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  1. I am really, really excited about this movie!!
  2. Director Ava DuVernay, who worked with Williams on "When They See Us," wrote a loving tribute on Instagram and I have started crying again: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTf61jUJmpU/ "I remember the times you’d come on set even when you weren’t on the call sheet. Just to share a hug. To cheer us on. Strolling in like the King that you were. For just a flash to give some love - then gone. I remember nights out in NYC that summer and how you were so loved by the folks in your city. I remember our work on the work, always connected and communicating and exacavating and building because yo
  3. I am not saying Querentino owes his mother money. Not at all. I am just saying that given his animosity towards women - I am not shocked by his attitude towards his own mother. Given her comments - she shouldn't be expecting anything from her son. Now how much of his misogny can be attributed to her - I can't say.
  4. https://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelbrodsky/quentin-tarantino-mother-money?origin=nofil Tarantino has never and will never give his mother money from his success. He claims she belittled his career goals when he was a child. I am not at all shocked by his attitude towards his mother. His attitude towards women has been appalling. Tarantino choked both Uma Thurman and Diane Kruger during their movies.
  5. So Peter was molested as a child. Gave no shits about that as Peter killed 2 women. Rebecca was a forgone conclusion he would be the death of her. But Hannah? What was the reason there? She caught him stealing the jewels? As we now know from when he died - that confronation happened when she was a ghost - and given the amount of time spent on that confrontation- that was probably the one visit back to that memory when he wasn't killed by the Lake Lady. He's an ungrateful bastard. I love the actors that played Hannah, Owen and Dani. Watching Hannah in particular has m
  6. I did enjoy this episode a lot. Reminded me of some of the best of Hill House.
  7. It's been clear to me for a while that Kanye has serious mental health problems. Whether this is attributed, in a some way, to the serious car accident he had 20 years ago or his mother dying - I can't say. So I don't judge him in any way anything he does.
  8. Again - another item that really needs a wtf emoji.
  9. Well that's part if not most of the problem. She's not interesting on her own.
  10. Everyone begged George to take out the aliens.
  11. I am not a comic book reader - I have seen the Marvel movies. Your post perfectly encapsulates my problems with the finale. Saying both Lokis needed to run the TVA was a wtf moment for me. Neither wanted to do it - both were appalled by its very existence. Sylvie sees that HWR was completely crazy - she would never trust him in any way. Her whole life was about destroying the TVA - so of course she killed him. Loki, having a much varied and rich life experience than Sylvie, understands that outright killing him could probably make things much worse. He doesn't want the thron
  12. I have sympathy for Sylvie though. More than I have for Loki. For me Loki has to show growth for me to get inveted and Tom is a really good actor. But I never forgave Loki for actions he instigated that ended in Frigga's death. Sylvie didn't have the years and years of Frigga's loving care that Loki had. She was just a child when she got yanked - and she has been running all of her life. Sylvie and the One Who Remains are both exhausted and wanted it to just end. So that's what happened. I think the only surprise for OWR was that the Lokis didn't want to kill each other. Loki
  13. Honestly - the amount of "I don't give a crap" about the changing of the timelines is epic at this point. If Loki is just going to spend S2 looking for Mobius - I won't be watching S3. I quit Heroes when they kept changing reality. Edit: Sorry for my harshness @paigow.
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