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S03.E07: Burn for Burn, Wound for Wound, Stripe for Stripe

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After decades of animosity, tensions between the Montgomerys and the Gemstones finally come to a head. As Eli faces an impossible decision, Jesse, Judy, and Kelvin prepare to meet their maker.

Original air date 2023.07.23

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It's as if driving the monster truck gives you superpowers or something.  All these militia men were mouth agape as the kid was wrecking everything.  Maybe they forgot they had enough rifles for an armory?

Wasn't until too late that they started shooting at him.

I was laughing through the ridiculousness of the rescue though, great fun.  It ran through an outhouse and the guy who was in it got out just in time and I think he ran over a cow?

Wouldn't kidnapping be referred to the feds, especially with the demand for $15 million total in ransom?

And everyone knows Peter has kidnapped them.

If the local cops can't muster enough bodies, the feds can.

But in the previews for next week, the children are all salty that Eli wouldn't pay up for them.

Baby Billy didn't want Bible Bonkers forgotten in all this kidnapping/abduction drama.


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I figured it was only a matter of time before the militia man played by Sturgil Simpson would belt out a song!

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that can make me uncontrollably laugh, and it tonight's case, it was the beginning segment with all of the Gemstone kids arguing amongst each other while they still had those pillow cases on their head.  Even then, I could just picture what the character's faces were like when saying/reacting to everything, and it just made me laugh even harder.  Well done, all around.

I do wonder how Peter was planning on actually getting all of that money from the kidnapping (my bad, Jesse, abduction!) without it being traced back to him, because I imagine that the feds would have gotten involved if a glorified homegrown terrorist organization went after a figurehead like Eli (and his kids) like they did.  I don't see the militia being competent enough to stay off the radar once they became a target.

Kind of figured that Carl was going to end up not being down with Peter's plan, so I'm glad he escape along with May-May.  A bit of a civil war going on with the Montgomerys!

Uncle Baby Billy caring more about making sure Bible Bonkers still got made instead of their well-being was so on point.  The sight gag of him shoving his son's stroller out of the frame was hilarious.  The man is the worst, but I love him anyway!

Those Voodoo Dolls!  Tiffany really might be the purest character here, even if she can be dumber than a bag of nails at times.

The kids are saved thanks to Gideon tearing the place apart with the Redeemer, but it looks like there will be some hard feelings towards Eli for not agreeing to pay the ransom (even though I do think he sincerely thought it was the right call.)  Interested to see how this plays out!

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Its too bad that militia guy played by Sturgil Simpson decided to join a militia instead of heading for Nashville, he would have had a bright future! 

This episode was one of those episodes where the show can manage to show some real sincerity beyond the ridiculousness. I really did feel for the rest of the family as they were worried about the siblings and praying for them, and I did feel the weird love between the three when they thought that one of them was going to die. Tiffany and her creepy doll versions of the siblings and Keefe's weird dance on the lawn to Amber, BJ, and Gideon were perfect examples of things being hilarious and also weirdly sweet. 

Glad that Carl wasn't totally down with the murder plot, I figured that he might help out. I as also worried for a second that May-May was in on the plot, happy that I was wrong. She might be pissed at Eli but she's more pissed at Peter and I don't think she would go quite that far.

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Two episode finale next week. Currently my HBO schedule shows episode 9 airs first and then episode 8. Hope they get it straightened out before show time!

I knew The Redeemer truck would play a bigger role, and thank goodness for Gideon saving the day. I have loved his character arc in the show.

Sad to see so much corruption surrounding some genuine feelings about what worship should be. "All the Gold in California" performance was amazing. 

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Small moment - I appreciated the confusion over Keefe's name when he arrived after a premonition about the abduction, with BJ referring to him as "Chief," Amber thinking his name is "Quiche," and Gideon saying he'd always heard the name as "Heath." Keefe may be low on self esteem and introverted/socially awkward, but he tries really hard and is steadfastly devoted to and supportive of Kelvin. I was glad to hear BJ refer to him as family, and I hope the rest of the Gemstones will grow to embrace Keefe over time, even with the unfortunate Satan-worshipping tattoos.

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I demand an explanation as to how Edy Paterson was overlooked for awards season. It's fucking criminal. The range of emotion she has to employ week on week is hard work, man. I cannot get enough of her performance. Even in the ridiculous car escape (ridiculous in the best possible way), the relief and the emotional release she finds a way to communicate so sincerely, I mean she's crying for Pete's sake. My appreciation for her goes all the way back to the summit with BJ at Outback, from that moment on her performance is next level comedy shit. 

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Yeah I have to say even when Judy is engaging in some bravado about how great her pussy is, there's some vulnerability as her voice quivers subtly.

There is still the little girl who got bullied so insecurity underneath that bravado.

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