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  1. Some sound points. I kind of agree with this assessment.👍
  2. Thats fair enough, I didnt mean to speak for everyone, just saying some of us. And oh you assume I want The Canaries, If anything my first preferences would have been something completely new and fresh, outside of the Arrow world. A new DC property.
  3. Possible, seeing how Mia only is seen in the Crisis picture leaks.
  4. Just as i thought, a Birds of Prey-sque show, but they dont actually need to call it that. Yeah this is looking like it will be set in 2020, current timeline, then they will be able to do crossovers. Hope its with Batwoman and Black Lighting, I feel those are close thematically with an Arrow spin off.
  5. Not Kaylee, its Kamilla. I think CW/Arrowverse have a number of WOC/MOC, WOC/WOC ,MOC/MOC pairings, so they may not have a problem with Luke/Mary. Can happen, If they are the right fit that is. Example Cisco/Kamilla [The flash], Grace Choi/Anissa [Black lightning], Khalil/Jennifer [Black lightning] well they are not many😂, so they can always add this one.
  6. Just strange they didnt announce her with the other actresses, if she were to be in it. I dont know the guys but a desperate announcement for male cast is possible.
  7. Better episode than the premiere. Katie Mcgrath is at her best as Lena when she is showing her dark side and doing morally questionable things. I'm glad the show is delivering more on that, no more straddling the line. I Laughed out loud when Eve realised she was going to be merged with Hope. Damn Lena. Whats that scene with Brainia at the end, Nia looked so fed up, trouble in paradise already?. Kelly and Alex were alright I guess, they got to flesh out the relationship a bit. And the story with Mafelek was good, he is a menacing presence. LOL😂, so fast huh. I havent seen much to root for between the two yet. And he is still married😉. Why does he have to have the same name as Oliver's son [Arrow]....lol
  8. I think Mia and Zoe play of each other well, there is a nice camaraderie from the little shown. Also Andrea Sixtos seems to have grown into her role than last season. I wish they weren't leaving Zoe out of the female centric show... Nice intro scene for Charlie as J.J, he sounds dangerous.
  9. I didnt say you or anyone specific, Im speaking generally what tends to happen to IR romances, anytime there is one. Baggage or no baggage. Anyway, everyone who watched is allowed their opinion, I dont care much about that. What matters more to me is that the writers/showrunners give this relationship their due and a chance to work out before they think of getting rid of it. They are the ones who put these big obstacles when they didnt need to, so they shouldnt chicken out early because of poor reviews /feedback , they should follow through. If it doesnt work out then it doesnt but at least they would have tried and given a fair shot. Yeah I do agree, the dysfunctional star crossed trope needs to fade, but I dont think it applies much in Sophie/Katie's situation. To me they are still rootable and their chemistry is fine in this episode. But I understand not everyone sees the same thing I do and thats OK. Yeah I thought he was Curtis-ish in the pilot, but I think he got better in this episode. He showed a more serious side to him in 1x02. Hope he becomes more and more his own man, with more episodes and character development. At first I was puzzled but then I thought Fraternal Twins, those dont need to look too much alike. And Ruby and Rachel can pass off as sisters and the characters have a good dynamic. So it works for me.
  10. Batwoman: The Romantic Future of Sophie Moore and Kate Kane Meagan Tandy, who plays Sophie Moore on Batwoman, told us what to expect from her romance with Kate Kane. Read the full article here; https://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/283767/batwoman-meagan-tandy-sophie-kate-romantic-future
  11. And what about 804 805, 806, any idea what those are going to be about? I doubt they wont show in finale, Dinah and Laurel as regulars of Arrow still need closure for Arrow alongside the rest of the cast. Not every viewer is going to want to see this potential new show or if it will even be picked up, there need to be some sort of closure for all characters. The backdoor pilot might also be set sometime in the near future or far future. But if they is no gap in time, they might not need the finale as much.
  12. I hope the stepmother doesnt turn into a real villain, some shadiness is OK. For one, I hope the family dynamic stays on the show. Two, I was pleasantly surprised to see two Asian American characters in the main cast, CW doesnt have a lot of them. Three, I would like Kate and Mary to still stay [step] sisters. I like blended families Not sure if it will make much of a difference, maybe it will protect her a bit but not much. Kate is still the lead of her show and there is always pressure for the main romance to not be an Interracial Relationship [IR]. Batwoman will likely be one of CW's top shows from here on and is getting popular, with that comes more scrutiny on the main romance. On Supergirl, I hear the actress of Maggie wanted out. Alex is now with Kelly, which would be a surprise if it last and thats not even a main romance. Sophie/Kate have the added pressure of being the main romance of the lead character. Can it be Luke Fox?, I have this sudden crazy idea that, these two kids could be cute together . But we have to wait and see if they click, when they get scenes.
  13. An Ok premiere. Rather anti climatic how they chose to have Kara tell Lena she is Supergirl. The writers did a poor job building up to this reveal. Why now, why does Kara now want Lena to know after so many years of lying to her , what is the catalyst. Such a big moment deserved better, doesnt feel like honest storytelling to me. Anyway, I for one enjoyed seeing Lena being angry and salty because of the betrayal. You don;t say someone is your best friend then lie to them for years while everyone in your circle knows. Too bad the scenes of Lena striking Kara turned out not to be real and were just simulations, still satisfying nevertheless, can they show more. So lena is keeping it a secret that she knew already, hope there is more misery for Supergirl. And can the writers stop with the queerbaiting and romantic coding of Kara/Lena this season. What have they been taking over the summer. They have no intention of going there, so this is just a waste of valuable screentime and an insult to viewers. And no more straddling the fence with Lena, let her become an antagonist/villain and stop postponing the inevitable. Its time they deliver on that this season. Anyway, Brainiac and Dreamer had some good moments together, they are a cute couple. Hope they get more screentime. It was nice to see Martian manhunter in action. And it will never stop being funny seeing a big Green Martian man shapeshifting into a white little girl. Yeah, the same so called BFF who lied and betrayed to her for years, Kara started it first.
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