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  1. Cthulhudrew

    S03.E07: 51%

    I agree that the execution of Oracle was pretty bad. We were given an ominous warning a few episodes ago, and then again here, but no real explanation. The closest I can think of as to why Barbara feared it so much is that it was obviously using extralegal/illegal methods of surveillance and intelligence gathering (note Barbara's initial opposition to its request to do so, and the mention of how the NSA wanted to shut it down). Other than that, though, everything else seems kind of vague, and certainly it doesn't rise to the level of DOOM! that the characters seemed to be pressing. As to
  2. Cthulhudrew

    S03.E07: 51%

    I am unsure what the point was of Scarecrow employing Lady Vic if she isn't even around to be his muscle when the Titans show up. They might as well have had her just show up on her own and not tie her to Scarecrow, if she's not going to be instrumental to his story. (Speaking of, I really wish they'd have ended that plot with this episode and gotten on with other things, like Donna and Raven.)
  3. Better yet - "What if... everyone was Happy?" And all characters are voiced by Jon Favreau.
  4. Young T'Challa: "Back on Earth, I was a prince of Wakanda." Yondu: "Prince, eh? Stick with us Ravagers here in space, kid, and you'll be a Lord- a Star-Lord!"
  5. Until you mentioned it, I thought I must have misheard, because I couldn't believe that no one else in the show commented on it. Kind of interesting that she physically appears younger than them; did they artificially age Batch 99, or has Omega's physical maturity been stunted?
  6. I was actually reminded of original X-Men movie Cerebro. In any event, we were both clearly in the same headspace (pun intended).
  7. You're not the only one. I keep wondering the same thing all the time. Can't she just make things so cold that it reduces a speedster's kinetic energy and slows them to a crawl? Or at least the two negate one another so that the speedster is reduced to "normal" human reaction speeds? I would have sworn Snart did this in one of the early seasons, but maybe I'm mistaking that for a comic storyline.
  8. Was there a single character in this episode that didn't, at some point, blame themselves for everything that went wrong?
  9. I'm of mixed opinion on this. On the one hand, I agree with you that I am getting kind of tired of the trope of the wise-cracking villains (and, frankly, heroes, which is another Disney Marvel thing), and I did feel his performance was a little over the top, especially at the beginning. On the other hand, knowing that he will be playing a much different version of the character in forthcoming projects (perhaps even multiple different versions, potentially), I actually kind of liked seeing it in anticipation of how JM as an actor will differentiate between them. I hope that he even gets an
  10. You phrased this so much more succinctly than I did. As soon as I get my hands on a TemPad, I'm going to rewrite this forum to make it look like I wrote this first. 😆 I want one of next season's episode titles to be "I, Variant." (Emphasis mine) This is a really wild idea that I hadn't even considered. I'm going to go back and rewatch the timing in the episode, but I wonder if you may actually be correct, and He Who Remains actually initiated Multiversal Divergence before Sylvie did. I want to say I remember seeing the timeline already diverging through one of the windows if
  11. Agreed. It may also be notable He Who Remains' time thingamawhozitz was already preprogrammed based on his knowledge up to the crisis point. So he may have been lying about not seeing everything, or he may have been telling the truth, but either way it wouldn't surprise me if he'd programmed the device to send whomever used it to a particular place and time, and it is all still part of his mad plan.
  12. This certainly trumps their goofs, although if they were in the same situation, I don't know that I can confidently say they wouldn't make the same mistake (given their typical MO). This was definitely my feeling, as well. I think the binary choice He Who Remains was offering was too simplistic- either you kill me and restart the Multiversal Wars and I'll end up coming back to life anyway, or else you take my place and prune the timelines. I think Loki was trying to find an alternative. I think they are all Kangs; the "variant" concept didn't exist as such until He Who Remains
  13. This would be great. John Diggle can be the TV world's new Detective John Munch.
  14. What makes me curious is why draining the solar power out of all these Kryptonians/Hybrids doesn't seem to do anything until after they've survived a fall from hundreds or thousands of feet to the ground. Also: Is John Diggle's new superhero name Deliveryman? Doesn't ARGUS have some grunts who can go around the Arrowverse dropping off briefcases of technology? Does FEDEX not exist? That's a lot of taxpayer dollars funding an overqualified schlepper.
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