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S02.E14: Kiss/Maach

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Riley finally realizes how hard it was on Vanessa to be home while he was deployed in Afghanistan. Also, Lizzie and Lois grow closer, which concerns Art, and Hazel starts a dog-walking business and ropes in Al to help her, on the CBS Original series UNITED STATES OF AL, Thursday, Feb 24 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+


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Awwww, this episode had a lot of really sweet moments in it. 

"I don't want to be the reason she loses another mom." Oh, Art :'(. That actually got me a little choked up. As did Lois promising to still be friends with Lizzie even if things ever were to go south with her and Art. His concern about them hanging out seems so obvious now he says it aloud, and I really liked how he and Lois discussed that. Hopefully they'll never have to worry about anything bad happening to their relationship - like I've said before, I really like them together, and moments like this prove precisely why. I want them to last :). 

I liked Lois and Lizzie hanging out together, too. It makes sense that they'd click, given their free-spirit type attitudes and such (though I don't know that hauling off and kissing your boyfriend in front of a class he's teaching is wise, but that's just me). I liked learning about why Lizzie liked that pottery place, too. It was good to get a little further backstory on Lizzie's relationship with her mom.  

Also really liked Riley and Vanessa's talk. I'm glad it didn't go quite as cringy as it could've, and as Riley's therapist feared such a talk would go.. He's right that what Riley's going through is not on the same level of struggle that Vanessa went through, but I do like that Riley is still trying to better understand and sympathize all the same. And it was nice to see his missing Holly going a little deeper than his insecurity over her being around a bunch of guys, that he just genuinely missed her, period. 

(That said, I did LOL at Art's reaction to Riley claiming to need more definition on his abs. "Oh, yeah, you've really let yourself go." :p.)

Everything with Al and Hazel was really cute, too. I loved all their cadence stuff, and I liked the continuity with Al still being resistant to dogs. But it was sweet to see him putting aside his dislike of dogs in order to help and encourage Hazel to keep at her job all the same :). And it's good to see Hazel finding a job of her own as well, even if it's not an ideal one at the moment. But if she keeps at it, she'll get better at it with time, I think. 

Really cute, sweet episode, this :). 

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10 hours ago, ItCouldBeWorse said:

How many people want someone waking them up at 5:30 am to walk their dogs?

Well, I guess it beats walking them yourself at 5:30, if that’s when they gotta go. 

Does anyone know anything about the song or singer at the end? It gave me a very 70s Cat Stephens vibe. I couldn’t catch anything in the credits. 

Oops, never mind.  That was on Ghosts.

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Hazel lucked out in getting the most well behaved dogs I've ever seen. This show is a great example of what an ensemble comedy should be. Everyone got their moment. I was surprised to hear Lizzie is 27. Not sure how old I thought she was but 27 wasn't it. And I am happy to check the definition of Riley's abs anytime!

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12 hours ago, possibilities said:

I had no idea Hazel is in high school. I thought she was like, 9 year's old. I liked her shirt, though.

Hazel is in middle school, so probably around 12 years-old, depending on when their district starts middle class. 

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It was fun seeing Lois bond with Lizzie over girl stuff and things she didn't get to do with her sons. I think interrupting class to kiss him was wrong, but I liked Lois's message that you will regret not taking the next step in a relationship if both parties are willing/interested. Al might not like dogs but he has a strong work ethic and believes in keeping promises. Also, he really cares about Hazel and wants what is best for her. I like that Hazel wanted money and found a legal, age-appropriate way to earn it.  

I liked Riley's story with Holly too. Shallow end of the pool: We got see him working out and showing off his abs, which is always appreciated. Leaving the shallow end of the pool: It was great to see Riley demonstrating some emotional awareness and wanting to connect with Vanessa, even though he was advised against it and the conversation should have gone far worse than it did. It's the thought/awareness that counts

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Don't worry Riley, you do NOT have to worry about getting behind on your abs game...

I really liked Lizzie and Lois bonding, it makes total sense that they would get along, both being rather quirky and free spirited. I can totally see why Art was worried about Lizzie possibly losing another mother, so it was really nice when Lois assured him that she would always be there for Lizzie no matter what happens between them. I hope they stay together though, Art and Lois are so sweet together. 

While Riley's therapist was right that his experience now is very different than Vanessa's, it did still give him some more understanding about what she must have gone through, and their talk was quite nice. 

Hazel and Al walking dogs was a nice comedy plot to the more heartwarming other plots. I cracked up at Al driving the car next to Hazel and that whole pack of dogs, and when Hazel tried to stop Al before he started a long story, only for him to start telling it anyway. 

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On 2/25/2022 at 11:21 AM, Sarah 103 said:

Hazel is in middle school, so probably around 12 years-old, depending on when their district starts middle class. 

I think you are right, that she is supposed around 11-13.  

The actress who plays her turned 16 last October.  

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Well, I see this show is back to making me cry every episode. Loved the Lizzie/Lois/Art subplot and Art and Lois's conversation. 

Riley's subplot was nice. At least he didn't compare his experience with Holly on training for two weeks with Vanessa's while he was deployed for months. Loved the exchange he had with his therapist.

Edited to add: I like Riley with Holly, but I could also be happy if he got back with Vanessa. Dang Parker Young for being so freaking hot.

I also got a kick at Art and Riley's talk, with Art telling him he had more than his muscles to offer, but when pressed by Riley, just offering to spot him on his next set.

End edit

I liked that Hazel took her job seriously, even if she did want to quit. She just needs to coordinate her clients better.

I still don't like Lizzie and the professor as a couple. 

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Added some more thoughts about Art and Riley.
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