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  1. Gotta say, I am NOT mad at Kalini in that overalls / little shirt underneath number. That woman CRUSHES "casual hot" in my book. And that's not the same house they were in last time we say them. No apple tree in the yard, the kitchen was yellow, and her dad isn't around. Definitely an Air BNB.
  2. Both my wife and I thought Stephanie's cat was long dead and had been taxiderm-ed. It's like it had some weird defense mechanism when she touched it, its cat soul basically escaped its body until she put it down. I've never seen such a lifeless look from an animal. Not disdain, not resentment, not joy...just "if I stay totally still this will be over sooner."
  3. I'm not denigrating anyone's job, no shame in hard work...but you're at a wedding, I mean jeez, I don't expect the guy to own a tux or even wear a suit (this whole charade is ridiculous) but WASH YOUR HANDS, even if it's just for covid safety at the time!
  4. UGH I'm so glad someone else noticed this, so fucking gross! It was like he had just finished landscaping.
  5. Wow, so she's been in this pain for like 9+ years???
  6. I keep imagining the look on Samira's face after seeing Andrew come out of their single bathroom with his phone in his hand and sweat on his brow from what I'm 100% sure are disgusting dumps because all he eats is ren faire food, like mutton. THinking to herself in French "America isn't worth this."
  7. PLEASE TELL ME IT WAS ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY. Oh my god let that be true.
  8. For me, Andrew's wispy moustache is a huge red flag. Trim that thing, man, it can't be over your lip unless you can rock one like Selleck or Sam Elliot. "Look I have a great idea: you fly to Serbia to stay in a hotel for two weeks, then fly here, what could go wrong?" This is never the start of a story with a happy ending. In fact it's how Liam Neeson revenge movies start. GRILLING them I've never heard of, I have always seen them on flatiron skillet or griddle (but full disclosure I'm deathly allergic to shellfish, so I don't ever order or make them). Or her grease stained
  9. Speaking of Mike and NAtalie, any idea what horrible mess he had on that grill? Maybe salmon burgers? They looked fucking horrible. I liked them better when I thought they were scones.
  10. First, totally, with the pig tails. My wife actually said "WOMAN!" with genuine vexation when she first saw them and I about choked on my coffee. But there's some other issues to remember here in Zied's defense. First, he "borrowed" the money from Rebecca to buy the ring in the first place. And it wasn't like some 4 carat chocolate diamond, either, if I recall it was about $500 (probably less) in a street market, so okay, I'm sure it has some value, and sentimental value certainly, but I mean...let's keep it in perspective Rebecca. And also, YOU TOOK IT OFF. We'll pretend not to know that prod
  11. I think it's closer to a disinterested and numb bunch o "oh yeah," and some really poorly executed dirty talk sprinkled with clinical terms or weird stuff. Ugh, thanks again, now I can't NOT think about the whole thing, so gross.
  12. LOL but...yuck. Now I have to think about her voice and that accent in the throes. Disgusting.
  13. THis show is going further downhill, I'm not sure what else to say about it. It was COMPLETELY boring this week. Get rid of fucking Tarik and HAzel, they blow. Same with Mike and Natalie. I'm sort of worried about Stephanie. That wasn't alocholo wasted, that was pills wasted. She looks completely out of it, like someone should be looking out for her. She is beyond out of it. I mean this was her talking head:
  14. So, given that I've run out of a lot of things to watch in Covid, and SAul will be coming back shortly, I decided to start a rewatch of this show from season 1, something I'd never done. I have to say, if this show had NO connection to the ABQniverse of Breaking Bad, I stills think it would be one of the ten best shows since the dawn of the golden age of TV. Because Breaking Bad is basically a perfect expression of peak TV, artistically and creatively, and because of the relationship, this show slips into Most Underrated. How it's not a mulitple Emmy winner, particularly through the first two
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