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  1. We just started watching NIF this week. When we saw Ashton and Marco’s facemask look all we could think of were “men ahead of their time”. 🤣😭
  2. The Imaginary Worlds podcast’s new episode is about TGP, with a Todd May interview. https://www.imaginaryworldspodcast.org/making-the-good-places-better.html
  3. I could have sworn that when Loney and the Master had their conversation that one of them said it would wipe out all organic life everywhere, so I was surprised when the Doctor said "on this planet". Anyone have that scene on rewind?
  4. I see they canonized the pre-Hartnell doctors seen in “The Brain of Morbius”. I actually think that aside from the retcon there wasn’t much to the episode. So much exposition dumping. And then the buildup over Loney for all these episodes just for him to get TCE’d. I did like the scene with Graham and Yaz. And can we say what a pathetic cop out on pushing the button? Hey Doctor - you don’t get to be free of the moral blame by handing the button to someone who says he’s gonna press it. That said, that’s a dumbass moral quandary to have, Doctor. You push the damned button there and you don’t fall for the idiotic “you’ll be as bad as me if you press that” spiel.
  5. FWIW, in the scene where Brendan is sick as a child, the closed captions say that if he gets worse “we’ll call the Doctor” — with a capital D rather than a lower-case one. Now to be fair, it’s not like captioners never make mistakes.
  6. Yes, we knew all that. But that was before Chibnall got his hands on the show. It will be totally unsurprising if he totally ruins the Doctor’s backstory.
  7. Hmm. Interesting thought from someone on GB: ”There were lots of hints that it might be something close to the doctor. All these thernes about being a policeman, the police building doors looking like the Tardis doors, a humanoid that ages but cant die. They seem to be going in the direction of the doctor was a policeman in a past life, the memories of which have bled through which is why the tardis is a policebox. Sonething along these lines.” And someone else wondering if Brendan was a Timeless Child somehow being drained to keep others young.
  8. So why didn’t Ashad just go to that ship years ago and wake up the Cyber soldiers? Or if he needed the Cyberium to know about it, why not go right there?
  9. In other words, cast for the same reason as every single other member of the cast.
  10. I thought Thirteen was being pretty flippant about being so willing to bond with the Cyberium, after what happened with Eleven and Cyber-tech in "Nightmare in Silver".
  11. Presumably to celebrate the anniversary of her “rebirth” of deciding to turn her life around rather than running off to commit suicide.
  12. It was a lot like the one before it — good setup in the first half of the episode, big letdown in the second half.
  13. <comic_book_guy>Least unsurprising reveal EVER.</comic_book_guy>
  14. For me it was Boston’s WGBH. They only had Four (if they had anything earlier they stopped showing it by the time I watched it). They’d show an episode every weekday. Over and over again it would get to the end of “The Invasion of Time” and then back to “Robot”. Then one day the next episode was “The Ribos Operation”. Huzzah! I think after “Logopolis” they did one more full run of Four and then we finally got to see Five.
  15. I have to admit I’m puzzled by people saying Team Coachroach (minus Tahani) went through the door because they were too bored to continue. Not a single one of the characters said they were bored, nor did they play the scenes as if they were bored. They played it as being completed, contented, and/or at peace.
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