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  1. Clarence! I heard that bray and knew that our mule friend was about to make his appearance. I really enjoyed this episode. The only buzzkill was a Roger and Brianna’s fight. I love Roger, but he came across as really possessive, just assuming Brianna was his. That scene didn’t play well, but I don’t think it was meant to. I enjoyed seeing Ernie. He always struck me as a book character I wish we’d get more of. No idea why. They sure handled the “Young Ian Is A Man” thing quickly. I got whiplash from Jamie’s 180 in that scene. I really loved the parallel narratives and cinematography. There were some wonderful transitions. Circa 1970 DQ product placement. Not an obvious choice, but it works. The festival scenes were well done. There was an intimacy amongst the clans and shared culture in the 20th century that I think is really instructive for the building of community in Fraser’s Ridge in the 18th century. I guess we should enjoy Richard Rankin’s beautiful singing voice while we can. :( Ah, Fraser’s Ridge. That scene was perfect. Understated and lovely. But mostly... Clarence.
  2. I think the mob knew. They couldn’t kill him, as he was already dead. But they COULD demonstrate their power over him by hanging his lifeless body. It wasn’t just about revenge - or even the law. It was about power. And showing that to everyone else, as well.
  3. After “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”, this might have been hardest-to-watch episode of this show. I was sick to my stomach the whole time. The impaling, the lynching, the fear in the eyes of the house slaves, the privileged class above it all... That combined with all the hate crimes that have been happening lately... Yeah, this was not one I need to rewatch any time soon. But I guess I appreciate that they showed it for the ugliness it is. We have to remember evil that has happened, so we can see it and call it out when it happens now. A couple things: I did enjoy Jamie with both pistols out. That’s vintage Season 1 Jamie. The exchange of Wolfe and Young Ian about the Romans made me giggle. Basically, the Romans tried to conquer the Picts of Scotland. But, ultimately, the Romans got so freaked out by the Picts, the Romans built two walls - Hadrian and Antonine - to be separated from the Picts. Maria Doyle Kennedy was wonderful, as she always is. I really like James Barriscale as Farquard Campbell. He had a great presence. Got the token season pitchfork scene in. John Quincy Myers looks fun. I missed his surgery scene, but it would have made no sense with the episode’s theme and mood. I’m surprised how excited I am to see Bree and Roger. A whole new narrative is coming next week. In short, well done episode that I don’t need to see again anytime soon.
  4. It was quite good. It stuck really close to the book. I think what I like the most is the slower pace. There are more opportunities for small but vital character interactions. Earlier seasons had so much to cover, those moments were often lost. The cold open was inspired. So haunting and beautiful. It plants a very important seed. They did the caithris! An example how the small moments are so special. I loved Young Ian’s PTSD. The writers continue to honor the effects. I’m sure we’ll see the same thing with Brianna’s rape. Rollo is great! So glad we get 5 seasons of that pup. I missed seeing Brianna and Roger, which surprised me. That makes me happy, since they’ll be so central soon. Now comes my critique: Bonnet and the end. I loved Early Bonnet. He actually seemed kind of swashbuckling and shrewd. I got d’Artagnan vibes, which also happily surprised me, since we know Bonnet’s dark nature. I feel like the ending squandered that juxtaposition. I love the Ray Charles song, but having it play over that moment cheated the shock that it was Bonnet who was attacking them. The song would work if it was any random person who attacked Jamie, Claire, and Company. It would convey their dream has had a major reality check. Yet, I think having it play over Bonnet distracted from the well-nigh personal betrayal that it was Bonnet. Especially since Bonnet casts such a huge shadow for awhile. I think the choice was too clever for its own good. Getting past that, it was a good episode. Already gives the feeling of the New World for Outlander.
  5. Hi, Everyone! Good to be back! I just finished 401, as well. The ending was... hmm. It’s interesting watching this less than 72 hours from a huge election. I wonder how much intentionality was put into scheduling the show to start this weekend. More later in the episode thread. Just a wee reminder to the fellow Americans - vote! It’s a freedom we can’t take for granted.
  6. I’m from Prior Lake. I know where the house is, but I won’t say where. (Minnesotan protecting fellow Minnesotan’s privacy.) I heard wonderful things about Becca’s mom; she worked directly with my mom’s friends. Up until this season, I’ve hate-watched this show. Now I’m genuinely wishing good things for someone, from one Laker to another.
  7. That was great. Solid, all the way around. "But, first, I must hold you both." Family-man Jamie Fraser is my favorite. I loved the dance scene. It really expressed how cultures can vary, but there are universal realities and experiences. David Berry. Seriously. Please make a Lord John spin-off. He is liquid charisma, and the camera loves him. And David has gravitas to match Sam. The hurricane effects were fabulous. It's good to know that Starz and Sony support this show enough to have a budget like that. Loved that they kept the "plan" scene from the book. It's the inclusion of these small scenes that make such a big difference. Bear McCreary is a gift to this show. I can't imagine Outlander without his music. It's sets the time and place, as much as anything on screen. This episode is the Outlander that I stay for. Strong way to end the season.
  8. Oh, you’re right! My bad. I blame it on the stuffy head and cold medicine. #FluShotFail
  9. Something else happened in this episode: we had the POV of Young Ian. "The Reckoning" was the first POV episode of Jamie. We've had POV with both Bree and Roger. This episode had a LONG cold-open, from Young Ian's perspective. That's a really strong and subtle way to suggest how central a character he becomes. The Fraser [of the Soon-To-Be-Ridge] Clan continues to grow.
  10. Cait looks gorgeous with the grey streaks. Sam is fitting into Jamie's age as well. I could watch David Berry all day long. I never really felt the Lord John Grey love in the books, like some readers. Yet, with David Berry embodying the role, I need to read all the novellas. Lotte really goes for it. Wow. Temeraire has more agency; credit to the writers on that one. Casting for slaves is one job I would never want. I see why they cast that gal for Margaret. Her "reading" eyes were disconcerting. I hope we hear Bree next week! And I look forward to Sam reaching for Cait's hand that's been in the credits. I do love how they're re-purposing the gowns and suits, in subtle ways. South Africa is gorgeous. I envy the location scouts on this show. Alright episode. Lots of exposition. Not enough Lord John Grey.
  11. Best title card ever? The wedding was great. Not as fun as the book, but it'll do. Lauren Lyle continues to impress. She does a lot with little dialogue. I want to see more César. There was a sweetness to this episode. Not as much outright humor as the book, but the genuine sentiment was beautiful. Yup. I'm trying to get my sister-in-law, who is in town for Thanksgiving, into the show. She went to bed during those 27 never-ending minutes and missed the best parts. I kept saying, "There are 2 scenes in this episode that will be wonderful!" Still, understandably, she couldn't hang in that long. Argh! The pacing on this show can be so off-putting. At least it's not The Walking Dead, I guess. I watched the beach reunion 5 times. Between that and Turtle Soup... I can't imagine anyone else in those roles, except for Sam and Cait. Another good episode, with a few great moments. On the whole, I think the writers are doing a great job at condensing and adapting the book. I like how many unnecessary things have been cut. I miss Lawrence a bit, but introducing him would take time away from Jamie and Claire. I love how Yi Tien Cho has been written. I had worries that character would be awful. However, the show has not only given him more to do (by cutting some other characters), there is a depth to his character that is so much stronger than the book. If this season's adaptations are anything to go by, I have high hopes for this show going forward. Bring on Lord John Grey next week!
  12. Agreed. And kudos to the casting, as usual. I felt like I was truly looking at older Romann Berrux. César has won my heart, and I love the strength that Lauren Lyle is bringing to Marsali. They're an equal team, just like Jamie and Claire. Moreover, Fergus' love for Jamie is, well, beautiful. "Perhaps I love too much." Double-meaning. I can't wait to see César's reaction in the next episode for the single word of "Fraser". I love father-figure Jamie Fraser. Both Sam and Cait were stellar in this episode; they hit all the right notes. They own these characters now. They embody the roles. Damn, they're good. Special mention to Albie Marber. His Elias was wonderful. Now when I reread that chapter, I'll have a sweet face to go with the name. Oh - and Annekja was great. They cast even the smaller parts perfectly. Bring on Father Fogden! I was a bit disappointed we didn't get the Governor Grey scene. I've really come to love David Berry. His presence is palpable. Maybe, it'll make his appearance in Jamaica all the more meaningful. (I would absolutely watch a Lord John Grey spinoff. Make it so, Starz.) I didn't realize it until this episode, but the surnames are reversed on the show. Claire has been going by Fraser and not Malcolm on the show's Porpoise. When Captain Leonard called Claire "Mistress Fraser", I thought that was slip-up that revealed he knew Jamie's identity as Red Jamie. I didn't realize it was the Alexander Malcolm name that gave him away. Interesting. One change I didn't like was show Tompkins. I liked the Rat Tompkins in the book who spilled the beans, due to Claire's threats. This Tompkins was sinister, and it didn't sit as well with me. Not sure why. I guess I liked the more colorful/playful book version. One little thing I loved (I went to Saturday night worship, so I guess it especially struck me) was the nod to Claire's Catholicism. When the crew was praying the Lord's Prayer, Claire joined in, but she didn't recite the doxology - "for Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever." I'm Lutheran, not Episcopal/Anglican, but it's spot-on that the Protestant British crew would say the doxology and Claire wouldn't. It was such a small moment, but I adored the detail. As Matt Roberts noted in the after-ep conversation, writer Luke Schelhaas did the research. Love the authenticity laced throughout. Well done.
  13. I like Ben. He’s been through a lot. I’m pissed at Joe, on his behalf. Saying Ben was swearing on the Marines is well-nigh a personal attack. Yes, this is a game, but you should still respect a person’s being. Joe needs to go asap.
  14. That was Elias Pound. I don’t think Claire recognized him; I think she was taken aback to see someone that young. With so many of the older and more experienced crew dead or ill, it’s the youth who have to become leaders beyond their years.
  15. Can Shannon Gross write every other episode? Most important: Hello, Book Jamie and Book Claire! That was perfect. This is the on-the-same-level, tag-team I've been waiting for. Woo hoo! I adored everything about this episode. The credits were great, and Bear's music was sublime. Marsali has always been one of my favorite characters, and I love how Lauren Lyle is playing her. Special kudos to Gary Young. His Yi Tien Cho is brilliant. And shout-out to Ping An! I have to assume more than one person crafted this plot. "A story told is a life lived." Cue Claire's voiceover. We finally have payoff of Claire's narration to us the viewers. That was perfect. Loved the sailors' song, especially since I've been conditioned from beer commercials to say "dilly dilly!" in celebration. Elias Pound is so precious. :( This exemplifies how a simple episode can be superb - focus on the character moments and let the actors shine. Dilly dilly!
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