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  1. I've been thinking about this "butterflies are not what you think!" statement by Judo Master, and how it is possible to write apparent body-snatching aliens as anything other than evil/threatening genocidal creeps. Unless they aren't actually body-snatchers. Maybe their "human" bodies are cloned/artificial "husks" that they use to blend in with a human population that otherwise might not have been so welcoming to essentially an alien immigrant group coming to Earth, particularly one as sizable as we saw in ep. 3. Humans (generally speaking) have enough issues accepting and dealing with ot
  2. I don't think you are. As I recall, Fett had at least part of his armor then (his boots), and was still trying to recover the rest. I think they retconned that now. (I also think his new "look" is far inferior to his Empire look; at least give him back the leg armor plates). Fett had a weird turn of phrase this episode. When staring at the Sarlacc, he mentions to Shand something to the effect of "this is where the Tuskens found me all those years ago." I'm trying to reconcile this with the timeline. Were there really years between Fett and Jabba being taken down by Luke and Co. and the Re
  3. I thought it looked like an epileptic seizure. Hard to say for sure what was going on, but it looked like maybe they got were fighting. Chris might have hit him too hard, his brother cracked his head, went into a seizure and died? Adrian's comment about the weak spots on the White Dragon armor resounded like the report of Chekhov's gun.
  4. I'm kind of with you on this. I wonder if Jonathan will end up being the new "plucky cub reporter" that Lois and Chrissy were looking for in ep 1.
  5. I've seen a lot of people mention vespas, but I can't believe none of us thought to make a Mos Vespa joke.
  6. I wonder if James Gunn was a secret BrainDead fan?
  7. I wonder if having Anderson turn out to be a bad replacement will lead to Lane returning to head DOD as a choice of lesser evils by season's end. During the earthquake scene, I shuddered that the writers (presumably largely? Californian) had Clark's family shelter in a doorframe. Then I told myself that a) it is a wood frame house and b) that probably is how people from presumably largely-earthquake-free Smallville might respond.
  8. The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 3 - The Abercrombie and Fitch Gang Wow- I thought the guy sounded (and looked vaguely) familiar, but I couldn't place him. Stephen Root looks a lot different than the last time I saw him.
  9. Wow- Terry sure took a right turn back to manipulative villainy. I still like his character this season, but I'm not a big fan of this abrupt shift. Some of the storylines still felt like they fell victim to some pacing issues- the bullying storyline, Tori and Sam. I imagine they just want those to continue playing out into S5, but it really does feel like they drag these things out too long sometimes. Overall, a really strong season. Probably one of the strongest so far, and that's saying a lot.
  10. Live thoughts: Me: There's only three dojos left in the Valley now? What happened to all the others from prior seasons/years? Weird. 5 minutes later... No, there's a whole bunch of other people and dojos listed. They just only introduced these three for some reason. Mmkay.
  11. Stinkray continues to suck. The only remorse I feel here is for Terry Silver, who has clearly been drive back into the throes of addiction due to his sense of obligation to the remorseless Kreese.
  12. Oh, FFS, I thought we'd seen the last of the useless Stingray character. #hemustknowwherethebodiesareburied #blackmail Johnny's Ex: "This guy Silver said he's paying for the limo and everything else. Red Flag@" Me: Okay, sure, but Kreese is the real bad guy. I'm not sure Silver 2.0 is really that bad. You all need to focus here, peeps. Me.: Pac-Man Tux is actually so f'ing cool. I wish they'd had those for my grad dance. It wouldn't have been cool in the 90s, but nowadays, if I'd worn that, I'd look like a g-d visionary.
  13. Watching in progress (post liable to be edited): Terry Silver: "Even Sensei Kreese has a weakness." John Kreese (thinking): Really... Johnny: "Your mom and I wanted to take you somewhere nice to tell you we're doin' it; like Marie Callendar's or Red Lobster. Maybe even an Olive Garden." Me: Growing up in the Midwest, I used to think Red Lobster was like the A-list of restaurants. Not sure I'd feel the same here in Cali though? Eagle Fang New Girl: "Cynthia Rothrock is a badass!" Johnny: "Damn right she is! Brownnosers get extra points!" Johnny: "No blow is to
  14. Okay, Terry Silver is kind of an (unnecessary) ass here towards Daniel. I still like the way they've shown his character overall, though, so I'm chalking this up to the general asshattery all of the main characters show to people they've had conflicts with in the past. ETA: Agree with the anti-Sam posts. Did she not actually learn the lesson that Aisha was trying to teach her (not to mention dad and mom)? And as much as I appreciated the Aisha scene: a) could she not have more directly addressed the Tori situation (considering they were bffs with Cobra Kai for a few months)? and b) c
  15. I'm really enjoying the more nuanced Terry Silver in S4 (as compared to psycho KK3). As much as they still deal with past insecurities and grudges, Terry, Daniel, and Johnny at least have matured and shown they are open to growing and learning. It's Kreese that seems forever stuck in the past and unwilling to change, which is the real tragedy of this story.
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