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  1. It's like a marriage for them. They have both been widowers for over a decade. Mel's son talked about his father's reaction to Carl's death. www.forward.com/culture/449943/mel-brooks-doesnt-know-how-hes-doing-after-losing-carl-reiner-says-son-max/ And the last quote from Mel is heartbreaking: “No more Carl? How do you reconcile no more Carl? It’s like you wake up in the morning and the sun never comes up.”
  2. She also had extremely serious mental health problems.
  3. This is exactly the show I want to watch. This is my favorite episode of the show ever. I was crying with the butcher at the end. Give them the tools and ingredients they need to hit it out of the park. No ovens breaking down, no games. Just do it like the Great British Bake off. It was fantastic.
  4. Macbeth

    S17.E13: Parma

    I have never seen Tom so cowed before. He's always running the table even with a table full of important chefs - they know this is his gig. But the Italian chefs were not having it. When Tom said that all the food was delicious and it was only minor details that the judges were that the judges didn't like - I was like - Not according to the Italian Chefs - No soul - not so good. That's not minor quibbles. I really felt bad for Bryan - he was gutted. I am one of the ones who side-eyes Tom when it comes to preferring male chefs. I always believe he has a male favorite he wants to see succeed. However, it does seem like Tom had changed his tune as there has been more women winning in the last few years. But this is an All-Stars season - so I think he wanted Kevin to win. But then the Italian Chefs took his fav - right out of the competition. 😆
  5. I agree. Malarky's fine with me, and he is very entertaining, but when I saw Gregory on the bottom I was like: "No, No. Dear God. No." I knew Kevin was getting back in. I believe Tom is very biased when it comes to certain male chiefs. That's how we got Richard Blais' redemption win after he lost to Stephanie Izard in S4. She is the only woman to win in the first 9 seasons. Then someone finally had the Come to Jesus talk with Tom. And finally women began to win. I think no matter what Kevin wins. And they are using his cancer story to sell him. The fact that his illness is not enough to sell his story line - because I do find him unlikable and entitled - is probably not something Tom would have expected.
  6. Macbeth

    The Hunt (2020)

    This is true. But she looked pretty fine in that dress. I liked the reference to Animal Farm. It's been many years since I read that book. Time to reread it.
  7. Macbeth

    The Hunt (2020)

    This movie is a different take on The Purge series. Damon Lindelof co-wrote this movie with Nick Cuse. I have a lot of respect for Lindelof after The Watchmen so I paid $20 for the rental with no regrets. It stars Betty Gilpin, Hillary Swank, and Amy Madison (nice to see her again.) This movie was released on March 20th to streaming platforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It takes on the hypocrisy of the liberal wealthy in America, while not backing down on the Right. Everyone is fair game here. I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of my favorite moments was when the good looking man and woman, who were momentarily set up to play the lead characters against the hunters, were killed off pretty quickly. And it made it clear that stereotypes go only so far and people can't be labeled.
  8. Macbeth

    Emma (2020)

    Well I think this movie did a much better job of that than the Paltrow version, which is the only version I have seen. I really think Anya did a really good job of understanding how horrible it was re what she said to Miss Bates. And from there she learned that how she manipulated Harriet not to accept Mr. Martin's proposal was a terrible thing. So I believe that Emma's arc is much better portrayed here. You can see Emma making the insulting comment to Ms. Bates in this version. It wasn't believable in Paltrow's version. I thought Mia Goth as Harriet was superb. Bill Nighy bringing life to Mr. Woodhouse was fantastic. Nobody will every replace Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightly for me. Fantastic surprise to see Gemma Whelan as Mrs. Weston - when I last saw her as Yara on Game of Thrones. Unfortunately this Frank Churchill was a non-entity to me. The actor doesn't have anywhere near Ewan McGregor's charisma. IMO. And most importantly there were servants here in spades. You understood that they did everything for the upper class. Including unrolling Emma's stockings at the end of the day. The nose bleed scene at the end was a WTF for me at least. I did like the focus on the humor and the music worked for me as well as the cotton candy palettes. The clothes might have been confining for men but in terms of women - the empire-waist dresses for women was much more liberating that the styles that came before and after. Here's a brief excerpt from Wikipedia on how it came about: "Fashion in the period 1795–1820 in European and European-influenced countries saw the final triumph of undress or informal styles over the brocades, lace, periwigs and powder of the earlier 18th century. In the aftermath of the French Revolution, no one wanted to appear to be a member of the French aristocracy, and people began using clothing more as a form of individual expression of the true self than as a pure indication of social status.[1] As a result, the shifts that occurred in fashion at the turn of the 19th century granted the opportunity to present new public identities that also provided insights into their private selves. Katherine Aaslestad indicates how "fashion, embodying new social values, emerged as a key site of confrontation between tradition and change."[2] For women's dress, the day to day outfit of the skirt and jacket style were practical and tactful, recalling the working-class woman.[3] Women's fashions followed classical ideals, and tightly laced corsets were temporarily abandoned in favor of a high-waisted, natural figure.[4] This natural figure was emphasized by being able to see the body beneath the clothing. Visible breasts were part of this classical look, and some characterized the breasts in fashion as solely aesthetic and sexual.[5]"
  9. Melissa's gotta fight. When Gregory took out the spinach later - I was like Melissa why didn't you do a spinach salad? She's my favorite - I don't want her to go. But she has to fight. And I really don't watch Top Chef for bad brunch food. They have lots of eggs but no tomatoes??? I hate Top Chef Shenanigans.
  10. I really like Mike's handling of the librarian as well. It shows how good a cop he really is. And also how bad of a cop. Showing her a picture of the car and only that one car.... Wouldn't past muster in court. Assuming this would be found out. It's not surprising he is an ex-cop that has no problem breaking the law.
  11. Where was Cecily? She's pretty prominent in the show. It's not if she gets into a show - but how many sketches. I did miss her.
  12. It definitely should. He still looked rough around the edges - as expected. But I am glad to see he's on the mend and was able to do the show.
  13. This is why I am on Team Melissa.
  14. Yea that's what I thought at first when he mentioned he was on the Taste. But he was replaced by Marcus who is in a completely different sphere of a famous chef. The show was cancelled after 3 seasons and they brought in a chef with more name recognition. I don't think of that as failing.
  15. I think a lot of Talking Heads' music is timeless. It fit for the Reagan's 80s. And it is applicable today. As I quoted before "Same. As. It. Ever Was,"
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