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S39.E16: Louis C.K. / Sam Smith

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Oh my goodness. That would be a wonderful episode. I would most like to see the Breakfast Club one, which might happen as this group has already done one 80's flashback episode this season, and I am going to assume that the two weirdos in a bar at closing time will actually happen again, because why wouldn't it?

Mostly though, I'm just hoping for a good episode. I've been a little underwhelmed by the stuff they've done so far since Seth left.

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This was the weirdest episode. The last whole hour was full of weird skits. It started off so strong, too...

Some good performances, though. Especially in the Darth Vader doctor skit.

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Cold open and monologue were marred with sound glitches.

Cold open was alright; the highlight was Kate's spot on, yet absurdly exaggerated Bieber imitation.

The monologue was brilliant.  Is it my imagination, or is Louis CK getting even better than before?  Such a good deadpan actor, too.

Black Jeopardy had a million jokes a minute, that's what made it work.  It was quick-paced and loaded.  I love the executive baby... even more outrageous than his first appearance.  What cracks me up is how realistic the baby portrayal is,  juxtaposed with the dead serious executive talk.  The Jos S Banks "Quantity Guaranteed" fakercial was over the top, including the goofy "spills" around the house and the retro-sexist housewife picking up everyone's spills with suits.

I gave her a chance, but Cecily Strong doesn't cut it at the anchor desk.  I don't know if the problem is unfunny jokes, or her deliver.  She was brilliant in the musical number, though.

Not enough Bobby Moynihan, dammit.

Darth Vader Butt cracked me up, especially the final result where nobody had one up their butts, but aren't they all relieved to know?

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Wasn't Bobby the one they threw out the window in that Detective sketch?

I think Cecily is doing better than Colin Jost. I'm not seeing that he's bringing much to the table other than trying to be Seth and not doing a good job at that.  I don't think they have a lot of chemistry between them, either.  Last night was the worst Update that I've seen  sometime.   Lately it's been Taran that's been saving them, but he didn't do a character last night.

Boy do I wish Wing wrote for the show!

I also meant to add that this season has completely disjointed.  It's hard to get a rhythm going when the show is off for several weeks at a time. 

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I don't think Cecily is doing a good job at the WU desk. She hasn't made it her own--unless she just doesn't have a personality. Sam Smith has a good voice, but he needs to find some songs with more than 10 words in the lyrics (to be fair I ff'd through the second song 'cause the first bugged so much).  Otherwise for me, the show was a mix of "meh" and "huh?" 

Looking forward to next week--Pharrell and Jay Pharaoh are both from my neck of the woods. I hope they get to do something together. I am old and have no idea who Anna Kendrick is other than that annoying "Cups" business.

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I thought this was a pretty good episode, certainly my favorite one since Seth left, which makes sense. When the head writer takes off for a new job, it is probably going to take the team a while to find their way.

I like that they keep firing off strange ideas in the second half of shows. That has pretty much been the case all season, and I am starting to get used to it and enjoy it. They definitely don't all work, but the ones that do are really interesting.

I thought the best uses of Louis C.K. was as the white guy in Black Jeopardy and as the appropriately humble guy in the Mr. Big Shot song number. "This is a clip-on goatee!"

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I thought this was one of the weakest "Weekend Updates" I've ever seen. Lots of throwaway lines that never got a real laugh, and very few references to anything really going on in the world (although that in and of itself is never the hallmark of a good Update.)  It all seemed so tepid.

Seth's writing really brought the segment into focus; it seems that, without him, they're all just floundering. I'm looking forward to this situation changing extremely soon.

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I thought this was one of the weakest "Weekend Updates" I've ever seen.

ITA.  Seth knew how to sell even the weakest material.  This one was terrible.  I think it was more noticeable as well because Taran had buffed up the prior two Updates with his characters.   He didn't do anything this week.

To me, it looks like they are just trying to get through the season, and they will figure out what's what over the summer.

I still think they should have given the gig to Beck Bennett.

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I still think they should have given the gig to Beck Bennett.


Me too!  Beck would have been PERFECT; his AT&T commercial character is basically a perfect WU anchor.  I wonder if Lorne is just looking for something very specific in his anchors, or else just gives weight to the Head Writer if they audition.  Because it still boggles my mind that Jason Suedekis auditioned for WU twice and didn't get it either time(once for the spot left open by Jimmy, once for the spot left open by Tina); I feel like he absolutely would have nailed the anchor persona.  

While I didn't think all the sketches landed this week, I can appreciate that they were trying some new things.  Dyke and Fats had me rolling - something about the name "Chuberella Fasterelli (or it was something close to that)" just killed me.  Between this and "do it in my twin bed", I think Aidy and Kate are excellent writing partners.  

Not enough Bobby though, and for that matter, not enough Taran.  They are my two favorite guys by far and can carry sketches in their own ways, so when you sideline them, it makes it extra noticeable.

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