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  1. Are the classics the only way to learn critical thought?
  2. I lowkey hate Don Johnson's character. And also Tami.
  3. I was watching the Salt Bae skit with my teen daughter, and she said, "Oh, that's based on a meme." I went and looked up Salt Bae, and, turns out that the skit wasn't that far off from reality, and that made it all the funnier. I'm always kinda tickled when I think SNL is spoofing a thing, and, turns out, nope, that they are not even exaggerating that much. Same with the Prank Posse skit. My daughter, who says she lives on the internet, recognized that genre of YouTube channel, right away, and the type of folk they were spoofing.
  4. Well, DAMN, SNL. That was a STRONG Cold Open. Spot on. Chris Redd is FIT. Daniel's monologue is funny. Loving his energy. This covid vaccine skit...Hahahahaha! I swear I know each of those folk and have heard ALL those excuses for not taking the vaccine. It's great that SNL has enough Black cast members to be able to do this skit.
  5. I would like to wash and oil Shadow Moon...for ritual purposes. ********************************************* When Shadow called out, "Father" and wept after Wednesday forsook him on the plane...that broke me a little. That's always it, isn't it? Always that yearning for the love and approval of the Father.
  6. This makes sense. Money truly does makes everything easier. I will say, though, that at least Gabriel has the grades, skills, and the credentials, in addition to parental money and connections. So many kids don't have the grades, skills or credentials, and STILL get in because of parental money and connections, and coast through school and life on the same. That's the issue that Sunny was pointing out.
  7. They didn't really focus much on her role and make it clear what she truly was, but in the book
  8. Yvette Nicole Brown or Wanda Sykes to replace Sharon.
  9. That was actually my favorite part, accent and all, lol! I bet the actress had a blast. Monologuing! Ramsey Bolton popping back in at the end complaining about the condition of Sweeney's hoard was hilarious! I was really worried that he'd screwed Laura.
  10. Dear Lord, Please let Oprah's interview with Megan and Harry be a Hot Topic today...
  11. Bilquis' journey of discovery is giving me LIFE! I'm so excited to see what role she finally plays in all this. In the dance scene, I noticed that Oya was present, along with Oshun and Yemoja. They didn't focus on her much, but she was present. I feel there are some shenanigans with Tyr and Shadow. I noticed that Tyr smirked while he was driving. Something feels off about him. I don't feel that Shadow is a dick for sleeping with Marguerite. He's single. Laura isn't even in love with him. Honestly, this relationship interests me the least of all.
  12. The song at the end was "You Want It Darker" by Leonard Cohen. I had to look it up, those lyrics had me gobsmacked.
  13. I just know that those mannequins come to life at night. They are vessels for trapped souls. The horror movie scripts just write themselves, lol!
  14. Demeter gave Wednesday the sweetest "fuck you" ever. I think she made it clear she wasn't interested in being with him. He didn't listen, and really underestimated how the death of their child impacted her.
  15. RJP is soooooop pretty! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜­ Some of you may recognize him as Chicken George in the latest reiteration of Roots.
  16. Yeah, Meghan. Nuance is totes confusing.
  17. I'm cool with a joyful celebration of winning. Why not celebrate if your team won a tough challenge?
  18. Well...the most pro-birth person, anyway. 😊
  19. The absolute wonder, joy, and adoration on Shadow's face as Bilquus emerged from the water was EVERYTHING. Those two have excellent chemistry. Loved the heist! Mr. Ibis' tired and emphatic "YES." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Kinda disappointed at the ending. I'm not really interested in that.
  20. Dialogue was clunky as hell, but I enjoyed all the adult main characters. I'm intrigued to know more about the cop's story. He's so marvelously stoic and melancholy and righteous.
  21. I understand them not wanting to compete with the Superbowl. I personally hate football, and I'd totally be down American Gods instead. I think a lot of us would.
  22. I'm so glad that you are here to offer your insight about the depiction of the Orisha! Your perspective as an Aborisha is much appreciated.
  23. Did anybody else imagine that opening monologue spoken in Anansi's voice? Those words and images were so powerful. The singing of Wade in the Water and the introduction of the Orishas gave me chills. The meeting of the 2 Goddesses of Love...OOOOOH, SO GOOD! Them taking up arms reminds us of their multifaceted natures; that Goddesses of Love, Sensuality and Beauty are very often also warrior goddesses. They are givers of life, AND takers of life. "You are NOT who they say you are. You are whoever you want to be." These words resonated so powerfully with Hippolyta's evolutionary
  24. If MeAgain was could tell the truth and express herself intelligently, her bizarre style statements could make for an interesting contrast. A woman dressed like she's going to a 2010s Ke$ha concert who is also a brilliant political analyst? That would be priceless. I love when people upend expectations. MeAgain is trying to go the edgy looks route without having the political or intellectual prowess to back it up.
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