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  1. Why not marry and get all the free shit that will be thrown at them? They spend so little time together now that marriage isn't going to be a big deal. Her issues with Kris H started when she realized she had to make room in her life and her house for his stuff. Is there any known date for the new house to be ready? Kim was saying June but I've heard since that the place is no where near done. Until she has to live full time under the same roof as him I'd say they'll stay together. Once they have to share a place? It won't last very long.
  2. Last night we had the Nicole Curtis (Rehab Addict) lookalike vs her sister over a psychedelic bedroom make over. It's just paint ladies!!!
  3. Maybe her management has already dumped her and she was just posturing for the camera, making it seem that it she who is dis-satisfied with them.
  4. But he did go all macho when she was allegedly called an N-lover.
  5. She can't haul her ass out of bed most days till 3pm, but an alleged dental emergency gets her up and going at the crack of dawn. No concern for paparazzi and moving so fast her entourage has to run to keep up. She already put the veneer back on herself (I think she yanked it off on purpose) so she couldn't have been in any pain. She couldn't WAIT to get those drugs.
  6. I was written up for calling North ... Ignori. Yet others repeatedly called Kris "pimp mama" with impunity. I hope Rob Sr's widow wins her lawsuit, I think the years after Kris and Rob split and before Kris hooked up with Bruce were very chaotic. Love to see the diary Sr kept. Not that he was anything spectacular. Los of history has been rewritten in that family..
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