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  1. You’re living together and have a baby. No one gives a shit that you’re engaged.
  2. I think I blacked out after I saw the Italian guy in his underwear.
  3. I don't care about the kids and first names thing, but Brady called Miranda a bitch for making his girlfriend go home so he could do his homework? Really? Hell no. From what we've seen of him, he seems messy, but like a decent kid.
  4. Of course this clumsy show has Che, a Magical Negro for 2021. Che's here to Teach Lessons on How To Be Good to these white ladies going through some stuff. Che's not just hilarious, they're wise and insightful and endlessly patient! When they rushed over to Gloria with the handkerchief during the wake my eyes rolled out of my head.
  5. On last night's episode's talking heads he talks about how he isn't a businessman, doesn't know anything about business-majored in polisci "and that took me 10 years" -doesn't understand their financial advisor's lingo (he appeared to be unfamiliar with the term "in the red"), does no bookkeeping and says he didn't ever want to start the crystals sales business. He also talks to Brody about how they are going out of business and are broke. I'm not saying he's being Responsible, but I appreciated that he acknowledged it so openly and didn't front like he was a baller like basically every
  6. One thing I will say about Spencer is I find it refreshing that someone on a reality show is honest about being broke and a terrible business man.
  7. That means they have to gross $200K just to pay for food. What about mortgage/rent? Health insurance? Neither one of them is aspirational enough to make big money on social media endorsements and they aren't cool enough to do club appearances. I can't believe they get paid very much by MTV with the low ratings of this show. People like them and Kim Zolsiak make me so nervous the way they burn through money on stupid shit like they are going to be able to keep making money on the D list forever. Open a 401K!
  8. I try to cut Brandon some slack because he did have such a messed up upbringing and I don't think he knows how relationships are supposed to work (neither does Brody, and for the same reason) and for the most part he just seems like an immature, needy person. I don't know if he's pretending that he's a mover and a shaker or if he is really working, but he's not charismatic/talented enough to spin his connections into anything, but, yes, I think he's had opportunities because of his family and he isn't able to parlay those into anything more on his own. I think Dani is trying to get
  9. Dani's a knockout-she looks like Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford's daughter. And I like Brandon, but he isn't the most exciting guy. She couldn't have been less interested than she was at the weird movie premiere, but Brandon seems like he'd be a hard guy to break-up with.
  10. Spencer can be fun and funny and makes for good reality TV. But he and Heidi have no boundaries and they don't subscribe to the idea of "proportional response"-they will say whatever terrible thing they can think of, regardless of how minor the offense they are responding to is, and most people are not ready/willing to go that low. Jason and Ashley are the easiest targets-they have the least history and the least clout in this group. I don't have much respect for Brody (and JB and Frankie and basically everyone other than Brandon, Audrina and the new girl) for not intervening, but Bro
  11. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, there lives a clip from an old E! True Holloywood Story or something, of Tommy Lee saying that after their second date, he found out Pam Anderson was in Mexico doing a photo shoot so he flew down there and found her and crashed the shoot, despite knowing it could mess it up for her, because he didn't want to wait for her to come back. So he's controlling and needy and he comes by it honestly. If he wasn't young, and attractive and connected it would be recognized as creepy.
  12. These people are vapid or strange or intense or mixed up or all of the above, but I do think they are authentic. Like, I think this is really how they are. Am I naive? I'm kind of impressed by how open they are and how real I think these situations are. The exception is Kaitlyn. Last season Kaitlyn was open about not liking this group and not wanting to be around them-presumably this was when she had one foot out Brody's door and one foot into Miley's. But she's a hustler and she makes her money via social media, so now she's back and she's got to pretend she cares about Brody, who sh
  13. No one does more to prop up the “gay men are bitchy queens” stereotype than Bravo.
  14. I thought the gay son was giving his best David Rose impression. Also, the dad and the pole dancing! I thought of the third property brother!
  15. This is one of those casts where it is obvious many of them would never spend time together. The snobby lady and Mary? The blonde girl and the birthday lady? The show only works if it can at least appear like all of the women want to be part of the group and I think several of these women couldn't care less what several of the other ladies think of them and aren't going to be able to hide it. Has anyone else been watching Bravo long enough to remember Blow Out, about the LA hairdresser, Jonathan Antin? The medispa lady looks like his sister, Robin, who founded the Pussy Cat Dolls. Al
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