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  1. That would be the retcons of all retcons. It doesn't work. He knew nothing pre Mary's death. John was a regular dude up until that faithful night. There's no supernatural, no haunting, no Men of Letters in his youth. Just a regular guy who lived a regular life with his wife and two sons. Anything different than that is an AU.
  2. Based on canon. John knew nothing about the supernatural until Mary died. Mary stopped haunting when she fell for John. She wanted to live a normal life and they were able to do that until yellow eyes killed her. John had no idea she was even a hunter. John didn't even know his father was a MoL. He didn't even know they existed. His father left when he was young. John's journey started when Mary was killed. This only works as an AU. Young Bobby and Rufus should have gotten a spin off.
  3. It's '93. Put her in the ring with Tyson and she would lose. I'm surprised they didn't include her hand being hurt, which would have been realistic. But it's similar to characters always falling to their deaths and still being beautiful when they hit the concrete. I do believe he deserved that hit, but it was pure fantasy given it's a TV show.
  4. Maybe it's really a haunted house? And that's the big bad.
  5. Not just yet. There are actually 13 episodes this season.
  6. Ok. Thanks, but I still don't understand the logic behind that haunted VHS tape not being seen until 2019/2020, 30+ years later. The series doesn't take place in 2021. If the tape kept returning no matter what he did. It was a haunted tape and something was behind it being haunted. I'm saying the tape could have easily shown up at the station decades ago instead of haunting Everett since the '80s. It's powerful enough to keep returning no matter what he did to it. 🤔
  7. I hate secret organizations /societies on television series. The logic always has to be missing and we have to pretend this powerful group wouldn't just kill the lead and her other powerless friends. The hole also gets bigger and bigger and the writers are known to lose the plot. Put that on Tom Swift's potential show because he's an extremely smart, powerful billionaire. It would be more realistic.
  8. I don't understand that haunted murder tape subplot at all. If his dead brother had all of that power, the tape would have shown up at the police station decades ago. Daddy B said no matter how many times Everrett destroyed the tape, it would come back. And what enity filmed the murder in the first place? I'm glad both Hudson parents are gone, but now we have to ignore the fact that Nancy has a wealthy biological father who would help her in anyway. The series will still treat her like she has no resources to help with certain problems. Shouldn't Ace know Celia was murdered because of him? I
  9. She's not that interesting, though. They're trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen.
  10. I don't know why Catherine is on this show? I doubt her state of mind would even be a secret at this point. Too high profile and her mother holds a powerful position. And how long are they going to cuddle her issues? She needs professional help. If they get a S2 on Paramount+, she needs to be written out. She checked herself into treatment.
  11. I know what you mean, but I think Zoey works better with Max. And who's to say Zoey and Max are endgame? I mean based on tradition they would be and it would make the most sense, but what if it's actually Zoey and Simon? I really think Simon needs a mature, grown & sexy type of woman.
  12. They need to pick a decade. This is supposed to take place in the early '90s. You have to show the good, the bad and the ugly. DADT became the law in '94 which is before the time frame of the series. The gay panic defense was still a popular thing. Gay marriage was illegal. People still called transwomen "cross dresser" and "transvestite." I'm pretty positive LGBT adoption was also illegal. TPTB cannot put 2021 politics in the '90s.
  13. I've already said so much elsewhere. This was awesome BDP and Tom deserves to go to series.
  14. It's so annoying. I know the ratings are not the best, but the crazy scheduling is not helping matters. They recently finished filming. I don't know how true this is but I hear S1 made up of only 10 episodes. I was falling asleep during this episode. It was way slower than usual and the series is already too slow. So in the '90s medical examiners didn't know if a woman was pregnant or not? Given most pregnant women are killed by a partner or former partner wouldn't that be something they would have looked into? Her husband was killed in their home country, so he wasn't the father.
  15. Is it because she has no mother? Desperate for a maternal figure, so evil granny will do. That's all I can think of. Too bad the series won't ever show her seeing a therapist. Amanda likes the kinky. I approve. 😄 Of course Ace and temp love interest, Amanda don't have anything in common. Many tropes never die.
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