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  1. Anyone remember where this show is supposed to be located? If it isn't in Iowa, New Jersey, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, or Maryland, Gina wouldn't have to pay tax on the money she inherited. They are the only states that charge an inheritance tax. The federal government does not tax an inheritance. An estate of that value would have had to play Estate Tax (on the federal level and maybe also at the state level), but that would happen before any money was handed to Gina (which would not have happened so soon after he died). Furthermore, the highest inheritance tax rate is 18
  2. I thought the stand-in looked pretty good, but I am surprised that she didn't have some cuts and bruises, maybe some swelling. It would have helped hide the fact that it wasn't EVC, and it would have made more sense. I would think that it is pretty rare to have enough brain trauma to die, yet have no external injuries. I was hoping they would have her decide to stay home with the baby, then the show centers around the hospital and not Conrad's home life. Added bonus - we avoid the baby storylines, since adding a baby is rarely a good thing for a tv show.
  3. I recall a lot of scenes with Conrad and Nic making out in the hospital in earlier seasons. And it was a blind patient too. And it looks like she will go to live with her father's brother - they better check his heart and maybe fit him with a pacemaker before he and the girl go home.
  4. It has been weeks since the show aired, so I decided to look at the "Super Potty Trainer" reviews on Amazon and it wasn't there. There were many potty seats that go on top of the regular seat that have a back to them, which would be much ore practical than having to lift up and down the toilet seat and then have to get the Super Potty back in the right spot. I wish one of the sharks would have brought up how cumbersome that potty was, but I suppose they can all afford designated potty training bathrooms that no one but toddlers use. I also wish they would have asked the potty people j
  5. Daniel Dae Kim's character had a rushed introduction last season because the season was cut short due to the pandemic. Then he barely appeared on this season. What was the point of having him on the show at all? And what was the point of having Sharpe's niece come to America? Seems like the only reason to add that character (who only lasted a few episodes and didn't have any major stories) was to have Sharpe have a (ridiculous) reason to break up with Daniel Dae Kim's character, who also had no reason to be there (and who also only lasted a few episodes and didn't have any major stori
  6. I like the episode and am glad that Art stuck up for Al and no one in the family held it against Al for losing the job. I also appreciate that the house that Al's sister was in looked like a regular house and wasn't some dark, concrete hovel like homes in Afghanistan usually look like on TV.
  7. I wonder what social issue "looking for his wedding ring" will tie into - or maybe Max will only be looking for his wedding ring without trying to save the world. That would be a welcome change. Then again, how long will the hospital board keep max around when he spends so much time doing things that aren't his job. My prediction for the serious life change Iggy is contemplating - stop being a psychiatrist and become a oncologist so he can hang out in the ER with the other oncologist and the surgeon (Yeah, that isn't really my prediction. I actually don't have one because I don't care
  8. Sharpe has apparently cured everyone in NY of cancer because she spends her work hours hanging out in the ER or trying to convince Max that he is doing something stupid. The guy who plays Martin is a really good actor. I didn't catch the 911 hint (I did think at one point that Iggy was hallucinating), but I could tell by the look on Martin's face that he knew Iggy was in danger. Why was Iggy so upset about lying to Chance when his own life was in danger, yet it didn't seem to bother him to lie to two other recent patients that weren't a threat to his life? He lied to the pregnant
  9. Sharpe broke up with Cassian because she couldn't handle dating this calm guy and taking care of her almost-adult niece. It defies all logic for her to get involved with someone as manic as Max (of course, this show defies logic multiple times each episode). And why would it be running through the pipes? Almost everyone of the main characters over-reacts: Sharpe breaks up with he boyfriend because her niece will be staying with her, Bloom wants to break up with her girlfriend because she is too nice when she is happy, Floyd's mother needs to be watched over 24/7 because she cou
  10. True, but the only reason for having this storyline was to reinforce that global warming will make the situation worse. Lauren tries to break up with Leyla because Leyla make her too happy. Sharpe broke up with her boyfriend because her 16 year old niece was going to live with her. I am guessing the none of the writers have had a relationship that lasted longer than a few weeks.
  11. I am a few episodes behind, so maybe things have improved, but I keep getting the feeling that the people in charge of this show are trying to turn it into a comedy.
  12. I hope the people in charge of this show read these forums.
  13. The guy who got to finish baking in another kitchen got lucky because he ended up gaining time. Once the power came back on, he already had stuff baked.
  14. Works for me. Get an actor with the same coloring but a few extra pounds and blame the weight gain on the anti-rejection medication.
  15. Next season (the eighth) will be the last one for Black-ish according to Rotten Tomatoes
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