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  1. This movie, you guys. So good. I'm glad my first time back in theaters was experiencing this gorgeous film rather than two hours of getting right back into the superhero groove. To anyone on the fence about seeing this: See it. You won't regret it, and I'll wager you'll love it. And if seeing it in a theatre is an option for you, I strongly encourage you to do so rather than waiting to stream it. The visuals are gorgeous, and I can think of at least two shots that really make a difference when seen on a large scale. I'm not normally fussed about awards season, but this had better get
  2. Sequel will begin filming early next year. I'm really looking forward to it, and this gives me more time to finally get around to reading the comics.
  3. I'm expecting the same. There's something very 2020 about ending our year with an icon of sweetness and love being stolen by the dark side.
  4. The Magnus Archives was recommended to me last year and I'm kicking myself for not trying it sooner, because I'm really loving it. The bright side is that I now have a ton of episodes to enjoy (I think the current count is 172). I am, however, listening while I work and thus burning through them at an alarming rate, so I'll be going through withdrawal soon enough. It's basically the same cycle I went through with Welcome To Night Vale. I am curious whether the creator of Magnus Archives has a full storyline with a definite ending already planned, or if it'll be seemingly endless like WtNV - bo
  5. I think this may be the happiest phrase in the English language.
  6. Can anyone think of a specific scene that we can nominate for best stunt in this year's Primetimers? I stopped my Disney+ subscription after re-binging Mandalorian so I keep thinking how great everything looked but I can't look up specific episodes, so I'm drawing a blank.
  7. Jessica Chastain is gorgeous in her flowing nightgown and robe at the end of Crimson Peak, especially how she moves with the costume (...while chasing her in-law down with a knife, but whatevs).
  8. I don't think chat about the new season has to be hidden as spoilers anymore. I haven't had a chance to check, but the entire season is now available in US, correct?
  9. I just found out that Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth will be playing a couple in Supernova, and I can't decide whether to be thrilled that two of my long-term crushes will be partners, or bummed that it's in a movie about dementia (which I tend to avoid due to family experience).
  10. "You can never go home again... but you can shop there." Aaand it's going on my rewatch list, love that movie.
  11. Well great, now I have new emotional scars from that movie. Poor Nat. Poor Clint.
  12. I'm so glad she recommended Pride. I've lost count of how many people I've rec'd it to, and every single one of 'em enjoyed it.
  13. We have a premiere date! The fourth season will arrive on Netflix on April 26.
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