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  1. What would be interesting is if we get to Episode 9 and realize that is actually the start of the story of Wanda's descent into madness, and episode 1 is where she ended up, having had to "reboot" her and Vision's story all the way back to the golden era of tv sitcoms in order to find happiness.
  2. I really am not sure what to make of some of the things we saw this episode: 1) Where is this massive space inside of Discovery where the turbolifts fly magically about from place to place? Was this always here, or only since the post-time travel upgrades? What is the purpose? Don't they need this space for interior decks and living space? 2) What is the function of the weird pillar of nanites that Burnham was shoved into? 3) I might have missed something, but why were the nacelles suddenly attached to the ship again (conveniently so that Owo could stick a bomb in one)? (And don't even get me started with magically material holo-Grey).
  3. Okay, maybe it is just the facial scruff. Plus a realllly subdued performance in his first scene. He seems to be the genuine Skylar in his second scene.
  4. I don't know what it is, but something seems different about Skylar Astin. It looks like they got someone who looks almost exactly like him to replace him- appearance is almost precise, voice is almost exact- but everytime he speaks and expresses himself (only at the first scene with Max and Zoey), something just seems off. Like CGI Skylar or something. It's not just the facial scruff. Am I completely whacky here?
  5. Agreed. Also, while I think many of the younger actors have grown into their roles, I feel like you can really see the most development with XM's line deliveries and emoting than the others. On another note, Ali first mentions to Johnny that she and her husband are separated, but later in the same conversation says her parents are mad at her about "the whole divorce thing." Even later (following episode) she mentions to Daniel that it's just Mills now, no Schwarber. Almost all the pictures we see on her FB page are also of her alone, or occasionally with her kids (no hubby). My takeaway is that she is actually divorced now, and not just separated. It's possible that the writers just used those terms interchangeably in her dialogue with Johnny, without regard to the fact that they have very different meanings/implications (as any child of separated or divorced parents would know). I hope that they were actually doing this intentionally, though; maybe Ali was initially nervous about being forthcoming about the extent of her marriage situation, but later became more comfortable with Johnny. He didn't seem to have much reaction at the different terminology, though. It's possible that the writers may also be hedging their bets here, setting up a storyline for a possible love triangle with Johnny-Carmen-and-Ali if they can get Elisabeth Shue back for a few more episodes in S4.
  6. I definitely agree that they should have tightened things up a bit; they introduced a lot of story threads while they still had threads that needed tying up from prior seasons, and it took a little too long to address some of them. As a result, I feel some things went nowhere (Kreese's backstory only ended up reinforcing his two-dimensional villainy; Tory's backstory didn't help her own character's arc [at least yet]; and while they dropped hints at Hawk's redemption, it felt a little too rushed and cursory). I actually think this was one of the strongest seasons in a lot of ways, but yes- I think their reach exceeded their grasp in some ways, and maybe some of this season's plots should have been paced out into next season.
  7. There was just an impression of overly friendliness I got from them in the first ep, but once they brought back Yaz, it was pretty clear that was going to be the pairing and I was just flat-out wrong. On another note, am I wrong, or did they just age Terry Silver about 20 years? I'd have sworn Kreese's CO referred to his army buddy as "Silver" at one point, but Thomas Ian Griffith is younger than Ralph Macchio by a year or so, and for him to have been an active soldier in Vietnam in '68 would add two decades to him. Maybe Terry Silver is the son of Kreese's army buddy? EDIT: NM. It looks like Vietnam was always part of Silver's back story, even though TIG was never old enough to have been a part of the war (in RL). I've only seen KK3 once or twice, so it completely escaped my memory.
  8. 1 3/4 episodes in right now. Initial thoughts: 1) I understand they had to dial back a little bit from the over-the-top season 2 finale, but I'm glad to see that they did make an attempt to try and deal realistically with the consequences of that episode. Sam's PTSD; Johnny's depression; Daniel's personal and professional problems. 2) Glad that Daniel and Amanda didn't give up on Robbie like they suddenly and out of character did in the finale of S2. 3) Enjoying the Daniel and Johnny team-up, even if it is (currently) short-lived. 4) Pleasantly surprised by the Kreese character building. They seemed to give him a little bit of humanity in S2, only to suddenly have him revert to two-dimensional mustache twirling villainy. I hope this isn't just a Lucy football-jerking moment, and that we see some growth for his character in S3 to match that of Johnny, Daniel, and others. 5) Gut instinct- Samantha is going to hook up with Demetri this season. 6) I wanted Daniel to apologize to Johnny for his personal attack towards the end of ep 2, but honest to god if his "You better return that car to the dealership" remark didn't crack me up for a few minutes. Some really good writing and performances in S2 so far (aside from what I felt was kind of superficial moments at the rehab center). Hope this keeps up, although I have to say I fear a final episode character-ignoring turnaround to set up S4 like we had in the prior two seasons. Fingers crossed against it. It shouldn't be a bad thing to have a season fit organically into the next. Also, so far no "Stingray" character. I think it's inevitable that they have to find some kind of coda to that misstep (IMO) from S2, but I definitely don't miss his "comedic" contributions.
  9. Here I thought it was some kind of odd reference to Sweet Valley High and young Luke Skywalker. (Did not get the connection at all, but that's where my mind went seeing these "uncanny valley" refs.)
  10. Plus he was only wearing one glove. Thoughts on when we might see Grogu again: Luke only trained with Yoda on Dagobah for what, a few weeks? A couple months tops? And he was pretty much ready to rock. Maybe that's how Luke convinced Grogu when they "talked" on Tython. "It'll be just like summer camp. You'll be back with dad in a short time, and have all kinds of fun stories to tell!"
  11. It feels like some of the key episodes this season turned the titular star into a bit player on his own show, this one in particular. While the kid in me loved the cameo, albeit not well rendered (and the voice didn't even sound right), it really undercut the heroes of the show by having them saved at the last minute by deus ex machina. So I suppose the next season or two will lean heavily into Mandalorian lore? It would be funny if every episode Mando tries to pick a fight with Bo Katan just so she'll slug him and he can hand over the dark sabre. EDIT: And word of advice to dead shuttle pilot; if you had to take a hostage, you're acting out of desperation, not from a position of strength. So it might not be a good time to further antagonize the person holding a gun on you. EDIT2: Also, am I the only one that is reminded of Maximilian from The Black Hole when I see the Dark Troopers?
  12. This is my understanding as well.
  13. I enjoyed the episode well enough, but holy poop, did it feel like it was directed by the biggest Star Wars fanboy ever! I lost track of all the callbacks to the movies: trawling imperial star destroyer; biker scout pedal acceleration; obi-wan fishman on the reactor cooler; stormtrooper dialogue. There were so many, it was ridiculous. I'm pretty sure they used some of the same lines from the early films as well. I also lost track of how many Wilhelm Screams were used. Same. I'm pretty sure they make green oreos for the holidays, which is what I thought they were.
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