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RuPaul's Drag Race Holland

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S1.E1: Land of the Queens


Ten queens make their debut Werkroom entrance, and they all have the same dream: to become the first Dutch Drag Superstar! There can only be one winner and the battle to the top has just begun. The queens are challenged to hold their breath as they are immediately thrown into the deep end for their first photoshoot. And for the runway, the queens are tasked with creating a legendary look based on their favorite queen.

Guest Judges: Sanne Wallis de Vries and Claes Iversen

Mini Challenge: Underwater photoshoot

Maxi Challenge: Create and model a runway look inspired by their favorite queen

Runway Theme: Who's Your Queen?

Original air date: 9/17/20

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I liked it, but kinda tricky to watch it in Dutch, with English subtitles, being a woman who speaks à few languages (FR - ENG - ITA - GER) but NOT Dutch, while understanding a little, due to the "mix" of languages and my knowledge of German.

Off topic, but... Jimbo (Drag Race Canada) and Baga Chipz (Drag Race UK) were there ? Lol ! (just kidding, I really enjoyed it, not tea no shade)

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Episode 2:

Oooh gurl! The claws have come out.

I'll have to add Sederginne to my favorites list along with Abby OMG and Envy Peru.  She was adorable tonight!

Fred was beautiful and delightfully bitchy, as usual.

So some of the other queens (Janey) are jealous of Abby and her beauty? 

I loved Madame's face, and yes, that dress is trash. I did chuckle when she said she would throw it away immediately.


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S1.E2: Give Face!


The competition has started. The queens have found themselves in an emotional rollercoaster, where they get in each other's hair and old pain comes up. Fortunately, the laughing muscles are also trained when they make a hilarious drag workout video together with the Jane Fonda from the Netherlands. On the Runway, the queens must show their true face.

Mini Challenge: Decorate clogs and model them

Maxi Challenge: Produce a fitness video with a signature workout

Runway Theme: Give Face, Face, Face (Runway focused on their makeup, along with a painted dress)

Special Guest: Olga Commandeur

Guest Judges: NikkieTutorials and Roxeanne Hazes

Original air date: 9/24/20

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On 9/22/2020 at 11:03 AM, hatchetgirl said:

I wasn't impressed.  At the end of the day the queens of Thailand really put all of the other queens to shame.

Yeah, all I want is more Drag Race Thailand but instead we're getting everything but.

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S1.E3: Drama Queens


After the tumultuous ending from the previous episode, the knives have been sharpened extra sharp because in this competition, there is only 1 that can stand in the spotlight. The queens act it out in a scene from the new series: Gooische Drags.

Mini Challenge: Playing traditional 'Queen's Day' games. (Koekhappen, Spijkerpoepen and Zaklopen)

Maxi Challenge: Act in a drag queen version of the movie "Gooische Vrouwen"

Runway Theme: Miss Holland

Guest Judges: Rick Paul van Mulligen and Claes Iversen

Original air date: 10/1/20

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Episode 4:

See you later, Madame Madness!  You'll be a fierce bitch by the time this show is over. I feel that she was over it even after shaving her beard. 

Is Abby the youngest? The others sure love to pick with her.  Sederginne talking about she was scared of Abby... Girl whet? Let's not perpetrate the "brown person more dangerous" stereotype.

Looks like Envy is the frontrunner.  I don't feel that Mama, Janey, Abby, or Sederginne is quite on her level.  Chelsea Boy, probably. Chelsea Boy has yet to wow me since the promo look, though. 



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3 hours ago, Stardancer Supreme said:

Sederginne talking about she was scared of Abby... Girl whet? Let's not perpetrate the "brown person more dangerous" stereotype.

Did I miss something? All I got was irritation at the gesture (who are you to be so dismissive of the others?).


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S1.E4: Dancing Queens


The queens have to perform like their lives depend on it. Mayday, the mother of the dragscene, comes by to throw some shade with the girls, because 'reading is fundamental!'. The queens are prepared for a dance battle by Pride-ambassador Amber Vineyard. On the runway, the queens have to sparkle like never before, but the outcome has an unexpected twist.

Mini Challenge: Reading is Fundamental

Maxi Challenge: A Dance Battle choreographed by Amber Vineyard

Runway Theme: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Special Guest: Diva Mayday

Guest Judges: Amber Vineyard and Sanne Wallis de Vries

Original air date: 10/8/20

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Can we keep this week's guest judges? I totally agreed with almost all of the judges' critiques this week. I HATE when people wear shoes that are a size (or three) too small and their toes are hanging over the edge. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT?  It's like the foot version of muffin top. It's not attractive, people.

Amber was 100% correct when she said that if you have to explain your art so that people get what you're doing, it's not good enough. Your art should stand on its own without any explanation.

Hahaha, and I'm glad that Abby got read for wearing the same necklace. I don't care if it's silver instead of gold. IT'S THE SAME DAMN NECKLACE.

I was excited for the dance challenge but I was really disappointed in what we ended up seeing. What they showed us was way too edited and and there were too many close ups. Just let me watch everyone dance! Who was it that did the saddest death drop ever?

Chelsea Boy's runway look wasn't my favorite but I LOVED her makeup. Just gorgeous.

Ma'Ma Queen was the only one who did well in the LSFYL. Abby was pretty terrible.

It was hilarious to see Ma'Ma Queen hug Abby because of their ridiculous height difference.

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I really enjoyed the nude photoshoot. It was really cool that they were asked to drop all the usual drag accoutrements and to strip down to the most basic version of themselves (and I don't mean that in a basic bitch way either).

My issue with Sederginne complaining about how Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog was more original than Envy Peru's runway look is that Sederginne's look wasn't executed well. I never would have known that's what it was without being told. And as one of the judges pointed out, it had none of Miss Piggy's over the top glamour. Not even a boa! Sederginne also deserved to be in the bottom because that was a pretty dismal Snatch Game performance.

Hahaha, I agreed with Fred when he said that he was not impressed by the LSFYL. I would have eliminated Abby though. It's only the fifth week and she's already been in the bottom THREE times. She has the worst track record of all the remaining queens.

Envy: 3 wins, 2 safe
ChelseaBoy - 4 tops, 1 safe
Janey - 1 win, 1 top,  3 safes
Ma'Ma Queen - 1 win, 1 safe, 1 bottom
Abby - 1 top, 1 safe, 3 bottoms
Sederginne - 4 tops

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S1.E6: It Takes Two


Mini challenge: save the date (improv challenge)

Maxi challenge: family makeover

Runway theme: We Are Family

Guest Judges: Ryanne van Dorst and Loiza Lamers

Original air date: 10/22/20

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Episode 6:

I hate that the Family & Friends episode always make me cry.  Damn my sensitivity!

Envy won again! Honestly, they should stop playing and give her the crown and that awful dress.  Envy is gorgeous and she did Mama Peru proud.

Abby finally got to step back and let someone else lip sync for a change.  Abby's brother looked awesome! Why can't Abby do a little boobage? You can't be a sexy assassin with just ass, Abby!

How wonderful for Mama Queen's father to join in the reindeer games.  Dammit, there's dust in my eye again...

Chelsea Boy picked now to play it safe?  He must not have had any time to do the dramatic drag we are used to seeing.

Janey and her mom was so cute!  I do love that red on them.

Fred was gorgeous tonight. He has lovely legs!

Lip Sync:  I wonder if most of these Queens have ever lip synced before getting on Drag Race?   Chelsea Boy forgot to lip sync the first line. Losing his wig was pretty much the end of that.   I did love that Janey had a reveal just in case of failure to be safe.

Final Four! I wonder who gets to the finals with Envy Peru? 

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Awwww, I love Mama Queen's dad so much!

On the American version of RPDR, there are so many stories from the queens about having strained relationships with their families so it was lovely to see Hans and some of the other family members have been accepting and supportive of these contestants from the beginning. I loved when Hans casually said that all little boys dress up in women's clothes and it's no big deal. We need more parents like him instead of the ones who freak out when their boys don't come out of the womb hocking a loogie and demanding to drive a truck or whatever it is they think that boys are supposed to do.

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Episode 7:

Honestly, I would have dumped Mama Queen.  That was a sad ass split at the end of the lip sync!

Abby finally wore a gown. 

I guess Fred wasn't too impressed with Abby's striptease during the lip sync. 

Envy Peru is that bitch. She had a theme for her runways and slayed them all. 

I really wanted Janey to have to lip sync just to watch her head explode. Heh.




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S1.E7: Maxima - The Rusical


The last four queens are ready to snatch a spot in the finale. They star in MAXIMA - the Unauthorized Rusical, based on the true story of the queen of the Netherlands. On the runway, they have to present not one, not two, but THREE looks.

Mini Challenge: Everybody Loves Puppets

Maxi Challenge: Máxima: The Rusical

Runway Theme: Red, White and Blue, Bitch!

Guest Judges: Edsilia Rombley and Roxeanne Hazes

Original air date: 10/29/20

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I can't think of one LSFYL this season that was memorable or great. Abby thinks she's great because she's survived so many but it's not because she's great at lip synching. It's because most of the time her opponent was even worse than her level of barely adequate. I thought she was pretty terrible this week against Mama Queen and it looked like Abby didn't know the words/wasn't moving her mouth the entire time. At any rate, her performance was not good. I had no idea how the judges were going to justify keeping her and then Mama Queen pulled the saddest splits in the world at the very end.

Say what you want about Envy Peru but there's no denying her track record. She has won the most challenges this season and she always has complete runway looks. That's why I thought she deserved to be in the finale so hearing Mama Queen say that Envy should be eliminated because she was closer with Abby and Janey made no sense to me. Envy has won FAR more challenges than anyone. Before the judges announced tonight's winner/bottom 2, the track records were:

Envy - 4 wins, 0 LSFYL
Janey - 1 win, 1 LSFYL
Mama - 1 win, 1 LSFYL (plus 3 other times in the low group)
Abby - 0 wins, 3 LSFYL

If you want to also take the mini challenges into account (which I don't):

Envy - 2 wins
Janey - 1 win
Mama - 2 wins
Abby - 1 win

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I totally understand why Envy and Janey were livid that the judges didn't eliminate anyone after that lackluster LSFYL. Just pick the worst performance, no matter how marginal the difference was, and cut someone so that there are three people in the finale!

Usually I enjoy seeing the eliminated queens return for the finale but this time my reaction was "Who dat?" when they showed up in the workroom. They clearly had no idea who else had been eliminated so I guess that means they were allowed to go home after being eliminated (instead of being sequestered until the show finished filming)?

In the final performance, Janey was by far the best. Her dancing was the cleanest and she looked very natural performing. Mama Queen looked like she forgot some parts. Abby and Envy being right next to each other for most of the routine did not help because they were at about the same level of performance the entire time. They were okay but not great.

I didn't love Fred's finale dress, but the hydrangea sleeves cracked me up.

The final runway is supposed to be your best drag (Janey's words, not mine), yet she came out in a leotard and some wannabe Victoria's Secret angel wings? That's it? Ha, but I had to laugh when one of the judges said it was dated and Janey revealed that it was vintage couture from 1994.

Abby's Queen of the Damned look was equally boring. A corset with a long skirt? Yawn.

Envy's Dita von Teese runway look was all black but so much more dramatic. I liked it a lot better before her unnecessary reveal. Like Michelle Visage, I'm not a fan of leotard looks. If you're going to do that, it better be the best leotard ever. But her hair and makeup were still gorgeous!

Ma'Ma Queen's finale look was big and colorful but shapeless.

Envy definitely won that LSFYL for me. She also had the best track record all season so I was totally happy she won. I was just glad that the judges' neverending love for Abby didn't result in her winning. That would have been a travesty.

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Just watched it. I enjoy Fred's energy. Found the judging confusing; there was so much going on and so little time to see the looks in any detail, and their criteria seemed to skew to runway over talent show performance so I wish the camera had lingered longer. I thought Vivaldi would win, or Vanessa, after their comments. I like the fun they have in the workroom, and the overall energy is uplifting. I think it's a good cast.

I really like Tabitha! It's like Pupi Poisson all over again, your older, balder seasoned queen with great commentary. 

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I love Fred but I think Supreme is my queen. Both are more enjoyable than Ru had become and I'm a die hard Ru girl. 

I like Tabitha too, but was uncomfortable with her reaction to the transgender queen. I'm hoping it was just for the first show. Juicy definitely was the girl to go home. 


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I have to admit that I like Brooklyn Hytes better too.  

My only knock on Espana was more around judging.  Some of the eliminations seemed to come from nowhere (Drag Volcano) and while Carmen Farala and Sagittarius were very pretty women, I thought Killer Queen had all the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. 

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Well that was a solid first episode - although I do agree it could have been ten minutes longer to allow proper deliberation on the main challenge. That said it's an interesting group of queens and the judging was pretty spot on. 

Keta Minaj and My Little Puny - those are the ex-couple, right? Both seem like a force to reckon with,and both delivered super runways and exciting performances. Worthy Top2 . 

Vanessa von Cartier - really is a contender - amazing presence, though I found her act a bit too sentimental/ over-wrought for my taste

Vivaldi - is fun - I thought of her as an elevated version of Aranxa Castilla la Mancha

Love Masisi - super confident and great performance - she could have easily been in the Top

Tabitha - super fun and as a bigger girl she worked that choreo quite well

The Countess - Quite an intriguing persona - look forward to seeing more of her 

The bottom 3 were quite clearly a bar below the rest of the queens 

Ivy-Elise - she has some cool concepts but the execution is just not there

Reggy B - in many ways does not seem ready for this and that runway was ratched - but she slayed that lipsync  - looks like we may have to get ready for Abby OMG 2.0 if she's not out by next week

Juicy Couture - found her annoying at first - but considering it was her first performance (?) it was not terrible. I think there may be more to her than some of the other Insta- queens the show has featured 



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I love the judging on this show. The contestants are cool, but it's nice to hear full, specific critiques instead a focus on sound bites. 

I liked the way Tabitha brought up her feelings about a transgender queen. I don't agree with her but I felt like she expressed herself without being too hard edged, and that's reasonable. Like...it's OK for people to disagree on things, it's not OK to impose your opinion, imho, and I felt that's what she did. It was how I wish things could be talked about. 

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I'm really enjoying this season thus far - really likeable and talented bunch of queens . 

The Countess indeed was the MVP this episode - exquisitely tailored suit and the lady is a diva indeed - that barbed shade - but I'm here for it. Deserved win and can see her in the final. 

Vivaldi and Keta were my other top two - real contenders - rocking fun outfits each.

Love Masisi really is the heart of the season  - hope she can rise from her self-doubt.

The bottom two were correct and Ivy rightfully won - putting much more emotion into that classic song, while Reggie B was relying on tricks to get through.

Oh and the photoshoot mini-challenge was fun as usual.

Bring on the Snatch Game !

OT: looks like after this and Drag Race Italia we are getting Drag Race Philippines

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I feel like I missed something with Vivaldi. I didn’t find her snatch game Nikki very good nor funny.  Kita Minaj was fantastic! I thought Tabitha would have won Santch game, but her runway was not good. 

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As usual as a non-native speaker - it's hard to pick up all the nuances of local celebrities, but still found this Snatch Game highly entertaining. Fred looked like he was having a ball ( especially when they picked on his sex tape). Keta was hilarious as the C*ck destroyer and kudos to Vivaldi - she chose a person well known to the judges and came through. I thought Puny was good as well.

The monster runways are always fun but felt sorry for the queens who had to lipsync with all that prostheses. It was the right bottom 2 nevertheless. Grace Jones was one note and that was not Cardi B - I hope that Love Masisi gets to shine but Ivy put so much more emotion into that and rightfully won.

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They did one of my favorite Rusicals ever, and I again appreciated legit criticism on the runway, even when the topic was so personal to the contestants. I felt respected as a viewer, like they trusted me to get that you can compliment and criticize. 

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yes that was a fun Rusical indeed - not a dull moment.

Some thoughts: 

My Little Puny  - happy for her win and that runway was exquisite and heartfelt but was not feeling her as the Fairy Godmother so much.

Vivaldi - I thought she popped quite well in her small role as Snow White. The runway looked great - but as with Countess, the statement being made felt very superficial.

Keta Minaj - boy Keta is looking hot. Riding Hood was great. I thought her runway makeup was underwhelming

Ivy-Elise and the Countess were probably the correct bottom 2. Ivy really faded the most in the challenge while I thought the Countess was good enough and (theme not withstanding) looked breathtaking on the runway. Nevertheless, I thought Ivy killed that lipsync so was shocked to hear Fred say that she was bad in it.


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I was happy for the Countess to go home this week.  While she is a pretty clothes hanger she isn't much of an entertainer.  I thought Tabitha also could have gone.  Likely next week.  This season is moving quickly.

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I think Vivaldi should have gone home.  They cheated, by bringing a phone.  And I agree with Vanessa that they are too arrogant,

But I think this will lead to the drama of a Vivaldi vs. Vanessa lip sync for your life for a place in the finale.

I think Keta Minaj and My Little Puny are the best of the season and will lip sync for the crown.

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