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  1. Fair point, well made - Though I still fail to see any relevance to what my post about decision making / belief.
  2. Let me know when you find anyone trying
  3. Uninformed consent is not valid consent Uninformed opinion is not valid opinion Uninformed decision is not a valid decision Either way, Anubis contradicts himself. "You will go to nothing" means that it just ends, nothing more happens, there is... nothing. "There will eb darkness" means that there will be something, and it sounds a hell of a lot like an eternity of sensory deprivation AKA purgatory; which is NOT "nothing"
  4. Best guess - he's the one who flipped her the sunshine coin of protection thing
  5. Shaun of the Dead (2004) Hott Fuzz (2007) World's End (2013) Ostensibly I wanted to talk about Hot Fuzz, and a new discovery; but might as well bring all 3 films into one thread, as I love both the first 2, and quite like the 3rd. Now I must have watched Shaun and Fuzz a few dozen times each; and last night, watching whilst half-asleep, I noticed yet another new thing, on which I'm probably way, way behind the times on. The character names... I've noticed various things over time; from the obvious to the less obvious. Even with the PIStaker bit specifical
  6. I think 2 a season is working for them; they just need another 1-2 episodes to let things breathe and develop a little more naturally. They did a great job splitting it this season; with a definitive "3 years later" bit where Gisela goes straight from "I'm pregnant" to have 2 kids scampering away; and they split the ancillary characters well into both halves. It's possible they'll do 3 books in S3, but that really would be too cramped; and if they go down to 1 it'll be a huge slow-down for such a fast-moving series, and would really put people off. A lot of the reader-co
  7. Love it love it love it. When's S3? I'm even loving the changes in the adaptation keeping things fresh for me, and for the most part, tidying up the clunky bits. Just wish they could extend it to 10 episodes and allow the characters a little room to breathe.
  8. Yeah, my understanding is that it would have been a case of (pretty severe) regional accents and variations; more than being seperate languages.
  9. Yeah, mead is similar to what (British) cider has become - you can still get the real stuff, but most of the stuff you see sold is basically alcohol, water, and flavouring - I've yet to have one of those that is actually good (some can be passable though). Proper meads can be sweet, or they can be really quite bitter, but you still taste the honey coming through; just... altered (in the same way that in proper cider you can taste the apple, but you really wouldn't call it apple flavoured).
  10. Loads, it's one of my favourite tipples. I've never seen it colourless though. Proper mead tastes like mild, alcoholic, slightly spiced honey; but there's a massive range, it's a bit like trying to describe what wine or cider tastes like to someone who's never had it. Some meads though basically cheat, and just dissolve honey in a stronger alcohol drink, brandy, sherry, absinthe etc. Typically alcohol EBV is broadly equivalent to wine. 10-15%, and you'd sip it like an appéretif, generally better chilled.
  11. Looks like we're off to guardians tomorrow; is it worth the extra 50% for 3d IMAX?
  12. But that's about being "better" not "fresher". Plenty of sequels are better, or just as good, I can't think of any that are fresher (not that I'm thinking particularly hard about it).
  13. Are sequels ever as fresh as their predecessor? it would seem like a contradiction of the word "fresh" if they were.
  14. Sorry @Anothermi whilst my comment doubled up as a name correction, t was also a genuine comment on its own Book spoiler
  15. Really enjoyed Osferth's arrival, a re-imagined Aldhelm as spin-master rather than mindless thug, Oda as Uthred's supporter. Have to say, they're doing a good job of some of the books' clunkier parts; and he shaky cam for towards the end was actually really effective - for the first time since the Blair Witch Project
  16. Just remembered Ben Kingsley - pushes Hopkins down to 3rd
  17. Finan is Irish, and was already enslaved on the ship by the time we joined them. AFAICR we've not seen his back story on screen yet. Sihtric is Kjartan's bastard son, and was sent with Kjartan's men a few episodes back. Clapa is one of Guthred's household guard that Uthred put together - no explanation given as to why he's sticking with Uthred rather than his liege-lord in Northumbria. Hild, the nun-turned warrior, about to become an Abbess. Gisela is Guthred's sister, and Uthred's wife. In Uthred's household, you've got: Fina
  18. Guthram / Athelstan is king in East Anglia. Previous king of Mercia died last episode, so 3 years ago now. Aethelred is no relation, just a Mercian noble who has become (politically) foremost noble in Mercia through the upcoming marriage to Aethelfraed, but still not a king. IIRC they had a discussion in-episode that Alfred would not allow the Mercian Witan to appoint a new king in Mercia. I'm happy to clarify these things, but don't want to risk heading into book-lore or real-history as the show differs from both in some respects.
  19. For acting talent, Gary Oldman has the title for now, with Hopkins an honourable runner up IMO. I'd take Gene Hackman over Redford or Nicholson too TBH
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39442216
  21. Durham the wider shots, and the shots of Uhtred et al approaching the well, all show a big rocky promontory (though the river does seem to be AWOL) - it's only really the approach to the gates that's relatively flat (and I don't recall any wide shots from there). Of course, there's no way they could film in real Durham as there's too much... Durham in the way. I'd guess that the gate approach is pretty flat as a practicality, I wouldn't fancy being an actor carrying that battering ram anyway, let alone doing it up a steep slope - it also allows for the visuals or horses approaching the gate wi
  22. Definitely better than S1It helps that Dreymon seems to have taken acting lessons during the break - though I still hate his voice overs in the "previously on"; but then, I hate "previously on"s anyway.
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