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  1. Ex Uber driver here. The scene where Michael just jumped into the car and asked the driver to drive him was rather impossible, unless Trevor wanted Uber to cut him off. Uber drivers were not allowed to take fare outside of the system. Michael needed go to the system and request a car and Trevor would have to accept. If Michael's phone did not work, tough luck. And you are right. There is no way Michael could track Trevor using the app. Otherwise ride-share drivers would be in jeopardy from stalkers. However, just to nitpick you, entering destination is optional. Passenger can just tell the driver. The app will calculate the distance and the time..
  2. My issue with this episode is on the legal side. Barba kept on saying that the victim was a serial rapist who raped the accused's daughter. But that fact was never decided in court. For all everybody there knew, Sharma was innocent. There was not even an evidence that Sharma was the father. Everything there was allegation. As well, the accused did not know that the victim was really the perpetrator. That should be an aggravating factor in the verdict or sentence. My nitpick, NYPD officers and Manhattan DAs are day drinking now? It was bright outside the bar. In January, it means earlier than 4 PM.
  3. Are you really comparing wind power used in a trireme with wind power used in a galleon?
  4. It has been several episodes that I feel that civilizations (human and alien alike) do not progress in normal pace. Discovery jumped 930 years in the future, yet the technological advancement in the 32nd century seems minimal compared to the 23rd century. Case in point, the starship engine. Putting The Burn into consideration, in 800 years, civilizations in the universe were still using dilithium-powered warp drive. The basic design and architecture of starship propulsion did not change in 800 years. Compare that with real life where 800 years ago our ancestors went to the sea with dhows and junks and now we have nuclear submarine. Or compare that with in-universe where warp drive was invented in 2060 and in 200 years they had full-blown space exploration. I would think that in the far future they jump from system to system with hyperdrive or something. As well, our Discovery crew seem to be able to match their 32nd counterparts in terms of knowledge, medical, warfare, technology and many other things. Again, back to real life example, imagine if there is a ship from the year 1090 appears here and meet with a modern destroyer. Just one shot and that ship will be blown to pieces without any resistance. In short, I am a bit disappointed with how the show pictures the 32nd century.
  5. Wakanda forever! Referring to the Trill, of course. What kind of a leader Saru is? Nobody, but nobody leaves the wardroom without the Captain's permission.
  6. TV Anonymous

    S01.E01: FILE #1

    Yeah, just like Person of Interest, I hate it when the 'computer' they are talking about does outside the realms of what AI and IoT can possibly do. Case in point, how did Iliza know the that there was a pistol in the safe and the combination of the safe's lock? The safe is air gapped, there is no sensor in the room that is also connected to the internet.
  7. CBC Montreal of course still exists. Just like all other CBC stations across Canada and just like other English stations in Montreal. However, while CBC do have francophones working for them, they do not offer French programming
  8. Ex-Montrealer here. Good parts of CBC sketch: Montreal bagel. Yes it is more like a ring than the doughnut shape bagel, but it tastes oh so good. Tabarnak! Le traffic! Yes, city of millions orange cones. Shout-out to Jacques-Cartier bridge, and an indirect one to the Big O, or as I like to put it, the Big Owe. Bad / dubious parts: McKinnon's Parisian accent and mention of Peugeot. Quebec automotive industry is North American. French autos abandoned the market decades ago. And that is one pet peeve of mine. Often, I find that the perception of the rest of North America towards French Canada is to generalize them with French of France. They are completely different. CBC is one-half of the company CBC/SRC. The other half is Société Radio-Canada that does their business in French. There is no French programming on CBC, all of them is on Radio-Canada. French Canada is not crazy about Drake like, at all. It is a bit off-putting for the sketch to insinuate that way.
  9. From what I read, this season was filmed during Spring-Summer 2019 timeframe. Is it normal to have such a long lead time between filming and airing? I thought in previous seasons filming in Spring meaning airing in the following Autumn / Winter. If they filmed in 2019, should it not have been aired in October 2019 or February 2020?
  10. That the Seven play a scripted movie as themselves doing what they (supposed to) do daily really confuses me. Who does that? Yes, there is Space Jam, but it is a comedy, not their real life. There are reasons why Tom Hanks played the pilot on Sully, not Sully Sullenberger himself.
  11. Super Penis! Even though that scene was only 15 seconds long, it was the highlight of the episode for me. Only this show dares to go there, exploiting sex organ with super power.
  12. Future or not, some basic engineering concepts surely are still applicable. Who designed the rocket craft? Why were there plenty of wasted space in it? The spacing of the seats made no sense whatsoever, particularly as the seats were just that. There were no mini-cabins as in today's first class. And why there was no headrests on the seats?
  13. I just wanted to comment how ineffective was the method to weed the spy out, morality aside. They wanted the spy alive so they could interrogate her and gain intel, did they not? What if the first woman shot was the spy? Then either they had to kill everybody or someone might falsely claim to be the spy, in that case the intel would be garbage.
  14. I do not get it too. Yanek and Management are basically a group of scientists from different institutions. How would they be able to create the Office of Interchange with them handling total control? Who funds the OI? It is a major organization with its own intelligence and armed branches.
  15. TV Anonymous


    Three quarter way of the second episode, I am out. If I want to watch a show about space exploration with this much of suspension of disbelief, I would have watched Star Trek, and I will when ST:Discovery plays. Why does the crew seems like they just get to know each other recently? With all the doubts and dissension and comparing experience? As a crew, they should have been training together for years. There should be no doubt on the chain of command, who does what, and how they do it. Mission control explicitly said to cut the communications. But the crew are still able to make personal calls to Earth. Wow. AT&T now offers roaming plans to outer space too? "Plans don't matter. Mission control doesn't matter." What the *bleep*? Why is the EVA ('spacewalk') such a major issue? The crew should have practiced EVAs thousands of times already, particularly for a mission that would last 3 years, one year of which in transit in outer space. Mission control does not have any plan? They should have had their scientists and engineers scramble to find the issue, to troubleshoot and to develop complete procedures by the first time problem is detected. And my breaking point is when the husband from watching live feed on NASA TV is able to provide solution that Mission Control has no idea about.
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