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  1. I had no idea this was being made but I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT.
  2. No wonder Geralt is so grumpy all the time. I liked how this was all set up, because it does a good job of frequently reminding us that that the mages are outsiders here. Vilgefortz is the only dressed appropriately for battle because he's the only one with military experience (and I really hope he had an earworm and isn't actually evil). The mages are clearly all talented badasses in their own way, but applying those skills in the middle of a large-scale fight is tricky. Trying to apply spells they probably knew before like exploding potions and poisonous mushrooms to massive amounts of people was interesting, as well as the challenge of conserving your energy vs. being effective immediately (like Coral (I think?) snapping all those necks at once). Fringilla on the other hand seems to be much more successful at war-like use of magic, like using fellow mages as collateral to create those giant fireballs and using portals to shoot arrows. Much more straightfoward. I'm curious if she has a talent for battle or if she's benefiting from Nilfgaard's military advisors. Overall I agree with others that the show is okay; it's much better if I treat season 1 as just the prologue to the rest of the story that we'll presumably get now that everyone is in the same timeline and in close proximity.
  3. I mean, I just woke up. But I can already say that music video is the highlight of my day, so thank you.
  4. The absolute best part of seeing Titanic for me was the audience, because everyone was so quiet throughout except when a crewman tried to tell Molly Brown (Kathy Bates) what to do in the lifeboat and some guy in the back row shouted, "Oh shit, dude, you've pissed her off now!" and the entire theater laughed. It was a nice pressure release during some tense/sad scenes. And then we all went back to quiet and well-behaved. Even the tweens.
  5. Did a mini-binge and have come to two important conclusions: 1) Friday needs to get here stat because there is just too much sad baby Yoda on tumblr 2) I'm all for merch but what I realllly want Disney to do is a life-size animatronic baby Yoda at Disneyworld, complete with floating stroller. That should be manageable with magnets or a hidden propeller or something, yeah? I'm gonna miss that stroller.
  6. Do we know anything about The Child's background/lineage that I missed? Because I'm getting super attached to Mando & Baby Yoda as an adoptive family and I need to curb my expectations now if the season ends with Mando delivering the baby back to his birth family/home planet.
  7. I'm amused that the trailer mentioned Endgame, since Magicians and Avengers teamed up with GOT to be my triple-gut-punch of entertainment disappointment this year. Seriously. At this point I'm worried that Disney of things will kill off adorable baby NotYoda just to be edgy. Interesting that the trailer didn't show much of what the actual non-grief storylines will be this year. There's a lot to cover.
  8. For me it was when he carried her up the stairs after dinner. A beautiful everyday experience and them just gazing at each other. I don't actually mind Hugh and Julia in that film, I just kept wishing we could get back to everyone else.
  9. I realize it's a bit dated and over-used but I just knew that someone would post an Oprah-esque "and you get a show! and you get a show!" and tumblr did not disappoint. You could probably count the delay in minutes. So much info to digest. And I love all of it. (Well, most of it. I want the Jane!Thor storyline but I don't want Portman doing it, so I'll need to hype myself a bit for that.) But mostly I just watched the SDCC footage for the pretty. Just... so so many attractive and talented people. Marvel's casting dept basically has the best job in the world.
  10. I've known about this film for a while and was already sold just because of the cast. But wow is the trailer fun. Should make it easier to drag friends along to this rather than whatever blockbusters are coming out around then.
  11. I'm thrilled that Avengers is doing so well but I'm also sorta amused that they even bother calculating the tally at this point. Just release a gif of Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold coins and be done with it.
  12. So to be clear, it's a different version of the character but we get to keep Gabriel Luna? I'm okay with that.
  13. Can someone please explain how past!Thanos et al got to the present-day Avengers compound? I was in an emotional haze for the entire three hours so I probably just missed an explanation, but... that's a lot of tech for them to conveniently have, yes? Even if they got the coordinates from current!Nebula (which I think is what happened?) wouldn't they still need Pym particles and a time machine of some sort? It's not even regular time travel because they're coming from an alternate timeline, correct? Also, out of the many questions (and rage headaches) I've had re: Steve's ending, there's one detail I'm not clear on that can probably be explained easily: when he went to the alternate timeline to be with Peggy, was that the alternate timeline he and Tony created by going back for the stone and particles? Or did he create another new alt timeline? Because if so, that's bugging me. A lot. He's essentially creating/cloning a familiar world knowing that alt!Bucky is currently captured and being tortured and Hydra is just being its usual horrific self. Even if he and Peggy and Bucky team up to take down Hydra and clean up history, that's still a lot of pain and unhappiness to knowingly start up again, and it's unlikely that they'll have a 100% success rate so there's a whole new timeline of people getting killed or hurt. We know so few solid details about the infinity stones (in the movie universe, at least) that the writers could make just about anything possible. If they were determined to give Steve a sentimental ending with Peggy, I wish they had just handwaved something using one of the stones instead of mucking around with time travel again.
  14. I'm so focused on how the characters cope post-Snap and how they untangle this mess that I keep forgetting that they'll actually need to face Thanos at some point. You'd think a giant purple dude would stick out in my mind more. Must we add yet another layer of awkwardness to the Sharon debacle by retroactively turning him into Uncle Steve?
  15. Halle Berry wasn't on Gotham, you may be thinking of Jada Pinkett Smith?
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