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  1. I'm a man of my word and tuned in! (I hadn't watched an episode since like the second or third week.) Kyland getting the boot was even sweeter than I anticipated! But that was scary. He is so delusional that I almost didn't think he would accept defeat and voluntarily leave. I feel so bad for Tiffany bc not all of the CO was on equal terms. She had to sacrifice her game in a way X and Ky never did, and that's not right. I don't care what anyone says.
  2. Julie has really flown off the handle. I knew she had gotten really bad with the Godbothering, but this might be even worse than I imagined. Fix it, Jesus.
  3. If Ky gets cut, I might have to actually tune in for the first time in months LOL
  4. I've barely watched this season, and even I'm sad about Derex going. I'm even sadder about him and Claire having a pretty good idea about the CO, yet not saying anything. (Or have they?) Maybe SB would have done something differently if she had that information. Derex has seemed to almost work against his best interests time and time again, so that sucks.. Hopefully he'll get invited back.
  5. I sadly to evict Britini. I sadly to evote Brent. I sadly wonder why Derek F. is unable to correctly construct such simple sentences. Both of these things sound glorious, ngl.
  6. How many kids does she have? Wow, I don't really know her that well but she really doesn't seem like a mother to me LOL
  7. Does anybody know what race Hannah is? From her conversation with X I saw on one of the episodes, I'm guessing she's black? But why wasn't she in the CO from the beginning? (I got a late start to the season.. and it's actually good for once. FML)
  8. I really don't think it's a coincidence that casting the most diverse group of players has resulted in one of the most enjoyable seasons in an extremely long time. It's beyond pitiful that it took so much pain, suffering, and time for TPTB to finally listen and do something about it, but I am so happy that they did!
  9. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but what did Loni Love do that was racist? I may be alone on the Gottmik train, but I hope she can pull out the win. I started out loving Symone, and maybe I'm just fatigued at this point but I find myself being more intrigued by Mik now. Their track records are pretty much even if you consider Symone has been in the bottom twice now compared to Mik never having to lip sync. It could wind up being a photo finish...
  10. She does, but apparently she's not happy about it LOL. She said something on Twitter, and then Adore basically said, "There are far worse people you could look like." Haha. Apologies if someone else has already relayed this. I've been finding myself singing, "Release the beast, Bimini" apropos of nothing on a regular basis for days now. Sigh. I really don't like that both seasons all the queens on the winning girl groups have gotten RuPeter badges. In my head, Bimini deserved a sole win for that challenge. Thank God she finally won this week. There had been far too many weeks of her being
  11. ITA. For some of us, Christianity had an incredibly damaging effect on our self-esteem and worth as human beings. I legitimately don't know how I would react if somebody tried to gift me a Bible. Also, Julie isn't that close with the Houseguests to be sending them something so personal IMO.
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