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  1. Aghst, for the record, I agree with you! The producers are much more interested in better TV, but I think Lee is invested in the reflection of his staff on him. I don't know what his reputation was before he began on the show, but he wants us to think he still cares about it - and maybe he actually does. (And now that I think about it, I'm curious - is he a respected captain (still), or is he now just a reality tv patsy?)
  2. Captain Lee live-tweeted last night during the show, and said that if he had known that had happened out at the bar, he would have had a tough chat with the staff the next morning. Remember, don't embarrass yourselves, and don't embarrass the boat.
  3. These people went from drunkenly amusing to scary super quickly. And that makes me think - when does production step in? At what point? When someone's safety is compromised? When a person becomes threatening? (This reminded me of back in the day when I watched The Real World: Hawaii and production intervened when Ruthie drove drunk). What's the line?
  4. I hope Ariana is giving herself a big pat on the back for not marrying Sandoval or wanting to have children with him. He's getting odder and odder, and boy, I hope she leaves his overdramatic ass.
  5. If we're going to have a snarky, gay Brit for a second stew, I want the real Josiah, not discount Josiah. It's a shame he was available last season but not this one.
  6. Whether or not this is the case, he and Katie remind me of the "having a kid will fix all our issues!" kind of people. And those people are REALLY fucked up.
  7. That's Richardson, a manager at Pump who's been there for a while. I remember in the good old days he and Lisa once spoke French to each other about James when James was sitting right there, and he had NO idea what was going on. It was excellent. If Richardson is brought over to SUR or TomTom, that is good for the show (because he's awesome), but is a bad sign for the restaurant because he ranks highly in the LVP brand and probably is there to get the people in order.
  8. What do you DO with this kind of money? How do you spend it? (I'd put 75% in savings, but that's just me.)
  9. I was really pleased that Korean-American actors were hired to do the dubbing, rather than just random white folks. (Because I feel that Hollywood would lazy out and hire guys. But Netflix has higher standards.)
  10. Don't you threaten me with a good time!
  11. I was proud of myself that I noticed that If you're interested in seeing some behind the scenes pix, check out the #SquidGame on Twitter. Beware, spoilers abound.
  12. Finally, a Squid Game thread! I finished the last three episodes last night and they blew my mind (and I saw a lot that connected back to the beginning). I think the whole thing was incredibly well done. Looking forward to discussing!
  13. James may not be drinking, but he is not sober by any means. (Especially now that we have confirmation that he's smoking pot every day.) Why does every male on this show have a rage problem?
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a pregnancy pact.
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