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  1. Well, imo the actor is pretty boring so it would be hard for him to play a non-boring character. and to add to the shallow, since the make up crew is giving the actor such a 5 o'clock shade (a very bad one, by the way), they could also give him an upper lip.
  2. That's the writers probably trying to "I don't see the disability" us. It is the fake acceptance. People should see disability, then respect it and hopefully accept it. They way they showed is totally unrealistic. I think the type of disability he has is not diagnosed at birth, it is something that comes later, maybe as the kids shows delay in physical milestones I agree that they are showing the kid on the nurse timeline too perfect and mature. It is pure inspiration porn.
  3. She wouldn't be able to sue but insubordination would not factor in this situation. She probably signed a contract that states that she needs to follow the recipes and the manager doesn't even need to think hard to justify anything. But obviously, as we all know, the "family" is just too perfect and they would all come together to make sure she is hired again and that not only the franchise, but the whole chain, changes the recipe because it is soooo much better
  4. Probably illegal but TV will make it just a "oopsy" moment. I doubt they will include a lawsuit. It doesn't fit the type f drama they seem to be going for. The whole season will be about the evil corporate against good "healthcare" (laughable on itself). Not only doctors are bound by HIPAA. It is definitely unethical and immoral, though. I believe any renowned hospital would have a version of HIPAA concerning employer/employee rights to disclose private information. Besides, for a poster like that Shun would absolutely have to sign a waiver, it is his face - and likely get some compen
  5. Agree and agree. I don't know how contracts between artists and agents happen but if an artist can allow agents to make decisions and sign contracts for them, then agents must be the fastest growing profession out there, full of grifters, creating starving artists. I liked Darcy just a little, mostly because I am tired of veteran PTSD stories - which I think are important but that shows don't really do well. I am happy she end things up though. Good for her. Yeah, I thought exactly that, the writers wanting Maggie t be "cute". It is so pathetic, she comes across as not only not-
  6. Community gardens that have funding also have more resources and can build greenhouses. But yes, it is limited in places like NYC, and it is not just throwing seeds on the ground and the produce will grow. Typical New Amsterdam, good ideas, bad solutions.
  7. I liked that too. Painting slogans without changing the whole system does nothing for the people. It is just signal boosting. Typical neoliberal sidestep to avoid doing what needs to be done to fix things. But Fuentes was wrong to bring Bernie into it. Bernie would be enacting a general strike for better conditions. I actually think the whole dialogue was a good indictment on the absurdity of the American "healthcare" system. Fuentes cannot act unilaterally but the hospital can be "sold for parts". It is happening all over rural areas where corporations are buying small county hos
  8. I haven't watched the episode yet but in general I don't think she is a bitch, just extremely annoying, the type of person I would not want in my life at all. I was neutral towards her in the first season but this sentiment has gone downhill ever since. One of the worst characters ever written, imo It also doesn't help that the shallow in me has a big problem with her face, which makes it hard for me to even watch her scenes.
  9. Are the laws enforced though, or these types of law are more local and not state-wide? Because in the Berkshires young people go to bars (at least they did 15 years ago when I lived there). I have been to bars with younger than 21, and with young people who looked younger than 21 and they were only carded for drinks, not to get in the bars. And one of the bars had live music too.
  10. circumvent

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I watched out of curiosity and I thought it was weak. To your point, Hollywood has dozens of scripts and proposals for shows shelved somewhere and they pull those when they need something to fill a gap. I would not be surprised if this is the case here (it could be my bias, since I thought it was bellow average). With Covid, things got out of pace, out of rhythm. The studios find a script and assemble a cast, without caring too much if the show will succeed or not. They just need them for a season, maybe even a half season. If they fail, it is all part of the calculations, so no big losses.
  11. I like when shows hire disabled actors to portray disabled characters but this sow is pure fantasy - or maybe there is a hospital in Silicon Valley that treats only the billionaires who flocked there because all treatments and procedures seem to be paid for, somehow. Like every other show on TV, all identities have been listed and waiting for the check mark - sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, race, the list goes on. It is important for pop culture to address those issues. But when it comes to disabilities, it still fails. There is a palpable bias against intellectuall
  12. It seems that every show I watch is suffering from mediocrity in the writing department. Maybe the writers are badly paid to which I say: strike. Join IATSE and demand better working conditions/pay. If it is not the reason for the mediocrity, then find another job because entertainment is not your industry.
  13. It was just dropped there, without any context. Giving the producing team the benefit of the doubt, maybe they had more to the story that got tosse din the editing room. It is the only acceptable explanation for such a clusterfuck
  14. Which makes things even worse because he either doesn't even know/care about disabilities and how to use the correct words, or he does, he cares, he might have said something when reading the script, and the writers simply ignored him, which is a form of silencing. Pretty disgusting, really
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