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  1. Finally got the chance to watch the pilot. While I like the underlying plot, and having Élodie Yung as main character helps, I have to question a number of nonsense in the episode. Arman liked Thony at the beginning literally as a cleaning lady. The capability as physician only came up later. Why? A gangster like him did not have 'specialized' cleaning crew on call? Apparently he did not, considering Theo's body was found. Arman asked Thony to go to his house to do a literal house cleaning, while she was in her cocktail dress. Again, why? There was nothing incriminating in the par
  2. One interesting point for me is that in the whole series Mickey is portrayed as a cold-blooded killer who was released from a prison sentence for a brutal murder. Who knew that Mickey did not actually commit the crime? The whole arc about Mickey as a murderer is actually false. Ray framed him to protect his first client and to start his career as a fixer, a career that got him at least a house in Calabassas, an apartment in downtown Los Angeles, two Mercedes-Benz cars, a boxing gym, a bar, and a great wealth to be able to send someone to live overseas.
  3. TV Anonymous


    From the get go, the fact that a civilian police can go into a naval base and aboard a naval vessel and conduct independent investigation unassisted confuses me. Does the Royal Navy not have Masters-at-Arms or Military Police? And then the police tries to dip their toes in matters of defense and policies, both are way outside of their scope. The Scotland Yard is the nickname of the Metropolitan Police Service, the police force of London. It is name so after the name of the location of its HQ, Scotland Yard. The police force in this show is Scottish Police Service, a fictionalized versi
  4. A failed training exercise that resulted in casualty and near misses for the participants? And the Lead of such exercise got a praise and offered a new position? WTF? Imagine if this happened in the U.S. Navy. Inquiry would be launched. Leading Officer would be relieved of command and maybe suspended. Procedures would be reviewed. The fact that they ventured in open space without supervision would be asked. And so on and so forth. Guess Starfleet did not really value life, regardless what the characters said every week?
  5. Despite the inconsistency along the season in terms of good/bad, this finale is actually sweet and endearing. And I am happy to see the final product in its entirety. Almost a decade ago there was Smash series that I liked. My major complaint with that show was that even after 2 seasons and its cancellation, we did not get to see the musical on stage.
  6. Looking at the tusks and the hump, it was a woolly mammoth. Wrong range, though. You were right that lower North America was the range for mastodon. Guess TPTB simply DGAF.
  7. Does anybody at Waystar Royco know how to do business, or even what their businesses are to start? All we see is the characters talking in circles about stupid empty business jargons and nothing real. Nobody talks about numbers. Never. No P&L, no balance sheet, no market share. Nobody also talk about strategy. What they are, where they are, what they want to achieve, and how to achieve.
  8. With the way the Roys play with the corporation as if it is their toy, I am just wondering, how did they get to be this successful?
  9. Kara reveals herself to be Supergirl, is that not against the canon of all DC superheroes?
  10. I admit my ignorance in gay weddings. But do the bride and bride attend the bachelorette party together? What is the purpose of the party? In the heterosexual world bachelor / bachelorette party is meant for the groom / bride to have one last party with their friends freely as a bachelor before entering marital tie. What is the point of having the party with the person one soon get married with?
  11. Two episodes in, I do not understand why that guard needs to be unreasonably rude and hostile. Seriously, as the story is being told, there is no reason for that kind behavior.
  12. You mentioned this a number of time, you meant Chief Del Harris, did you not? The Sheriff is Sheriff Deluca.
  13. From a totally superficial point of view, and yes I go there because I am forever 12, why Andrea's breasts are so sagging like those of an old woman? The actress is only 40.
  14. I think the show Under the Dome showed it better. I know that this is a comic book show, but did anybody not get killed by the dome? Carts and bicycles were sliced clear, what about humans and animals?
  15. My nitpick, and this is a common occurrence in shows about ghosts, is if the ghosts have no physical properties and normally do not interact with materials in the living world, how was it that they made impression on the couch and the cushions? Specifically we could see that the deflection on the couch when they sat there. Also, this has been raised before, are they not supposed to be in the outfit of their death? Trevor does not wear pants, Pete has an arrow across his neck, but Isaac, Alberta, and Hetty are all in their dress clothes. If Isaac died of dysentery, he is likely to have die
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