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  1. It seems less incesty and more advanced masterbation than anything to me. I actually do like Loki and Sylvie together. And given the out-there-ness of the entire premise, what I might normally find slightly icky doesn't really bother me. Especially if you view Loki and Sylvie's relationship more of a metaphor for self acceptance. Despite being rather narcissistic Loki doesn't seem to like himself all that much, I sort of think him loving a version of himself might be a step on the road to actually loving himself...ymmv.
  2. As I said, the comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular. But it's fairly common to see comments to the effect of, "I don't care how someone identifies, but they can't be plural," or some variation all over the internet, anytime anyone from Sam Smith to someone not famous uses they/them pronouns. And my point is that if you value grammar over a human's feelings, you're an asshole (ignoring that language is an ever evolving thing anyway). And as I said I very much doubt these champions of grammar are usually sincere in their concern over the English language, they're NB-phobic and they
  3. Singular they is perfectly grammatically acceptable...and even if it wasn't, if you prioritize grammar over making a person feel valid, then you're an ass. This isn't directed at anyone specifically. I've just seen way too many comments in general complaining about using they/them pronouns in the guise of standing up for proper grammar. When in reality it's most likely the result of thinly veiled nb-phobia. You don't have to understand something to respect someone and how they identify.
  4. I'm not saying they haven't hinted that Penance knows. My point is, the Penance we know, seems to be quite inquisitive and would explicitly ask about the future and more importantly technology from the future when she was alone with Amalia. Having them both be cagey about when they're alone if Penance has always known everything is weird, especially since we know now that Amalia told her everything right off the bat. Which means the hinting was for our benefit and not the characters'. That's the part I find to be poor storytelling.
  5. She may very well have...but the show hasn't shown it and they've shown them alone multiple times. It's poor storytelling to just handwave important conversations as happening off screen. It breaks the fundamental rule of show don't tell.
  6. For me it wasn't so much that I couldn't figure out what the future-speak meant...it was that it was all vomited on me in the first few minutes of the episode. An episode that was already jarring to the viewer because of the dramatic setting shift for the first third. I suppose if the idea was to make the audience feel confused and out of place they succeeded (and it may very well have been intentional). But I'm not sure if these forums are anything to go by, I don't think they did it in a way that's liable to draw the audience in further to the story. I really do like it when sci-fi an
  7. I agree completely. I understand the desire to make a setting (especially a fantasy/sci-fi setting) specific and unique. And language and how people speak is a great way to do that. People speaking markedly different than we do is a great way to clue people into how the world is different. That being said, you still have to be able to understand what the fuck the characters are talking about! I felt like first few minutes of the episode were spoken entirely in gibberish. For a second I wasn't entirely sure I wasn't just having a stroke and lost the ability to understand English. I turned
  8. I don't think the profanity is excessive, just that it often seems out of place. It was almost as if the show was written for a network with different standards and then they got picked up by HBO and decided to randomly sprinkle it in. I have no problems with profanity (one of my favorite all time shows is Deadwood). I just don't think that how it's used in this always sounds organic. Actually I think it would work better if they used more profanity. As of now it's used rarely enough in the show that it should be used for effect, but it's often just put in throw away lines. Either have t
  9. I think one of the issues with Myrtle is that she can't read or write. Which would definitely make sense. Her family was poor. True definitely mentions it in the next episode, but I also think they mentioned it when they first took her in. Teaching someone to read who understands English but can't speak it must be very difficult so I imagine it's very slow going for whoever is teaching her. So it's unclear if she could write out what she means to say in English or it would be equally jumbled.
  10. I might be in the minority, but I kind of hated the scene with Penance and Augie actually. I thought her being suspicious of the bird was a little funny, but him denying it and her first being relieved and then pissed off he wasn't peaking, pissed me off. It had shades of "women be crazy." And you can't ever figure out what they want. It was also painfully Whendon. I mentioned in another post, but I'm getting sick of how Whendon this show is. I used to like him and his style of humor, but honestly as I've both aged and more things have been relieved about him, I can see his thinly veiled
  11. This seems like a little bit of a cop-out on the show's part. They haven't previously hinted that Penance or anyone else knows more than Amalia is a just a touched woman. I can believe the Doc would keep Amalia's secrets and not bring it up, but while I think Penance would keep her secrets I can't believe that she would never bring it up when they are alone. And we've seen plenty of scenes where they are alone. If nothing else she would question Amalia about any technology she might have encountered.
  12. I really don't think "the tall girl", who I believed is called Primrose, is Massen's daughter. She attended the event at the Bidlow's with the other touched. Assuming that Massen did agree to have his touched daughter shipped off to an orphanage, I imagine that if he found out she was paraded around in public, in society where she could be recognized, he go apoplectic. Even if Amalia didn't know she was his daughter, Lavinia most like would have and never would have allowed it either. I'm pretty sure his daughter is locked up in the attic. That was why the phone installer was diverted away
  13. I did like it when Amalia lampshaded it though when she told Maladie that she didn't want to listen to her bs riddles (paraphrasing).
  14. Ammonite is such a mediocre movie I can't imagine Winslet being involved was the force behind it getting made...Though I did love how SNL poked fun at how almost hysterically explict the sex scene in it was. And don't get me started on how viscerally angry The World to Come made me. It's one the most self indulgent versions of the genre that I've ever seen.
  15. I honestly wonder if it wasn't originally a more significant plot point that linked back to not being able to lie your way to happiness. Steve was living a life that was not his, so it was a lie. But then while they were editing they realized how creepy it was and while they couldn't quite manage to cut it completely they tried to downplay it and hope people wouldn't think about it too much. But that actually makes it worse in some ways. If Diana and Steve admitted it was screwed up that would have been something, but having them just take this guys body for a joyride without ever consideri
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