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  1. Even thought it has been cancelled, I say watch. If you enjoyed the other episodes, you will probably enjoy the last four. Plus, with the pandemic, it could be a while before new episodes of anything are filmed, so don't pass up the opportunity to watch something you haven't seen before.
  2. I think this show had promise, but, for me, Pauley ruins it. I find myself watching her and wondering how she can stand having her greasy bangs hanging into her eyes. Her acting doesn't seem natural, it seems obvious that she is acting. It is like you can see her thinking "okay, now I make a disgusted face, then after the next line I need to look relieved." The rest of the cast is great, even the kid, and the stories seemed realistic enough, the lines were funny, and the characters were the same ones you see on most other shows.
  3. The adult actors are pretty solid, and there are enough different characters and scenarios to have some decent plotlines, but the writing is horrible - not so much the jokes but the premises. I have not seen the latest episode (showshow important this show is to me, huh?) but the week before, with Andi's mom visiting was stupid, in my opinion. They never explained what Adam had against Andi's mom other than she stresses Andi out, but that was supposedly solved after their night of bar-hopping. Andi is so happy that they now have this open relationship but she can't tell her mother that talking about sex lives is too much information, instead Mom has to leave. Adam keeps complaining about having Andi's mom around, while we see her do nothing offensive, and no one points out that Adam's mom, who has been painted as this bossy shrew that everyone so afraid of, is over their house all the time. Andi is supposed to put up with all of his mom's crap, but Adam can't be around Andi's mom for more than a few minutes without telling her to her face how much he doesn't want her there.
  4. I am not sorry to see it go. The show had some promise in the very beginning. Not that it was great in the first season, but most shows start out a bit rough and get better. This one just kept getting worse. It began as a show about a guy who has to take over someone of the child raising because his wife went back to work (outdated premise, but workable). It ended up a poor remake of I love Lucy, except Ricky (Adam) was the one who came up with all the crazy schemes. All the gender stereotypes came straight out of the 1950's.
  5. I realize this episode was probably filmed months ago, but I found it oddly timely with people dealing with sheltering in place. I wonder if, nine months from now, there will be a rush of babies named Lysol.
  6. And don't forget - Guy can't throw out the bad chicken salad because that is wife's job. His job is to takeout the trash.
  7. Much better episode than last week, in my opinion. Swoosie Kurtz needs to spend less time at the plastic surgeon's office (also my opinion).
  8. Normally I like this show, and I don't expect sitcoms to be true to life, but the menopause part of this one was so removed from reality. Menopause isn't something that happens instantly after you doctor tells you "have it." Tina goes to the doctor because she has been feeling different, doctor says it is menopause and suddenly her emotions are all over the place and she has so many hot flashes that she needs the house to be cold enough to store meat in. It was so distracting that I didn't enjoy the rest of the episode. And I bet next week she won't have menopause symptoms anymore.
  9. I think Andi said she took two pills, so they will be fine (/sarcasm). So her headaches were caused by drinking too much coffee? Wasn't she still drinking coffee after she stopped taking the pill? Then why did her headaches go away? And how was her doctor able to tell her that it was the coffee when the doctor wasn't able to tell her than before? What new info did the doctor get to make this diagnosis? This is one of my "fluff" shows. I don't expect it to be very intelligently written, but this episode was just plain stupid.
  10. I was hoping Conrad would take a job at St. John's and (magically) get all his Chastain friends to come work there. I don't like the Red Rock storyline and hope they are no longer in charge by the end of the season. I get The Resident and New Amsterdam mixed up all the time. I think it is supposed to be okay because Conrad was asked to look into it by Dax/Coach before he ended up in the hospital. I don't know if that is how it works in real life, but one the show, Dax was Conrad's patient.
  11. Anyone taking bets on which episode will have the part when Bell finds out that the supplements have some sort of horrible side effect?
  12. In the first two scenes with the pig, the pig was dark on top - lots of "freckles." Then the pig ran away and the one they were chasing was much pinker and less freckled. I expected the ending to be the pig's owner asking Rio where she got the pig from because her pig had returned home the night before. This isn't my favorite show, but I find it charming enough to keep recording it.
  13. How do you bake a cake and have the center come out bake and the edges underdone?
  14. I felt like Jason was running out of his cutsie sayings and was making stuff up on the fly. Some of what he said made no sense.
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