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S01.E12: The Lady of Larkspur Lane

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While Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the Drew Crew follow up on the latest Lucy Sable lead, they also work to uncover who tried to kill Ryan (Riley Smith), leading them to a startling revelation.



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So, Carson finds out that a hit is on him, tries to get a hold of Nancy, but gets Ace instead.  So, Ace proceeds to try and ask Ryan for help, but after that fails, he... hacks the prison computers to fake a transfer notice for Carson, somehow gets a hold of a police van, springs Carson from the pokey and drives him to his home, and does what he can to stall the cops from breaking back in and reclaiming Carson.  Man, everyone could use a friend like Ace!  Dude will go the extra mile for you!

Nancy, George, and Nick made for a fun trio, and enjoyed seeing more of their interactions.  I do think George/Nick is totally in the cards soon, and I'm all for it!

Bess continues to realize that being a rich socialite isn't easy, but she definitely seems to be adapting pretty quickly.  Loved it when she finally got into Ryan's face, and found a way to have him help Carson.  Not sure what to make of the mentor thing though: definitely seems like they're setting things up for a love triangle.  Tried to place the actress, and apparently she was Chidi's girlfriend on The Good Place (before he, you know, went to the Good Place!)

Nancy finds another clue, but now she's apparently in some kind of coma, and dreaming a fantasy where everything is normal and her mom is still alive?  Was the book laced with something?  More magical craziness?  I guess we'll find out next week!

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I've enjoyed the last few episodes. I like that we're getting different characters paired for storylines -- Carson and Ace is a duo I never thought we'd see, but it worked! I thought Ace seemed like a superfluous character back at the beginning of the series, but now he's one of my favorites -- he's affable and laid-back most of the time, but he'll stand his ground when he has to, and he's smart. He saved the day again!

It's nice to see Nancy actively asking her pals for help now. I liked the twist with the sanitarium security guard being a patient; it made him prattling on to a supposed reporter about a haunting make a lot more sense. I'm also enjoying the continued hints that George and Nick could end up a thing, because I think they have great chemistry.

Amaya seems all right -- she's definitely a jerk, but the kind who respects you when you call her on it, so I'll give her a pass. I liked seeing Bess stand up for herself instead of letting herself get walked all over. If they go the love triangle route here, I won't complain too much (I do hope Bess chooses Lisbeth, but won't Lisbeth be leaving town once the investigation is wrapped up? I remember her saying something along those lines in an earlier episode).

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OMG I laughed so hard that Ace's plan was to break Carson out of jail and then just drive him back to the Drew house and park the fake corrections van in front of the house. Seriously, like the police wouldn't think to look for an escaped prisoner at his own house? And he didn't think that that anyone would notice that van?

Nancy is already getting jealous and uncomfortable about George and Nick. When George made that comment about Les Mis (which made it clear that she and Nick have talked about a lot more than work), Nancy was obviously annoyed and jealous. I'm not a fan of love triangles, but I like that Nick and George have an easy friendship and they're comfortable enough to be honest with each other about stuff, especially since Nick's major issue with Nancy was all her secrets and how she never wanted to tell him anything.

Damn, now Ryan is growing a conscience? Does that mean I'll have to stop actively disliking his smarmy ass soon? I hope he has some money of his own because it sounds like mommy and daddy are mad at their bad little boy now. If they cut him off, is he going to move in with Nick?

I thought Bess made a mistake promising Ryan a Marvin favor in exchange for his help. She can promise her own help, but I don't think she's really in a position to promise help from Diana and the other Marvins. Slow your roll there, Bess.

I'm not sold on Amaya yet. I could take her or leave her at this point so hopefully she gets more interesting soon.

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Oh man. Ace breaking Carson out of prison and then taking him TO HIS OWN HOME? That got me laughing for a solid five minutes. Because of course he took him to the first place the police would look for him. Did Ace WANT them to get caught? He's damn lucky that Ryan decided to help him out and that it really was his dad who ordered the hit. Or else Ace would be in prison right now.

George/Nick? Still awesome for me to watch. Nick has a much bigger smile when he's around George. The actors also have great chemistry. I thought I had an issue with the actor when the show first started, but it turns out that he just needed the right acting partner for it to work. Not surprised that Nancy picked up on George/Nick pretty much right away. But nooooo to the jealousy issues. Ok, I know it's going to happen, but still. 

Either way, I know that George/Nick may not be a long term relationship type deal, but just keep giving them scenes together and I'll be content. 

The Bess stuff is not bad, but now there's another love triangle brewing with new girl Amaya. I like Lisbeth, but I assume that Lisbeth isn't just going to stick around, so I guess Amaya is the backup plan?

The haunted asylum stuff was fun, for the most part. Sal being a patient was a fun twist, even though I really should have seen it coming. 

The ending got me fully invested in what happens next episode. I'm excited to see how that plays out.

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I loved that the first part of Ace's plan took all this planning and, you know, thought. And then the second part of his plan had none of that. I'll just drop you off at home!

I'm guessing the twist at the end is going to end up being that she's passed out in the whisper room and dreaming/hallucinating (but of course she will get a vital clue from Lucy in her dream, right?).

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This episode didn't work for me.  The plot makes no sense and the characters' plans would never have worked without a gigatonne of coincidence.  

I enjoyed seeing Ace rescue Carson, but the plan was just dumb.  There was no way Ace would have known Bess would have been able to convince Ryan to save Carson.  Finally, we see Karen.  She's supposedly Carson's love interest, but we have seen zero scenes between the two of them since she essentially betrayed him.  And that woman with Bess just happened to have pull with the judge?  And let me guess, Ace won't get arrested for pulling this stunt?  

Nick and George are fun together, though I'd rather have them remain friends and not romantically linked.  But the hospital plot was equally frustrating.  Wouldn't the first step be to get everyone visitor badges?  Why would they split up first and risk getting kicked out immediately?  Why would Lucy's Mom have put Lucy's secret key or whatever it is, in the "Whisper Box" room?  

It should be fun to see Nancy in a dream world where her mom was still alive, but this show's plotting is so nonsensical that it's hard to engage in a story where you can't suspend disbelief.  

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Ace continues to be my favourite character on this show. He's just such a nice guy who would do anything for his friends, including breaking their dad out of jail, lol. Everyone needs a friend like Ace in their corner. 

I liked the security guard who was a patient. I wish we could see more of him. 

Bess' accent is throwing me off. I don't always understand what she's saying and I had to rewind a few times during her scenes. I preferred the American accent. 


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I didnt expect to see a jail break caper starring Carson and Ace, but I am very glad I got it none the less! That is some ride or die friendship right there, even if the plan left quite a lot to be desired. Carson's incredulous reactions to the ridiculous situation were hilarious, and I am glad that at least it worked out. 

I like Amaya as a kind of likable jerk type, and it definitely looks like they might be setting her up as a perspective love interest for Beth, or some kind of love triangle thing with Lisbeth. I like Lisbeth, but she will have to move on with this case is wrapped up, and Amaya presumably lives at least somewhat nearby. And her new family will approve! 

Nick and George are great together, but I dont think, if they ever do get together, that it will last very long. I am pretty sure that Nick and Nancy will end up being endgame, so I can of hope they dont ever move forward and make them a full couple and mess up their friend dynamic. Which is too bad, because I really like the idea of Nick/George. 

I should have seen Sal being a patient coming, but I liked the twist. The creepy room with the creepy old pictures was...creepy. So it looks like Nancy is in a coma and having images of a perfect fantasy life? Ghosts or mold poisoning? 

So Ryan might actually for real be growing a conscience?

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I cannot remember the last time a new clue was revealed about Tiffany Hudson's death? *After the cause of death was revealed* When you're doing two murder mysteries,  one will get neglected.  It's best that a series like this does 13 episodes a season. How did Lucy's mother even get access to hide the card there? I'm tired of this town being the haunting capital of the world but no one but a few know about it.  Wow, Ace, please don't attempt to pull off a crime ever again.  You're clearly not built for that life. It was hilarious seeing the cops out there but cannot solve not one murder in that damn town.  I need both Hudson parents to die because Ryan would be even more interesting with all of the power.  

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I’m gonna say it—dump Nancy and the rest of the Clue Crew and just have ‘The Ace Whatever his last name is’ show. He was hysterical this week. 

I don’t think the parts when he couldn’t get his seatbelt on or tried to get up from the desk after talking to Carson were planned but I still laughed. When he rolled into the restaurant with his ‘I have a few reservations’ I cracked up. The best was his line when he was springing Carson. He yelled at Carson and then said to the prison guard, “I hate the chatty ones, man.”  I watched that scene about 5 times. Carson’s face 😯

Also the part where Carson was listing his crimes and Ace said he just changed lanes without a signal. 

It doesn’t hurt that Alex Saxon is super cute. 

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