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S32.E12: Now It's About Winning LIVE CHAT

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With the $1 million prize on the line, the final 3 teams travel to New Orleans where, after visiting 11 countries, 17 cities, and travelling more than 33,000 miles, one team will be crowned the winners.

Here is you LIVE CHAT finale topic!

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Seriously, though, there have been worse seasons, right? It just sucks that this one will end with a thud, and the future looks hazier than usual.

Wow, Phil’s got NOLA dance moves!

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4 minutes ago, raven said:

I've come this far so I'm watching.

I’m here because I said the f-word last week while watching on a Facebook group, and a mod banned me for twelve hours. I’m posting here because I’m still a little bitter.

Credits? Still on point. 👍👍

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