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S12.E07: What Would Michelle O Do

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12 hours ago, ErikaOnline said:

Gregg doesn’t seem to mind being Nene’s “butler” lol I guess that’s their marriage dynamic lol 


11 hours ago, ShawnaLanne said:

Nene has such an ugly spirit that I can't see why anyone would choose to be with her.

From what I understand, Nene was a stripper that Greg left his family for. I'm sure she would happily toss him to the side if she could get anyone better

Her ugly attitude is going to scare anyone of quality away.

She is acting like she is doing the show a giant favor by appearing on camera for five minutes. Nene is definitely not worth the 2.8 million dollar salary she is supposedly receiving for this season.


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22 hours ago, Mr. Miner said:

After reading this I'd like send out a big FUCK YOU! to Bravo. Unfuckingbelievable!

I think the regulars are getting well over a million and Eva gets in the $200,000 range for her part.

I do not know how reliable these figures are.

I guess selling your soul to Bravo is profitable.

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