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  1. I think Covid really limited what the show could do this season. To keep people safe- you have the same group of people hanging around each other. Instead of having a big dinner with the Pierce family - you have Logan and Kendall meeting with Adam Brody's character. I wondered what they would do with the shareholders' meeting. They pulled off Shiv's large meeting with the Waystar staff but this would be a different group of people. They did a lot of smoke and mirror there. And in the end Logan didn't even address the group. Except for poor Frank, with relief from Gerri, nobody
  2. One of the biggest WTFs for me was the fact that Logan had no problem going through with the foreign investment even though his son was held hostage at gunpoint. The deal was struck with a gun pointed at Roman. And Logan was fine with that showed what a true monster he is. Kendall tried to oust him - so Kendall going to jail for his crimes works for him. That's tit for tat. But Roman? But let's face it - all of the kids are hostages to Logan seeking approval and love. His own kids are hostages to him. From a business stand point it didn't make sense at all either. Obviously that g
  3. I am just waiting for the crash with Kendall. It looked like it was going to begin at the end of the episode with Shiv's letter, but the FBI raid brought him back off the ledge. To say that Kendall has been coked-up to the gills for the last couple of episodes is just stating the facts. Which is why Roman wasn't going to join him to bring down Logan on Kendall's latest attempt. Not that Roman is at all capable of confronting Logan. But he did initially join in Kendall's first attempt as he was being rational and had been sober for a significant period of time. But then there was no
  4. I loved that there was a class difference in the panic rooms. Logan and his children got the actual panic room. Logan's ancillary family got herded into an office. Everyone else was left to their own resources.
  5. Now that they know that entry into the rings can cause a ship to disappear, in theory they can coordinate with ships to make sure they don't have so many entering or leaving at the same time.
  6. I don't want another season, especially given how they handled Laconia.
  7. This finale was so fantastic. The last shot was so beautiful. And I loved the board that showed the names of the coalition soldiers. Aliens: Ripley, Hudson, Hicks, and Vasquez. There is Thrace a/k/a Starbuck (still very, very bitter about Battlestar Gallactica's disaster of a finale.) But the prize goes to Star Wars - Ackbar.
  8. This episode was so great at how the women characters so completely rock in this show. Like none other than I have ever seen. But this is the story of James Holden and the Rocinante. Which doesn't feel the same now that the most stabilizing character on the ship is no longer there. F that actor. That crew is going to come up with a big win, with help from Drummer and Bobbie. I did want to smack Holden when he talked about alerting Marco. But as Bobbie reminded me - you fight for who has your back. And Holden is right. He could never ever kill Naomi's child. Amos realized tha
  9. Avasarala and Drummer meeting was epic. According to trivia posted on Amazon, Chrisjen's wardrobe was a nod to belters. A lot of the design is based on Belters' ship. Their emphasis is on safety and things working not on design. So pipes and wiring are seen on their ships. Holden should count his lucky stars that Bobbie was not there when he suggested to Avasarala that Marcos should be told about the Ring's gate flaw. I don't think he would have left in one piece.
  10. Finally - Micchio shows she's good in a medical situation. She would be as she has had significant training. Which is a really stupid plot device. She's not tough enough to fight - need to get her off the ship. But she;s actually good medic?? Now she can stay. WTF. With all the pirating Drummer and her crew were doing - this could not be the first medical emergency. And even if it was - there is no way Drummer wouldn't know that Micchio was a medic. That was a very small crew she had. Probably the reason Drummer let her on board to begin with. You never, ever boot
  11. Omar would definitely be Team Drummer. Rest in Peace Michael K. Williams.
  12. I am not a big fan of Arthur, but I adore Miranda and that is due to the phenomenal Danielle Deadwyler, She is fantastic. I just saw her in The Harder They Fall last month and she was phenomenal there too. She has a great ability to play the difference that 20 years make on her character. Very subtle but there. It was a little slow at first for me. Such a different tone from last week. Also I don't like Arthur, book impression. But I told myself to just wait. You know the actress will deliver and boy did she.
  13. I am guessing that Marcos sabotaged Ceres, with something that wouldn't trigger the alarms when the soldiers went through with their checks. That way he can say Earth and Mars destroyed Ceres. I believe that's when the reporter's story will be used to completely take away any support the belters have for Marcos.
  14. I agree with you completely regarding Jared Harris. But I think it is due to lack of availability on his part (he's very much in demand) and probably Covid.
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