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  1. Nellise

    S03.E12: Prodigal

    Thanks for the clarification. The last of the Arrowverse shows I watched was the Invasion crossover and never saw Crisis.
  2. Nellise

    S03.E12: Prodigal

    Forgot Dick asking Blackfire to check if Connor was okay. He had no idea if it would kill him and did it anyway?
  3. Nellise

    S03.E12: Prodigal

    At least I laughed a few times this episode, even though I think it wasn't intentionally funny. The bat airlift was ridiculous (and makes no sense like everything else in this show). And because I'm apparently 12, I laughed when Rachel was being super serious and said: "It wasn't hate that gave me power, it was love...for you...for Dick...". They probably could have worded that better. At least they're making Tim into a worthy successor to Jason: he was so annoying in the car ride with Donna. Dude, you already died once because you don't know what you're doing. They missed a potentia
  4. Connor is not a child. They showed him fucking just a bit ago. He's maybe naive, but he's certainly not a child.
  5. Now, unlike Jason, Superboy does actually have a reason to go after Nightwing. Nightwing literally poisoned him and Krypto just for wanting to help. This is one of those shows where I start wondering if the main character is the villain of the whole thing because Nightwing is really the worst. I guess this might be a good way for them to get rid of Superboy so they don't have to keep sidelining him so he doesn't solve every problem in 2 seconds. I wonder if Scarecrow would be interesting with a good actor because all of his scenes are painful to watch.
  6. All of Donna's scenes made no sense, not that anything else did, but hers were the worst. I have no idea what that "trial" was trying to show. Why is Barbara being written like she doesn't know what job she has? Did she approve the 50 cops in riot gear to handle a few people that were peacefully turning themselves in while the city was being overrun elsewhere? Kory accusing Blackfire of that being Blackfire's plan made me laugh: obviously Blackfire planned for dirty cops to shoot Superboy so it would ricochet off him and nearly kill her which would force Kory to take her and Blackfir
  7. Nellise

    S03.E09: Souls

    I liked this episode as long as I tried to keep myself from putting any logic to it. (Almost nothing makes any sense in this episode if you think about it for 2 seconds). Hank and Donna were fun together. It was nice seeing Rachel again. I think I was just happy to not see Jason and Scarecrow for an episode. Unfortunately it was all in service of more Bat-drama, but it was nice while it lasted.
  8. What a mess this show turned into. I thought it was promising after the first 3 episodes that we'd have these different types of people interacting and we get to see what comes of that, but they barely interact at all for the rest of the series. It was awfully convenient that all the guests went and got Masha, then walked into the room that allowed Masha to lock them in for their near death experience so they could have their big revelations. No plot contrivance there. One of the least interesting things to me is watching shows trying to portray people on drugs and we got like 6 epis
  9. I agree that Leland the character is a liar to other characters, but I don't want the show to be a liar to the viewers. I thought that's what the part about the computer was showing: that Leland was spying on David and could see things that David thought were private so that David can't trust Leland even more.
  10. That would be disappointing if that's the case. I like that it feels like what we see is what we get, even all the crazy stuff that isn't clearly dreams, that all this really exists in this world. And haven't others seen the goat man too? I think Lexie and David (in dreams) have.
  11. I'm guessing it was on purpose since it was a UFO episode, but it felt too X-files-y to me with the conspiracies and quick recants by the witnesses and no answers. I was expecting Kristen to say something about David being happy to see her when they hugged.
  12. Nellise

    A.P. Bio

    I watched the whole series over the last few weeks, including season 4. It took me a while to get into it as the premise is just dumb. It took them almost a full season to acknowledge the AP test is what's important, not the class itself. I sort of felt better once they showed Jack could teach biology if he wanted to so the school wasn't dumb in hiring him. After that I just sort of went with it, almost like the kids in the class did. I liked how the show really only covered a few months in their time, even if it caused a few casting problems with the kids. Once all the kids each sort of had t
  13. Nellise

    S03.E06: Lady Vic

    I was so confused by the Barbara stuff. So 6 years ago she wasn't even a cop and now she's commissioner? Or she was a cop and just stole stuff for fun on the side? Also, I know it's canon that Barbara uses a wheelchair, but this show has no problem deviating from canon so it could have been interesting to let the actress use her artificial leg in the present day scenes. But I guess they haven't said what her injuries fully were, have they? I don't understand the Titans desire to keep protecting and saving murderers. At this point they're complicit in a bunch of the crimes shown in th
  14. I think it's 8 episodes not 6, so there are 3 more still. This show doesn't work in episodes like this. It's trying to tell 10 stories in 40 minutes so almost nothing happens and there's no forward movement. There's no beginning, middle, and end to these episodes, it's like we're watching the middle of a movie and get cut off. I'm still interested enough to finish it, but I'm going to wait till it's all released.
  15. I thought having her in that room was a way to show how little they cared for women there. I think that's also why Kristen was acting out a bit, she knows how traditional church types think about women. Did they ever explain the stigmata part? That wasn't the flies. I thought it was funny having Fenna say she couldn't understand English and only spoke Dutch when Katja Herbers can speak Dutch.
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