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  1. They keep foisting Arnie Hammer on us. Why? He's proven time and again - he doesn't have "it".
  2. I completely loved this episode. When I saw the Imperial bikers come out to chase them - I was like yes!! And then 2 of them managed to kill each other before they could get anywhere. It reminded me of Chuck Wendig's Star Wars books that took place soon after the destruction of the 2nd Death Star. A lot of the competent troopers died there - and you are left with a lot of refuse. And I was thrilled when Mando came to the rescue and took out the remaining tie fighters. I wasn't expecting that. Especially as his ship was basically scrap metal when he landed it. Baby Yoda has the need for speed. He loves going fast. We have seen it when he has been on the land speeders. Maybe the child doesn't want to be a priest of the force. Maybe he wants to be a pilot. And he can use the force to help him fly the ships.
  3. 200+ episodes. Wow. That's impressive. I can't do that. Thank God for Wookiepedia. 👍
  4. I agree. I am sure Clone Wars and Rebels are both really good shows - I am just not interested in that sort of investment. So when I have questions - I just go to Wookiepedia. a/k/a Star Wars cliff notes. I love Starbuck - so I was thrilled to see Katee Sackhoff. She has so much charisma. I always thought she should be a bigger star. Titus Welliver's role was small but memorable and in keeping with the roles Titus usually plays. A man that has to contend with idiots. So when Titus realized that his team closed the doors on the invaders so they were trapped in the cargo hold - Titus face said it all. "The Empire is so over as we are besieged by complete and total nitwits."
  5. And the baby just looked at the pile of rations and was like NO! He looked so content when he stood near the dragon meat as it was roasting, dreaming of the meal to come. And then the frog eggs went by and he was like - screw the dragon meat - this is my food! Mando - you saw him eat frogs. What were you thinking leaving him alone with the frog eggs? Mando really needs a nanny cam. Insert a small camera into baby's robes and he'll know what he has been up to. Now - it might not have stopped the Spiders doing their best rendition of Aliens - but he would have at least known where it all went wrong.
  6. I decided to watch this series when I saw Timothy Olyphant was going to be on. I am so happy that this series turned out to be really, really good. And I really loved this episode. Mando driving his landspeeder into town and seeing the wary town folk look at him with suspicion. I knew TO immediately by his stance. And I was pleased to know that W. Earl Brown was the barkeep. That the story included a plan with both the Tusken Raiders and Town folk working together that included there will be peace between the 2 groups in the future was very well done. And the special effects are top notch.
  7. Don't worry DeeDee. I am out of here. Comparing incest to a gay relationship is very, very problematic for me. So I will take my gay ass out here.
  8. I'm not bashing Jensen in this. Where do you see that I am bashing him? Believe me there are more than a couple of photos re Destial. And it has been stated on this post that Jensen knew and was fine with it. If he really was against it - it would have ended years ago. Believe me. He wouldn't play into it. Of course he will have comments against it - he doesn't want to upset the female fans. Jensen is walking a pretty a pretty fine line here. 1. No love interest is good enough for the fans: 2. So that defines his character as being a brooding loner; 3. The chemistry between Misha and Jensen is off the charts - so why not go with it. Have some fun.
  9. I don't know. I don't think it's fair to blame all of this on Misha. It looks like Dean willingly participated in Destial. I don't see why this is a problem. I don't have a problem with this pairing. But then no love interest is good enough for Dean. Anyone that is put up as a Dean love interest is torn to shreds. Jensen admitted as much at panel. Fans' reactions is the reason why there were no female hunters (that would be age-appropriate love interests.) on the show. Joanie and Donna are fine as they are older. This is basically an all male show because of this. So of course Destial is going to be played as an option.
  10. I have been really enjoying Michael "Give no fs" Che this season. I thought his plan to kidnap Jost if Trump won was ludicrous and funny.
  11. I know she was - but then Chuck vacuumed her up like she was only so much dust. I really, really wanted Chuck to die for the finale. And I don't think that is going to happen. The plan was to kill Chuck at the end of S11. But TPTB came down and said no to killing God. Given that it's the season finale - I was hoping they could get the job done.
  12. Thanks for explaining how the script is the bible that cannot be changed. You hear all the time how scrips get rewritten on movie sets. I didn't realize that was not an option on tv. Although I just read a behind the scenes book on Game of Thrones, apparently Jonathan Pryce changed a couple of words in his first scene. Someone asked the director is he was going to ask Jonathan if he was going to say his lines as written, and the director was like hell no. He was not correcting Jonathan Pryce on his first day on set. And you know what. Pryce made that scene better. So it really sucks that new writers really didn't know the show and gave no crap in learning its backstory (yes I heard the story about writers being advised to watch old shows while they were cleaning.) These actors know their characters inside and out. Canon was ignored which is why I stopped watching. It's no wonder Jensen wanted out.
  13. A picture from earlier, better times. I really haven't watched seasons 12-14. I have been in and out. Watching this season - watching Cas for me has been heartbreaking. He seemed so depressed all the time. Disappointed in how things turned out. I was happy with Castiel's profession of love for Dean. It seemed very true to how I know Castiel and his deep bond with Dean. I think in terms of canon - what I have seen of Dabb's run will not be canon for me for the most part. The writing of course could have been better. But I was so glad Misha finally got a scene worthy of his talent. All in all it was a wonderful send off for his character. It was a surprisingly moving moment for me. I didn't think the show still had that power for me.
  14. This has been a great episode.!! I am rewatching the Village People for the 3rd time. Definitely Mikey Day as the Cowboy and he some serious moves - which I never expected And I love Michael, I give no fs, Che cause he will go there.
  15. Not Jeff Bridges!! All reports say he is truly a lovely individual. I am heartbroken.
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