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  1. Is Chloe mortal now, though? She has Lilith's ring. Presumably that's what resurrected her. Can she survive without it? Will she even age? Or will she just keep living until such time she decides to take the ring off?
  2. Not related to the plot, but boy the makeup people, etc. aren’t doing German any favors. Especially when compared to the flashbacks they showed, her face is so noticeably more pinched and sharp.
  3. Pretty sure the screen said Sacramento when they showed the house.
  4. I’m glad that regardless of what ages the characters are supposed to be in the show that they picked actors who are clearly not teens. I’ve only read Crows and Crooked Kingdom and while I liked them (liked the first better) the idea these characters were mostly/all teenagers was ridiculous and I’m glad the show at least visually threw that in the trash.
  5. A topic for discussing the original comics/graphic novels.
  6. This was definitely an episode of passing the Idiot Ball around. In addition to not imperious-ing Sam with the music box once they knew it was him, how about the stupidity of TOTALLY IGNORING THE GUN each time it was knocked out of Sam’s hand??
  7. I’ve just started watching and I’m curious — does anyone see the white balance constantly shifting, sometime even from cut to cut? This doesn’t happen for anything else on my TV, not even other Netflix shows.
  8. Have we ever found out how NBC dealt with the pervert in editing the finals? I guess he went out early? Because if not I don’t see how they could have covered it up this time since they couldn’t use the “top N women” trick to hide what happened?
  9. I'm only just now watching the shows almost 6 months later. A few things I'm a little confused about: 1) Is it strictly the top 12 ninjas or does everyone who finishes advance even if there are more finishers? 2) if someone wins Power Tower and their teammates would have been out if they hadn't won, are the teammates in in addition to the 12 or do they bump off people in the 12? 3) What's the current rule for establishing the timestamp for when you finished the Nth obstacle? Is it when you clear the Nth obstacle or when you touch the (N+1)th obstacle?
  10. So what was the Bounty Hunters premise and what bots did they move over there? (I'm not about to pay for another streamer.). I've been wondering which bots were not on the main show because of Bounty Hunters and which just didn't/couldn't come because of the plague.
  11. I certainly don't consider Wanda heroic. I think she should be in jail for what she did, actually. Ironically, the Hero of Westview is really Agatha. While she had unquestionably bad motivations and performed bad acts (and as such deserves to be punished), in the course of episodes 8 and 9 she broke through to Wanda and forced her to see the hell she was making for everyone else. Relatedly, I was pretty pissed off by Rambeau's "they have no idea what you sacrificed for them" line. As if the townies should be grateful for what they were put through. Pffffft.
  12. Not if you are arguing the defense of insanity. The burden of proof is on the defendant to prove that. The state still has to prove you've committed all the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. That doesn't change. But the insanity defense is an "affirmative defense" that the defendant must prove. The defendant has to prove they are insane rather than the state having to prove they are not. See 18 USC 17 as an example.
  13. For me, no effing way and it's not even close. She is enslaving thousands of people against their will. Also, just the fact that she is doing it, and knows she is doing it, IS "overt malice". She's mindraping people for her selfish goals. If that's not "overt malice" I don't know what is. And grief (and I don't dispute she's genuinely grieving) is no excuse or justification for violating people like that.
  14. What I might do is wait for them all to come out and then pay for 1 month of the service and binge them. 5-6 hours (I assume the season is 10-12 half-hour episodes) for $5 isn't bad value. But there's no way in hell I'm gonna be an ongoing subscriber.
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