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  1. An excellent episode, and to echo everyone, extra claps for Josh O'Connor. If you don't follow The Fug Girls, you should - they do excellent recaps, and even shared some snaps from the filming of this episode. Just contrast Colman in real life with how dour QEII is. (And it looks like the costumers did quite well recreating Anne's and the Queen Mother's outfits!)
  2. I really enjoy Below Deck, but I'm so relieved that this season is over (I've said that before - the misogyny and sexual aggression are sickening.) I was impressed at the class the ladies had in saying goodbye to their coworkers - Kevin leaving without saying goodbye was pretty tasteless. However, I'm definitely looking forward to the reunion - at least two parts of the boys being held accountable for their actions. My schadenfreude meter is ready and waiting.
  3. This is certainly an episode that would have benefited from a Black Screen of Information for those of us who are underinformed - how much longer she lived (was it all in the Palace?), some broader notes on her achievements and those she helped. One thing I had hoped they would mention in a BS of I:
  4. If you're not following Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) on Twitter, she has much to say about this season, and she often live-tweets.
  5. I've been able to watch past seasons' marathons over and over and over (and over) again before, but I don't see that happening with this season. I just feel gross and uncomfortable. Between production not stepping in didn't when it should have, the vilification of Kate, and Ashton's self-serving apology, it just all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's sad.
  6. "I'm sorry you feel that way" is in fact Kate's Twitter bio.
  7. Kate and her "I outrank you" bullshit has gotten on my nerves this season, because she's exploiting her position as much as she can - making people wait on her because she's still getting ready, that sort of thing. But as the highest-ranking stew, she and Ashton,the bosun, both have a responsibility, I think, to set examples of appropriate behavior - not gossiping, not hooking up with your underlings (ASHTON), not getting outrageously drunk and throwing clothes on the floor, not rooming with your buddy... That's what I want to see out of someone who outranks me - what to do, instead of how not to be an asshat.
  8. I am so used to Olivia Colman being excellent at everything that within the first few minutes, I thought, "Okay, great, she's being wonderful; now I can focus on everyone else." And I chose to focus on Tobias Menzies. I really, really, really enjoy focusing on Tobias Menzies. (I've had a crush on him since "Rome," so I'm delighted to see him here.) He's letter-perfect.
  9. I'm assuming Simone hasn't watched any of the show, because just based on the seasons I've watched, I feel like *I* could be a better stewardess than she's being! Feed the guests, keep their drinks flowing, think they're hilarious, keep asking what they need/want, say yes to everything... ...this isn't that hard, is it?
  10. Captain Lee is taking ZERO prisoners on Twitter. He's standing by his initial (and IMO correct) assessment of Abbi as a quitter. (Hey, I made a poem!)
  11. Yes! It would have been much classier - and solved a multitude of problems - if they'd put out some nibbles for the earlier guests. Then Kevin could have relaxed (does he know the meaning of the word?) and breakfast would have been served when the guests requested... not to mention Kate would have been up and on duty.
  12. Jack's girlfriend - the one he put things on hold for to date Aesha, dumped Aesha and went back to - is pregnant.
  13. Sandy's 180 with Hannah - "you don't have the passion WAIT COME BACK you're an amazing human being and I'm so proud of you" - indicates how Sandy can't bear for anyone to think badly of her. Her behavior at dinner, when Aesha ribbed her (not as hard as she could/should have, IMO) about interior praise, and then Sandy declaring she wasn't hungry anymore and stomping off, showed me that she could dish it out but not take it. Needing to be everyone's friend, hugging nonstop, and pouting and leaving? Not leadership qualities.
  14. The inside staff need to get serving properly down pat first. THEN they can start thinking about white glove service.
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