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  1. Uncle JUICE


    And the award for "Thirstiest OurTime.com Profile Pic" goes to....
  2. Uncle JUICE

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    THe source on that story is clearly Bubby.
  3. Uncle JUICE

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Obviously, it's just an excuse to get that sweet sweet make-up re-follow. It's still not better than hate following someone, but it's a little more emotionally relieving that your standard Wednesday night following.
  4. Uncle JUICE

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    This is a great point subtly made. Jenelle doesn't seem to get something critical here about "her" products. She's not actually out DEVELOPING anything. She's merely licensing her name, like Trump Steaks. That means there's nothing at all uniquely Jenellian about anything she's selling (or any of these bozos and their slapdick products, to be fair). That's great for the lazy and entitled celebrity, until such time as you become toxic to a brand. You will learn quickly that these licensee companies and their dumb products are quick to move on to the J-list celebrity, probably some MySpace influencer, they passed over to get to you, the I-list celebrity, to slap THEIR name on the product. If Jenelle had developed something herself, gone through the product cycle, had a patent, it'd be a different story, but sorry, you're just a name. Now that name has negative market value, and you won't ever have a JE line of jack shit now. You might as well start filming the home made commercials for David's Forged Throwing Ax Business now. Unless the Daily Stormer is offering you a column as a relationships expert I guess.
  5. Uncle JUICE

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Did anyone direct her to the state attorney general yet? Wtf, is federal lawyer even a thing?
  6. Uncle JUICE

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Breaking news, Happening Now, I'm Wolf Blitzer from the Situation Room! Our top story, Crafts website ETSY suspends former Y list, soon to be Z list celebrity's website for subpar knives forged from scrap metal due to liability concerns! For more details we go to CNN contributor Kerthy Whateverthefuck.
  7. Uncle JUICE

    Last Chance U

    I believe this was one of Tom Landry's halftime speeches, talking about how he smelled pussy and they should go out and 'get' said pussy. In all seriousness, who talks like this??? Is being a decent human being role model really that hard? SPoiler, it isn't. Fuck that AD. Enabler.
  8. Uncle JUICE

    Last Chance U

    And if you watch really closely, when they talk to the Garden City coach toward the end, and they show off the various trophies and plaques he's apparently won (again, this is like being the fastest fat kid), one of them has the word COMMUNITY, you know, of the phrase "Community College," which is kind of important, spelled wrong on it. I'm not kidding. My wife spotted it. Communtiy. I'm not sure which I think is funnier: the person who made it misspelled it, then Garden City didn't check the proofs, Garden City took it and never noticed it to this day and Netflix subtly shaded them by capturing THAT specific trophy, or That coach got the trophy and said "eh, whatever, I don't give a shit, no one is ever going to see this trophy but me, it'll be in my office." BANG, on television. No, it's the first one, that's funnier.
  9. Uncle JUICE

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Write all you want, but quit foisting it on the world around you. It's objectively terrible, consistently.
  10. Uncle JUICE

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    One million likes.
  11. Uncle JUICE

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Took me a second but SOLID. WOW did I laugh, Could HAVE. Fucking moron.
  12. Uncle JUICE

    Last Chance U

    I wish the show showed more of the stands like it did in the first game of the season in season 4. Granted it was a road game, but there were literally more people on the field than in the stands by at least a 3:1 ratio. I want this place to stop pretending Juco ball is any bigger deal than it actually is, and those fans showed it.
  13. Uncle JUICE

    S08.E08: Don't Give Up

    WHen you first posted this, before I scrolled down to the picture, I was like "Wait, how bad could it really look, I mean Batman's cool he can't look like...nope, that's definitely a dick. Can't unsee it now, definitely Batman with a literal dickhead, kidnapping a baby, with random letters below." For his next investment, maybe he'll lease a giant pickup truck with six wheels on the back axel.
  14. Uncle JUICE

    Last Chance U

    You mean like "I've been contacted by porn stars"? Or "I care about getting these kids an educatoin?" "Academics is so important"? "I would rather coach at a 2 year school than a 4 year school?" And please stop saying "This is not a two year process, people gotta remember, building something like this takes five years." Buddy, you're just angling for more seasons of this show. Give me a break.
  15. Uncle JUICE

    Last Chance U

    My favorite part of this is that everyone in the show is trying to make this a phrase. I believe early on at one point that loser radio guy is like "well, now it's a household name, Dream U, and we've got a target on our backs!" Will. You. PLEASE. Are you talking about households strictly in Independence KS? Because generally, that terms means like "The U." "The Fighting Irish." "Crimson Tide." In other words, households around the country. Not around THE COUNTY. Asshole. I loved the radio show "LIVE" from the bar, where it was literally the announcer dumb ass, the coach, the bartender and some barfly. I wonder how many prank calls they get in one show.