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  1. I think that Colleen, Alex’s sister, knows more about what happened than she’s let on. Alex supposedly had a major crush on Eddie, my understanding is she was a bit young for him. Eddie won a bracelet for her, maybe she thought “he likes me” and tried to get something going with him, he rejects her advances, she realizes its Colleen he wants and in her drunken state flips out, ends up in the water and Eddie, also drunk and high, can’t save her. Colleen either witnesses it or is actually a part of the whole scenario. Either way I think Lindsay and Colleen both know “more” than they’ve let on
  2. Eyes on the prize!!! There’s always that 1 in a trillion chance for a proposal !!! After all, he did come thru with a key, isn’t that sort of like a ring?
  3. A good point... but for the ones that no longer drive, they have to get a friend or relative get them there and wait outside til they finish shopping. Luckily I retired at 62 and am more independent. The couple times I hit senior shopping hours I bought stuff for senior family members of friends and senior neighbors.
  4. Who decided that all seniors are up that early? For years I looked forward to sleeping later and now that I’ve retired, everyone assumes I’m up before the sun.
  5. I thought it was so hot in Nigeria. Angela was always sweating and Lisa had that sweat glow going on too. Now she has a sweat shirt on?
  6. They tend to arrive a good bit before the rest of her.
  7. There hasn’t been one woman wearing a blue dress in the entire train station. Not one!!! Why not hold up a sign saying “Lana?”
  8. Why does Rob need a nanny for Dream? He never leaves the house. Allegedly has no income to speak of. My guess is he has minimal contact with Dream, enough time for a few selfies and a piggy back ride, then he’s back to his room to enjoy his enormous stash of candy, online porn and kill a few hours jerking off. Kris can’t make much money off Dream, so she’s low on the totem pole in terms of getting Lovie’s attention.
  9. Betting she still blames Jordyn.
  10. Katherine learning that Eddie is suddenly obsessed with something that happened 20 years ago, involving his drinking to the point of not clearly remembering a young girl drowning and his part in it? I’d love it if Lindsay had told her exactly that!! Then Katherine and Eddie sit down with Theo and tell him all about it. Crazy Aunt Linda, who drunkenly pukes in his parents wedding cake and Daddy who got stinking drunk and had a friend drown and instead of going for help, staggers off to bed and “represses the memory” and later goes on to get his best friend’s wife pregnant. Boy!! that Theo has g
  11. Those poor dolls are going to get a real rage sex workout when David returns.
  12. Why tell Theo about his Aunt puking on the wedding cake?
  13. Colleen‘s parents didn’t bother to wake Eddie or Colleen to ask where the sister might be? That makes no sense at all. They just wake up while her body is being hauled in? The cops never questioned him? I can see him not remembering the actual drowning, but he doesn’t have a memory of the aftermath of her body being found? If her parents are that angry at him, why? Do her parents stIll own/live there? The dad just randomly showed up when Eddie came around? So many questions... never to be answered. I forgot the inappropriateness of a 13 yr old boy flirting with a 30 something man
  14. Kourtney has always been my favorite , but she has changed. Kim and the rest of the girls all suck. Kim and Khloe in particular are nasty thru and thru. I feel sorry for their children.
  15. Oh give me a break!!!! I’m done with this show. Every cliche there is packed into one hour. I won’t watch anything in the future that Nash is a part of.
  16. How old is Charlie supposed to be? The legs on that doll Danny was holding were that of a very young child. Danny is turning into a mini Gary... not good. Delilah and her boy toy ugh!! Kind of nice to see a mature woman tell Gary to grow up.
  17. If she really cared about amusing her kids, why not fly the whole klan up to their huge ranch in Montana? Plenty of room to run outside and play with no one around. Probably even still snow on the ground. Kim can take tons of selfies dressed or undressed.
  18. She’s a mother of four and talking about having another, but doesn’t know how to keep kids entertained? My mom had 8 kids and had tons of “games” to keep us entertained. One of her favorites was beauty shop. She’d lay on the couch and we’d take turns rubbing cream on her feet and legs, brushing and styling her hair, putting make up her and she’d somehow always declare a “tie” ! Way back when American Bandstand with Dick Clark was on (I think it aired live, for a couple hours, not sure if it was everyday) we’d watch with her and have dance contests. She made simple household chores into game
  19. She also said things went sour when she went back to work. I think he did step out on her. Not sure who else would put up with her and the must attend Sunday dinner.
  20. I agree it’s not healthy, but I think it’s unrealistic to think forgiveness would come that quickly. Perhaps if they had shown what exactly Delilah said to her it would make a difference. Even with forgiveness, I would think their relationship would forever be changed. But then I don’t find Katherine’s behavior all that logical either, in her acceptance of Eddie’s infidelity and his fathering a child a outside their marriage. It could also be my reaction to Delilah and what seems to be a real disconnect in her attitude toward her own actions. It doesn’t appear to really bother her except in t
  21. Finding out your mother cheated on your father, not good. With his best friend, really not good. Your dad kills himself , really really bad. Moms pregnant but not with dads kid!!! And the guy she was cheating with has been around playing substitute dad. I’d be pretty pissed, for a pretty long time. I wouldn’t be joking with my mom about some random guy she picked up in a bar and banged. I don’t think Sophie was over reacting. At all.
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