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  1. She perked up a bit at the “Doctor” title Usman bestowed on Lisa.
  2. Keep it on farthest side of the room and take baby steps. Burns more calories. Also take only one slice at a time.
  3. If we take into account the shrinkage factor resulting from that cold shower, Little Ed won’t be visible for some time.
  4. I do...... after social distancing is over.
  5. So his ex said “over my dead body, will you take my son to America” ?
  6. Not really, your chances may be slim, but his are none.
  7. That’s why there’s a rat in the shower. To kill the snakes.
  8. Probably prayed he would cheat so she could dump him.
  9. He could go trick or treating as a construction cone.
  10. Looks like Ed will not be getting any tonight. Sleep or sex. However he may well get wet.
  11. Lost my 90 year old dad to corona last week. Counting on my fellow posters to ease the sorrow.
  12. At least Anya showed up. Lana ditched him 3 times, a hug sounds kinda doubtful at this point.
  13. No one will ever replace him. My favorite “If I Can Dream” brings tears to my eyes.
  14. If he’s been with 100 women in the Ukraine, perhaps that is why he is so obsessed with Lana. She’s the one he didn’t get. The elusive Lana. He’s determined to have her. And then probably dump her, for some perceived imperfection. Odd that out of a hundred he seems to only have maintained contact with Anya(?), the one he says things didn’t work out with. She was “too shy” I think he said. When they showed him walking down the dark road beginning his search for Lana, I imagined Elvis in the background singing “Kentucky Rain”
  15. He wouldn’t have flown all that way or sent all that stuff, if she hadn’t given him some indication that he’d be getting laid when he arrived. I’m sure he’s gotten a pic peek or two at the promised land and maybe a little twerking clip similar to the one Juliana did for Michael, and Paul received from Karina. Yes Ed has what she’s looking for in terms of a better life, but she pretty much is offering up sexy time in return. Playing the innocent young thing may be part of the scenario they’ve decided to sell to the audience but basically she’s selling and he’s buying. Let’s leave love out
  16. That is because he spent the night on top of Rose.
  17. It’s gotten to where they spend just to spend. I’m sick of the over the top birthday parties.
  18. I wonder who paid for those nice straight white teeth?
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