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S03.E02: The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam’s Tasbih

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With Freeland under full-blown occupation, the Pierce family gets pulled in different directions. Jefferson and Lynn find themselves at odds with each other. Meanwhile, Anissa rebels as Blackbird while Jennifer feels powerless despite having powers. Marvin Jones III, Jordan Calloway and Damon Gupton also star.

Oz Scott directed the episode written by Charles Holland.

Airdate: 10/14/2019.


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Is there ANY outcome where Freeland comes out anywhere near as good as it was at the start of the series? And I know it wasn't great then, but it's beyond bleak now. Even if the occupying forces are defeated and humiliated, it's not going to be enough. Seriously, does Freeland go for the "Most Ironically-Named Town In America!" for tourism?

Maybe I'm going through Tobias withdrawal. Like I need his cynicism and evil to get through an episode. At least we got Lala the Unkillable to scare the fuck out of everybody. I'll take him over the occupation forces and a bunch of dudes who probably played extra in Bratva episodes of Arrow.

Oh, and Khalil is basically the Winter Solider, and he just killed his mother. I would have figured that she would have run like almighty hell when she saw him, because things are never good when he comes back from the dead.

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God Bless LaLa.... I need him and Slade  Wilson to team up and just wreck the heroes of the arrowverse... Poor Khalil... Whenever he eventually gets his mind back again... He's gonna be a mess... I like that the pressure and overall horribleness of all this is making our heroes falter a lil... Anissa was rough with that perdi... I mean they were kinda whining.. But its hard to at least not understand where they were coming from... And yeah Jeff did pump a scared and vulnerable girl for info.. And was spying on his ex (?)  Lynn maybe is getting to comfy in her hamster wheel.. A newly improved hamster wheel at that.. And Jen.. Well she's Jen... 

I gotta say as much as I'm loving the season... I'm confused as to what the ASA us actually doing.. And the logistics of it all... Freeland has gotta be on the eastern seaboard right.. How else are the markovians getting seemingly unfettered access without the USA intervening 

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Ah, of course, they bring Khalil back, only to not have him basically brainwashed by Odell, but is then ordered to kill his own mother, which he does without a second thought.  That kid cannot ever catch a break, huh?

Anissa is probably going to end up regretting her treatment towards Anaya and the Perdis, even if she is right about most everything.

Good to know that even when Jefferson and Lynn get into shouting matches, they still are able to sleep in the same bed after.  Hey, no need to let marriage issues stop you from taking advantage of that sweet upgrade!

Jennifer is inching even closer to accidentally exposing her powers.

Gambi gets to show off even more impress gadgets!

With Tobias still away, Lala is clearly here to play.  Definitely looking forward to seeing where all of this is going.

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Very strong episode. But I think they would have brainwashed Khalil to just kill the target, instead of standing around looking scary, and then making an action hero line, and then killing the target. That particular issue took me out of that particular scene a little bit.

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19 hours ago, UNOSEZ said:

I gotta say as much as I'm loving the season... I'm confused as to what the ASA us actually doing.. And the logistics of it all... Freeland has gotta be on the eastern seaboard right.. How else are the markovians getting seemingly unfettered access without the USA intervening 

Freeland is quasi-Atlanta, so depending on where exactly in Georgia Freeland is situated, there could be a direct port in addition to an international airport that is as busy as Atlanta's. 

That is also avoiding the catch-all explanation - A Meta did it! tm

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After being underwhelmed by the premiere, I really enjoyed this one.

Odell is scary - being so casual about Khalil going to kill his mom, basically "if he does, great, if not, well, we know it didn't work". Yikes! 

I originally wasn't happy about the family being split but I'm liking their individual threads, which feel true to each character.  I'm not surprised Jeff might be acting a bit OOC after being cooped up.  Lynn is trying to use her regular human brain (her personal superpower) to help and find answers - not a bad obsession.

Jennifer - oh man, bad move, no matter how satisfying it was to watch.  Everyone was recording her so you know that will get out, even if communications inside the wall/dome are being limited.  Plus, don't be rude to someone trying to be nice, Jen!  I still like her though.

Gambi and LaLa - two opposite characters and I love them both.; charismatic and entertaining in very different ways.

Oh Khalil :((  damn. 

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 Other than Gambi and Jennifer, I feel like I'm watching different characters.   I'm not enjoying this season so far.   They turned the comic book (and darkness) up to 12.  And what the hell are Lynn and Jefferson wearing.   

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Don't have much too add, although it's good progress is being made is some ways.

I think both Jefferson and Lynn were overreacting a bit in their argument. But, you know, gotta have drama....

Yeah, the fact that an army from some other country is just operating a mission in Georgia just seems highly implausible.

Wow, Anissa. Way to be harsh with your allies. That's not going to bite you in the butt later....

Odell - so evil. So creepy!

Khalil, NO!

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Holy crap, Khalil just cannot catch a break! Now the poor kid is a mindless killing machine controlled by creepy asshole Odell who had to kill his mother! That was cold, Odell. 

I liked that episode more than the premier, I am interested in seeing where this whole occupation goes, as insane as the idea of a whole ass city being taken over by some sketchy government wing while a whole ass army from eastern Europe is invading because...I have no idea why they're here, or why all of this is happening or how Freeland will get out of this latest mess, but I am excited to watch!

Interesting seeing the Perdi again, but Anissa is going to regret being kind of a dick to them, I dont see that ending well. I also would love to hear them explain all of the weirdness of South Freemont to the rest of the people! 

Lala as an undead gang leader should be fun, and damn, if even Lala thinks your an asshole, you really need to rethink your life choices dude. 

Gambi always has new gadgets! He certainly would haave known to hide Khalils moms voice! 

Jeff and Lynn are clearly going a bit stir crazy, especially Jeff whos powers are messing up, and its clearly getting to them. But on the plus side, drinks!

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