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  1. I am lost. Who gave her all the money - including the one she used for chartering helicopter and renting the place in Berlin? The CIA through Edwards?
  2. Finally TPTB solved the problem caused by Supergirl being on CBS four years later. Is this an indication that Green Lantern is on the horizon? Stargirl is coming, I believe. And I am happy to see Swamp Thing, Titans and Doom Patrol. Would be great if the had Gotham also.
  3. Seeing Ezra Miller, I was half hoping that Gal Gadot and/or Jason Momoa would also make cameo. But WTF, how was Lex Luthor a hero in this story? In all Superman iterations, Lex Luthor is always the big bad. The story of Oliver as the Spectre made me confused.
  4. I was thinking more of how unrealistic it was to have a TV judge show filmed in Portland. It was not mistake of Miles as a character, though. It was that the writers did not know their own settings. In Oregon and New Jersey, all gas stations are manned. Therefore motorists do not even have the chance to get off the car and pump themselves.
  5. I do not understand the rationale for Ansel moving. He wanted to be independent, he wanted to be "with the people like [him]", but he ended up moving with Grey? And he would sleep on the couch? What was the point? An LMAO moment when people in the bar gathered in front of the TV intently following... Canadian football game? I did not know that the CFL was that popular in Portland. And since when there was a fourth down in Canadian football? If the judge made $31M p.a., then his show was quite successful. Now, is there any TV judge show filmed outside of NY or LA?
  6. I do not think I like this episode, it is poorly written. So the Sheriff and the Deputies were just waiting in their vehicles while an armed robbery was taking place? They did not setup perimeter nor get ready to catch the criminals? And when the security guard came, nobody intercepted? And so, the security guard got shot on the chest point blank, the robbers got away. Should they not have covered all exit points? I thought medical professionals had the obligation to report gun shot wounds? And I hate the trope where when law enforcement vehicles pass on the street / highway with emergency lights on and siren blaring, no single car pulls over. In fact, it seems like those cars are competing who can block best.
  7. He could, but then Mickey would go into the secure area and Ray could not follow him further as he did not have boarding pass. Mickey then would just leave through arrival. Except of course, Ray would find a tape of TSA agents at the gate having an orgy party. Not only Darryl, but the rest of the Donovan boys. Listening to Ray's confession to his therapist, Mickey was a very, very bad father. Why any of them - including Ray - still stand up for him is beyond me. Not only that, was Darryl not a boxer? How did he lose the fight against Ray and only beat him with the cheap shot using the bottle? Apologies if this one is a bit unsavory, but I feel weird looking at Kerry Condon's nude pose, with her ribs hanging below her breast. Lastly, is there not a single corrupt law enforcement officer in Ray Donovan universe?
  8. TV Anonymous


    Being a government employee, the most unrealistic aspect for me is that they keep on pushing on Heller and Hanna despite the number of casualties on CIA's side, even from the beginning in Morocco. That is a lot of funerals to hold and families demanding explanation.
  9. Even in real life, Usain Bolt is often called 'the fastest man alive'. So I am not sure how DC can claim that phrase as its property.
  10. @Raja, this is the information from the Army about MOS 18X, which is for civilians who want to enlist directly into SF.
  11. Warrant Officers in the Canadian Armed Forces are completely different with those in the U.S. Armed Forces. In the CAF, WO, Master WO and Chief WO enlisted ranks (or non-commissioned members in CAF terms), comparable to perhaps SFC, MSG and SGM. The CAF do not have the rank group between NCM and commissioned officers. WO ranks are only used by the Army and Air Force since the Royal Canadian Navy uses Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers instead.
  12. I may be very well wrong, but this is my understanding. A civilian can enlist in the Navy with the intention of going to SEAL. After Boot Camp, candidates go directly to Preparation Training then to BUDS. If they drop out, they get recycled to the tin can Navy. So supposedly one joins at 17 years old, it is conceivable to be qualified as an operator at 19 years. However, DEVGRU is a bit different. DEVGRU recruits not only in the SEAL community but NSWC wide. Therefore, while vast majority of DEVGRU are SEALs, there are also SWCCs. DEVGRU requires candidates to be at least 21 y.o. with combat experience. Regarding Special Forces and CAG (Delta). Special Forces candidates can come from other branches of the Army. CAG candidates however, only come from within ARSOC. Therefore CAG operators usually come from the Rangers or Special Forces.
  13. I have about enough of the love quadrangle story. I want fun action, not soap opera. Having written that, let me see the elements of the love quadrangle. Grey slept with Dex, Dex slept with Liz (with or without sex), Liz slept with Grey, Hoffman slept with Dex. So all we need now is for Grey to sleep with Hoffman to close the loop. I dare TPTB to go there. Oh, and Liz to sleep with Hoffman too. If the love quadrangle is still on next year, I am out.
  14. BTW you mentioned that your TV is from 2012. Is is 4K at all? If it is not, do not worry about all 4K setup as it does not matter for your TV.
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