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S04.E06: Displacement

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The Roci crew prepares for an incoming disaster on Ilus. Ashford and Drummer close in on an enemy within the Belt. Bobbie takes on a dangerous job.

Airdate 2019.12.13

Keep your discussion to this episode only - thank you!

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One of those episodes while all the shit happens at once. I'm sure the Earthers and Belters will get along FINE stuck for weeks in a now-soggy dark structure with inadequate supplies.

The adventures of Bobbie don't have much to do with the rest of the plot, but I am enjoying   Life on Mars. 

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Those eye infections aren't going anywhere good I bet. At least they're not blue.

I'm surprised Ashford was that old when he had his daughter. Or did they just want to use the same actor and we're supposed to understand it as being 20+ years ago. I thought his daughter died as an adult, but maybe I I assumed wrong. Maybe it was recently and that's what made him change his way.

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Yeah, I kind of figured Ashford was much younger when he had his daughter, but I guess they didn't to cast another actor to play him or put David Strathairn through a lot of make-up/CGI.  Still, I thought the scene worked and I like how fleshed out and layered Ashford is.  All the stuff involving the Belters still intrigues me and I'm curious to see where both Ashford and Drummer will land after everything is said and done.

I guess Bobbi went above and beyond during the heist because she wants to get as much money possible to eventually work off her debt, but I hope she doesn't get too corrupted by it.  I also have a feeling that her love interest is so no long for this world/show.

Damn, I know she brought a lot of this on herself, but I feel bad for Lucia.  Still enjoying her scenes with Alex.

I loved how calmly Holden took Naomi's call in the beginning, while everyone else was screaming at each other.  He was just like "Yeah, y'all keep yelling your way into a potential brawl or shoot-out, I have to take this!"  And then Amos finally shuts everyone up by shooting his gun in the air.  Team Rocinante gets shit done!

Elvi possibly losing her eye-sight is so coming into play, right?

I guess hiding in the proto-structure is the best option they had (certainly better than Plan B and C!), but I suspect some major craziness is going to go down!

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I loved Chrisjen's look when her team told her she needs to be more nurturing. 

And there is a very good reason why Holden is known as Space Jon Snow.

Besides looking alike - sometimes their leadership skills are not the best to say the least.

I don't think when the guns have been drawn that it is time to share with people that you are having visions and conversations with the protomolecule.

All James had to do was convey the science to people about all of the hot zones etc and the message would have been relayed in a format people could understand.

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On 12/14/2019 at 9:14 PM, marinw said:

The adventures of Bobbie don't have much to do with the rest of the plot, but I am enjoying   Life on Mars. 

Esai has the hots for Bobbie; the grin on his face when she came to. Blondie saw it too and didn’t like it one bit. 

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11 hours ago, Tachi Rocinante said:

Serious need for suspension of disbelief with regards to a flimsy panel holding back a freaking tsunami.

Well, it wasn't *that* flimsy -- hence all the difficulty lifting it into place.  On the other hand,  I found it troubling that the refugees seemed to have gone to an area inside the alien pyramid that is BELOW ground level.  Since water flows down, that seems like a bad idea.

In other news,I don't like ma girl Bobby getting mixed up with criminals.  Not AT ALL.

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The show is really enjoying that Amazon budget, that tidal wave looked sufficiently epic and Holden making it in at the very last possible second was a pretty awesome action sequence. This show usually takes a more cerebral/political look at science fiction, but they can really pull out the stops when they get to do some good old fashioned action! 

So now Amos and Holden are not only stuck on a planet having some kind of alien planet freak out (the laws of physics had a few too many beers again) they are now stuck in one tiny place with a powder keg crowd that are constantly three seconds from killing each other, and, as the doctors eye problems looked like some kind of virus, there might also be some kind of blindness illness affecting people. So, bit of a mess, but nothing the Rocinante crew cant handle...hopefully. 

I really liked the talk Holden had with Naomi and Alex, about how Naomi feels like she should be down there helping, but Holden is just glad that at least they arent in danger, or at least as much danger as everyone on the planet is in. And of course, Amos knows to get get peoples attention, through firearms! 

I continue to enjoy the partnership between Ashford and Drummer, and I admit I cracked up at Ashford giving her a "still feeling good about that vote, huh?" look when the UN guys were giving them shit for not catching Marcos. I am still really curious as where the Belters will end up in all of this. 

Poor Bobbie, stuck getting involved in this crap, but its also very Bobbie to be like "if we`re doing this, we are doing it right damn it!" Its interesting seeing more of life on Mars (heh) especially as its going through so many changes and having to struggle to figure out its cultural identity again. I especially liked the Mars Propaganda in the background in the bar, it seems very much like what I imagined Mars is like. The space subway was cool looking too. 

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Earthquake? Okay, not too bad. Shockwave? Bad. Tsunami? Well, shit. Looks like they pissed the planet off.

Oh, and the ship reactors have all gone down as well. And the shuttle disintegrated. Good old Protomolecule. But Murtry is still enough of an asshole to make things difficult. Should have just let Amos shoot him, Jim.

Hey, Alex, with as much of a dick as her husband is being, you might have a shot with Lucia after all. Her daughter is a self-righteous asshole as well. No wonder she told Naomi she's not been happy for a long time.

Slippery slope, Bobbie. Naomi and Lucia would happily tell you that, once you compromise yourself, it's not easy to go back.

Speaking of slippery slopes, Earth is changing the terms of their deal with the OPA. Quelle surprise. And in the process, they're going to make a lot of OPA people think that Marco is the right man to lead them - he predicted this, after all (as if it takes a genius to predict that Earth and Mars were likely to fuck the Belters over).

But Marco is obviously playing a bigger game here than either Drummer or Ashford have realised.

That retina scanner was cool. But it looks like people are being infected by... something. That security guard with the green eye in the last episode, and now Elvi. Oh, and that kid, just before the tsunami hit.

Chandra is apparently developing real feelings for Amos. Not going to work out well for her, either when Murtry finds out or when she realises that Amos can't reciprocate.

I love how straightfoward Amos is.

"We'll figure it out."

"We don't have a lot of time."

"We'll figure it out fast."

That was certainly a shockwave, though. Scary shit. And you've got Naomi and Alex, feeling useless up in a degrading orbit. Not really the best situation for anyone. And being trapped inside the alien pyramid certainly isn't a good situation for anyone.

I'm an absolute sucker for violent weather stuff, so seeing such a well animated tsunami was very cool.

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I still think Bobbi made a deal with someone in Mars law enforcement to infiltrate the group and get the intel they need on the operation to stop them. Her asking them about the murder on the docks was too on the nose for me, like she was trying to get them on tape confessing. 

The pyramid made sense to me as a solution until they blew a giant fucking hole in it and then went down

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