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  1. Well, I guess I am in minority. I dislike this premiere episode. The lead looks entitled and smug for someone whose profession is in jeopardy. And of course the legal angle is thoroughly crap. There is no way that the lawyer is allowed to give lecture during cross. And they do not even arguing the law.
  2. They were in Newfoundland. Newfoundland has its own dialect that sounds like Irish as it is indeed influenced by Irish. Wow, Lena is such a splitting image of her mother, her mother even has the same mole on the neck at the exact same spot.
  3. Got terminated because of an uncorroborated report? It is the definition of wrongful termination where I am.
  4. Just saying, horse meat tastes like mutton but a bit tough. Nothing special about it. How do I know? I eat it regularly. Here it is widely sold - legally of course - in grocery stores. I hope that they eat the entirety of that horse, offal and all. Interesting that the Reapers use ninja tropes to fight. Throwing knives, smoke to escape, wonder how they trained during zombie apocalypse.
  5. And when there is another well-known Kryptonian lives in National City. But sure, perhaps that one is still in the Phantom Zone.
  6. So Nicole, an executive at an IT organization, does not know that she can change the background digitally on Zoom?
  7. I know that this is a comic-based show, but I cannot help cringing when The Flash while standing still charge the device with 'kinetic energy'. As well, Runk mentions nanometers as a unit to measure energy. He implicates that there is 5 billion nanometers of energy. 5 billion nanometers is simply 5 meters. What does that mean in terms of energy?
  8. I guess there was no such thing as wrongful termination in 1949? The diner owner fired Dee just based on anonymous, uncorroborated phone call.
  9. I do not read much of entertainment news, so ELI5. What does Diggle do in these Arrowverse shows? He appeared on Batwoman, The Flash, and now this. Is he up for a new series? There was a speculation that he would be Green Lantern but I believe that HBO Max already cast that series and Diggle would not be involved.
  10. If those were real-life Steve Zahn, his wife should be a satisfied woman.
  11. Wet'suwet'en FN? Does that subtly mean that Capt. Kramer character is Canadian?
  12. I know that the Kevin part of the show is played as a sitcom, but what about all those guests in the escape room? They are legitimately entitled to their $10 000 prize money. Now that they found that Kevin scammed them by swallowing the key, and that Kevin was part of the organizers, lawsuits should be coming to them.
  13. I have perhaps two nitpicks, considering that the setting is in 1949. Vern told Dee that the manager of the hotel was his friend and that person would take care of her. Vern dropped Dee and did not enter the hotel. How would the manager know who Dee was and that she was sent by Vern? There was no cell phone for Vern to inform the manager that Dee was coming. Mrs. Yost wore a transparent plastic head cover all the time she was eavesdropping in the rain. Did such plastic product exist in 1949?
  14. I do not know about Delroy Lindo, but Cush Jumbo has a U.K.-produced series lining up on AMC - The Beast Must Die.
  15. I am a little underwhelmed with the depiction of nuclear explosion in this episode. The Ohio-class submarines carry Trident II missiles which warheads have 100 kT TNT blast yield, or more. As a comparison, Little Boy, the bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima had 15 kT TNT blast yield. So there they were, with the bomb that was potentially 5 times as powerful as the one that ended WWII, and Victor just watched the blast from behind glass windows of a high-rise apartment. Morgan and Grace just sheltered under a car in the open. Dwight and Sherry were just behind a sheet metal door with wood frames
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