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  1. weaver

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    I would be really disappointed if MTV fed lines to the kids, but I guess it is plausible. To me its very likely that Jo's house is more disciplined. It amazes me that Kail and Vee's podcast is successful. I can't imagine listening to both of them for an hour. I read somewhere that Kail got a PPL loan during the pandemic. I'm confused; what payroll does Kail have? Doesn't surprise me that Kail would know how to work the system. Gotta say, that is a beautiful house and she is building another one? How much money does she have. I hate it when Jade comes on the screen too.
  2. I just remembered something last night. Does anyone remember the Diane Von Furstenberg show in which she tested a group of applicants to be the DVF global ambassador or the like. They lived together and did assignments every week and one was eliminated weekly based on the assignment. Many of the tasks related to DVF's actual store and actual clothing line. I doubt it was a real job in the end but who knows? So not so original, Bethenny. https://www.amazon.com/House-of-DVF-Season-1/dp/B00P2QQU2O
  3. weaver

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    I would never want Leah to leave the show because I like the updates on Ali. Leah has really come a long way. She doesn't have much to offer but she really cares about the kids and has established a good relationship with Corey. She's had a lot of therapy and she's absorbed it. Was glad to hear that they have found people with the same version of MD that Ali has that have lived through their 60's. Save money, Leah. As for Kail, she's had a lot of therapy too. You can tell by the way she spouts stuff. She can talk the talk but she can't walk the walk. Every chance she gets sh
  4. My first reaction was "who is Jack". Haha, then I remembered Jha-kkkk. He was a good character on the show. We are missing those types in this season. Even Tom was a diversion.
  5. Don't forget the Female Intimacy vitamins, at Walgreen's. I find it hard to believe that her name adds any value to a product at this point, given her list of failures. Her core support group must have shrunk considerably.
  6. Agree with everything you said. It was funny to me that Jade was worried about Kloie seeing her with all her tubes out and bleeding, but doesn't seem to realize the effect on Kloie of all the screaming, shouting, etc. Kloie (not to mention the dog) shouldn't have been there to begin with; Jade should have recovered in a medical facility with nurses/attendants, etc. Course Jade shouldn't have done this crazy surgery at all; she should have tried to get in shape on her own first with a good diet and exercise program. Jade expected addicts mom and step dad to suddenly change and be caring
  7. What a boring episode. That tutu netting tied to leather jeans really was a downtown fashion statement that failed, as do all of Leah's outfits that she's worn on the show. They showed a lot of B roll of NYC pre pandemic streets purporting to be current with the filming of the show. NYC was absolutely empty in those days, no crowds anywhere on the street. I found it interesting that Ramona voted in Southampton, meaning that's her official residence. No New York City taxes for Ramona. Wonder if that has been her official residence all along. Leah's dog was disgusting at E
  8. I think it is the first time I FF'd the show starting at about the 30 minute mark. Everything in the show was so predictable, so tedious. Why is Heather reduced to being sort of a peacemaker to whom nobody listens. How about talking about the downtown fashion scene or something. Supposedly Leah is in it, although I see no evidence of it from the way she dresses, Victoria is in it, Heather worked for Diddy and Beyonce. No, its the same old manufactured feuds. What Leah was doing there to begin with, what with the state of her grandmother, I'll never know. Couldn't miss the chan
  9. Jersey is doing very well this year by giving the men a big role. I hadn't watched for ages, and I'm really enjoying it.
  10. I don't care where they live in the city as long as they have huge apartments and a big clothing wardrobe and a gorgeous summer home. That's what I want to see. UES is no longer the wealthiest area of the city; it has long since lost that status to areas downtown. But if someone is from Soho or Tribeca I want to see edgy streetwear fashion, not the mish mash that Leah puts together, and huge lofts, etc. When Eboni mentioned Harlem I thought oh great, she's bought one of those gorgeous brownstones. But no, its a one bedroom in I suspect a typical new construction high rise. And Leah in
  11. Sonja's daughter attends Penn. I was thinking maybe it was a friend of her daughter who was there for a cameo.
  12. Didn't she have that place upstate last year in the Catskills? She said she sold it because she was never there. I knew she wouldn't stick that out long; its way too quiet up there for Lu. Given the current real estate market she's better off with the Hamptons house and renting in the city, w where rents have plummeted. Ramona's timing was good too in selling her co-op.
  13. Was really disappointed in the show. Leah and her fake conversion repulse me. Jewish Orthdox isn't just a game. And she moved to Financial District, probably the cheapest place in the city. There will be nothing special there. She tried so hard to be edgy with that three patterned outfit and it just came out like trying to hard. When I heard Eboni bought a one bedroom in Harlem my heart sank. I want to see luxury apartments and glorious summer estates. As for Lu, that apartment was not decorated to Lu's taste at all. I'm sure it's just a rental for the time of filming. I'd like
  14. All her apartments were essentially in the same area though, so Bryn never had to change schools. This last year when she stayed in the Hamptons most of the time, it looked as if Bryn was doing remote learning. Now who knows what will happen if she sells the current Soho apartment and moves elsewhere.
  15. I still like the Hamptons house. It's the most lived in. She's been out there for a year. But if schools are opening up in September I doubt if Bryn would go to school out there. I don't know enough about the schools. A lot of the wealthy have relocated to their homes there during the pandemic, but whether they will continue to stay there as a year round home is uncertain. I though B would stay in Greenwich. It has great public (and private) schools, and if Paul needs to be in Boston a lot, its a fairly easy commute back and forth. I suspect she'd want a bigger home but she can aff
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