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  1. If they keep her in that office she will end up messing up cases, releasing information she is not supposed to, violating client confidentiality and a list of other things that are as annoying. Yes, it is reasonable doubt but why the need to film? As you pointed out, the dummy would have to be the same wight, but also the person supposedly pushing the victim would have to be applying the exact same force, so just talking about the possibility would be enough. That was just filling because they needed Callie to need new shoes, so Mariana would have to go to the office and find a
  2. The whole "where is the rock and did he hit it" scenario seems far fetched to me. As my University of Court Shows tells me, the prosecution has the burden of proof, so the defense can claim that the victim was pushed, fell and hit his head on the rock that has his blood. With good manipulative skills, the defense can cast doubt in a juror or two. That's all they need because the prosecution needs to prove "without reasonable doubt". They don't have to prove how it might have happened with a dummy. As for Callie not knowing, in general, attorneys don't really care about the client's guilt
  3. It is not only the heels. I roll my eyes as how she dresses for work when she is not appearing in court. I know a few attorneys who make starving wages because they are just starting - some of then are not just starting, but they are public defenders, or work as disability rights attorneys - and if they don't have to appear in court they don't dress up at all. And they usually have only one or two outfits for court days. This is one of the most unrealistic things about TV. It is the outdated perception that if you graduate as an attorney or a doctor, you completely change how you dress overnig
  4. I am not sure if it is a secret - the IPO thing, I don't know enough about it. I remember listening about how Facebook should go public for a long time, how Zuck reportedly resisted for a while, and I guess it is related to IPO. So, not unethical in a sense of breaking business rules, but more like violating his trust. I do agree that it felt shady and like a blackmail. Ethics aren't usually part of corporate culture. Backstabbing, on the other hand, it rampant.
  5. I agree. I think Marianna does the right things but many times in the wrong way, rushed, without much actual planning. And I also agree that suing Evan was a mix of the writers sending a signal about "women's power" and being so invested in the system of "easy" gains. Both wrong in this context, imo. I think they are trying too hard to fit every single identity in the show, and are overdoing it. It comes out as wokeness bullshit. It would be fine with to have stories that cover more issues that are not usually mainstreamed, but not by just throwing them in the ring in the way they did
  6. Just watched it and have mixed feelings. Gael, the Good, doing the noble thing but still no word on how people, in 2021, are having unprotected sex with multiple partners. Really bugging me. They could at least come up with the broken condom excuse. Malika's brooding story is annoying. Mariana's story is annoying. Liked Callie's legal story, and I usually don't like Callie in anything. She wasn't playing savior of all causes, at least. Adding: the IPO stuff is too much corporatism for me. I wish, but know the writers will not go there, the whole thing failed - like it would be g
  7. I more or less binged on this show in about a week and even tough I am old I really enjoyed it. I found out that it is a good way for me to relax, watching meaningless teen drama - this show was surprisingly not meaningless though. I don't have much to say other than it was quite enjoyable and left me wanting more. The one thing I thought was - to me - a little annoying was Mia's constant sulking. I get the why, but I would like to see more development, either see her really talking to someone, or why she is not talking to anyone about the things that make her somewhat depressed all the t
  8. Well, that's disappointing. I liked the show.
  9. The writers need to keep the drama for next season. The Testaments spoiler:
  10. I thought that there were interesting past/present connections in the episode, and even a little bit of going back to the original book in some dialogues. The director was excellent. The way everything was shot was really beautiful. Good eye. I can't with the writers though. Even if they make June cry and be angry then cry again and then be furious, they are not working the character very well. All the other survivors/refugees are in therapy, but June hasn't really dealt with her own feelings, in private (or in therapy). I get that she doesn't want to , but I would like to see more
  11. I thought that too but he didn't have a MRI, he had a CT which wouldn't allow metals either, but in his case it was only the throat so it would be ok. Fir an MRI his things would have to be outside the test area, and they were right next to the CT machine. Anyway, do we still expect the writers to do a minimum of research? That could be a possibility and maybe because everything got so delayed it then conflicted with other possible projects he had.
  12. That, to me, is the big mystery. It is not like the woman who played the niece is specially talented, or the character specially interesting, or the plot makes any sense. Now that I typed this, maybe they ran out of absurd reasons to throw on us, so they developed this plot where a Irani teenager who never met her aunt comes to the US as an immigrant, with perfect english and a lot of attitude, all this being able to get a visa that nobody else in her country is able to get (considering the policies at the time the show is set, policies that haven't really changed, by the way), or maybe
  13. I suspect they had ab idea that it would be cancelled, although not a confirmation, so they tried to make sure the main plot had closure. I wish we could see Cassidy and her father get slammed a little more in their professional life. Corporate attorneys, along with corporate CEOs, are one of the worst people n the world. Just see what is happening to Steven Donziger.
  14. I didn't know it had been cancelled. That's too bad, this was one show that was so easy and enjoyable to watch, in a way I cannot really explain but that's how it came to me. I even enjoyed Andy Garcia, someone I really dislike. Too bad.
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