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  1. Well I did like the finale, though Im not sure I want to carry on with the show moving forward. The cast is too huge, they keep adding more and more characters. Core relationships/friendships are neglected.The so called Liz/Maria/Alex friendship does not exist. Maria and Rosa barely had scenes this season, yet they made a big deal about them being close before she died. I forget Kyle and Rosa were brother and sister until this episode. Flint and Helena were underwhelming as season villains, just like Jesse Manes was. Michael has really become a despicable and trashy character, making love confessions for Maria and a few minutes later wanting to get back with Alex. Apparently his relationship with Maria all season long and last season meant nothing to him. And Alex making a play for Maria's boyfriend right in her bar, who need a so called best friend like that, he will gladly step over Maria for his own selfish desires. M/A are both trash. So the show is just gonna start a new love triangle, spend some time on Alex/Forrest for it to end up be utterly meaningless. Tripp/Nora, that I can believe is cosmic. Love the chemistry, so effortless. Kyle and Steph were sweet, and im glad Liz saved Steph. Liz deserve to be away from the trashy, ungrateful aliens and have some peace in California. Agree about that, they are written to be self righteous, selfish and controlling. The way they act is like they are superior and they don't care about humans. Im not saying I dont see the problems with what Liz did, but I just find the pod squad to be rigid and uncompromising, making demands and never listening to what the human has to say.
  2. After Noah, now its Flint, Helena, Diego...for a show that aims to be so woke, dont know how they are not seeing the optics of their choices. They have the solution right there, Michael with Maria, Alex with Forrest. But is Carina gonna be smart and take it..., with her own bias for Michael/Alex and Im sure she loves the attention she get from the massive Malex fandom . The love triangle really should die moving forward, its assassinating the character of Michael and making him so unlikable to me [he has other personal failings too]. His yo yoing between Alex and Maria is just immature, annoying and tiresome now. Also playing into bisexual stereotypes. Michael is not 100 % into Alex either if he is going to be going back and forth between him and Alex, cant commit nor chose one of them. He seem to be written to enjoy the thrill of the chase, then lose interest when he has that thing, and now wants the other thing. Im about done with this Michael Guerin, all the 3 aliens in fact. They are really written to be so egotistical and have a superiority complex. Max trying to kill Flint, what the hell was that and Isobel has been violating people's consent all season, she is a survivor of that, she should know better.
  3. Ghost Rider Reportedly in Development at Marvel Studios https://mcucosmic.com/2020/05/06/ghost-rider-reportedly-in-development-at-marvel-studios/ https://fullcirclecinema.com/2020/05/06/marvel-studios-ghost-rider-project/
  4. Well some of you called it,...so Maria is related to Isabel, and also Roy Bronson. I was beginning to think that was out of the window when he was killed off in other episode, so glad he is a her ancestor. I like him and Gauis Charles is a cutie. I totally saw some of the seed being sown to connect Maria and Isabel, some people in fandom thought it was romantic and were beggining to ship the Maribel, oops, the show torpedoed that fast. Always thought they had an interesting dynamic and chemistry in a kindred spirits sort of way, so I glad to see they are related and their relationship/connection will grow even stronger. And whoa, so Max and Isabel are not related by blood and he is not Louise's Bio son, that going has to rock both their world going forward. Still family though, that wont change. I guess I like some of these new changes, that makes the new Roswell curve its own path from the OG Roswell, if everything was the same beat by beat it would be boring to me . Thats adds a new interesting layer to Max too [they been doing right by him a lot this season], so who is he and who are his Bio parents....
  5. https://nationeditions.com/the-cws-kung-fu-first-poster-released-for-the-reboot-series/ CW released Kung Fu First Poster. Showbiz must go on, I guess. I agree, but unfortunately I already seen some content creators exploiting this crisis, while we are still in the eye of this storm. I have seen music videos, shows in their current season, not to mention the amount of movies potentially being plotted on this subject. Such is the state of humanity.
  6. Which Carina and this show would have no problem lifting off, if they want it lol.
  7. I dont think scheduling has a lot to do with it, if they want to find a place for this they could have squeezed this in. More important than schedule, I think is money to make a show. All these project require money to make, so why they cant pick everything that gets a pilot or every idea that get thrown to them. And many other factors, obviously im not privy to all them, like BTS stuff. Well when you got other options, as CW does with multiple pilots a year, I think all tiny factors, details start to count. What gets picked is not just about the quality of that project, but also how they feel it fares against its competition. CW is a small network, their numbers of pick ups is far low than other networks. The network is already oversaturated with 6 superhero shows, then they add on Superman and Lois, do they want to pick two superhero shows... I think its start to matter when you have to a limited 3-4 shows annually. They likely want different genre shows and there is also the WB-CBS split that has to be honored. Dont think Berlanti care much that there is gonna be a "clash" with his projects, he seems to just enjoy throwing darts at the wall. He threw in Kung Fu too, knowing CW had to chose between projects. Creating concepts and projects seem to be a sport to him. Whatever show gets picked up, he will get his salary either way lol. I dont think its just one reason, I think its a multitude of issues and factors they weighed in. They went with and prioritised the competition [Superman and Lois, Kung Fu,,,], to me that says what they wanted and value the most . What they saw to be the better, more valuable projects for them...right or wrong. Yeah maybe this spin off isnt dead, but it sure is hanging on by a hair's width.
  8. Well they tried to compete with Superman and Lois, Superman one of the biggest superheroes in the genre. Thats a fight they were always gonna lose. Trying to make a show with Green Arrow in the title, and you dont even have the recognisable character of the hero aka Oliver Queen. its not like Green Arrow is even that much a big character name to begin with. And adding on Canaries, when they are still 2 of them to compete with each other and they were both mostly an afterthought in the OG show. They were put in the front of the race [a made, aired pilot, experienced showrunners, spinned from a successful show], yet their competition still sped past them, even without pilots. Geez even by CW standards, seems they felt it was weak and a mess of a premise. Wayward sisters all over again. And despite KC's mantra about this being "time for women", CW has plenty of female led/centric shows, Supergirl, Batwoman,... licensed Stargirl, the now added Kung Fu and many others outside the superhero genre.
  9. Now Im actually considering it,maybe she died on that operating table Kyle saw her on, but before that she was alive... I wonder what would be the point/purpose though, if she turns out be a ghost. How would that connect with the alien premise of the show? Only thing I can think of is maybe she has a family history of being experimented on by the government, which caused health issues.,,just maybe They need to reveal whats the mystery with her character soon.
  10. I like this show and think its its only worthy show to watch on the CW these days, Its the only one I watch from there, anyway. But its starting to show some cracks, has been for a while actually. Like pointed out by others , Rosa's story is a detour to the main plot. I like her, Jenna Cameron too but their stories seem to get too much time, for characters that are supposed to be guest stars/recurring. On top of that, they add Jenna's sister, Charlie. Just what the show needs, more people with their own little plots.... The show established in season 1 that Rosa and Maria where very close but when Rosa comes back, Maria barely is given time to interact with her. This is the person whose grave she has been going to for the past 10 years, every month. The show is dropping the ball also on Maria's friendship with Liz. Maria is dealing with her new powers, just found out unsettling new information on her family but Liz is nowhere to be found for support. Liz and Alex barely interact either. They feel like lip serviced relationships. I was thrown off by the Alex is back in the closet plot, just doesnt seem to track with where his character is now. He has been established as accepting of himself and unashamed about being gay. Just seems like they have rewinded his journey for some drama. The episodic cliffhangers aren't as suspenseful and game-changing as they used to be anymore, where are the stakes, who is the big bad this season...8 episodes in and im not really sure what anything is leading to. The show is still more good than bad, I just hope these cracks dont get bigger leading to a show that becomes unwatchable. They need to work on maintaining internal logic and canon consistences.
  11. I for one liked Steph in this episode. Felt like her and Kyle finally showed some chemistry in that kiss scene. They were playful and finally admitted they are attracted to each other. Kyle is no longer alone, cool. I'm interesting to see where it will goes from here, and finding out more who Steph is. Interesting new stuff about Maria's background, now we know how she got her "powers". Ok, with this, wasnt too fond of the half alien theory.
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