like I'm some fool, Mr. Ramse. I lost my son as well - in the plague. I too know what it's like to be denied retribution every single day.

Cole: Prune-o. Booze made from prunes. It was like 180 proof.

Gale: Look at you. You haven't aged a day.
Cole: I wish I could say the same.

Gale: Knowing the world's going to end makes a man gloomy.

Cole: Can you spot me a [plane] ticket and a passport?

Gale: Nefarious characters seem to coalesce around you like bum hairs in a drain.

Gale: I'm afraid your loyalty's going to bite you in the ass one of these days. Sometimes you gotta go it alone.
Cole: You might be right. But right now I'm broke and I don't speak German.

Kirschner: [The Witness] warned me of the war, of the things I would be asked to do in the camps. It was horrible.
Ramse: Didn't stop you.
Kirschner: It was a means to an end, for the good of the world.
Gale: That doesn't sound like Nazi doctrine to me.

Gale: You made a human being?
Cole: H.G. Wells.
Gale: Or Mary Shelley.

Kirschner: If what you say is true, do not be weakened by sympathy.

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