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  1. Didn’t some dope already write a book about Men are from Venus, Women from Mars ... or some shit along those lines?
  2. Ed is mentally calculating how much he’ll have to spend in medical bills on her ulcer. He might even think she’s only with him for that great health care the US is known for.
  3. Oh you know Darcy is waiting for him to call or text. If she was serious about not caring about him, she’ll close the door in his face.
  4. I’ve been going stir crazy in the house, so I take a ride up and down the highway every morning and get a drive thru coffee. It great that there’s so little traffic. My project this week is to build a small fountain on my new deck. I’m using a copper rain chain and a set of galvanized planters. And plant a bunch of flowers I bought from QVC. I started that last week, but my puppy had an allergic reaction to the lavender plants. Her head and face swelled and her belly was covered in hives. Emergency run to her vet. She’s fine now , and I’m out $300. The plants look good in my brother’s yard t
  5. Every time they show someone ring a doorbell and wait for an answer, my hope is the door opens and one of those boxing gloves on a spring punches them in the nose. Even the old Soupy Sales, cream pie in the face would suffice.
  6. Says David: “Well, nobody’s perfect”
  7. Why is she hauling her kid to Cleveland? If daddy wants to see her, let him come get her. Or send her with a nanny, she’s more than comfortable with nannies. She and Tristan are not co-parenting. They are two chuckleheads that stupidly had a kid together. My bet is that in a couple years, he’ll pop another one or two out with some random and True will be dragged out for photo shoots.
  8. No reason someone cannot love a former prostitute, or even one still working. I was only questioning the idea of an entitlement to love. Certainly you would think that every child born will be loved and nurtured by their parents. But reading headlines and watching TV, sadly too many are abused, abandoned, neglected and worse. Everyone’s idea of what love is differs. What you or I would seek out in a partner can be entirely opposite. I just find myself shaking my head every time another red flag is thrown into someone’s face, raising serious concerns about someone’s motives or truth
  9. My mom used to say, “When I ask you to pay my bills, you can comment on what I buy, until then, MYOB’
  10. Is “being loved” an entitlement? It would be nice to think that everyone would find someone that loves them and that they love in return. Sadly in many cases that does not happen. Look at Darcy, she claims all she wants is to be loved, but she clearly has a list of requirements for the person that she is loved by. She looks at a photograph of a young sexy Jessie and says “that is what I deserve to be loved by” and when that relationship doesn’t pan out like she feels it should, she turns it into a rejection of her and she tries to reinvent herself into what she believes a “Jesse” would lov
  11. How do we know she‘s looking to better Princes life? Is it because saying that she’s looking to better her own life by hooking up with a greasy, sweaty American makes her less sympathetic and more like she’s looking out for number 1 (herself)? She’s barely even mentions Prince, leaves him with her sister to traipse off with “ugly” Ed on a nice vacation. And honestly, if Ed told her he had no interest in being a father to Prince and “suggested” leaving him with his aunt , I can see Rose doing just that. All the talk from women on this show about how their children are THE MOST IMPORTANT
  12. That big ass table, and I’ll bet rarely are all those chairs used. I hope if Caitlyn does sit at that table to eat dinner, she takes advantage of the view.
  13. He said he sent them to her in advance, but they didn’t arrive.
  14. Why give her money to watch Prince? She’s been doing it for free all this time. He has no intention of supporting her family and no intention of letting her think she’ll be living in any kind of luxury back in the USA. Should he decide to bring her to the USA as his Queen... she will have access to nothing other than what HE decides she has need of, and only he decides when that time is. She obviously wants to come to the USA, I hope she realizes the devil she is hooking her wagon to in order to get here. This is one couple that I find equally unlikeable.
  15. I’d love to see Ash take on Darcey. And love to see Jessie and Ash in a conversation.
  16. She steered him around that airport like a pro, she’s flown plenty of times. And she’s very comfortable in a hotel room. Not buying her innocent act. Can’t stomach Ed either but don’t see anything sympathetic about her.
  17. She’s already fucked him and I’m sure she has worn plenty of lingerie in the past. Calling him ugly...(true though it is) says a lot more about her than about him. Not only is she willing to sleep with him) if it was just her I might understand it) but to let some one she finds “ugly” help raise and influence her son, says a lot about her character.
  18. Or that internet girl who acts and dresses as if she is about 10. Her whole house Is decorated like its owned by her. Very creepy.
  19. Shirley MacLaine “Would you like to see my Renoir?” Jack Nicholson “ Does it happen to be in your bedroom?” After viewing said Renoir: Jack: “I was doing laps when you called, luckily for us, I only did 2”
  20. My theory is Kris doesn’t want them in happy relationships. In the non reality world no normal man worth his salt would be content having his mother in law and nosy, intrusive sisters in law all up in his marital business day after day. I can see a young guy like Scott getting caught up in it, and I believe it was a major factor in the issues he and Kourtney had. IMO Kris would have had lots of problems with Kanye, but his mental situation has limited his interference in her use of his family within the shows context. Lamar, no match for Kris. Travis and Tristan probably too dumb to read the
  21. She looks a bit like Rachel from Jon/Rachel.
  22. I was speaking strictly for myself. I couldn’t even get into a serious relationship with someone like Ericka. No problem with a friendship, but I do think that after a certain age, that whole cartoon like appearance might possibly be a sign of a deeper issue. Stephanie certainly has some emotional baggage, but Ericka doesn’t strike me as all that together herself.
  23. I really could never have an in-depth conversation about my feelings with anyone who had pink and purple hair. I just couldn’t take anything they said seriously. Between the hair and the cartoon clothing, tattoos and piercings .. I just would find it all too distracting.
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