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  1. Macbeth

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I love S8 Bran. He is there to move the plot along - "We don't have time for this (pleasantries). You dragon took down the wall." And he is here for the snark. "What we do for love". Despite what Bran claims, I sense a teenage boy lurking in the 3 eyed raven. And I love that Tyrion still has goals should the dead rip him apart. He hopes he marched down to King's Landing and kills Cersei.
  2. Macbeth

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Finally, somebody had the wherewithal to sit down with Bran and have a nice chat. Granted it was too upsetting for his siblings to do so. And Bran is still processes thousands of years of info. He has talked to Sam, but Sam was a little weirded out by the experience too. Now Tyron's "fall from grace" is due to the fact that his family is his Achilles heel. He had 3 members of his family that loathe him. And at least 1 member tried to kill him in almost every season. In order to emotionally survive his family and maintain his sanity he has needed to keep blinders on. Hopefully, Bran told Tyrion that Bronn is on his way up with Tyein's cross bow.
  3. Macbeth

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Lena was fantastic as Cersei in the throne room. There are no more courtiers and she seems disappointed in the size of her mercenary army. You could see her desperation. So the Lannister army is doing what? Are there a lot of defections? It sounds like those soldiers were traumatized by their fight with the dragon. With Jaime gone - Bronn would be the next logical head - but he has been given a new task.
  4. Macbeth

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I don't think Bronn is particularly fond of Jaime at all. He has constantly bitched to Jaime these last couple of seasons about loosing his castle and not getting paid. At least Tyrion paid him. Bronn has stated time and again he sells his sword. He is getting old and those chests of gold will pay for a castle across the sea. He wants out of the Lannister"s infighting. And the quickest way to do that is to kill the brothers. When Tyrion asked Bronn if he was capable of killing a baby (after Robert's bastards had been slaughtered)- Bronn replied it would depend on the price. Bronn is a fun character but he has no moral compass.
  5. Macbeth

    S44.E17: Kit Harington / Sara Bareilles

    For me Kit's voice is off as well. It's higher and more posh which doesn't work for me at all. I loved the episode. Very proud of Kit. He was such a good sport. For people who don't want to watch the entire GOT series, I suggest start watching at S6 -episode 9 - the Battle of the Bastards and just go on from there. This is the closest thing to seeing a medieval battle without people or horses actually getting killed IRL.
  6. Macbeth

    S09.E16: The Storm

    With the wagons and the rope to get from one place to another in the snow storm - I thought the theme from "Little House on the Prairie should have been playing in the background. But Pa Ingalls would never have left the horses behind. My expectations for this show is low. I wasn't enraged by this finale as I was with the last couple of years. Jerry and his family made it through. The cinematography was fantastic. GOT has its own issues with snow as well as a lot of the filming takes place in northern Ireland.
  7. Macbeth

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Carol was looking at Lydia in a way I thought she would say "Look at the flowers, Lydia. Look at the flowers."
  8. Macbeth

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    This show will be cancelled before TPTB deign to tell us what the rift is about.
  9. It sounds like Barbara is feeling a lot of guilt about something. I give no shits. This is not about you Barbara so shut up.
  10. Macbeth

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

    I saw an interview of Timothy Olyphant on Conan. He's in the film and he is very excited about it. He talked about meeting Brad Pitt at the first read. Brad roared up on his motorcycle while Tim buzzed in with his electric car. So according to Tim that's why Brad is the big movie star while he wasn't. For my money - Tim played a couple of the greatest characters on film - Seth Bullock and Raylan Givens. Raylan, especially, beats any character Brad has ever played. So hold your head up high Tim. You have nothing to be ashamed about.
  11. Barbara Streisand is feeling sorry for Michael Jackson. While she agrees that he molested children, she states that the 2 men who accused MJ of molestation when they were kids were "thrilled" to be there. And they are married and have kids and careers of their own now. So I guess no harm no foul? Barbara is at that stage of life when the kids have to have the facts of life talk with her. She doesn't have the mental capacities to drive a car never mind making public statements on any subject.
  12. Macbeth

    Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

    It just pleases me that Keanu looks so thrilled that this is finally happening. There is something very sweet about him.
  13. Macbeth

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    This could have been a great episode if the just stayed in the past and told it properly.
  14. Macbeth

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    I blame West World for this nonsense. TWD is lucky if it can tell a coherent story. Don't try algebra when you can't even add.
  15. Macbeth

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Michonne. Common sense never ever prevails over hormonal teens.