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  1. Also: the minute Caitlin suggested that the Meta-Cure might be fatal for Frost, why was Cecile not immediately calling for the judge to consider that the prosecution just changed their recommendation to a death sentence? (And... I am not a lawyer... but can they even change their recommendation at that point? Post-trial? In the RW, of course, not the Arrowverse.)
  2. It wasn't the worst episode I've seen (in fact, its the only one I haven't fallen asleep to the past three episodes), but why do they always have to make court scenes so unbelievable? Not just in this show, obviously, but it does happen a lot here. As if the judge only had the option of either forcing Frost to take the cure or accept her silly "lifetime without parole" idea. Because fictional judges don't have judicial discretion, or penalty guidelines that can frame their decision-making. Oy. Thus endeth the Frost saga; not with a bang, but with a whimper. At least they actual
  3. That would have been in the crossover episode with CBS' "God Friended Me," but y'know, cancellation.
  4. I think all his powers are technologically derived, from his cybernetic spine and the poisonous spinal fluid to the programming the ASA did to him. I still don't quite understand how Jenn can jumpstart her powers when the emitter is still running, but maybe it's something unique to her and her generator ability? Also, shouldn't she have just regained her powers in full once she was out of range of the emitter? The more I see Ishmael on-screen, the more convinced I am that he was either given direction or chose to base his character on Julius Carry's Shogun Sho-Nuff. I was kind of jok
  5. I actually thought- rather than it being Mo's genderfluid identity- Perry's problem was going to be that he ended up with someone just like his Ex-husband,
  6. I can understand why Zoey might think her powers giving her an "edge" may be kind of cheating and make her fear Simon would see their bonding seem like a disingenuous manipulation, but logically- to me- wouldn't just having a high degree of empathy and observational skill be the same thing? So the MRI gave her a jumpstart on what takes many people years to develop; fundamentally, her hearing "heart songs" is really just empathy, and that's the sort of thing that can create lasting, meaningful bonds between people. On another note, I agree with one of the other posters that Zoey was too qu
  7. "By Arioch, my hellblade shall sup on your soul for those hateful words!"
  8. I feel like Sharon must be a skrull. Her personality shift seems too extreme. In any event, this was great. I thought they couldn't possibly wrap things up with only one episode left, and then was surprised when there was still about 20 minutes to go when they had. Not ashamed to admit had some tears with Sam's big speech, mostly because of the cuts to Bucky's smiling face realizing that he and Steve were right and that Sam really was the best choice to take up the mantle. Even Walker's silent begrudged acceptance when Sam talked about how big a burden the shield was was great.
  9. I know why they aren't doing it on the show for production reasons, but it seems to me that Jen could always use Gambi's image inducer thing to keep her "real" face long enough to at least finish out high school.
  10. Don't know how I missed this one from last week, but I'm all caught up now. I liked it, but then I really have enjoyed the Painkiller character and Jordan Calloway's nuanced performance. I thought it was nice that they gave the PK identity a bit more depth than just mindless killer, but they probably had to in order to make a legit pilot. Have to say, I didn't see too much difference between how PK handled the toughs versus how Khalil handled them. Serious Max Headroom vibes from Akashic Valley, but it is a nice change from some of the other shows in this universe. I'm not sure what was m
  11. I suspect one from column A and one from Column B. I'm hoping the wings will be made of "hard-light" like the ones he had for a period of time in the comics that came from Wakanda.
  12. All I know is that purple/pink streak in her hair makes her look more like Victoria Hand than the Contessa (who traditionally has a white streak). Just saying.
  13. Count me in as another one confused if Sharon was blipped or not, and hoping TFAWS clears it up definitively. I think it seems unlikely, as TV Echo pointed out, that she could have set up her new identity this quickly even if she did have outside help (such as a likely Wakanda connection). On the other hand, while I can certainly see that she stayed undercover for some reason when she was being looked for following Endgame*, if ever there would have been a time when her past indiscretions might have been forgiven in exchange for her assistancein rebuilding, it would have been then. I'm not sur
  14. This is not a bad question, actually. It definitely seems to shift the time frame from Wandavision somewhat, if only because those GRC commercials would have taken some time to create. At the same time, my guess would be that the Global Repatriation Council is probably some sub-group of a related international humanitarian agency, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross or UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or something. In other words, it probably wasn't spun up from nothing, but was a repurposing of assistance that would otherwise go into different areas
  15. That's why I think Bucky was the one that somehow got him the book with keycard. Machiavelli is famous for the concept of "the ends justify the means." So my take is that Zemo already had the book, knew of the special bookmark (whatever it was), but didn't act on it until Bucky showed up, asked "whatcha readin'?" And was able to make the association that "my former enemy is providing me the means to escape because he needs my help and is willing to break the laws of this country for what he perceives as a greater good".
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