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  1. Latest Survivor SA has proven its the best version, what an amazing season with a great winner. SA 6 to 8 are all so great. Ausvivor is entertaining but way too twist heavy and the editing is atrocious, half the cast are routinely ignored and it has the unhappy responsibility for having given us a second winner who was voted out (unanimously) earlier in the game. Aus 2017 is still the best season of all time though.
  2. Oh god do we really have to sit through young Smurf for another season? Brings the show to a screeching halt every time.
  3. Black comedy you say? I laughed. When Marla got shot at the end of the movie. Too little too late though.
  4. Disappointing ending. A little better if they knew they were being renewed. If not, the writers are assholes. I really liked the show and thought the first few episodes showed a ton of promise. Some good sci-fi concepts and they built a world I really want to know more about. Mother and Father are good characters. But as others have said it got quite a bit worse as the season went on and the last episode was just ludicrous and nonsensical. Travis Fimmel was wasted as soon as he "went insane" - that is not playing to his strengths. In for next season but definitely less optimisti
  5. Actually it almost certainly is not possible, given the school records show her in at 7:54 and out at 10:50. The tiny window of opportunity, the fact that the school would have noticed her missing, the blood, the weight of the body all make it extremely unlikely. Ali strikes me as someone who has been through a lot (and had a lot of therapy) and is probably naturally a bit off (given her childhood and mental health issues) but to go from that to "yep, she murdered her mom" is a massive leap. My wife was convinced it was her as well until the last episode finally shut her up. So good sc
  6. She really shouldn't have. She clearly lost the week. That (with one or two egregious exceptions) is how the show works. You lose the week and you're out. And Hermine was my favourite of the season.
  7. Disagree. I still think it's pretty compelling, if not for the true crime aspect but from the personal angle. Like most documentaries in this genre it suffers a bit from jumping around and not being clear on timelines but I like the personal stuff (the girlfriend, for example). It emphasizes the nature of the story. This guy evidently worked on the documentary for almost a decade and you can see the care that went into it. Dad's still guilty AF.
  8. I found this compelling. From the date cards it seems to have been in production since 2013, so I suspect it started as something school related and became something bigger than that. For a young amateur(ish) filmmaker to sell this to HBO is pretty interesting. Dad looks guilty AF.
  9. So when do Mack and the Salzmans get their sentences? I still can't believe that the prosecutors allowed Mack to plead it down. You just know she won't serve a day.
  10. Well now we know why the filmmakers went so easy on Nancy, Allison, the Bronfmans etc.. its because they'll all be showing up for Part 2, to tell the same "woe is me, I got duped" story the rest of the gang told in Part 1. This thing held my attention to the end but it really went totally off the rails about half way through. They could have told the same story in about 4 hours.
  11. I have more sympathy for Sarah than most people here it seems. To a certain degree they are of course all culpable and have a lot to answer for. And I agree that none should really be presented as "heroes" (the fault of the filmmakers). But when I first heard about this case, it was Sarah Edmondson's name that came along with it. She went on the record. She told (and showed) everyone what they did to her (which is worse than what was done to Mark, Bonnie, Catherine Oxenberg, or anyone else featured in the documentary so far, and which must have been terribly difficult). I give her (and her hus
  12. First few episodes were great before it descended into tedium and predictability. Should have been 6 hours tops.
  13. Arianna is the only halfway decent person on this show, the rest are pure scum. She needs to get the fuck out pronto. Jax kicking Tom out of "the bridal party" (and referring to it as such not once but twice) was yet another highlight of his epic stupidity. Every time the new cast comes on screen it brings the show to a grinding halt. Experiment failed.
  14. I hope the show doesn't take the predictable route of him being creepy/evil/El Cuco's minion and just keeps them as two awkward dorks in love. But yeah this episode was 100% filler.
  15. Anyone who professes to love Survivor and hasn't watched the past 4 seasons of this is seriously missing out. Better in every conceivable way, and holy shit what an amazing start to S7.
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