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  1. Probably stuff Rose gets from her other internet buddies and they sell in the sisters store. Same place all the other stuff Ed says he sent and was never received went. Roses giddy little performance in front of the producers camera “the morning after” said things couldn’t have been that bad.
  2. 0 when admiring someone’s “less” than adorable baby.... “he’s breathtaking”
  3. A 4 dollar pair of pajamas. And a lifetime of memories.
  4. Eye on the prize, chubby guys can buy rings too!!! Darcy showed up to meet Tom because deep down she was thinking it may be one in a million but.... I can’t take the chance and miss a proposal. Every time she squeaks out her “I just want to be loved” mantra, I laugh at how her overly inflated lips work overtime to form the words. They remind me of the Geico camel.
  5. I have to say, for places that are pretty impoverished, both Usman and Rose have clothing, that is very neat and clean.
  6. He pretty much tells her that he gives stock/evasive answers to avoid jeopardizing the relationship (before he is able to get that elusive green card). She’s trying to ferret out those issues and concerns before she fully commits and disrupts the kids lives. Good for her.
  7. He knows that. But sex is what he wanted from her, so he pushes his doubts to the side and sends money and gifts and calls her his “Queen”, fantasizing about “making love”to her. So he gets one night of hot sex after a 28 yr dry spell and is planning for more (AFTER HE RENTS ANOTHER HOTEL ROOM). But after seeing how she and her family live and sweating over his upcoming chat with her sister about money, those thoughts about being used return. Sorry but she gave up the goodies before sealing the deal. He got the milk, probably enough to last him another decade or so. If he decides he’
  8. Rose should have kept Ed out of her pants for a bit longer. She gave up the only bargaining chip she has. She may very well end up dumped and pregnant. Seeing her home and how little she has, he’s hyper aware of possibility that she’s using him solely as a ticket to paradise.
  9. Darcy’s first reaction to Tom’s looks was obvious disappointment. She even said as much to him. Darcy is all about the superficial, so, rude though it maybe, I’m glad Tom said something to her. I only wish he would have told her to cover up her gross enormous tits, lose the nasty extensions, stop with the Botox and the I’m all that attitude.
  10. I’m getting Aileen Wuornos, the woman serial killer.
  11. Not sure, but there is a chocolate one....
  12. She should have said we don’t need a/c... we don’t have windows.
  13. And at least George is somewhat aware of his shortcomings.
  14. Why after a night of alleged incredible sex, is Rose still wearing her pajamas and robe?
  15. George Costanza watching/listening to his mothers hospital roommate get a sponge bath. His mom was in the hospital recovering from the shock of finding George pleasuring himself on her couch reading her magazine.
  16. Next is he asks her to get a “Brazilian” and she thinks he wants a threesome. Rose is no inexperienced waif. She’s been around. Or Ed has mad skills in bed.
  17. So you mean a teeny, tiny HEAD, or a teeny, TINY head?.
  18. Remember Designing Women when they ladies found Delta Burke’s bra in the bathroom and put the cups on their heads? Was that Rob Kardashian sitting on the railing outside the coffee shop Yolanda entered?
  19. He doesn’t even get a chance to say what exactly she did and she cuts him off “I didn’t do that”
  20. Rose got a taste of him when he asked for the test. She could have dumped him then and there. Instead she shows up 2 hrs late for his apology meeting, thinking she’s making a point and he takes it as he’s got the upper hand. She’s no better and no worse than he is. All of these people are using each other, it’s a game. Ed’s a creep. She’s using the goodies to get what she wants. Eyes on the prize .. as Darcy says.
  21. Let’s not forget Kris started this show as a vehicle to get Kimmy stardom and ride her coat tails to become a Hollywood power. She convinced the others that it would be fun and they would have fabulous vacations and make money. And it was going to be all for one and one for all. Early on though it became clear to viewers and to Khloe and Kourtney that they were a distant second in Kris/Kim’s quest. Kris said some brutal things to Khloe and to Kourtney at times and I think she’s lied and manipulated situations on the show to create drama for ratings, not caring that her daughters suffered. T
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