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  1. ‘Kung-Fu’: Tzi Ma & Kheng Hua Tan To Co-Star In the CW Reboot Pilot https://deadline.com/2020/02/kung-fu-tzi-ma-kheng-hua-tan-cast-the-cw-reboot-pilot-1202862221/ Would have thought they would cast the lead character/the daughter first before casting the parents.
  2. How is this the same?, Dont recall The 100 having some kind of monster/creature that is intergral to its story. Isnt the premise of the original show about group of people surviving in a devasted earth....a post apocalyptic sci fi series of sort? And the backdoor pilot following a similar premise, except that its set 97 years in the past....
  3. https://www.primetimer.com/pilots/pilotpreviews/superman-lois Cool review. Sounds like a lot if going on and a lot of set up stories for the rest of the series. True about this feeling like a spiritual successor to New Adventures of Superman: Lois&Clark and Smallville, like a spin off/sequel of sort for both shows. Smallville was IMO, WB/CW best superhero show they have ever done and will ever do, it was only a matter of time they did something with that. And the Superman brand, just carries itself too.
  4. New casting for the prequel/Backdoor pilot https://deadline.com/2020/02/the-100-prequel-iola-evans-adain-bradley-leo-howard-cast-in-cw-backdoor-pilot-1202857946/
  5. Sounds like its split between the two places, the Kent Family living in Smallville, Lois working at Daily Planet in Metropolis. The show is titled Superman and Lois, they would have to focus more on the titular leads, Lois and Clark/Superman. All in all it feels like a family show. JMO.
  6. And CW picked it. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/kung-fu-reboot-republic-of-sarah-ordered-to-pilot-at-cw/ar-BBZuKPl
  7. Yup still on, looks like CW is still quite committed to this. Lost Boys been given a second chance. A new show with brothers dealing with the supernatural....they must be looking for a Supernatural replacement.
  8. Oh yeah. So the one called Jordan in real life is playing Jonathan, and Alexander is play Jordan . I wish they had just let Jordan play Jordan, it would have been easier that way.
  9. I wish they had said what the name of the two sons are, there is Jonathan but who else.. Hope they announce casting soon
  10. It doesnt really matter Lol, some people see him as selfless, other seems him as selfish or both. Just personal perspective on his character development on 8 years of show. Doesnt change what someone else should feel and think.
  11. Well being selfish is definitely one of them to me, and no one is going to stop me thinking that,
  12. He made some selfless choices and Im not taking that away from him, doesnt erase many of his selfish deeds. Just because he is lead, doesnt mean he can be absolved for the choices he makes, or that he is always right. Not saying Oliver is a trash character, just saying the writers failed him a LOT. As I pointed out, I dont really believe that as the reason, just pointing out the optics if he had made the choices on E1 laurel life based on his needs. Thankfully, I dont think Oliver think like that.
  13. So I guess he doesnt care about his best friend Tommy being happy ,bringing back E1 Laurel for him, Its almost always about Oliver and whatever he wants. Adding on to his selfish deed list. Lol not that I really believe that as reason, its simple Marc Guggenheim, [Beth Schwartz too] simply hate Laurel, any version, and they are just using E2 Laurel and Spin off as an excuse for their choices. Very slim chance they were gonna resurrect her anyway.
  14. Except all the repercussions and fallouts that are likely to happen for the rest of the Arrowverse shows' runs. Who knows whats coming, what dark new histories will be revealed for characters, what bad shit happened and is going to be the result of this new timeline/universe etc.... People are going to be asking why did Oliver do that,... why did he allow this or that to happen.
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