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  1. I think she will ultimately end up there, but, God it will kill her to have to throw in with the uncool Fox people. In thinking through the usual platforms, I actually think she probably does in fact agree with a lot of Fox's thinking, but she is online enough to know that isn't what the cool/beautiful people of pop culture espouse and embracing that is going to leave her out in the cold.
  2. Many years ago Kim Richards told Kyle, “Lisa doesn’t care about you. Lisa cares about her family, her businesses and her dogs, that’s all. She doesn’t care about anything else.” And despite any and everything else Kim has done or said, I thought that was an absolutely accurate statement.
  3. I can believe she has some money saved, but, for the time being she has zero income and no way of making any income in the future, certainly not an income that will allow her to maintain anything like her current lifestyle. Regardless of her fan base/followers, who will sponsor her?
  4. But she tweeted “JusticeforFloyd”! How could anyone doubt her sincerity?!
  5. Her podcast got cancelled too. I wonder if she will get dropped by her publishers. In some ways I think she is a victim of her own success. Unlike some of the Housewives or Southern Charm people, I would argue she is one of the highest profile people on the network and there was just no way for them to keep her around when she is really one of the "faces" of their brand. She will miss the money and the fame, but it will absolutely eat her up to not be one of the "cool, beautiful people" on the right side of this movement. Remember how crazy it drove her when she was exiled from the group and had to sit at the loser table with Kristin and not the cute girl table with Lala and Ariana?
  6. I don't like Lisa, but I feel bad for her. She has a very unlikeable way about her. She said something during this challenge-something about having a lot of brussel sprouts?-and the way she said it made me just think, "That is not how someone who knows how to get along with people talks." I don't think she's necessarily doing it on purpose, to be obnoxious or braggy, but more like she just has kind of a bad personality.
  7. Aside from The Pianist I don’t think I’ve seen any depictions of the invasion of Poland in film or TV, so Kasia’s story is interesting. I’m also happen to be reading The Splendid and the Vile so I’m above average disgusted by the Nazis and I don’t know if I can stomach things like the little girl with epilepsy. The British-based characters are not compelling. Is Lois’ bad singing supposed to signify the dearth of talent available/willing? Her brother and Charlie’s mom are one-note so far. Finally, with respect, I hope they find something to do with the gay characters and, specifically, I hope they don’t make the black man the Magical, Self-Assured unicorn used to prop up the white guy that so often black/gay characters are reduced to.
  8. Why is anyone encouraging GG to have a baby? GG is legitimately an antisocial head case. She’s so far gone from “normal” she can’t even pretend like the rest of them do. What will she do when she can’t get the baby to stop crying?
  9. Other than the FBI guys, I don't trust any of these people. I don't even think most of them think what they did was wrong. It's funny how people justify and soft-peddle their involvement, but are also weirdly amused and impressed by what they did. In particular, the way Jerry Columbo's brother talks about him so admiringly is creepy. Also, when Jerry Columbo died, all of his stuff belongs to his wife, buddy. Why would you have any dibs on his baseball cards?
  10. It doesn’t matter what kind of goofy, mocking, high pitched voice you use to repeat him asking “Why did it take Lisa Vanderpump asking for you to fire the pastor?”, he was right-it did take Lisa Vanderpump asking for them to fire the pastor.
  11. Dolores really thinks Jennifer is justified in throwing silverware at Melissa because Melissa said Jackie was “winning” for saving her money? That doesn’t seem like Dolores’ style. Dolores seems like she takes elevation from verbal altercation to possible physical altercation seriously. Remember when she told Jennifer she should get her ass kicked for breaking the glass? Even Danielle was like Jennifer, don’t try it with Dolores.
  12. Is Katie actually getting paid to be on this show? At least Ariana is willing to “work” to justify her inclusion. Katie is just a slug.
  13. These shows only work if it’s believable that all of the women are invested in being part of the social circle. They don’t have to all be friends, but we have to believe they care about their standing with the other women and want to be included. That’s why the shows don’t work when there’s a huge age gap-it’s not believable a 60 yo and a 30 yo would be hanging out together. When LVP made it clear she didn’t consider any of the other RHoBH her equals, she had to go. Nene is the same. She obviously doesn’t want to spend time with these women, doesn’t value any of them and doesn’t care about any of them, and (unlike Bethany or Teresa), she’s not even willing to fake it. And unlike BH, the rest of the Atlanta women, in particular Porscha and Kandi, have stepped up and provided fodder for the show that doesn’t have anything to do with Nene. I don’t understand why they brought her back.
  14. Buckwheat absolutely kills me. How exciting this must be for the cast! But, yeah, poor Pete having to follow Gumby.
  15. Todd married on to third base and thinks he hit a triple.
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