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S01.E10: Do They Know It's Christmas?

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Alicia and Paul strive to maintain their winter solstice traditions from the commune, but their parents want to have a more traditional Christmas with the kids; Alicia's dad competes with Harrison to be the kids' favorite grandad.

Airs December 10, 2019.

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Laughed out loud at the competition between the grandpas. Gary Cole is a treasure.

It's sad that the grandma felt she could take over her daughter's house and force Christmas on her, though I get they had to do that to get this storyline. You can see perhaps why her daughters have reacted the way they have. 

That said, I can see Santamonica being all over the commercial version of Christmas. An extravagant, over the top holiday has her name written all over it. Johan is my favorite, though. There's something so winning and guileless about the character, and the way the actor portrayed his genuine joy at receiving the sneakers was perfect. I hope the character stays this way throughout the show, and the writers don't feel they need to change him dramatically. 

This has become one of my only appointment tv shows. It's sweet and comforting but also sharp and funny. 

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I liked this episode a lot.  The only thing that I was slightly disappointed in is that they could of shown how many Christmas rituals/traditions actually came from Winter Solstice  rituals/traditions.  I thought that would of been a nice way to tie the families together and show that they aren't all that different.   Also loved the callback to Paul not using spices (when  he is excitedly talking about cooking dinner for everyone and he says "I'll even use spices" and Alicia is like yes please)

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Man, the sheer rage on Santa Monica's face when she opened up school supplies was frightening.

At first, I was a little surprised by how crazy Alicia was going up against Christmas, but she actually did remind me of the kooky lengths Bow has gone to as an adult on Black-ish.

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Harrison and Alicia's dads ridiculous levels of one upmenship was cracking me up the whole time. "Are those even regulation?" That was a really fun episode, and it ended on a sweet note, because you can celebrate any traditions you want, and mix and match whatever your family believes in!

"Your just mommy in the bathrobe." Alicia was really channeling grown up Bow with her manic energy and her "I raise my kids to be independent but they better listen to me!!" freak out about the kids wanting to know more about Christmas. I mean, I dont know much about Winter Solstice, but Christmas is a pretty easy sell for kids, especially when presents are getting handed out.  

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I would love to see grandma's reaction if someone had suggested she shouldn't have raised her kids only to celebrate Christmas or to keep an open mind to other beliefs. She can't even manage that now. 

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Alicia's mother was so disrespectful to come into someone else's house and add all of those Christmas decorations. I hate when people feel like it's okay to be that rude. Look, you get to decorate/celebrate however you want to at your own house, but whenever you go to someone else's house, you have to respect their rules, their decisions, etc.

If Alicia and Paul choose to celebrate winter solstice, then Alicia's parents need to accept that or decline the invitation. It was so fucking rude to show up with a carful of Christmas decorations and spread them all over the houae while Alicia was gone. I know this is a sitcom but I did not find that part funny AT ALL.

Aside from that, I enjoyed this episode. The grandfathers trying to outdo each other was silly but fun. Watching things escalate made me laugh.

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I loved the grandfathers competing—that made the episode for me.

As an aside, Mr. Hula-la watched his first Mixed-ish episode. He was traumatized that Mark-Paul is playing the father, as he couldn’t believe it’s the same actor from Saved by the Bell. I had to show him photos to prove it. 

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On 12/15/2019 at 12:57 PM, hula-la said:

He was traumatized that Mark-Paul is playing the father, as he couldn’t believe it’s the same actor from Saved by the Bell. I had to show him photos to prove it. 

Pretty much the same situation for me when my sister was still trying to wrap her head around MPG has brown hair in real life. "That CANNOT be Zack Morris."  

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