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  1. And it's only the first season. She's still new to what kind of hero she wants to be. We know Oliver had a whole lot of blood on his hands in the 1st season alone and I don't see that being Kate's thing in future seasons but like in this episode I can see her going where Batman wouldn't go. But not breaking Oliver's body count record. 😄
  2. Pilot script says he was arrested in '98. 22 years ago and Malcolm was 10 which means he was born in '88. He's 32 now. Script says Martin was in his late 30s in '98. My mom who was born in '61 was 37 in '98. My father was 39. Martin was born in '59 or '60. He was in his late '20s when Malcolm was born. He would have been in his final years of residency? Of course Malcolm gets access to the surgery room by just making a call. lol This show. 😆
  3. Well, we know they can easily replace your entire family with clones. 😁🙃
  4. That episode where Jamie imagines himself killing those people at the party gave me the case of giggles and now this shit. This series has completely gone off the rails. And I wish Jamie and his ghost bestie Nick would shut the fuck up. They swear they’re being deep. The season thinks it’s being deep with that babbling. 🙄
  5. She’s going to end up with Nick in the end. TPTP will do different ships but return to OTP before the series leaves the air. Unless it gets canceled. The CW doesn’t have the Netflix deal to fall back on with these new shows. They renewed everything but how long will that work for these new CW shows?
  6. Nancy and Nick are endgame. I’m not the biggest fan because the actors lack chemistry but he’s her man in the books. And the dream episode confirmed he’s the one. Where was Owen? I’m sure Nancy being a biological Hudson will harm their potential romance because I don’t know how far they will get in the last 6 episodes. They had sex but will Nancy push him away for television reasons? I did not want this theory to be truth. That’s some played out soap opera shit. Just ridiculous. So far Lucy’s death was a suicide and Tiffany’s death was a mistake. No real murder mystery yet. I really dislike 22 episodes seasons and wish network television will throw out this model one day. You wouldn’t need filler. 13 episodes would be much tighter.
  7. Where is the Bess' father? Acting like she didn't spend the majority of her life with that side of the family. Like she was raised by her mom's rich family. She just found out yesterday that the DNA matched. Owen pretty much confirmed that the family is not a fairy tale. Looks like they are doing a slow burn with Ned and George. Unless they kiss next week. I already tired of the back and forth between Owen and Nancy, so I'm glad they at least had sex! I wanted to see the sea demon. 😟 This why I hate 22 episode seasons. They have to drag shit out.
  8. I thought they were going to drag both of those murders out! I'm glad the Tiffany murder has wrapped and she wasn't even the intended target. So it wasn't even planned. But of course someone gave him the poison. And someone removed his body. Ryan didn't kill Lucy or wrote that email. Lucy is haunting him too so maybe one parent or both?
  9. I guess they said fuck it. Original recipe Wells was killed by Thawne, so at this point the Thawne version of Wells shouldn't even be. But TPTB at this point prefers to use the Wells version of Thawne. The actor is a regular and the real Thawne is hard to get.
  10. Martin isn’t going anywhere. This only the first season and it’s Michael Sheen. The main relationship on the series is between Malcolm and Martin. People just walk in and out of this hospital like it’s nothing. I guess they thought they could get away with it since it’s not maximum security prison. Realistically, he would be in the latter. But it’s still silly how just walk in there like it’s nothing. 🤣
  11. TPTB do those kind of things to try to get you to believe the couple is the OTP. "Look, no matter what, they belong together!" This world is perfect. Her mom is alive, she's with her one true love, no murder, etc. I dislike regular 22 episode seasons because of filler. They're going to drag these two murders out unless the murder of Tiffany is really revealed this week which I doubt.
  12. I cannot remember the last time a new clue was revealed about Tiffany Hudson's death? *After the cause of death was revealed* When you're doing two murder mysteries, one will get neglected. It's best that a series like this does 13 episodes a season. How did Lucy's mother even get access to hide the card there? I'm tired of this town being the haunting capital of the world but no one but a few know about it. Wow, Ace, please don't attempt to pull off a crime ever again. You're clearly not built for that life. It was hilarious seeing the cops out there but cannot solve not one murder in that damn town. I need both Hudson parents to die because Ryan would be even more interesting with all of the power.
  13. Why are you hating a freaking child who was also a victim of abuse? I don't understand your line of thinking. Mouse was just as trapped as Beth was. He did not kidnap Beth or abuse her. Both were victims of his father's abuse. Talk about blaming the victim.
  14. Time travel gives me headache. Moira, Lance and Tommy living changes things. Changes past storylines. What happened to Slade after he didn’t kill Moira? How did pre Prime Earth Laurel die if she married Tommy? Oliver kept the part where Felicity goes with the Monitor the same? Thinking about this new PE and how it changes the past storylines on all the shows gives me a headache. This wasn’t one the worst finales of time but nor was it one of the best of all time. It was mediocre. It didn’t reach its full potential. Did Oliver have that hairstyle in S1? I don’t remember. I hate it when shows do new flashbacks of past seasons because it’s never accurate. Emiko is not Thea’s sister because Malcolm is her biological father. Oliver cannot change that too because Thea shouldn’t exist. I don’t hate the finale but it’s not one I would watch multiple times. I think the last scene was well played.
  15. How you know a character is too nice. He buys into a falling restaurant in a cursed town. 😂 I’m tired of Nancy and Owen’s merry go round. Screw or move on. George and Nick are definitely going to happen. Can Nancy solve anything without a ghost’s help? What happens when she solves Lucy’s murder? The series is fun. I wish more people watched it. I know it’s already been renewed.
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