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  1. I agree- and I was hoping we'd get a scene in which he'd driven her all the way to the framed boy's farm, made her tell the boy's unjust dad what she pulled and had JohnBoy, the boy and his dad ALL scream in her face about what a stupid, snotty person she was who only cared about not being ignored for a few minutes rather than what happened to anyone else.
  2. Saw the one in which the mother got annoyed with her kid thumbing his Smartphone so she pulled off his thumbs then told her toddler not to suck her brother's dismembered thumb. Nasty!
  3. Interesting episode indeed. Considering the facts that she saved the photo, made no efforts to change her own name and raised no objections to naming her grandson after Great-Grandpa Jesse, I think either Grandma Jessie was completely naive to how her father had been beforehand or believed that him raising her somehow made up for whatever he did to other folks. I wonder if Mr. Ferguson will seek out half-cousins by Great-Grandpa's first two marriages [and try to find out what became of Great-Grandma and why her much older ex raised her kids after the divorce- even those by her own first union]
  4. happykitteh, That was part of the point I was making re the Ignored Tylers- not only did the Bradys themselves never seem to interact with them again after the wedding, but neither did their OWN relatives including Grandma Connie Hutchins [Carol's grandmother and Mrs. Tyler's mother], Aunt Jenny [sister to one of them but unclear WHICH side of that branch of the family] and even Cousin Oliver [their other grandchild]. All these folks visited the Bradys but didn't even so much as make a reference to the folks linking them to said Bradys. Of course, it should be noted that when Cousin Olive
  5. I agree! And the WORST part of that whole episode was that she [as well as Ma and Pa] reacted to her 'losing' the glasses as though she was a 1970's mallrat who lost a mood ring NOT a child from an 1870's struggling farm family who'd likely had spent and gotten credit for a year's worth of income just to get her those glasses. At the very least, I'd have expected one of them to have said 'Well, we're all going to cover every square inch between the schoolhouse and this front door until those glasses are FOUND and after that you'd better kwitcher bellyaching over snotty kids' teases or else we
  6. The Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot! It always seemed to me that if Andy and Barney had just tuned out their foghorn/screechy voices, they could have had a LOT more fun with them than their 'steadies' Thelma Lou and [cough]Helen.
  7. It wasn't just Sam's family Darren #2 hated. He seemed to hate everyone to the point that when Sam wound up saving his own parents' marriage, he seemed mad at HER! Still, even before the Switcheroo Darren seemed to have lost virtually all the bemused infatuation he had for Sam in the early years [and a low point was when Sam dunked a drunken 'masher' when she thought Darrin wasn't around and, rather than be happy she could take care of herself in his absence and or even slightly upset at the 'masher' for putting the moves on his own disinterested wife, , Darrin#1 behaved like a #2 re the 'N
  8. pandora, I don't disagree that Endora definitely wanted Sam to be a 'creature of the wind' but, alas, Sam had TWO masters- Endora and Darrin! Sam seemed to spend the entire show believing that she had to please both of them and, in doing so, she could somehow guilt each of them into making peace with the other. Alas, while that's a funny concept in sitcoms, this sort of thinking often proves the ruin of many a family. I always wish there had been a episode in which Sam told BOTH of them off. All that said as malevolent as Endora could be, she was easily the most interesting and fun c
  9. What works? The End Credits! No matter what happens during the hour before, they never fail to let everyone know that for at least the next 23 hours, there's no show to watch so it's no wonder there's such great cheering! What do I appreciate? The fact that I don't know anyone involved in this!
  10. If this is true, does this mean that Zeek's mother Blanche [who was seen celebrating her 86th Birthday two seasons ago] would have to deal with outliving her child and how would the family help her out? It's one thing to outlive a parent, a sibling or even a spouse but outliving one's child?
  11. oceanblue, Considering that automatic windows [which is how Tiger made his escape] were VERY much a novelty for cars back then, it would be most likely that the car ALSO had A/C- and they WERE Bradys so I can't imagine they'd have left a dog inside a hot, unventilated car. Still, if the automatic window worked, that likely means that Mike kept the car ON with the keys in the ignition! Lucky that no car thieves tried to drive off with their car during the ceremony! LOL OK, if you can believe the possibility that Tiger was inside a nice air-conditioned car, would you STILL think it was a ba
  12. I recently re-watched the pilot ['The Honeymoon'] and was amazed on what I didn't pick up on when I first saw it as a kid- like the fact that Mike and the boys lived in a one-story house that seemed would have barely had room for a newlywed couple- much less 'four men' and Alice. Of course when the series started all nine were in the iconic two-story , three bathroom [with all six kids grudgingly sharing one but never considering using the folks' or Alice's bathroom] pad. Also if the Brady men drove to the Tyler house with Tiger, how did Alice get there before the nuptuals since she didn't dri
  13. On paper, one would think that having the name of Emily and being a schoolteacher would have made Emily a dull, nebbishy helpmate of Bob but Miss Pleshette turned Emily into the coolest of cool characters on that show and even when she showed her flaws [e.g. fear of flying], Emily never lost that coolness. Also, I like that she was a genuine friend to Carol instead of considering her just her husband's employee OR someone to be irrationally jealous of! Miss Pleshette said she told the writers to write the character 'like a man and I'll turn the lines into a girl' and she did it perfectly
  14. Watching this show, I have to wonder if there will be ANY granite left over in another ten years since these homeowners seem to think 'granite countertops' are as vital as air [evidently never having heard about how hard it is to clean once knives cut grooves into it]and there's NO more granite being made for a few more million years!
  15. Blergh


    Interesting to know, Trooper York. Typical that they couldn't just let Hoss's Uncle visit without killing him. Now why didn't Adam's maternal grandfather the sea captain ever bother to visit? Could he have just been confident that Adam would grow up to be just as boring as his late daughter was?
  16. Good point, Maverick! There seemed to be a GREAT deal that went unexplained re Carol in addition to how she knew these kooky folks. Like did she just sponge off her folks [the Tylers] for the 'few years' after her marriage to Mr. Martin ended and did Mr. Martin die or did they divorce? They never said on the air! I tend to side with the idea that they divorced if for no other reason than the fact that she insisted the girls change THEIR surname to Brady as soon as she wed Mike while I think had Mr. Tyler been someone who'd died, she'd have mourned him and wanted the girls keep that surna
  17. BW Manilowe, I think you could be right- especially since the way the Bradys acted 'naturally' on the commercials was almost EXACTLY the same as when they used 'Meerna's' techniques. I never understood how Carol had become acquainted with Meerna in the first place,though. Even her being a friend of a friend meant that that middle linke would have had to have been REALLY kooky. LOL
  18. I know it was dealing with death but didn't care for Phil's funeral. I mean we never seen the character on screen and whenever Sophia told stories she almost always said "except Phil" so I really felt no connection or anything like that. Maybe if they had Phil visit maybe 2 or 3 times then maybe. And I [usually a fan of Sophia] thought they let Sophia get away with too much stuff against his widow Angela. First of all, she actually insisted that one reason she hated Angela was due to the dowry check Angela's late father had made BOUNCING and then wouldn't take Angela's check without a
  19. I always thought it was a bummer that after the disastrous "Golden Palace", Sophia got sent BACK to Shady Pines [as if Dorothy or even Gloria didn't have the means to have her live somewhere she liked ] just so she could keep wisecracking on the last gasps of "Empty Nest". Then again, I just prefer to pretend the last episode onwards never happened and Sophia and the Girls just kept living together.
  20. "The Talking Machine" was full of anachronisms. For starters, this Season Two episode was supposed to take place sometime around 1876-1877 when Laura was about ten but the Edison phonograph wasn't even invented until 1877- much less marketted yet. Even if somehow had some assistant sneak it out of the lab and instantly get it to Walnut Grove, the sound quality it produced would have been decades ahead of what was feasible at the time. A listen to Handel's 'Israel Out of Egypt' by the Crystal Palace choir in 1888 with literally thousands of singers barely sounds like two folks sing-whispering i
  21. "That's For Me to Know" (Season Seven). I usually liked Dorothy but IMO, this episode epitomized one of those times she got away with more than she should have. Yeah, I know Sophia was literally opening a Pandora's Box by telling Dorothy that she had something in a box and it was PRIVATE but, Dorothy was SO determined to record 'THE family history ' [read: HER interpretation of the family history] that she broke it open expressly against Sophia's permission. Then rather than apologize for having blatantly violated Sophia's privacy and gone against her wishes, Dorothy kept self-justifying her
  22. Anyone else wonder why everything about Dorothy's background [age, ages of kids, how long she'd lived in Miami,etc.] changed EXCEPT that she'd been married to Stan for 38 years before he dumped her?
  23. How can anyone who saw it forget the episode in which Rose inheritted an ailing PIG and they all turned into one-dimesional cons to try to care for it just to get a large windfall? Talk about veering into 'Here's Lucy' territory?
  24. Blergh


    What was odd was that Adam's and Hoss's doomed mothers each had surviving kin yet had no problems with Ben taking their late daughter's/ late sister's baby boy to parts unknown- and NEVER attempted to visit them at the Ponderosa. Only Little Joe's hithero unknown uterine half-brother did so and that was only after he found out that his paternal grandmother faked his death so her hated daughter-in-law would vamoose New Orleans with Ben.
  25. Agree with ALL the above. Also, why did they spend SO much time dealing with John-Boy and Janet having their twins on the Mountain [and turning all other sibs into wallpaper], only to end the last movie with the news that they were boy-girl twins and NOTHING more [like given them names]. FWIW, I 'd like them to have named the boy ' Rome Zebulon' and the girl 'Rebecca Esther' [and NOT use their first and middle names e.g 'John Curtis'].
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