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  1. Luann is a pain in the ass, but she keeps her cool like nobody's business. The more heated other people get, the calmer she gets.
  2. ninjago

    S06.E03: Slide Into Your Dms Like . . .

    They were all three so drunk in that last scene I don't know if Shep was knew what he was laughing about (also, the way it was cut, he may have been laughing at something completely different than what Austen was saying). Austin was so drunk he didn't even actually break-up with Madison on that phone call. Cameran wouldn't be the first woman to realize she doesn't want to stay home with her child full-time.
  3. ninjago

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    Watching Kim is so uncomfortable. I feel like at any moment she might start picking at her face or talking about being abducted by aliens. She’s also got some Norma Desmond delusions “How DARE she say something so hurtful to ME?!” Yeah, ok, Kate Middleton, I know you adhere to the strictest of decorum. Try not to faint.
  4. ninjago

    S03.E13: The Cookie Crumbles

    The VPR people are such hot house flowers. Of course Tom has to go to the hospital. Of course Stassi and Katie can't actually get off their asses and paddle a canoe or do anything other than sit around and talk about themselves. I don't even like the Summer House people, but at least they go do shit and seem to enjoy stuff instead of acting like a bunch of geriatrics on a day pass.
  5. ninjago

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    Thank you. I have an in-law like Chelsea: "I'm a daddy's girl!" , "My daddy's my best friend!", "No man can compare to my daddy!". You mean the guy who was nowhere to be found while your mother struggled to feed, clothes and house you and your siblings? Yeah, he's a real peach.
  6. ninjago

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    There was just an interview with Lisa Kudrow talking about feeling like “a mountain of a woman” when she’d watch “Friends” because she was so much bigger than Aniston and Cox and she could never figure out how to dress to de-emphasize the difference. I feel like Katherine is dealing with that. But I also think Katherine is consciously dressing in a more matronly way. That dress she wore to Pat’s dinner, with the high collar and elephant print, looked like something Pat herself would wear (minus the keyhole cut-out). Katherine is no longer in the ingenue stage of life, like most of the other girls are (even if they are older). I think she is mindful that, given her past and “reputation”, showing up in a backless crop-top is going to read very differently for her than it does for Naomi, regardless of weight.
  7. The stuff with Teddi and her business....I don't know. Edwin was awfully dismissive of her concerns and the obvious distress the kids are in. I don't think the answer, based on how we've seen her kids acting, is as simple as, "If you're happy, they'll be happy". I would hope they would have some help with the transition for the kids.
  8. Does LVP not know the sordid history of the lie detector test on reality TV? From Dr. Phil to Jerry Springer to Meet My Parents, there aren't many ways to more quickly signal "What you are watching is trashy bullshit" than a lie detector test.
  9. ninjago

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    In this whole group, I only believe Stassi, Katie and Schwartz like each other, Schwartz, Sandoval and Ariana like each other and Ariana, Scheana and Lala like each other. I believe that Ariana, Sandoval, Lala and Scheana genuinely dislike Katie, Stassi and Kristin, and vice versa. And I think Katie and Stassi keep Kristin around to make themselves feel better and because she’s always willing to make an ass of herself on their behalf or otherwise do the bitch work (Like Stassi said Kristin was a good friend because she always calls to get the cast upgrades on flights?!) The rest of the relationships, including everyone’s relationship with Jax and Brittany, are just coworkers.
  10. ninjago

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    The appeal of this show was in getting a glimpse into the WTF world of Charleston society, where people's value correlates to the number of slaves their forefather's owned and how directly their family caused the Civil War. Thomas was the King, Shep was the Prince, Kathryn was the Princess, Whitney was the Valet, JD was the Jester, Patricia was the Dowager Queen, Cameran was the Outsider who understands the rules and Craig was the Outsider who didn't understand the rules. The further they get from having this hierarchy and the tension surrounding it as the backbone of the show, the less interesting it gets. Chelsea, Naomi and Austen could be on any bland reality show, from The Bachelorette to The Amazing Race. Nothing about them is uniquely "Charlestonian" and I'm not interested at all in their lives. I have hopes that Eliza, who is from Charleston society and still lives within it, will help recenter the show to what it started as.
  11. ninjago

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    Stassi had a chin implant when she was 18. I think she naturally has a weak jawline and she gains weight in her face, giving her a soft, nearly double chin.
  12. ninjago

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    How has Kristin changed at all? How has Katie changed at all? How has Jax changed at all? They've changed who the target of their bullshit is, but they aren't any different than they ever were. OMG the last three minutes of this show...please get disgusting fucking Kristin out of here forever.
  13. Yikes. I didn't know that. I purposely left off some women who've died from the list. Sorry about that, let's replace her with MJ's mother from Shahs of Sunset.
  14. Gina is another one for the Bravo Awful Old Bat Hall of Fame. Her plaque hangs between Mama Joyce and Stassi’s terrible mother, across the way from creepy Mama Elsa from RHoMiami and the mean lady in the bad wig on RHoDallas. Diane isn’t my favorite woman in the world, but I felt so bad for her tonight. She seems like a very loving person. Dennis seems a lot like her-a good hearted person.
  15. ninjago

    S44.E20: Emma Thompson / Jonas Brothers

    Aidy as Judge Marlene Wet was so Carolyn Manzo from RHNJ!