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  1. TV Anonymous

    The Code

    So the Colonel was able to strong-arm a multi-national mining company even after a Major General and his staff could not? And in episode 3 she wrangled a Brigadier General to give her career up after she spoke casually to the said General? (Col Turnbull did call BGen Daley by her first name unprompted.) Who the hell is Col Turnbull? So now 1stLt Turnbull is saved. Yay. But what about those SEALs? Their deaths are directly attributed to Col Turnbull's push. Their lives for her son's I suppose. I hope that it was not Bravo Team who did the rescue. 🙂 As for Rami - or rather, WO1 Ahmadi - IMO the officers did not give him the respect he deserves by calling him by his first name while he addresses them properly.
  2. TV Anonymous

    The Code

    The second paragraph is not about military.
  3. TV Anonymous

    S07.E07: Veep

    Since Truman, the only presidents not buried at their libraries are: Kennedy, buried at Arlington National Cemetery following the assassination. Johnson, buried at his family private cemetery close to his childhood home. Ford, his library and museum are separate. He is buried at the museum.
  4. TV Anonymous

    S07.E22: You Have Saved This City

    Do I remember wrongly but I thought that Mia was trained by Nyssa and Oliver was there? Or am I just imagining it? So I guess next season will be Oliver without Team Arrow doing multi-verse action? Next season's Arrow will be just Oliver as he departed Earth-1 already. Will the four children be a spin-off? Finally, bye Felicia Felicity. And of course bye Spartan, Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, Black Canaries and Arsenal.
  5. TV Anonymous

    The Code

    So the Senior Defense Counselor was an O-5 and he wanted that his successor to be an O-3? What? O-4 made more sense as we could fanwank that Ferry might be promotable to O-5. But a Captain to take over a Lieutenant Colonel? No, programmers do not always put their signatures in their codes. Some do, but it is not as common as the show depicts. Besides, those in parentheses are optional. How did they prove that they point to someone specific, beyond reasonable doubt? Lastly, 'Big Chicken Dinner' and Dishonorable Discharge apply only to enlisted personnel. Officers get dismissal. Funny how seasoned lawyers use inaccurate terms.
  6. TV Anonymous

    S07.E07: Veep

    But it was all her choice, though. Jonah was her VP and Amy was his CoS, Mike already gone a long time, Dan was fired on her request and Gary was in jail by her doing. The only one who voluntarily got oneself off Team Meyer was Kent who could not bear the idea of getting involved with Jonah. And see where that took Kent, from a very rational data analyst and strategist to an alpaca farmer.
  7. TV Anonymous

    S07.E07: Veep

    So Selina Meyer Presidential Library is in Smith College in Massachusetts. I am a bit disappointed as Smith College is actually a very good school, member of the Seven Sisters. Looking back at how difficult it was for her team to secure a location for her Presidential Library, IMO it would be hilarious if it is located in some junior college or for-profit university.
  8. TV Anonymous

    SEAL Team

    I was quite disappointed with Time to Shine (the submarine episode) and had not been watching the show for a while. I am working my way up the episodes. Now on to You Only Die Once (Afghanistan - Iran border sniper shot). At the beginning of the episode, it was stressed strongly that to prevent war they could not be identified as American. However, at the end of the episode, we saw Marines UH-1Y and AH-1Z, as well as ground troops, fired directly into Iranian soil. Clear as day with all the identification marks wide open. How did that go with the higher echelon? It is one thing that the mission failed, it is another thing to have American aircraft and troops openly opened fire into Iranian territory. On a second note, this is something that has been going on for a while. The team members call LCDR Blackburn as 'Blackburn' to his face. Special Warfare or not, is it acceptable? I can understand that as a SO unit they are a bit lose in protocol and may call each other by first name, enlisted and officers alike, but to call someone by last name without a prefix?
  9. TV Anonymous

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Moderators, can you please change the title to this thread to reflect the actual title of the episode, 'The Bells'?
  10. TV Anonymous

    For The People

    I am Canadian and I realize that the laws and procedures are different. When I was at Jury Duty, we were asked if any of us were practicing lawyers. It was like the first question in the morning. There were a number of ineligible professions and being a practicing lawyer was on the top of the list. So whoever was, was automatically excused. Therefore, the plot of a judge - never mind what court he is presiding - being a juror make this show drops significantly in credibility for me.
  11. TV Anonymous

    The Code

    I think that would be too bizarre of an idea. NCIS itself is a spinoff of JAG. A crossover with any of the NCIS shows places our Marines in the same universe as JAG, as Harm and Mac. Then why do we have a JAGC unit that is 100% Marines and one that is mix Navy - Marines?
  12. TV Anonymous

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    Dragons are hermaphrodite now? Okay...
  13. TV Anonymous

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    I just drop in to express my astoundment on Daenarys' confronting Cersei at King's Landing gate. Quite literally, she and what army? She has what, around 2 cohorts of the Unsullieds and a dragon? Meanwhile Cersei has her troops fresh, protected and she has Golden Company reinforcement. Drogon? Look at all the ballistae atop every turret.
  14. TV Anonymous

    S07.E05: Super Tuesday

    Ted Cruz was born to U.S.-citizen parent. Singular. His father was not U.S. citizen until 2005. Trump said that he would raise Cruz's citizenship question if Cruz won the primaries. And John McCain is not a good example since at the time of his birth Panama Canal Zone was an incorporated territory of the United States.
  15. TV Anonymous

    The Code

    Am I such a bad person that when I saw the scene I was annoyed with the Navy CACO LT holding his head dress on his right hand?