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  1. I, too was insulted when the judges accused Meghan of being influenced by Ester's and Jonny's edgier styles. They often seemed to talk down to her and minimize her talent. If you watch her face throughout the competition, you could tell she was aware of this. And, honestly? I feel that Meghan should have gotten some credit for influencing Jonny to explore his softer side. It was after his partnership with her that his work started to evolve.
  2. Meghan spots inauthenticity everytime she looks in the mirror, she just doesn't recognize it. Sunny dragged Meghan just a little bit. Think she noticed?
  3. Joy and Sunny's faces when Meghan spouts her nonsense. She is such a smug and entitled twatwaffle. I wish they could freely unload on her. Christian Cooper epitomizes grace and thoughtfulness. I don't appreciate that the questions seem to imply that he should feel bad about the consequences that the woman is experiencing. I agree with him that death threats against her is wrong, and that she should definitely reflect on why she chose to take the actions she did. Her fit of spite and willful lying could have cost this man his life.
  4. I think the fact that Ronan Farrow is a Pulitzer Prize winner is irrelevant to any if this, and I wish they'd stop harping on it. His reporting is not above being questioned. I am not anti Ronan Farrow, but I don't believe that any award or status should shield anyone from being investigated.
  5. Did anyone notice Meghan looking down, presumably at her phone at one point? I figured she was looking up or receiving talking points. She came out snarling after that.
  6. Meghan had the chance to ask Rita a question of substance, and she decided to whine about being called out for being less than polished? REALLY? Rita looked so confused, and I loved her answer. She's a woman with her priorities in order.
  7. He had a cat named N**ger Man. Maybe a little racist. I'm not a horror fan, but, if it has Jordan Peele's name on it, I'll give it a shot.
  8. That pie to Phyllis' face for EVERYTHING. I don't understand why that religious zealot woman Lottie Beth Hobbs would be against shelters for beaten wives. I guess cuz it gives women a place to escape from their rightful lords and masters? So weird. I do love how she challenged Phyllis' authority. The look on her face when Rosemary volunteered to take Phyllis' place at the convention was PRICELESS. You KNOW she had herself in mind for that. The dynamics among the conservative women was very interesting. They were equally as combative as the ERA women, but in a more underhanded, gente
  9. She can't go shooting, she can't drink, she's trapped 24/7 with Ben and she has no live audience to play to. She's DEFINITELY miserable.
  10. I loved this episode! It really brought home the impossible situation that Shirley was in. As a women, not being able to get the support of men, either Black or white; and as a Black woman, not being able to count on the support of white women. I thought Uzo portrayed all the conflicting emotions really well. She made me feel Shirley's pain and frustration as she watched all her political dreams crumble. It pretty much looks like Gloria's hair from that time.
  11. Enjoying this series very much! Glad to see Jill to represent the face of feminist Republican party. Great to know it was ever so slightly diverse. Watching Phyllis' group form that unholy alliance with the religious zealots was chilling. We can definitely see the toxic fruit of it today.
  12. This all day long. It's so magnanimous of her to give permission for us to be indignant about this administration's handling of this crisis. Like she hasn't mocked people in the past for their concern about how Trump and co mishandle things. People have BEEN calling these clowns out. You didn't invent the concept, Meghan.
  13. I agree, Meghan. If I had to be holed up with your husband for an entire weekend, I'd be furious too. Her over the top outrage is hilarious. After all the pivoting and deflecting and whataboutism, NOW you mad about how this administration's actions (or the lack) are impacting people? Girl, have SEVERAL seats.
  14. So, Meghan's gonna just sit and seethe and tap her fingers? OK. Whatevs. And Janet Jackson still looking like Penny from Good Times? Damn.
  15. I do like like those kimono wraps, and I am not normally a fan of View Your Deal...damn.
  16. Sigh. How suggestible are these 4 girls? They seem to follow any suggestion given by another child. After last week's freaky VR shenanigans, they just gonna wander off to a graveyard on Halloween night with some strange masked kid? Dammit, I wanted to see that girls face! And Grandma having sexy times with Kristen's nemesis? Ok.
  17. Everything you just wrote is why I couldn't watch. Sounds exactly like the last time he was on. Lies, smug smirks and no one pushing back on his lies. All of them pretty much tripping over themselves to bow to him. They actually did push back pretty strongly. I was glad to see it. They actually made him back track a few times and admit the truth about some things. Even Abby had some pointed questions for him. When he would blow her off, Sunny or Whoopi would pretty swiftly take up the reins, and they worked to keep him focused on the topics at hand. Sure there was some chumminess, b
  18. Loved Anissa as Harriet Tubman, even having to throat punch a loud-ass dissenter, lol! Poor Lala, back again, and covered in even more tattoos. He's definitely gonna need a bigger vehicle. Odell's treatment of Kissi was COLD. That poor kid. He didn't deserve to go out like that.
  19. Did anyone else notice how softly, slowly and carefully Mark Kelly spoke, like a teacher speaking to a class of dense, easily startled children? I love how he emphasized the roundness of the earth (looking at YOU, flat-earthers!) and the importance of science. Meghan didn't challenge him on anything, not even when he brought up climate change. She was all starry eyes and soft-voiced, Arizona puppy love. Abby, you are the very definition of "meh".
  20. She couldn’t even if she wanted to. That ship has long since sailed.... Edited Tuesday at 09:49 PM by Dahlia While no long thin or young, Whoopi has aged very well. Her hair and skin look great.
  21. Lydia and Lucy stabbing Blayne was one of the most satisfying things I have EVER seen. Knox was a great addition the the cast. I love his whole blase' attitude towards Blayne's death. Like everyone, I wonder what happened to Violet, the Scanwells, and Justice Hunt. Everyone seemed to have found a form of agency and empowerment and justice. I raise my glass to the Bad Bitches and Good Men of Harlots! I love this show so much! I do so hope there will be a 4th season.
  22. The theme of the season so far is: For her fierce love of friends and family, Margaret ruins everything. Cherry looked quite fetching in her new togs! Emily Lacey may have to kill that whore who knows her secret. I suspect she'll keep coming back to shake her down. Poor Emily is under so much stress right now. Blayne is just so...gross. I like this saucy, independent Kate. I'm intrigued to see where her story goes. Mr. Young is a silver fox. He's feisty! That was a surprisingly touching parting scene between Margaret and Lydia. I think Lydia might be heade
  23. That book review of Dirty, Sexy Politics was SAVAGE! My favorite thing about it is that the critiques are all things that we have called out on here. Apparently, she hasn't changed much over the years. From the last paragraph:
  24. Quote of the night: "That's my dress...his whore is wearing my dress!"
  25. Yeah. With Ms. May breathing down her neck, that may come sooner rather than later.
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