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  1. I thought she was going to find out she was pregnant and that’s why she was so caught up in the baby thing, even going so far to name him (Cayden?). You could be correct .. maybe that will be next seasons opener!!! I’d like to see less of irritating Eddie, put her on maternity leave. Considering Tom Selleck’s physical size, the actors they chose for his sons are pretty small in stature. And this grandson looks even smaller. Only Sean looks like he might take after his grandpa. Joe Hill looks like a high school kid.
  2. I’m glad you were able to get out of a bad situation. No one deserves to be treated in a degrading manner.
  3. Did Darcey say she’s ready for the next chapter? I’d love to see the latest version of her “vision board”.
  4. Rose is young and attractive enough that she could easily dump Ed and find another mark. It’s not like she has 7 years invested in this relationship. It’s been way less than a year. Also at this point in time on the show, Ed has been there only a couple of days and has been an ass to her every one of them. It’s not as if he’s wooed her and romanced her, or bought her all kinds of gifts, the writing is on the wall, the same is it for Usman and Lisa. Neither Usman or Rose should have any expectation that things will be better in the USA. I say cut your losses and send Ed and Lisa pac
  5. Because Chrissy is a nasty bitch just like BGL. While I don’t doubt she’s probably just hiding out for a bit, if she truly wanted to leave I’m sure the crew would get her out of there.
  6. She’s preggers? Wouldn’t shock me. He seems like the type to want to knock up every woman he dates.
  7. While my dislike of Ed Is strong, Rose doesn’t do much to garner sympathy when she goes on to spend a lovely evening swimming and enjoying her vacation sans her son after being humiliated about her smelly breath and hairy legs and then goes on to say she has high hopes for a proposal that evening. And what’s with the two more kids crap? He’s 51 and far from rich, why would he want a couple of infants around for the next few years? He’s barely interested in Prince.
  8. I guess Stassi is the new Jordyn. What is with having a best friend around 24/7. Kylie’s a billionaire, mother. Grow up. And it’s only a matter of time before Stassi commits some type of betrayal and is drummed out of the klan.
  9. Interesting that she wanted to take over Kris’s holiday party so badly last year and now suddenly “Kanye” doesn’t want to host it anymore. Anyone else think she’s using him as an excuse and she just wants out of the burden of planing and hosting?
  10. Gotcha!! We really aren’t that far apart.
  11. Sorry, I should have been clearer. Get them on the show in the kind of way Kim from RHOA has her girls on TV.. as mini me types.
  12. I think she enhanced her daughters boobs also. And why are her daughter’s last names being used? Their names maybe known, due to their mom’s questionable fame, but I would not allow my child’s real name out there. How soon before Darcey tries to get the girls on the show?
  13. I was praying her extensions would get caught also.
  14. Darcey needs to get a fake internet beau like Williams. Just keep finding reasons to have meetings that have to be postponed. She can engage in late night/early morning/afternoon declarations of romance and lust with out fearing that she’ll be dumped.
  15. Jesse came closest to telling her the truth. He was an ass about it, but let’s face it, Darcey doesn’t want to hear it. Tom tried politely but was met with her nasty side in resistance. Tom then retaliated with equal nastiness. Stacey has to always one up Darcey. I think she encourages Darcey to overdo the enhancements. Just to make sure she has the tiniest edge looks wise.
  16. I believe Tom because, the evidence is right there on tape. Whenever he would give any kind of comment to her that he felt showed how clingy or irritating she was, and how she complete disregarded his requests that she not call at 4am or send a constant stream of texts, she would immediately deny doing any of those things, then make excuses for doing them. When he confronted her about the guy in the lobby with his arm around her, she straight out denied it, seconds later, she said she was “talking to him” which later became “maybe he had his arm around her because she was upset and he w
  17. There’s just something about Darcey that I find totally unsympathetic and unlikeable. I think she is a completely self absorbed,selfish phony. She actually believes she’s all that and a bag of chips. And as bad as Tom is, everything he has said about her is true. I truly pity her daughters as they start dating. Imagine drunken mommy comes stumbling into the living room, her massive tits straining to burst free of their bonds, her swollen, misshapen lips attempting to form words that can be even identified as to their language, getting all touchy feely with their dates..
  18. A hammock, would be the equivalent of a Venus flytrap to Ed. He’d be caught and trapped within.
  19. To be honest, a lot of us have said the same thing. And If it’s true that Stacey and her Albanian ferret have hit a rough patch or broken up, Darcey will have her sister around to build crush her self esteem even more (in her most subtle, loving way)
  20. So Sasha the eat healthy freak, gets the virus? I hope the sister enjoys her chips and soda and binge watching TV during this quarantine period and comes out healthy.
  21. Did he close with “ a woman is like a teabag”?
  22. Ivan disposes of the bodies after Geoff is done with them. Sometimes he keeps them around the campsite till they smell too much.
  23. They need the certificate of attendance to claim the $25 gift card and Ash doesn’t hand them out till the end of his seminar?
  24. You know she ran out to get that letter, when she figured Stacey isn’t paying attention. And who comes to the door with their tits hanging out like that ? Her poor daughters had better never invite any guy over to the house.
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