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  1. I think the one at the Archive was a hologram (didn't it fade in and out a couple of times?), so maybe the Synth ban is just on corporeal artificial intelligences? Presumably the Moriarty holo is not the cause of the Synth revolt, then. 😂
  2. I think Kromm and I are on the same wavelength about this: To which I'll add that there was a visible "glitch" during her "mother's" conversation with her. I didn't catch what the display said right before Dajh started searching for Picard, but that glitch is what makes me suspect she might not have been having a conversation with a real person, but an implanted program to go along with those false memories. I enjoyed this quite a lot; it was a little slow to start, but quickly got me interested, and the visuals are astounding. I'm a little concerned that they may dive too deeply into the nostalgia well and rehash old plots or (worse) write storylines around ways to bring old characters back into the mix and create a real artificiality, but we'll see. I am surprised Picard didn't ask why/how Dajh had gotten admitted to Daystrom (it seems a little too coincidental that the one synth got a scholarship there). I was happy to hear Maddox is involved somehow; I don't know if Brian Brophy is coming back, but that would be interesting to see his character so many years after "The Measure of a Man." I also kind of wonder if a resurrected Lore might have been behind the Synth revolution somehow, but we'll see. Kind of curious that Treadaway's Romulan has an English accent, though I suppose there's no reason to think all Romulans speak American English (lol). I find it interesting that Victor Frankenstein is playing a part in a story about synthetic life; Treadaway may want to check and see if he's being typecast.
  3. Does anyone else have the feeling that Director Kevin will be back for revenge against the Legends after his "you ruined my movie" moment?
  4. (Insert your favorite Alicia Masters blind sculptress joke here)
  5. I don't even like most of these characters, and I'm still mad that once again- like during Flashpoint- the writers have basically rebooted the characters that people have been watching for over a season and a half and seem to expect that audiences will love them just the same. Yes, two of them got memories back this episode (and presumably, others will too; hopefully at least William) but dangit, just because they look the same, talk the same, doesn't make them the same characters. It's a real f-you to viewers, IMO. Also, I'm still confused about the post-Crisis universe. We've seen other planets, yet I still keep seeing characters remarking that there is no multiverse anymore. Are all those other Earths just identical planets in identical Milky Way galaxies elsewhere in the same universe now?
  6. Did they finally give the good ASA guy a name this week? I know they named his partner "Travis" but if they gave him a name I missed it.
  7. He also got a better wig as NuBrainy. 😂
  8. I'm really not sure what the hell happened this episode; I'm just happy we got a green and blond Braniac finally. (I don't quite understand why his accent dropped, though.)
  9. I haven't been watching this show (tuned in to see how they incorporated Crisis into the mix), so I don't know the answer to this: Have they previously connected Batwoman to the Nolan films? Because Kate's sidekick mentioned the subway system having been changed to be unhackable since the "Scarecrow incident" (presumably Batman Begins).
  10. I took it as maybe Barry showed up at an early point in Ezra-Barry's timeline, when he was just trying on his suit, but hadn't given himself a name yet. EDIT: NM. I just remembered that he mentioned Victor, so I guess it must be post-JLA movie and my theory is bunk.
  11. Final thought of the evening: J'onn used his telepathy more in this single episode than I think he has in 5 seasons of Supergirl.
  12. Speaking of Oliver, I did find myself wondering (during the President's eulogy) if anyone on Earth-Prime was thinking to themselves "Green Arrow saved the planet? But does that really make up for all those guys he killed a few years back?"
  13. #3 was the best part of the episode. And actually seeing the GLC; maybe we'll see Diggle get the ring for real before the end of Arrow. 🙂 (Come to think of it, that is one missed opportunity in this crossover. We know an alternate version of Digg was a Green Lantern. Couldn't they have managed to bring that one into the mix?)
  14. Okay, done. So there are apparently still multiple Earths (dodged that Wells bullet), but for some reason only the CW Earths were evidently merged. Not a fan of the Lex Luthor "He's the Greatest" stuff though. I'm still confused on something, so maybe you all can help me out. Two(?) episodes back, we were told that somehow Nash was the one responsible for releasing the Anti-Monitor (in a completely out of left field reveal; I don't think they'd even mentioned the A-M up until then). But tonight, in Ep. 4, it looked like it was actually Mar-Novu that was responsible for the A-M when he went back in time. But this episode has everyone blaming Nash again. So unless the rest of you have an explanation that can help, I'm going to say it was all Barry's fault again with his time travel shenanigans. 😛
  15. 20 minutes in and my biggest takeaways are: 1) Does this mean there are 52 versions of Wells on Earth now? 2) I think I can make a drinking game of "Every time a character mentions a crossover..."
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