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  1. I would imagine the people who are really doing these superlux yacht vacations WITHOUT Bravo around have considerably different taste than the ones we get ot see. Most of these cavons are wearing a tee shirt the plugs their stupid business, they arrive wearing ostentatious clothes, they're clearly auditioning for their own spin off. Chances are most of these jerks have never been on a real no-tv superyacht vacation.
  2. Weird, I just checked Fanduel for odds on this very thing, it has odds of -500, meaning you would win $1 for being right. Who knew!
  3. What the balls, what the hell happened to Pole and Kreeny? How does this show not even mention them this week? Also I want Andrei to beat the fuck out of Libby's brother. Libby's brother is all hat, no cattle, that guy would get fucking ROLLED by Andrei.
  4. OK, so knowing that, one of these six women was like "Let's meet at Wayne tile!" and no one was like (a) Fuck that, it's a tile store, I have better things to do or (b) more importanlty, "Which one?" And no one before leaving to go to their store said in the group chat featured in the commercial "Hey, just to clarfiy, which store are we going to, my gps says there's six stores and they're all quite a ways from each other and if I have to drive more than 15 minutes, see answer "a"." OF COURSE I'm overthinking it. I've been quarantined for six months! It's the same reason I hate that leafgaurd gutter system convention and its bizarre looking emcee! Word, how long would your job have taken if you needed buy in from six people on window treatments? Would it EVER be done? Frig that!
  5. I thought maybe the same thing, but the geographic spread of these stores (again, it's a very local commercial), I mean one store is almost two hours from another! Also, unless they're five way partners, generally a designer does this work and presents options at the office (I only know because I'm doing an office reno in my role as purchaser, and I'm not going to any tile stores!).
  6. I know this is a little regional, but here in NJ, there's a commercial for a store called Wayne Tile. It starts with one lady, dressed like she just came from the office, at a tile store, looking around confusedly, then texting apparently a group of FIVE OTHER WOMEN asking where they are. Hahahah, as it turns out, these women went to the other five Wayne Tile locations! THis makes me mad because what the fuck are five women (or five PEOPLE) ever going to do together a tile store? Like what the fuck are they going there to accomplish? It sure isn't pick out tile.
  7. Count me in on the no more boat docking train. Additionally, either explain WTF is going on and why everyone has some sort of boner about dropping the anchor, or stop showing it. To the land lubbers among us, it seems like it should be as easy as letting gravity do the work. Clearly it is something more than that, because they sure make the process seem complex. I hate this show now.
  8. Guys, PLEASE stop with these visuals!!! Now I have to picture Coltee getting caught fucking a disembodied vagina by his mom. I mean it couldn't happen to a nicer guy, but I don't want to picture any of that. Or him NOT getting caught and then rinsing it out in the sink. WTF! ETA And now I can't stop thinking of it. Like of Deb opening the dishwasher to find a soiled latex ass on the top shelf and resignedly sighing before moving it aside so she can put her high ball glass in next to it. There, now YOU can think of it too.
  9. I believe last season, Angela claimed in two or three weeks together there, they'd had sex THIRTY EIGHT times. I agree with you, I don't buy that they'd only had sex once this trip, I mean the woman packed a vibrator that looked like the back end of a weed whacker. In fact it might be gas powered and have a string pull starter.
  10. Uncle JUICE


    Ugh...we get it, you're super horny for this former resident of The Shire, and you don't mind ass play. Keep it in your pants, lady.
  11. Melyza is basically a less charming April Ludgate.
  12. Do we know why Binyam can't emigrate? Is Ethiopia on one of those lists? I think this is going to be the sadder version of the South African dude and the girl from Maryland, because binyam doesn't seem to be inherently douchey a la that South African guy. He's clearly industrious and doesn't mind working, I'm not sure if he's got some sort of charge against him that means he can't apply to live here. Maybe it's just all them money it costs? I don't know why I'm asking you Neurochick, but I can't get the box to disappear. 🙂 Darcey and Marcey, or Stacey and Tracey or whatever that fucking show is called? In THIS house, it's called "Thirsty Bitchtwins."
  13. This is almost exactly what we're going to learn: Andrei's a reluctant hero and the family all comes back to gether again and have a new found respect for him. That's why I want him to just reveal he was some sort of stormtrooping enforcer whose job was to ferret out and publicly beat gay men and women to the horror of a crowd. PLOT TWIST.
  14. I hope the next episode features Andrei's confession, that he worked in a torture chamber for religious minority re-education. "My job was burning the feet of children, but that was only after I got promoted from body disposal. Plus side I'm good with a bone saw and know how what household compounds to use to get a body to dissolve beyond identifiability. So now what?" That's what I hope he does.
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