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  1. Apparently I live about 4 miles away from Travis Clark’s family, though their house is double the size of ours and worth quite a bit more too. His father is an associate pastor at the Solid Rock Baptist church, also in Berlin NJ. I guess their family music ministry pays very well. Wonder if I’ll run into Katie at the local farmer’s market. I never heard of this family until I saw Travis on the show , though the church has been there over 30 years. The one pastor was on CNBC last year arguing that they should have been allowed to be open although New Jersey was under a stay at home order for 3
  2. I think that due to Covid the past year, many of the patients who started with Dr. Now didn't get in to see him, so they are working with whatever footage that they have. So far, no one in this season has even qualified for weight loss surgery. It was very strange the way Shannon carried her weight. I don't hold out hope that she's going to end up qualifying either. Her husband obviously married her to become her caretaker and I don't see that dynamic changing after 10 years.
  3. I just started watching this show about 2 weeks ago, going through season 1 and now I'm caught up. Missed it last year due to working overtime at a job I've now lost due to the pandemic. Anyway, my observations are that I think at least half the show is somewhat scripted. I think that Moira going to live with her grandparents was actually likely to be her parent's idea, since they had ongoing conflicts with her. It wasn't Olivia's idea. Also, the family is very friendly with another fundamentalist family, the Rodrigues family in Ohio. The one daughter, Nurie, was in Hosanna's wedding last yea
  4. I seem to remember years ago that it was Colin and Alexis who were expelled from their private school in kindergarten for being violent to their classmates and to adults. Maybe Colin has something like schizophrenia and has a hard time distinguishing reality from his own imagination. However, I don't think either Jon or Kate should win any parenting awards. . Jon shouldn't bash Kate to the media, that gets tiresome and it's not going to help his relationship with the rest of his kids. We all know what Kate is like and everyone is sorry for all of her kids. In some way, I almost think she's go
  5. In regards to the 150 goal weight, it might be very hard for Lacey to achieve that after being obese her entire life, but not impossible. I'm 178 now at 5 ft 4 and people are telling me I look skinny. Granted, I'm in my fifties now and I could definitely use a tummy tuck, but my highest was 238 and it's a big difference from size 22 down to 14 now. I do like that Lacey really listened to Dr. Now and was approved for weight loss surgery right away. That doesn't usually happen on this show. She did realize that she had psychological issues that were going to stand in the way of surgery and
  6. I've missed a couple of episodes the last 2 years, but I'm really wondering something. How does Buddy constantly seem to have serious girlfriends? He's an alcoholic and addict and never seemed to have a real job except for bartender? I'm really scratching my head over this one. It seems like the Big Girls Dance Class has taken a back seat to the Buddy drama. I guess Whitney still does the classes sometimes . What does she do the rest of the time that she isn't filming this trainwreck? I remember her working at the radio station. Does she do anything else than chase after Buddy?
  7. This show is becoming a bit predicitable, and i wish it was only an hour long. 2 hours seems too long to sit through watching people either make slow progress or slide backwards in their weight loss. It is definitely hard work losing weight, but not impossible. I've gone from 237 to 175 since March of last year on a medically supersvised weight loss program, under a doctor and dietician's care and using 2 meal replacements and one lean/green meal a day, and now only 15-18 lbs from my goal. There are definitely permanent changes I realized I had to make. I used to love cheese, peanut butt
  8. I just realized that I posted in this thread about a year ago. At the end of March, I went to my local hospital and asked to join their medically supervised weight loss program. In almost 10 months, I have now lost 62 lbs with approximately 15 to go, possibly another 10 after that if I feel I can keep going. The longer I stay on the program, the slower the weight loss is so I've had to mix it up with more exercise and lifelong habits now like almost completely cutting out high calorie foods like cheese and peanut butter, Occasionally I'll have a couple of cookies but it's much better than when
  9. Well, we finally know where Randall and his family live. Alpine, NJ is in Bergen County, close to New York City. I remember in season one where we were all trying to figure out where William lived and now that we know it's Philadelphia, no wonder it took 2 hours on the bus back and forth to their house. I liked seeing Toby's backstory and hope he stays on his medication and continues his therapy. I was a little surprised to find out Kate did get pregnant. I have to admit, I like seeing the kids as teens even though every story line has some sadness to it. They do seem believeable
  10. Interesting that Josiah says it's a great movie to watch no matter what side of the aisle you're on. Does this mean he accepts people who have pro-choice views? If so, it's the first time I remember a Duggar ever doing so. I'm from South Jersey, lived my entire life 18 miles from Philadelphia and I never heard anything about this doctor or this case. I'm pro-choice but the details sound gruesome and I have no desire to see this movie.
  11. I'm not sure if I missed something, but don't Danielle and Adam also have part ownership in the cycle studio? So if Adam was downsized or quit or whatever, he can't work there instead? The individual outings were cute. Danielle made too big a deal of Adam not being able to be there, imo. By the way, they did the same thing on the Jon and Kate plus 8 show 10-12 years ago, so it's not anything new. It was probably suggested as a storyline by the producers. The Gosselins also went to Hawaii as a family, Jon Gosselin quit his job and then they ended up getting divorced in about season 4 of th
  12. I'm thinking that this show should really wrap up and go off the air in another year. The girls are 3 now and by the time they get to kindergarten, unless the Busbys plan to homeschool, they are going to get comments/remarks by their classmates. I have to wonder if this is already happening with Blayke. I think the other show, Quints by Surprise wasn't renewed after the second season when they were about 2 1/2. Fame caused a lot of problems for the Gosselin family and most likely the parent's divorce. I'd hate to see it happen to this family.
  13. I remember thinking that of all the Duggar kids, it would be Jill who would be the most likely to adopt a child. She really cared about the orphans when they were on their mission trips and I recall one teen girl asked Jill to take her home with her and Jill was in tears because she couldn't. I still wonder if that's a possibility, international adoption. That said, I'm also wondering if she'll soon be pregnant again. Jill may not be in favor of it but I really doubt Derrick is completely against birth control.
  14. This is Emmy Rossum's final season on the show. I'm not sure I'll be able to watch a season 10 without her. I too like the new Liam, he can really act and has some of the best lines lately. I can't get used to Lip's new buzz cut and I'm trying to figure out why he is so invested in the daughter of a woman who was just a hookup for him. I guess the actress who played her mom isn't back this season but we have the daughter and Lip acting as her foster dad.
  15. Way too much talk about potty training. Those poor girls are going to hate their parents when they get older and watch reruns of the show. I don't watch all the higher multiple shows, but the only other one I remember that focused this much on potty training was the Gosselin family, which even showed the poor kids sitting on potties. I'm with the poster above who said that it can be done in a week or so, just be prepared to stay home and do the reward with the M&Ms or whatever. One of my kids insisted on using the potty with the door closed, he wanted privacy. Both of mine were over
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