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  1. Ah ha! Watching it for the first time (from my recording it last night) made me think there was either a bleep or an oddly-timed audio glitch. Thanks for filling in the missing phrase. :)
  2. Figured it out, thanks, Kieyra. Slow learner, here! ;)
  3. Just occurred to me: is the iconic Fargo Briefcase Full of Cash going to make an appearance this season?
  4. Anyone notice the pictures of the commanders and wives with their new babies that were hanging on the doctor's waiting room wall? There had been discussion here of how African Americans were banished in the book, but part of the system in this adaptation, and how racism obviously would still be an issue in this New World Order. However there were interracial commander couples pictured (only African American wives, though) and I believe an African American baby was shown in a photo. I think the way to square this would be to realize that even oppressive regimes can make "exceptions" for a
  5. Funny what age and different experiences can result in: For me, it is The Right Stuff, and his portrayal of hotshot Alan Sheppard.
  6. The Natasha Richardson movie was good, but had nowhere near the level of detail and production as this series. However, I do think Faye Dunaway as Serena Joy and Robert Duvall as Fred were perfectly cast. The book made note of the food Offred (she wasn't "June" in the book) was given to eat - thin sandwiches on white bread, cups of fruit salad, an apple, etc. "A child's lunch" was how Offred described it.
  7. Once again, vb68, you hit the nail on the head. Everything you said here, times 100. I also missed BD's wit, and agree this was certainly Jessica's best episode, despite the plot drift, as you noted. And I didn't know Kim Carnes presented BD with her gold record! Would've loved to see that recreated! Appropos of nothing: I've figured out over the years that if I am nodding my head throughout reading a post, chances are I'm reading one of vb's. ;)
  8. Thank you, Luna1122! I guess now we've all got to learn Bridge. Dammit, this show's making us do homework. :::waves back, with a big goofy smile::::
  9. Are the titles of the episodes ringing any bells with people? The Martin Freeman season episode titles all referred to specific stories/myths, if IRC. This season's first two episode titles sound very purposefully named, but I'm drawing a blank.
  10. I am so freaking torn about Jessica Lange in this project. The first time I saw her, it was in "Tootsie" and I despised her; only later did I figure out it was her character I couldn't stand. Later, when I saw her in other projects, like Grey Gardens or Cousin Bette, I thought she was amazing, and wondered how I could've judged her talent so incorrectly. Now, I'm right back to not caring for her an actress, and this time it has nothing to do with whether or not I'm rooting for Joan Crawford. Just stop it, Jessica - you're hurting my brain trying to figure this out.
  11. OMG, I seriously didn't know any of this! I guess I bought into the accepted view that she was a young girl in an impossible situation. Yikes, I feel like a I had a huge prank pulled on me. :(
  12. 100% agree - I'm only a very casual Maximilan Schell watcher, and even I thought the actor bore a good resemblance. And, of course, you are right - no one alive is as handsome as Gregory Peck was in his prime. Hell, even in his old age! ;)
  13. I don't think CZJ has ever looked more beautiful...in fact, she she reminds me more of Vivian Leigh than Olivia De Haviland.
  14. I know it's been said before, but damn...Susan Sarandon looks freaking AMAZING at 70, even counting the fact she's probably had work done. Makes me wonder what Bette might have looked like in her fifties if the same level of quality surgery was available back then.
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