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  1. All the talk about Brainy and Nia did what was typically done on the Legends of Tomorrow: With that, I think it is not unreasonable if there is crossover between the shows and Brainy and Nia ended up got recruited by the Legends after Supergirl is over. Why not. Casts of Legends are very much fluid anyway. Brainy is already a time traveler too.
  2. I have different question regarding Loudon County. Do NYPD officers have jurisdiction in Loudon County, Virginia to actually shutdown the data center?
  3. Would that society with intensive space activities and technological advancement that come along with it go through the similar period of social justice movement? For example, the first black astronaut IRL to go to space went in 1983. In the show, Poole landed on the moon sometime in 1974.
  4. The main power plant of the shuttle Pathfinder is a nuclear reactor. If it is not a 'nuclear powered shuttle', then what it is? I would not be too fast as to call it 'will never happen'. NASA Mars Design Reference Architecture calls for nuclear thermal engine as the propulsion for Mars-bound spacecraft.
  5. Ed did not know that when he shot Sea Dragon, though. This is one of the things that I put as 'the show happens in alternate reality'. Maybe the military rules and protocols there differ than IRL. Case in point, Ed wore his civilian astronaut pin on his Navy uniform. IRL, Naval Officers who have gone to space would wear an astronaut device on their Naval Aviator or NFO wings instead. It is called Nuclear Thermal Rocket. It is still in design and research and not yet in production. Basically, the nuclear reactor is a closed loop with no radioactive materials exhaust.
  6. I am so tempted to make a long post about all the nitpicks that this finale episode has, but of course they can be handwaved by the fact that this all happen in an alternate universe where the John Lennon is still alive. Therefore, I will just have one nitpick. Why were there only three caskets in the burial at Arlington? I understand Gordo, Tracy, and Vance. But there was also an astronaut at Ops/Comm who got spaced out by decompression when the Soviets first breached. While it looks noble in the narrative of the episode, I do not understand Ed's motivation in shooting the Sea Drag
  7. Please do not forget Timeless, to be a bit on the serious side.
  8. So the whole episode is basically an exposition of Daniel's mental health issues?
  9. Then Prof. Chau actually created the secret storage space in his temporary office?
  10. The Sheriff's Deputy hit Cassie on the head with a big stone and she immediately lost consciousness. There should be an after effect,. There is no way she can just wake up and shake it off. At the minimum it is a severe concussion.
  11. The title of the episode is Patience, something that I think I am running out of. If Prof. Chau is an expert in Sinology, why is he in the Faculty of Southeast Asian Studies? Is it not terribly convenience that the one expert in the world who knows about the 8 magic weapons is a professor at Berkeley? Just a stone's throw away from San Francisco? Zhilian is wanted by the FBI for abducting U.S. citizen. Alright. What about the Ministry of Public Safety of China? They have no say as this is a suspected murderer on the loose? Unless somebody has significant resources - an
  12. Ellen could have declined the permanent appointment and she is free to resign anytime.
  13. In practice, in real life, NERVA is never put in use. In the original design of NERVA, which we presume is what being portrayed in the show, the reactor is fully contained with no discharge of radioactive materials.
  14. It is not B-747. It is the C-5 Galaxy, the largest aircraft ever in the U.S. arsenal - civilian or military. That kind of launch is never done, except for X-15s, because NERVA, or any other nuclear thermal rockets has never been proved successful. Outside of nuclear thermal rockets, there is no other propulsion known to yield enough velocity. No, not because of the quantity of fuel, but because nuclear thermal rockets - which the NERVA is - yields much higher exhaust velocity than solid- or liquid-propellant rockets. As for radioactivity, the nuclear reactor in NERVA is clos
  15. So we were teased with John wanting to commit suicide only to be interrupted by walkers walked off the river. And then this little shit shot him? And let me guess, Dakota will be a regular in Morgan's group just like Charlie did after killing Nick. John-June romance is the greatest love story in the whole franchise followed closely by Maggie-Glenn.
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