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  1. Kim-Joy's instagram is fun. And she made a really great landscape cake. Here is a link to her instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/kimjoyskitchen/?hl=en
  2. I know this response is more than 2.5 years in the making - but I agree with you - Paul deserves a pie in the face every week. I held off on the longest time watching the new version on Netflix. I never liked Paul, and my assessment of him was proven to be unfortunately true, when it was revealed well over a year ago the real reason why Mary Berry left, and why Mel and Sue followed her departure with their own. But it is such a kind show. As you noted Jon helping out Ruby, which is the norm for this show. The contestants help each other. And I like Sandy, Noel and Prue. So I put u
  3. It was way too fast in some parts. It felt very disrespectful to me, as it happened to those that were not as well known. Maybe it went so fast there would be no complaining that some people were left off.
  4. This episode was a slog to get through. Given that this season is about the destruction of a good portion of Earth - you would think it would be exciting - but nope. Marcos killed this season.
  5. Kate's sons look like Middletons. Charlotte, however, looks like a Windsor. And the Windsor genes are particularly harsh to women when they get older. Harry looks like a Spencer - see Diana's sister Sarah. So I hope for his baby girl's sake, that if his DNA does prevail, and I really hope it doesn't, it will be his Spencer genes.
  6. Macbeth


    That was a great article. Thank you. Now I want to reread Mansfield Park.
  7. Well that's more like it. $50k was an insult. He would make more money from other projects.
  8. Good for him for turning it down. 50K an episode - how unimpressive. Most starting salaries start at around $20k. You are the breakout star that are getting people to watch this show. You deserved at least 100K. A man of color not getting what he's truly worth. How typical.
  9. I agree - this is tragic from my perspective. I haven't read the books - so I don't know what to expect going forward. But this whole season has been about this couple. And Rene-Page was a huge reason for its success. And he is gorgeousssssssssss!!! In every way. This isn't Downton Abbey where the plotlines are evenly divided among the cast - so if one leaves the show still went on. The exception being Maggie Smith. When she said she wasn't coming back for S7 - Fellows ended the show. Shonda is creative enough to do a compelling story for the couple, if indeed they were sid
  10. Now if only someone had told Daphne that the pulling out method is not a good way to prevent conception... What was cruel was to have her lady's maid explain conception. We are talking about an era where the servants couldn't marry. If they married they had to leave service.
  11. Not unusual during those times. The miracle is that she only had 2 that died as children. With no antibiotics around - having children survive to adulthood was much harder.
  12. I loved Wilson's reaction to Violet when she was told a wedding would be taking place in 3 days. The look of horror on her face was priceless. And very appropriate since it would be all on the staff to get it done.
  13. A 1000 times this. I was like- for God's sake we have to wade through the muck that is this clunker of a plot yet again.
  14. That's all I was thinking about when Simon and Daphne were having their big scene. When she left - she didn't pick up the necklace. When Simon went after her - he didn't pick up the necklace. Poor abandoned diamonds.
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