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  1. The editors were a little "too" this episode. The comedy intro was funny, but they're interfering too much, for once. Do they not have enough footage? Thrilled Adam got rid of the beard. Maybe now he can disappear altogether.
  2. Add me to the list of people tired of seeing Reza crying (or "crying"). I thought this season was stupid, but it really jumped the shark with London speaking into Nema's earpiece during his date. I feel terrible for that woman. Mike frightens me. Too many abuser red flags.
  3. So, is GG's sister relatively regular now? She seems a lot more, uh... palatable, let's say, than in previous seasons.
  4. Bravo has been running last season of BDM all day, and watching how Sandy treated Hannah, and Malia's snotty behavior with her chef boyfriend (forgot his name) makes me even more determined to skip this season. Based on what I'm seeing on Twitter, I'm not alone.
  5. Bless Izzy! She is comedy gold. (And speaks the truth.)
  6. I was googling an author named "Jean-Luc" today and our pal JL came up first, listed as an "actor." I almost barfed. Dani went into this with her eyes open, talking so much about getting pregnant, and JL was dumb not to wear protection. I do think he loooooved having his alone time with Andy, getting to say his piece without being piled on by the rest of the crew.
  7. There's something in the water on Parsifal III because Alli is pregnant, too.
  8. YES. Oh, I was cringing SO HARD. It was really uncomfortable. And Amarante, you made an important distinction between GG's ridiculous shitshow and if her son wanted an actual Disney cartoon party. It was gross. I watched it, and everyone's behavior, through my fingers.
  9. That was so repulsive! Was she going for a Wilson from Cast Away effect? I was so bored that I was hardly paying attention. Thrilled this season is over (and I know, I'm in the minority). It was just hookups and drama. I did love the last episode, though - more of great guests and teamwork, and it would have been a terrific season.
  10. I am extremely excited about this! I don't know anything about the books or character, but I want to see what he can do beyond the American accent of Frank Frink in The Man in the High Castle (in which my father was convinced he was wearing a toupee, weirdly).
  11. How hard is it to get meals out on time, Natasha? I mean, come on!
  12. Was anybody surprised at all that Mike was lying? I know I was absolutely 100% not shocked.
  13. Mike owned up to being guilty of his texting drama, according to Page Six. Did anyone believe his shady denials??
  14. London is seriously the VIP. She can stay.
  15. Reza blew $500K on his hair products (without telling Adam first; I'd have divorced him for that), so we know that's half a million less for the house and baby fund. Whatever happened to the hair product line? And the house really, really could have used that money.
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