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  1. Go up to Montana or Wyoming or wherever and let them play outside. Plenty of fresh air and no one around. I also see a clear difference in Kim’s affection/interaction with the older two and the two the surrogate delivered. I DO NOT follow her on Instagram, just here, so I may miss a lot, but she interacts more with North and talks about Saint more than she does with the other two. The house is so damn big, she could disappear and they would believe she left the property. And even if Kim is working at home they can learn boundaries...mom is working and you’ll have to wait. This v
  2. And he spent 100k only on Lana? Maybe he’s one of those men who find some minute fault with every woman they date. Lana has been smart enough to keep him at arms length, giving him just enough to keep him buying those tokens, knowing that actually meeting him will most likely end the romance, because no one meets David’s standards. Kudos to Lana.
  3. Sorry, Ed is an asshole for sure, but Rose is Prince’s mother. It’s on her to look out for him. So far she’s dumped him on her sister the whole time Ed has been there. If Ed wants to go to a hotel to get some ass, and some air conditioning, Rose needs to step up as a mom and insist that Prince come along. After all they will be a family if Ed decides to marry Rose. Or will Rose decide to leave Prince with her sister and “send money“ back home? That wouldn’t shock me at all.
  4. The whole area they walk around in is wet, muddy, dusty etc. Rose wears totally clean white Keds. They have pretty primitive living conditions. I can’t keep my white sneakers that clean working in my backyard and running them thru a nice washing machine. I wasn’t trying to be insulting to Rose or Usman. I just was observing something.
  5. What if he was also waiting for Lana? Imagine if she showed and both guys jumped up “Lana!!!Baby!!” I wonder if Lana works for a big company that employs many “Lanas”, all stringing along horny foreign guys? Do they have incentive bonus programs? Has Lana gotten recognized for her ability to stand up her marks MULTIPLE times and still keep them on the string?
  6. We still don’t know if it is her address or not. But if he’s dated 100 women from the Ukraine, and we know he has met at least one (Anya) in person, are we to believe that he’s only communicated with Lana over the last 7 years? Somehow I doubt that. My guess is he’s chatting with several at any given time. If Lana is conning him, I’m sure he’s not been 100 % honest with her either. And IMO he’s conning TLC and all of us viewers too.
  7. Lol!! all this social distancing has slowed my mental thought process.
  8. One on each boob and wearing a computer headset.
  9. How many times a week does that store clerk sell the same bouquet of flowers? And what little cafe carries bottles of champagne? Vodka maybe. It is Russia.
  10. She can claim “social distancing” and refuse to open the door.
  11. White accents? She’s gotta be real! If I recall correctly, not one woman in that rail station was wearing what could be called a blue dress (with or without white accents).
  12. Maybe he didn’t show up in court because he’s shown too much interest in younger, prettier, nicer stepdaughter (who doesn’t need to wear Spanx). Bio mother couldn’t even look at her child. Poor girl was obviously devastated over what happened. Bathed the dead puppy so the owners wouldn’t see it “like that”. I’m a fairly cold hearted person but I love to give that poor girl a hug and then punch that so called mother in the face. I do wonder what circumstances surround the “ relationship” between bio parents. The mother seemed to have a real deep seated anger or resentment towar
  13. I said it first time this show aired... either step daddy had the hots for daughter or mommy was scared having a twenty year old daughter might make people question her claim of being 29. What a cold hearted bitch! A real see you next Tuesday! A well placed strong nip or bite by a 60lb golden could easily puncture the skull of a pug puppy. The head of a puppy is much like that of a real baby, the bones aren’t fully formed so they can be compressed to get thru the birth canal. I’m in the process of introducing a dachshund puppy into life with my 2 yr old dachshund and so far so good.
  14. Reminds me of a serial killer visiting the places he hid his victims. Checking to see if their remains have been disturbed and relive their last few moments before he killed them. Maybe I’m watching too much Criminal Minds?
  15. From the size of that bag, she must have expected LOTS OF NEGATIVE ENERGY or a damn big engagement ring.
  16. Absolutely. She was all dolled up in her robe and full makeup, phone well within reach. I can’t believe she didn’t call him to come “cuddle” with her because she couldn’t sleep alone. Lo and Behold Stacey shows up!! Did Darcy ask her to come to NY, or did Darcy run home to cry on her shoulder?
  17. Lisa is probably thrilled that Chrissy Tiegen knows who she is. It annoys me that Chrissy, who only has a career because she married John Legend, (and I have a small bit of hope that he will dump her fat talentless ass), is giving attention to someone equally untalented and desperate for attention.
  18. Ed is a combo of the kid from the Underwood Deviled Ham commercials, Mason Reese, and the little kid from the St Jude ads.
  19. Darcy laying in her bed, in her fancy robe and slippers drunkenly sobbing about wanting to be loved... I kept waiting for Harry Dean Stanton to call her and convince her to enlist. Then the next day Stacey shows up in an Army camo jacket!!
  20. Why didn’t he bring the sheets in his luggage? If all the other crap he sent was “lost” why risk not having the sheets? And didn’t he insure the packages after the first couple disappeared?
  21. Thank you! He lived a good long life and at least he went quickly and painlessly. So many CARING and FUNNY people on these boards. STAY HEALTHY ALL OFYOU!!
  22. What could a person have done to deserve THAT?
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