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  1. Glad to see that when Pat said "some guy named Ted Knight" created the Cosmic Staff, I wasn't the only one thinking of this Ted Knight: I got the impression her difficulty with sewing was more due to some inherent durability of the Starman costume, but maybe your reading of the scene was more accurate than mine.
  2. I'm with the minority of posters here that thought this episode felt like filler. It had a lot of interesting things going on, but ultimately I thought it just threw a "full stop" right in the middle of the escalating tension and action of the past several episodes, all for the sake of a (slightly amusing, but overplayed) gimmick premise. And it really felt like they had to strangle Charlie's character to make the plot fit. I'm also incredibly biased because I hoped never to see the Mona character again.
  3. Production values were pretty top-notch, even above other DC Universe shows. The script was okay; not great material, but it was enough to keep me interested in seeing more, and was definitely elevated by the cinematic production. I did feel this was a bit slow at times; a hallmark of those same DC Universe shows (Titans, anyone?). Hopefully they can pick up the pace a bit and not suffer some of the same shortcomings of those otherwise good shows. I'll be curious to see why- if the JSA was all killed by the Injustice Society a decade ago- the supervillains aren't out there committing all kinds of terrible deeds, but instead seem to have decided to retire into obscurity?
  4. I believe he was transmitting the code from himself into the computer via his palm. It's a Coluan thing. That explains some of the editing, and that weird shot from behind CGI body double when the rest of the team rushed in to see what all the screaming was about.
  5. Arguably also Mick (aka, Chronos). But, hey, if it means they can get Matt Letscher back on the show, I'm down with it.
  6. Of course Dionysus ended up as a perpetual student and lead party animal of a major fraternity even as all the other gods of Olympus faded away. I don't know why that idea never occurred to me, but kudos to the writers for their cleverness! I actually liked him as the "Big Bad" of the episode. Such a refreshing change: we get a villain who has an understandable and not excessively lofty agenda ("I just want to keep the party going!"); said agenda naturally is at odds with the Legends'- at least on its face; and the only possible solution is to outdo him at his own game and be the baddest partygoers around. No fighting necessary! I kind of hope the writers find a way to bring Dion back again; I think he fits in with this crew, whether as antagonist or ally. All in all, a pretty fun episode, and everyone managed to get in on the act to some extent (with the exception of Constantine, who frankly should have been in his element here, but has gotten quite a bit of airtime in prior episodes, so I'm okay with him being mostly absent).
  7. Was I the only one thinking "Um, Barry. He fell in love with a criminal." #badpeptalks
  8. I didn't realize David Xanatos was on this show.
  9. Westworld Season 3: Attack of the Extras!
  10. The lack of commitment and pathos this season was really summed up by two events in this ep: (Dolores and Caleb run into a group of armed me. Caleb raises his gun...) Useless Guy: "We're here to take you where you need to go." (Five minutes after No Name and his men are shot down, Caleb is approached by a group of not-quite as obviously armed men. He raises his gun...) Useless Guy #2: "We're here to take you where you need to go." (And they proceed to vanish in the crowd shortly thereafter.) The writers clearly didn't care about the characters they introduced this season. Why should the viewers?
  11. I fast forwarded through it. Not so much because it was uncomfortable, but because I just didn't like that particular arrangement of The Animals' "We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place."
  12. They really missed an opportunity for a "Hip to Be Square" musical number...
  13. Didn't Serac also put the glasses on that guy they were torturing several episodes ago? I don't have the energy to go back and check myself. I will say that the hologram thing is also bullshit for another reason- where is the projector? Everywhere he goes there happens to be some kind of device capable of holography? Like the airplane hangar?
  14. So that they can give Prime Dolores a dramatic death in the "finale," only to have it turn out that "shocker!! Remember we said there was another host created after they escaped WW? She's ALIIIIVE!" Can't Maeve control Dolores? Or does she just like keeping her alive so she can fight her personally? (And if not, I echo the previous poster who asked why she didn't take control of D's rifle and/or drone). This season has really just been bad, IMO. It doesn't feel like Nolan or Joy's writing or even vision. The dialogue and plotting is pretty bland and substandard; the concepts are interesting, but not given enough room to develop, much less make me care. It feels like there are a lot of action sequences thrown for eye candy, rather than purpose, and they end up taking valuable time away from the story. The characters I once enjoyed watching, have turned into one-dimensional, well, robots. Dolores doing offers nothing but cryptic utterings; Maeve acts like a mindless Terminator; Bernard and Ashley are just following along two steps behind the plot for not apparent reason; Clem and Hanaryo return for what amounts to a glorified cameo; William... well, he's a character that has overextended his shelf life at this point.
  15. I don't know about the kid, but Charlotte can just rebuild her husband/Dorian, can't she? 😝
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