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  1. Cthulhudrew

    S03.E08: Chapter 27

    I think I wouldn't mind the ending so much had it not relied upon the kindnesses of a character that just spent the last two seasons cutting a bloody swath across humanity (in his/her elegantly charming manner, to boot). It seems a bit of a copout for such a thought-provoking, medium challenging series to end like this. But then, I felt this third season was somewhat lackluster overall, so when I say it could have been worse, that is meant entirely complimentary. I will definitely miss the psychic dance offs and rap battles.
  2. Cthulhudrew

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Did anyone else feel like there were a few too many false positives this season? It's admittedly been a while since I last watched seasons 1-3 of VM, but I don't recall Veronica and Keith going back and forth between so many different rabbit holes before? The "is he/isn't he" with Pizza Guy in the last episode alone was a bit much, not to mention adding in all the calls to the chief of police that ended up being incorrect.
  3. Cthulhudrew

    S04.E06: Entering a World of Pain

    I'm really enjoying the season so far, but I have to say, I am finding it a bit odd that they revealed that Clyde and Big Dick were responsible for at least one bombing- essentially "offscreen" to the audience, while our titular heroine and her father are still going back and forth trying to solve this thing. There is obviously a lot going on, and I don't think that's the end of the story, but it feels weird to be one step ahead of our protagonists. (I also think they are spending entirely too much time with the Pizza Guy and his "murderhead" buddies, but that's another thing altogether.) I need to go back and comment on earlier episodes, but this was just so jarring to me that I had to chime in on it.
  4. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    Silly me. I thought Darcy was dumping Don E. because she saw just how callously he regards almost all other people. But no, it was just because she was worried he'd only be that way in regards to her when she died. I am not at all impressed with her character. At least Don E. is enjoyably consistent in his immoral cynicism. Having Liv act the way she was "because of the brain" is such a transparently over the top attempt at humor in this episode more than many; I find it really hard to believe that Chisel acted that way in real life. (Then again, I always thought it would be kind of funny to have a "narrative noir" day where I'd talk about myself in first person all day just for giggles.) The call out to Mickey Spillane ("Spill Lane") was kind of cute.
  5. Cthulhudrew

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    This. The only thing missing was the declaratively angry, "Are you as turned on as I am?" "More!" kiss between Hopper and Joyce. 🙄
  6. Cthulhudrew

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    There is way too much shticky bickering and slapstick humor with Hopper and Joyce this season. Sad that these characters have been reduced to comedic relief. I mean, Joyce always had moments like this in prior seasons, but this is over the top.
  7. Cthulhudrew

    S03.E02: Chapter Two: The Mall Rats

    I'm feeling a bit of a disconnect. On the one hand, I'm enjoying the season more thus far than S2 (which I still think dropped the ball big time by keeping some of the main characters away from one another until the finale), on the other hand, it feels a bit superficial to me. We're getting kind of one-dimensional, caricaturesque bits rather than real moments, for the most part. The girl montage; the boys trying to buy a gift; the conniving mayor; the nervous father; etc. A lot of them (esp. in Ep1) are even just homages to classic 80's movies like Fast Times and Ridgemont High, devoid of any real meaning without the context of those films. There are a lot of good ideas- like Elle's first experience with the mall and a girl friend; but they aren't really allowed to breathe and come to life. The best "real" moments so far are with Dustin, Steve, and Robin.
  8. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E09: The Fresh Princess

    I'm sure it's happened before, but I'm really having a hard time recalling when the mystery of the week seemed so completely lost and extraneous to everything else going on in the story. They could have easily jettisoned the Pageant Girl plot and I literally would only have wondered why Clive was not in the episode. They are really rushing through things this season. I understand why, but it makes for a very unsteady storyline.
  9. Cthulhudrew

    S03.E09: AKA I Did Something Today

    Especially considering her state of mind leading up to the attack. Yes, they still don't have any proof that Salinger killed Dorothy, but Trish's belief that he did would be something for a defense attorney to argue on her behalf.* I also found the idea of three stray hairs on the dead kid's body somehow being a smoking gun to pinning his death on Salinger. They were close friends when he was alive, I'm sure his defense attorney could argue away their presence. I like the idea of making Jessica face a moral dilemma here, but it feels a little forced. I think they could have found a better way to reach this goal. And I'm still having a hard time empathizing with the self-righteous, angry, character they've turned Trish into. *I am not a lawyer, so maybe this doesn't really matter when it comes to her sentencing or jury's possible verdict.
  10. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E02: Smithereens

    I believe (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) that he may be doing behind the camera work these days, in addition to other on-screen roles he has taken. I do recall hearing that he has a personally re-edited version of the Star Wars prequels that is highly regarded and he shares with friends. (And I've been dying to see for years.)
  11. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E03: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    I liked this episode up until Ashley, Too came to life, and then it took a turn that was a bit too comedic for my liking. It wasn't awful, and I think there were some interesting things to say about digital recreations of living or formerly living people (see also: Star Wars), and the value of human life and creative content, but I felt they got somewhat lost under a humorous turn. (I also thought Ashley, too had a more obnoxious "real" personality than Ashley O did.)
  12. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E02: Smithereens

    I loved this episode. I can understand criticisms that it didn't seem to tread new ground, that it was just about cell phone addiction, etc., but to me, that was actually the least poignant commentary the episode was trying to make. I thought it was more about the dehumanization that seems to (maybe? maybe not?) come with technology. Here you have Chris, a man with a guilty conscience because he feels his own cell phone "addiction" led to his wife's death. Would it have made any difference if he'd not looked away from the road for those few precious seconds? Chris (and the audience) will never know, but he only blames himself- not the drunk driver. Yet for all that he now despises the addictiveness of phones and social media, he can't bring himself to open up about his guilt to anyone in real life- only a figure he has never met across the vast gulf of our telecommunications web. He can only see a way to confession via an elaborate plot to kidnap a faceless minion to put him in touch with that CEO. Ironically, though, for all that he feels his addiction caused him to lose touch with the world enough to cause him to lose the one person in it that made living worthwhile, his possibly last wish is to do something kind to help another person with their own pain. Albeit with her never knowing who helped her, or why. Meanwhile, you have: kids on their smart devices making a tense situation worse by mindlessly tweeting/posting images and conclusions without context over social media; millions of uninvolved persons perpetuating those tweets- adding their own inane commentary, or sometimes not paying more attention than the half second it takes to acknowledge the message. You have Corporate Honchos scrutinizing social media accounts to develop a profile of the kidnapper, in hopes of coldly concocting a method to delay him in order for the authorities to take charge. You have a hostage negotiator using same information to hastily develop his own profile of the perpetrator, possibly because he wants to put a notch in his own social status by talking the man down. You have trigger happy SWAT (or British equivalent) ready to take this guy out at the first clean shot. But nobody actually wants to talk directly to the very real human being in the middle of all of this. (I'll add here that the hostage also seems to be almost an afterthought to everyone, save as an obstacle to work around.) Then you have the CEO of Smithereen, by his own admission a virtual prisoner in a world he helped create but has little control over any longer. And he is- notably- on a retreat from that very same digital world; his only escape is the Catch-22 of removing himself from the rest of dehumanized humanity. I came into this episode with my own preconceived notions and baggage which undoubtedly lead to my different perceptions of its message from those of others on here. So maybe this episode is just reverberating within my own echo chamber differently; maybe it was just the incredible performance by Andrew Scott (whose Moriarty I only loved about 1/2 the time; when he wasn't being over the top), or by Topher Grace's exasperation and panicked confession of loss of control; whatever of the above, I loved the heck out of this episode and it ranks up there among my favorite BM's to date. (And the irony that I find myself communicating all of this information to faceless people across the digital divide is not at all lost on me. 😉)
  13. Cthulhudrew

    S05.E05: Death Moves Pretty Fast

    I liked that story Blaine told about how he's been affected by the needs of the public over his service providing brains and getting sentimental about it. David Anders really sold me on believing that Blaine might truly feel like he's a better person because of it. Too bad all of that took place off-camera in some other storyline, rather than just being thrown in this episode. I think that could have been a great story for Blaine (and Anders) who has really just been poorly served for the last couple of seasons as the writers desperately try to find a place for the character on the show. Really, he should have been written out a couple of seasons ago because he is a reprehensible killer and his crimes are well documented to all the good guys on the show. Either give him a redeemable (if doomed to tragedy) storyline, or get rid of him. It just wastes DA's talent and time, and makes the main characters look like idiots for not putting him behind bars by now. Otherwise, this episode was the best of the season so far, IMO.
  14. Cthulhudrew

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    To be fair, Lena's done her share of lying, too. One thing I will say is that I like the Lena/Lillian dynamic much more than anything between Lex and his two female relatives. EDIT: So I guess that is supposed to be a twin of J'onn J'onnz that I didn't know he had. Dang. I was hoping they were going to use Despero as a villain instead.
  15. Cthulhudrew

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    Man, every time I see the Monitor I can't help but wonder why is Barack Obama creating so much chaos in the multiverse?🤔