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  1. I just wanted to comment how ineffective was the method to weed the spy out, morality aside. They wanted the spy alive so they could interrogate her and gain intel, did they not? What if the first woman shot was the spy? Then either they had to kill everybody or someone might falsely claim to be the spy, in that case the intel would be garbage.
  2. I do not get it too. Yanek and Management are basically a group of scientists from different institutions. How would they be able to create the Office of Interchange with them handling total control? Who funds the OI? It is a major organization with its own intelligence and armed branches.
  3. TV Anonymous


    Three quarter way of the second episode, I am out. If I want to watch a show about space exploration with this much of suspension of disbelief, I would have watched Star Trek, and I will when ST:Discovery plays. Why does the crew seems like they just get to know each other recently? With all the doubts and dissension and comparing experience? As a crew, they should have been training together for years. There should be no doubt on the chain of command, who does what, and how they do it. Mission control explicitly said to cut the communications. But the crew are still able to make personal calls to Earth. Wow. AT&T now offers roaming plans to outer space too? "Plans don't matter. Mission control doesn't matter." What the *bleep*? Why is the EVA ('spacewalk') such a major issue? The crew should have practiced EVAs thousands of times already, particularly for a mission that would last 3 years, one year of which in transit in outer space. Mission control does not have any plan? They should have had their scientists and engineers scramble to find the issue, to troubleshoot and to develop complete procedures by the first time problem is detected. And my breaking point is when the husband from watching live feed on NASA TV is able to provide solution that Mission Control has no idea about.
  4. TV Anonymous


    Just finished the first episode, and these are my first impression. I can not help comparing this show with For All Mankind, and so far this show is much drama, less science. The crew consists of an Indian and a British and only an American. The United States are by far the most advanced nation in space exploration in both experience and budget. There is no way that the United States only put one person. As well, the United Kingdom and India are not that enthusiastic in their space programs. Japan, Germany, Canada, France and Italy are much more advanced and experienced than them. Astronauts have direct access to their home life? There is a reason that communications to the astronauts are through mission control, and that is to avoid a situation exactly like this. Mission control should be able to control information the astronauts receive so that they will not jeopardy such a critical mission. There is only one person manning the Moon Base Alpha?
  5. When I watched the catering staff threw away the uneaten shrimp and lobster to the garbage, my heart sank...
  6. I know that this is supposedly a drama-comedy with a liberal amount of artistic license, but was it legal what Kendall did? All accumulated vacations would not be paid off? Vacation days are entitlement, just like salary. Denying employees their vacation payment is equal with withholding payment, IMO.
  7. Maybe it is just me, but I feel very uncomfortable with Sofie and her mental illness, or maybe that is the point? She does incredibly stupid things with no good reason whatsoever. From her conflict with her family, her involvement in GOPA, her leaving the airline and her assuming other woman's identity, all seem too absurd for me. I also agree with you with the violence. Granted that Korvo guards are not the friendliest people, but what do they expect? And what do they want by escaping? That they somehow find their way to a city and live underground as illegals?
  8. First possibility is that he ran out of time already. He did not have the time to run back one car and decouple from there. Second possibility is that the car might have jackboots in it, the very people he wanted to eliminate. This show, and the 2013 movie before it, are based on French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. I believe TPTB wants to remind viewers that that is where they come from.
  9. IMO that arc is the weakest link of the show and for me it pulls the show down. It is rather pointless and not to mention the most unbelievable aspect of the show. Yes I know, in the show where the Soviet Union not only landed on the moon, they did it before the United States and they brought female cosmonauts there, I found that Aleida story was hard to swallow. She was the daughter of a janitor, yet she had free access to the restricted gallery to the mission control. Her father got employed in a supposedly very secure facilities even though he was an illegal immigrant. And his father could collect classified materials from the garbage and just took them home.
  10. I ventured into this series because I subscribed into the free trial to watch Greyhound. I also remembered the hype when it premiered. A disappointing end to a disappointing series, I have to say. Would not recommend it to anyone. However, I have one nitpick from the episode that bothers me. Are the police really unable to see that the hanging of Patz is murder, instead of suicide? There should be signs of struggle from where he was choked. It is amazing how the fast the police declares it as suicide, that the suicide note is genuine, and for the prosecutors to completely believes the note.
  11. Me too. I was watching other show about old England when 'hanged, drawn and quartered' was still in effect for high treason and learned that such punishment was abolished in 1870. It was therefore a surprise and a quick reminder that it was a fantasy world.
  12. Just watched the Pilot. Watched the beginning of the episode and it was okay. A story about an ex soldier served in the war (presumably WWII) and living in London with his parents ca. 1950. So everything was normal until it got to the scene where there were gibbeting cages hanging on the streets. I was like, "WTF did gibbeting cages do in 1950s London?" Then I quickly remembered that this is Batman world, Gotham world. Silly me.
  13. I admit, I do not follow the source materials for Stargirl / JSA so I do not know any better. However, I am a bit disappointed with the origin story. So they just get magical gadgets and those make them super heroes? That is... too easy. They do not come from another planet or from an ancient warrior race, or get exposed by chemicals / exotic matters / radiation? Or at least regular people who train above and beyond what normal people do to be extra proficient in martial arts?
  14. And I think that is the weak point of this show. We as viewers will accept the premise of the show, if only they let us know why. As such, may situations in the show are not what we think humanity would do in the given situation. Why train? Why not a fix habitat? How the power generation works? Why do they have to circle the world? Those are questions the show needs to answer in the first episode.
  15. It seems like the faster the train moves the more power it generates. The power needed for the head-end power, that is power used by the trains for any other use than propulsion. Okay, increasing the speed means the engine produces more power right? Producing more power means more for the head-end. But why the head-end must depend on propulsion? Why not keep the power generating separate? And speaking of which, even if they have perpetual engine (itself is a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics), why do they bother putting people on a train? Taking risk by the fact that the train is moving through different terrains and exposing itself to different elements. Would it be better if they just build a habitat and let the perpetual engine power it? There will be less complex machinery to deal and better space arrangement. In addition, outside of science discussion, how does Wilford Corporation does this? First, second, third class passengers pay, fine. But for what? In that post-apocalypse world, what is the value of money? Point is, how do wealthy people maintain their comfort? Do their material possessions still mean something if everything is provided by the train anyway?
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