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  1. LOL, no, I erased that nonsense from my memory. The overlaid audio of the baby crying in that scene was the best part, now that I'm forced to recall it. Even the PREMISE of that scene is completely idiotic.
  2. I watched this scene and hated how staged it came off. In reality that scene is a "I can mail your last check, no need to come by to get it, not a big deal, good luck" phone call. I kept imagining the boss saying "OK, well, there's your last check, so..." awkwardly every time Steven was like "Alina this, Hungary that." Just "Sounds cool man, take care" is all he'd really get.
  3. Uncle JUICE


    Isn't this "ProvEN fact"? Also, not really high praise that millions of people "stand" her.
  4. I think the same thing here: this woman seems less scheme-y than Stephanie, and certainly less apt to toss around her dough. I'm actually worried that the show will become even darker now, because if we realize she's being taken advantage of, if she's got genuine emotions about it, then doesn't the production also recognize it, and still film it? That seems somehow AS sinister as whatever this guy's up to.
  5. THere's a part of this ep where Ari talks about how she's had a hard time forming friendships, it was totally aggravating. Seriously that has nothing to do with how nice Ari is (I'm not saying she is, my guess is she's a nightmare most of the time but for understandable not justifiable reasons), how tolerant Ethiopians are of other cultures and people (no idea). Ari, do you think it might be because you literally have NOTHING IN COMMON with these people from a life perspective? You have no shared experiences that would connect you with anyone there, it's an entirely different way of life. Does
  6. To quote Anthony Anderson, 'flava on a hunnet...sugar on zero.' Seriously, what a pair of people: she fucked someone else and clearly does not see marriage as a long term thing ("something you do for people you love" is a trip to Disney World, not a lifelong commitment), but how on earth does the detail "I couldn't get it up!" help his case in an argument? Just shut the fuck up and take your medicine, why humiliate yourself any further? It's like dignity is a foreign concept to these people. The new lady with the pizza place, I feel for her. She's clearly lost and understandably so, it's
  7. This is most assuredly not "white people shit," like knitting is. My wife couldn't get over this nonsense: I've never heard of a culture where it's totally cool to invite your ex husband to sleep in your house. And this whole scene is bullshit. FIrst of all, are we t believe that the discussion prior to this scene was sincerely Ari and BInyam talking about (a) her ex husband coming to sleep over for an extended period during a pandemic and (b) one of them said "You know who needs to know about this? My / your sisters! That'll really help us figure this out". WHY? THen they kept saying "in our
  8. I wasn't a fan, but I think if you swap him out with any other crew member right now you'd have a better show. It's not a compliment to Danny as much as it is a condemnation of the current crop. I hate all of them. Especially that toolbag with the stache who loves geese and making noises like an imbecile. Dafuq with that guy. I'm glad he exists just to shatter the stereotype that any man with a British accent is a sophisticated debonair person.
  9. My theory is this job (yachting) and reality TV both independently attract people with inherent emotional issues, for the most part. People who have trouble fitting in at other jobs, who function okay in a nomadic sort of dynamic, might struggle with adult relationships (at the deckie / stew level) and love to travel for any number of reasons (in this case, mostly because they are super at Instagram and there's a lot of self-congratulation itch to scratch in these locales), these are the people who I think are likely doing yacht work. Reality TV attracts a completely different set: clowns who
  10. Easily the worst crew in the history of the show, I'm afraid. I'm surprised so few have gotten as irritated as I did when Lexi was like "You wanna compare degrees" and "I have an 8K condo in a Miami hi rise." I had a full on guinea hand-gesticulations-included blow up at the degree thing, then had ANOTHER one when she said that shit about where she lived. Girl, get a GRIP: no matter what your degree is, YOU ARE A WAITRESS WHO VACUUMS AND WASHES OTHER PEOPLE'S DRAWERS. Talk about an own-goal. Your condo in Miami, we KNOW you don't pay for it if it exists, because you're sleeping in a closet sme
  11. This is the same move as convincing a girl in your junior year of high school to go around telling everyone you've got a big dick and are good at using it. It's total bullshit, it's because Colt wants everyone to think he's Casanova, some insatiable sex machine, when we all now his skin feels like wet clammy clay and he smells like an ARby's bag. GIve me a fucking break, dude.
  12. Let me tell you, I'm entirely sick of the whole, "Well, there's something I haven't told [spouse] and when they hear about it, they're going to be upset" and the constant buffet of nothingburgers that follow. If you're going to just make shit up, production (like make Kalani and Kalini decide that right here on this display bed at a furniture store is exactly where I need to have a tearful conversation about the state of my marriage, which absolutely needed to have a guy come by and ask "Have you seen anything you like, something I can help you with ladies?" in an inappropriately cheery tone l
  13. Gotta say, I am NOT mad at Kalini in that overalls / little shirt underneath number. That woman CRUSHES "casual hot" in my book. And that's not the same house they were in last time we say them. No apple tree in the yard, the kitchen was yellow, and her dad isn't around. Definitely an Air BNB.
  14. Both my wife and I thought Stephanie's cat was long dead and had been taxiderm-ed. It's like it had some weird defense mechanism when she touched it, its cat soul basically escaped its body until she put it down. I've never seen such a lifeless look from an animal. Not disdain, not resentment, not joy...just "if I stay totally still this will be over sooner."
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