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S03.E06: Joker: The Killing Vote

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That was fun. Old-timey sitcom-like “credits” are hack, but it works when there are references to Joker. THAT’S why we saw him walk-dancing down the stairs in the trailer!

This is a fun show. I’m already dreading HBO/Discovery killing it like most of the other fun stuff out there. #RIPYoungJustice #Again

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Its certainly a strange Gotham where the Joker is a better father than Gordan. The opener was hilarious, the goofy old sitcom credits mixed with famous Joker quotes was hilarious. Weird to see an episode without Harley and Ivy, but they made it work. 

"We were gone for four days!"

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9 hours ago, cambridgeguy said:

Joker, the mass murdering psychopath may actually be the best father right now.  He's definitely a better boyfriend.

His period of amnesia restored some decency / compassion / empathy

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On 8/19/2022 at 3:51 PM, paigow said:

His period of amnesia restored some decency / compassion / empathy

I find this to be super amusing. All of the Joker's history still lives inside of him. 

All of that history still lives inside of ME! It was so hard to wrap my head around the way he dealt with Debbie. 

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Normally I am worried when a show gives a total side character their own episode but that was pretty awesome.

I especially liked how Joker's parade was made to look like the parade from the 1989 Batman movie with the cake float, and the balloon and Joker's hat. The only thing missing was Prince.

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