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  1. Why is it Roberta's fault Garrick likes her? I see a lot of posters coming after her looks. Dannielle and Roberta are equals in terms of looks in my opinion. Dannielle seems confident with her body the way she carries herself. She seems very confident almost arrogant about her appearance with the way she walks around. They also look to be the same size. Dannielle looks healthy. I think people are mad that the American man wants the Brazilian girl and not the American plain Jane.
  2. I wouldn't say Robyn was very very attractive but she is cute. That's also way in the past. Her role in their family and her behavior doesn't help her looks. Christine was just as cute as 30 yr old Robyn. I noticed Kody looks the same height as his some of his wives except Janelle obviously. How tall are Christine and Robyn??? They look like their exactly Kody's height lol. Janelle has pretty eyes. Now Meri I would say I would find to be Kody's least attractive wife. Robyn was new to the family and Kody was going through a mid life crisis at the time. So I'm sure everything about her was inten
  3. Sidian looked really angry about being rejected to me lol I wonder if Tosha secretly cracks up everytime Sidian gets played. Dannielle should get a boyfriend and leave those 2 behind. I think Kaleh might be cheating on Jarod and his wife. Is she really working all of those hours or with some guy? If I was Ashley I would be nauseated. How do they keep their kids from hearing or walking in on their sexual activities?? I would die of jealousy omg lol this lifestyle.
  4. I like Kary's entire look. I don't really care for Stephanie's dress. I'm surprised Tiffany is showing so much boob lol. I like D'Andra's look but I just wish she would take her hair from behind her ear lol. I'm not a fan of the hair behind one ear look haha. Kameron seems like she has an awards show look,she looks very put together. But not my favorite look of hers. I don't like Brandi's hair in a high ponytail.
  5. I finally finished the finale this morning. I'm surprised but then not surprised no one got up to comfort Christine when she was breaking down. They always fall over theirselves trying to comfort Robyn when she cries. Janelle was not being a good friend to Christine. Kody is a bad person. Seeing her sad TH's was painful to watch. Kody is sadistic.
  6. I loved Mallory's outfit. I thought she looked very good.
  7. Kenya did make me laugh in her TH when she said Kandi would be happy to see Bolo with a Santa hat onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I wonder if Andy will ask about that at the reunion lol.
  8. Kody was funny when he made the analogy about the unattractive woman marriage comment lol
  9. I've always liked Hunter the most out of the boys haha. To me he looks the most like Janelle. I think he was sitting by his mom to let everyone know who he sides with and a F you to Kody lol. I wonder if Robyn and Kody talked prior before they all met up at the picnic tables. It seemed like he was just talking to the 3 wives directly. Like he was saying what Robyn and him both agree on. I've never seen Robyn that quiet and then it looked like she sat where her and Kody could be in an authoritative way lol.
  10. Meri looks softer and girlier this episode especially in her TH's. Christine looked really pretty when they were all talking outside on the picnic tables. She also looked really nice when she was talking to Kody alone. But jokes on Kody about the wives reaction. When his favorite wife Robyn openly disrespects and laughs in his face all the time on national television. Even when he does whatever she says.
  11. Mr. Ben Crump said some very touching sweet things. I was very touched by his words. I'm surprised Contessa was late.
  12. Cynthia looked really pretty in that wig too. Marc isn't all that so I don't get why people are laughing at another girl's pain. Kandi looked really cute with her hair in a ponytail. I'm not going to hate on Drew regarding her son,so so so many of the housewives have their children apart of a "storyline". Drew and her babygirl kissing were so sweet and adorable. I respect that this housewife show doesn't cry and whine about bullsh*t like the rest of the housewives. So annoying. I still have to watch the rest of the episode. My boyfriend has to watch his soccer haha.
  13. I'm surprised Kody was talking bad about Jenelle. The wife that gives him money. I never hated Kody like everyone else on this board. But he really made me think he deserves to just be married to miserable Robyn. He wasn't acting smart saying Jenelle was full of crap. If I was Kody I would be afraid of this show being canceled too. Robyn isn't exactly sturdy lol.
  14. I enjoyed seeing Lisa Nicole. I wonder if she is still married? Dr. Damon doesn't seem that happy this season. He and Heavenly's TH's look like they've been arguing. I'm still getting used to Anila. Kary is kind of annoying. Toya and Eugene look upset during their TH's to me also. Must be the stress of covid.
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