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  1. Everytime I hear the new theme music, I keep waiting for back up dancers to come out. Or maybe this:
  2. Yay, Joy is back, and with Ana! Whenever there is adultery, both participants are wrong, but, I always feel that there is more onus on the person who made a vow to be faithful. Bill knew his wife was down the hall. Bill has a record of this sort of thing. Monica should not have had sex with that married man...but that married man who was also President of the United States ought not have allowed any of that to take place.
  3. Awwwwwwww, Carly. We see you. We see you crying both sides. We see you claiming to be the "only pro-life person at the table." Kudos for pushing back back on that, Sunny and Whoopi. And everyone stayed pretty civil. I'm appreciating the mature conversations the ladies are able to have now.
  4. HAH!! That's a two exclamation point response! Heh you know the thought did cross my mind, as i was venting all that steam, that it was some such fucked up situation like that. Which brings me to that date. Who celebrates mid month like that? Its not a bad idea but its weird. Unless maybe it was to encompass a bunch of people that cross over the month. Alright i guess that's done. For now. lol Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 (census.gov) The timing is key. Hispanic Heritage Month — like its shorter precursor — always starts on September 15, a historically significant day tha
  5. AT apparently modelled her character on MeAgain and MeAgain was apparently flattered. Heh! Not surprising at all that Meg would be flattered. Here's a great article about Amber's thoughts on her character. Love that the Joker was also an influence. She's doing a great job on the show, that she was a version of Meghan was so apparent. Just like Meghan, she set my teeth on edge on sight. Meghan McCain and The Joker Inspired Amber Tamblyn’s Character in 'Y: The Last Man' (decider.com) Tamblyn said that McCain was a natural choice, as she views Kimberly’s late father, Pre
  6. Anybody else watching Y: The Last Man? Amber Tamblyn plays a blonde right wing conservative character that is a more polished, mature version of Meghan. Ironically, she's the daughter of the former president.
  7. Welp, I guess we better start encouraging more women to go into the blue collar trades. Yorrick is trifling. Beth definitely dodged a bullet. Poor Hero. If she'd just waited a few moments, she wouldn't have had to feel guilty for her lover's death. Loving Agent 355. I'm truly intrigued by her. Due to the covert nature of their work, her colleagues had become like family. Amber Tamblyn's character is a more polished, mature version of Meghan McCain.
  8. I agree with you about Offset. I think the female judges seemed to be able to discuss the outfits on the level you mention, Offset, not as much. Unfortunately, they seemed to defer to him on a lot of it. I guess because he's the name brand talent that most folk are going to recognize? There were moments when the other judges would refer to a fashion term, like "epaulets" that Offset wasn't familiar with. He reminded me of Heidi Klum on Project Runway/Making the Cut, always judging based on whether she would personally wear a garment. He's also juvenile and self-absorbed in that same way. And a
  9. That WOULD have been an interesting fusion. I'm not sure that she was even going for stereotypical LA gangster. I don't think she really put much thought into the concept or the audience she was designing for. I think she thought what she offered WAS a true representation of herself, and that those powder blue raindrops were pushing the envelope.
  10. Welp, that makes three of us watching! I binged this entire series yesterday as I crafted. I really enjoyed it, and hope it comes back for a second season. It's a nice complement to Legendary. Loved: 1. That the designers were young and hungry and pretty talented. 2. That I got to learn about a style I wasn't familiar with. 3. The 2 women co-signers. Their styles weren't to my personal taste, but I really enjoyed seeing their unique style statements. They generally offered solid and thoughtful advice and observations. 4. The high caliber of mentors. The offered
  11. I appreciate that, too. It was great that the show actually portrayed the Afro-Cubans.
  12. I appreciate the thought and storytelling that went into Gary's collection. He does craft some gorgeous garments. Gary would definitely benefit from having someone to manage the business side so he can focus on designing. I would enjoy his shop, it was different, and I like seeing creative process. I also don't mind a bit of reading, lol. I think that Andrea P is no less an artist. She is designing for women with disposable income who want to look and feel glamourous, sensual and elegant. It's not really for more low key sorts. I appreciate that she able to expand on what she usually offe
  13. Just finished watching episode 2 of season 2. A simple phone call to Raoul's mom would have gone a long way towards things going in a less...contentious direction.
  14. Ok. I HAD to. This is IMMACULATE.
  15. More Dashaun! Like Kroliosis said, his style is so CLEAN.
  16. I really enjoyed these last 2 episodes. The energy and creativity were at such high levels. Loved Tiffany's energy and cutthroat judging. I appreciated how Law and Leiomy firmly yet gently schooled her about certain aspects of ballroom. Honey, count me in for Club Diego! Watching all the judges get hot and bothered about him was so much fun! Loved Dashaun teasing them about it. Even his competitor was like: "Yeah. Yes, THAT." I was pulling for Miyake-Mugler, so YAY that they won. Balenciaga did very well, and I appreciated how engaged and together they were for the final.
  17. Just wanted to drop this here: And this:
  18. I'll never look at towels the same way again. That was impressive.
  19. I think they definitely get too much love. I think they are sloppy and not very creative or dynamic. I did appreciate that when Honey was trying to snatch the mike to reply to Law that Mother Shannon kept a tight grip and actually chastised Honey. Honey came off as very immature and self-centered, and Shannon struck the right motherly tone of, "Child, you better listen to your elders."
  20. I want Ego and Punkie to leave this show and go over to A Black Lady Sketch Show where they can shine. They are both talented, and deserve opportunities to be featured more and play a variety of fully fleshed characters in well-written skits with beautiful production values.
  21. Highlights for me were the Muppets skit and Kate as Liz Cheney. Significant drop off in energy and quality after Weekend Update, and the energy seemed off for that. Keegan was game for everything and his energy was great. I'm not sure what went wrong.
  22. Awwww, Crump had to go and invoke "my Father". 🙄
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