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  1. Get! Out! Of! My! Head! 😎
  2. It's not an issue of Lucifer being unable (as in does not having the power to do so) to come up and visit Chloe. It's that he can't risk doing it for fear of borking up the timeline. (And also because when he makes a promise he feels honor-bound to keep it.). The idea is that the whole interaction with (tiresome, never should have been introduced!) Rory is what gave Lucifer the insight as to what his true calling was. So she made him promise to "disappear" on schedule and never be seen while Chloe was alive in order to preserve her history and so preserve her bitchiness causing Lucife
  3. During parts of this episode I felt like I had walked into a Moffat-era Doctor Who episode.
  4. Has anything official been said about when the second half of the season will air?
  5. A non-compete is saying you can't work somewhere after you have left your employer. It's legal, even in California, to have a contract that says you can't work for B while working for A. So they totally could have negotiated a contract that said he couldn't work for anyone else as long as they were paying him.
  6. A hunting rifle, not a musket. And rifles are much more accurate than pistols. The longer barrel really matters.
  7. Looks like this really is the end of Good Eats (at least for some time). Just ahead of the final episode of the season airing on FoodTV, AB made a goodbye post on his FB page: I also thought it vaguely appropriate (especially given the plague) that the final episode was in the dark, post-apocalyptic world that ended the first season of GE:TR.
  8. So where do you all think the storyline is going? Who is Belos and what's wrong with him? And geez, get together already, Luz and Amity! :). And of course, And Hooty continues to not disappoint. I appreciate that the writers realize he can only be used in relatively small doses. But he's gold when they do use him.
  9. 1) Michaela and her voices continue to make me keep thinking of Wonderfalls (which I loved and have the boxed set of). 2) The insurance thing piqued me enough to expend the effort to do some googling. In the real world it looks like when someone is missing and declared dead the insurance company will pay out but you will have to pay it back plus interest if the “dead” person turns up alive. Alternatively, instead of taking the death benefit you can try to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company for less than face value in return for finality (part of the settlement agreement is
  10. So how does that work? Are they dropping multiple episodes per week? Because June 12 to Aug 14 isn’t close to 21 weeks.
  11. Is Chloe mortal now, though? She has Lilith's ring. Presumably that's what resurrected her. Can she survive without it? Will she even age? Or will she just keep living until such time she decides to take the ring off?
  12. Not related to the plot, but boy the makeup people, etc. aren’t doing German any favors. Especially when compared to the flashbacks they showed, her face is so noticeably more pinched and sharp.
  13. Pretty sure the screen said Sacramento when they showed the house.
  14. I’m glad that regardless of what ages the characters are supposed to be in the show that they picked actors who are clearly not teens. I’ve only read Crows and Crooked Kingdom and while I liked them (liked the first better) the idea these characters were mostly/all teenagers was ridiculous and I’m glad the show at least visually threw that in the trash.
  15. A topic for discussing the original comics/graphic novels.
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