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  1. Uncle JUICE


    ONe million points, thank god someone else say the resemblance. My wife and I said the same thing.
  2. "get entered" sounds...weird.
  3. I have an even better one to imagine. Actually, two. Imagine lacking the self awareness to blast someone on social media for the life choices they make that are objectively stupid (face tattoo) when you have three baby daddies and eventually four babies? Lowery, have all the seats please. Just come on. Imagine getting blasted by someone on social media who has two OTHER baby daddies and two children by two men that AREN'T you, before she's thirty, and actually having to say to yourself, "You know what, she's right, this probably isn't my best idea, the face tattoo." They would have to invent a word better than loser to describe this person. These two fucking clueless twats.
  4. What on earth is this video, exactly? Her boom bod looks like it came complete with a beer gut, first of all, but second of all, if you want to do advertisements, I'm pretty sure the brand you're humping would really appreciate if their product name wasn't BACKWARDS. Fucking moron. This story's about to get real dark, real fast. THough I'm not going to lie, I probably would pay $50 to gag gift a cameo video to my friend with her in it.
  5. Jenelle and Kailyn aren't alone in this slowly dawning realization: their fan base is not nearly as large or as lucrative as they think it is. First of all, the ratings on this show are vanishingly small and shrinking every year, not growing. In a good week, they pull about 900K pairs of eyes, a large portion of whom do not have disposable income to spend on some third rate eyebrow mask. They are not nearly as famous as MTV makes them feel.
  6. You might want to check into Alan Dershowitz's book of semi-autobiographical erotic fiction It's surprisingly candid this way, and haunting.
  7. Also, imagine when your sixth grade son's friends figure out how to follow you on twitter and they can tell him how his mom gets it doggy style. And he can go home and ask what they're talking about.
  8. Did he? Because based on your reaction, he woke up and said "Can you take ap icture of me in this vulnerable, priorvate moent and post it to the ol' social media, dad?" Jesus christ guys. PARENT.
  9. Couple of notes. First of all, wrong pants with those drawers. Actually, wrong pants, full stop. And isn't there some upper age limit on TikTok? I was embarassed for two seventeen year olds who were doing one of these at our community pool last summer. I'm 44. Should I be doing tiktoks?
  10. Uncle JUICE


    Dafuq is a parelle???
  11. Do you find Solo as a movie so far from being a really GOOD entry? It's one of those movies I feel like tried to please too many people. I hated the origin of him on Corellia working for a giant worm basically as one of a group of street hustlers like space Oliver Twist. I hated how he ended up in the Imperial Navy and had his name (even though later he mentions his dad??) given to him. Also hated the change of the Chewie backstory (why did he not just get executed?). But once you're past that first half hour, I liked the heisty elements with the train, I liked the idea of him getting on the wrong side of organized crime, I wished there was more Lando, and I liked the Kessel stuff all the way up until there was a giant monster in space. I loved the Woody stuff too, I thought he was a worthy addition to the SW universe. Maybe I'm soft on it because like almost every kid born between 1973 and 1980, I so badly wished I was as cool as Han and I really wanted to like his movie. I just feel like it's a couple of minor tweaks away from being super solid. More tweaks required than Rogue 1 (which to me is really close to being a GREAT movie), less tweaks required than Last Jedi or Rise of Skywalker. TO me the prequel trilogy cannot be fixed by tweaks, they require total overhaul. I ask you because we've had similar Thrones discussions. Talk about damning with faint praise!
  12. You know who's really benefiting from the Ashton stuff? Fucking Tanner. That guy is a grade A douchebag. He only seems less awful because he hasn't outright sexually assaulted anyone yet. But what a fucking dick this guy is.
  13. Hundred percent here, this wishy washy approach by Captain Lee can only end with disaster. Once numbskull said "I would like to do the next two charters a man down," Lee should have just said "Get the fuck out of my office, we have less than a week. Unless she actively put someone in danger or called a guest a racial slur, you are out of your fucking mind." Instead he lets her work her whole day while hearing her co-workers be called to basically testify against her and assassinate her character. I'm not saying she's an angel or blameless, I think she's an asshole too, but she's being put in an extremely unfair position. Kate's right: if you didn't work every time your peer group included someone with whom you didn't get along, you wouldn't work for very long.
  14. At what age do people stop doing stuff like this? Is it after child number four?
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