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  1. Agree. I was bored. Too much Rinna; i had to have my hand on the mute button so I wouldn't hear her shrieking. Andy over promoted it. The clothes and makeup were so disappointing to boot. Will Crystal ever say anything?
  2. What legal rights does Makel have to Mecca? He’s not the biological father. Is his name on the birth certificate? He’s not married. I can’t keep it all straight. Now another guy, Ryan, is in the picture with Kayla? She seems so calm about the whole thing. The editing is terrible, or else it’s all just too confusing.
  3. To the best of my knowledge they sold the hotel chain to a private equity firm several years ago. But Rick has Hilton & Hyland which is doing quite well I assume.
  4. If Makel's mother was opposed to the transition, where did he get the insurance money to do it. It involves many trips to the doctor and injections, etc. Wish they'd explain this. And what does he do now, travel back and forth to Philly? So he doesn't work? None of this makes sense. If they want to explain living with transition on the show, MTV needs to do a better job. Same with the couple who are getting a $1600 a month house. She isn't working and he doesn't even know where he will spend his senior year. I don't even have the names straight yet; I didn't watch previous s
  5. Did she ever explain what happened to the operations manager she "hired" in Big Shot? Who did she blame for the failure of that show?
  6. I think Kathy and Rick just wanted Paris and her problems out of the way and out of the papers. This way, they could continue their social life without interruption. When and if they visited, they didn't explore anything too deeply and obviously weren't close enough to Paris to get the truth out of her.
  7. The only image in my mind of Kathy is of the cold hearted bitch I saw on Paris' documentary. Paris was literally abducted from the Hilton's house, at the request of the Rick and Kathy, and sent off to an institution in Utah for troubled teens. It happened at night and Paris had no clue as to what was happening. In the Utah place she was abused and drugged. The parents didn't visit. Paris report has been corroborated by many other inmates. So Kathy can drop the scatterbrained housewife act; she's an entitled bitchy wealthy snob. And why is someone who is such a perfectionist with her
  8. Wonder if Bethenny ever opined on Dennis Shield's company LawCash and their allegedly nefarious practices. No? Surely she read the accusations. Yesterday B posted an IG story of Bryn reading a self written tome on why she wants to be a vegetarian (again). Bethenny raved about how smart and caring she was and that she felt the need to post the whole reading because it was so impressive. Bethenny is a stage mother of the worst kind. Has she seen her mother's exotic Birkins and figured out where the croc skins come from?
  9. Kathy has her own issues. Her son was sentenced to two months in prison in early Dec, 2020. I'm not sure if she cares or not because she is such a cold fish, but I do find it interesting. https://people.com/crime/conrad-hilton-in-prison-family-not-surprised/
  10. I'm tired of the series as well. I'll stick it out until the end, but I have trouble remembering the names from week to week. I don't think I've ever seen Nicole Kidman be outright terrible in a film, but I find her outright terrible in this one, not helped by the wigs. She is slipping in and out of accents. What happened? I'm liking Frances, Tony and Lars. I"d like to see more of Jessica. Maybe if it were more fast paced I'd enjoy it more; it has all the ingredients but it isn't coming together.
  11. LuAnn has always disappointed me with her wardrobe. My take is that she is frugal and doesn't want to spend any money on clothes. She probably doesn't have a lot of ready cash and there are many years ahead for her with no obvious source of income other than the show. The show isn't guaranteed. She's worn the same jean jacket and suede jacket on casual outings since the beginning of RHoNY. She wears the same black top and black pants on other occasions. Course she looks great because of her body. I too suspect that she has a deal with Jovani for any occasion remotely called "formal.
  12. weaver

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    I would be really disappointed if MTV fed lines to the kids, but I guess it is plausible. To me its very likely that Jo's house is more disciplined. It amazes me that Kail and Vee's podcast is successful. I can't imagine listening to both of them for an hour. I read somewhere that Kail got a PPL loan during the pandemic. I'm confused; what payroll does Kail have? Doesn't surprise me that Kail would know how to work the system. Gotta say, that is a beautiful house and she is building another one? How much money does she have. I hate it when Jade comes on the screen too.
  13. I just remembered something last night. Does anyone remember the Diane Von Furstenberg show in which she tested a group of applicants to be the DVF global ambassador or the like. They lived together and did assignments every week and one was eliminated weekly based on the assignment. Many of the tasks related to DVF's actual store and actual clothing line. I doubt it was a real job in the end but who knows? So not so original, Bethenny. https://www.amazon.com/House-of-DVF-Season-1/dp/B00P2QQU2O
  14. weaver

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    I would never want Leah to leave the show because I like the updates on Ali. Leah has really come a long way. She doesn't have much to offer but she really cares about the kids and has established a good relationship with Corey. She's had a lot of therapy and she's absorbed it. Was glad to hear that they have found people with the same version of MD that Ali has that have lived through their 60's. Save money, Leah. As for Kail, she's had a lot of therapy too. You can tell by the way she spouts stuff. She can talk the talk but she can't walk the walk. Every chance she gets sh
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