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  1. The problem with Malia's "no-thanks-on-the-Master-Malia" moment is that she didn't go far enough. What she should have said was along the lines of "Actually, Malia is just fine, and while we're on the subject, I need you to put the kibosh on the 'sweetheart' and 'sweetie' and all the variants on that. I'm your supervisor, and those terms don't fly with me. Got it? This is the only time I'm going to say that." (Preferably looking Pete square in the eye as she said it.) Then she would have sounded like a real boss and, I hope, avoided that awkward meeting with Sandy.
  2. There WILL be a (virtual) reunion in July, according to Page Six.
  3. Oh, the timing. Stassi is pregnant.
  4. For all of his obnoxious bitching about Katie being a Social Justice Warrior, Schwartz should thank her for her vociferous objection to the arrest prank, since that may very well be what kept the couple on the show. As to the rest of the cast, they're all fruit of the poisonous tree.
  5. I thought a lot of the commenters' questions were right on point. They were coming for Adam and Jenna, and I was totally there for it.
  6. That was an hour of my life I'll never get back. The FaceTime segments were so fake. Because let's be honest - does anyone think that LVP actually cares about how her SURvers are doing? Like she's that close with Charli. Please.
  7. Jax will ruin all his relationships, except with Brittany, who, bless her Southern little heart, will stay with him to the bitter end, because she thinks she can fix him. With regards to Scheana, this was published on Jezebel today, and I think it makes a number of good points.
  8. I've had a herniated disc that required surgery. (My MRI looked pretty similar, and the numbness, pain... all those.) That is 24/7 pain I wouldn't wish on - well, I was going to say my worst enemy, but let's say Jenna in this case. I feel terrible for Chris, though I agree with posters that he should have been more careful lifting. Hope he's gotten treatment and recovering. The other problem with this kind of injury is that the recurrence rate is high, too, so he'll need to be extra careful in future seasons.
  9. Wait, the stupid sip-and-see episode was the finale? That's bullshit! Grrrr.
  10. Scheana can be embarrassed all she wants, but the first rule of reality television is: they can only use what you give them.
  11. Paget and Ciara show a good balance of professionalism and romance. (They've been together long enough, I suppose.) Adam and Jenna just suck. Good on Ciara for calling out their behavior - but it should have happened 3 charters ago.
  12. Do we know why the finale didn't air on Friday?
  13. I've thought this so many times. Brittany dreamt about her wedding, and what a dream day it would be, but I doubt she devoted one brain cell to what the actual marriage would be like, and how much work marriage is. (I know some friends who did this, too. The aftermath wasn't pretty.)
  14. Her parents will swoop in and do the bulk of the childcare. I have no doubt.
  15. I found it interesting to watch MJ while Tommy was screaming and ranting on WWHL. There was something in her eyes while he was going on and on, but I can't quite give it a name. Fear? Acceptance that this is her lot? I have to give the WWHL win to Adam and Reza, unfortunately. I hate all four of them.
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