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  1. AnnieBananie

    S07.E22: Reunion Part 1

    FYI, it's a three-part reunion, bless Mamaw's beer cheese.
  2. AnnieBananie

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    It was incredibly refreshing to have an episode without James and his groupie Raquel.
  3. AnnieBananie

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I never thought I was a bad judge of character, but maybe I am, or else everyone is a huge jerk this season: Carter. Billie Lee. Were they once likeable, and I was on that boat, and now they're just dicks? Or were they always dicks and I'm just noticing it?
  4. AnnieBananie

    S07.E09: Tom and Tommer

    I also thought it was funny that Tom was cheerfully cleaning the (women's) bathroom... and had no idea what the product disposal box was for. That was Schwartz in a nutshell, right there.
  5. AnnieBananie

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    I find it weird that LVP, the brilliant businesswoman, is just now starting brunch. Girl, please. I live in DC where brunch is a way of life, and having boozy brunches with Billie (there's your catchy slogan!) could have been bringing in the big weekend bucks for a while now.
  6. AnnieBananie

    James Kennedy: DJ Muppet Baby

    The Season 4 marathon is on, and James was just suspended for his altercation with Richardson at Pump. I may be wrong, but I think it was his first suspension. And we're now in season 7, after more than a few suspensions for James, and this shit is STILL going on! He has a serious, serious alcohol problem.
  7. AnnieBananie

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    The interesting thing to me about Laura is that she came in that first day and critiqued everything, bottom to top. She could have decided then and there to up the standards on the M/Y Sienna, work hard (y'know, as a "former chief stew"), and really shine in her role. But instead she chose to do the bare minimum, and told someone (who, when, I've forgotten) "Oh, I thought we were not caring" or some such. So she could have risen to the occasion, but she just chose to embrace mediocrity and bitch the whole time.
  8. AnnieBananie

    Ariana Madix: Smarter and Prettier than You!

    From Page Six today - Ariana had a "lil bit o'cancer" removed last year.
  9. AnnieBananie

    S07.E04: Lisa's Dilemma

    The best line of the whole episode was James' teary "I'm a nice person when I'm sober!" in conversation with LVP. Which is a lie, but his delivery was so on point.
  10. AnnieBananie

    S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    Yes, the next new episode will air the week after that.
  11. AnnieBananie

    S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    If there's anyone in the main cast - which means sans Peter - who carries the most weight (and I don't mean that in the horrible James/Lala way) in Lisa's eyes, I would think it would be Katie. Possibly Sandoval, but I have to put Katie up there for the same reasons WhosThatGirl put above: Katie doesn't cause scenes, is level-headed, and Lisa knows how much Katie idolizes her. If I were Lisa and Katie came to me with the stories she has about James, I'd seriously think about whether or not I'd keep James on.
  12. Oh, shit, she's even bringing in Chrissy Teigen, Queen of Twitter!
  13. AnnieBananie

    S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    I found it most interesting that Kate, who has live-tweeted/reacted to most of the episodes, stayed completely silent this week. I would have assumed she'd be crowing, crowing, crowing from the roof about Caroline leaving.
  14. AnnieBananie

    S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    If the editors are having Jax proposing to Brittany in the first episode, that's going to set the tone for the season.
  15. AnnieBananie

    S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    I've liked Tommy overall, and bless him for loving MJ and tolerating Vida, but I thought saying "abso-fuckin'-lutely" during his vows was totally classless. Not to mention MJ being completely blitzed on something throughout the whole ceremony. I was appalled.