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  1. 16th March for the UK; 9.00; BBC2 18th March for Netflix Australia, and a few others - I'm not sure if Netflix USA has announced a date yet; but may well be part of the pack for the 18th
  2. And we have a (US) release date: https://tvline.com/2017/02/23/american-gods-premiere-date-season-1-starz-series-neil-gaiman/
  3. True - but there are many who are interested in peurile humour - whether they "get it" or not.
  4. I'd like to see a sequel to the Matrix, that film was great, and really deserved to spawn a franchise.
  5. Might as well put my current theory down in writing. Sister is broadly the same age as Sherlock; with Mycroft much the older. Euros "committed suicide" (probably accidentally) in childhood; possibly in a way that killed or injured Redbeard (so jump off a cliff, or swimming out to sea); which explains Sherlock's emotional response to a suicidal client. If as a fairly young child then it would explain why he's not seeing the face of a dead 6 year-old, in the 40 year old living person before him. Mycroft was instrumental in packing her off to a mental hospital, and she bears a grudge ag
  6. Well - now she drives an Aston, and power-slides around roundabouts. She just gets better and better
  7. Have you met Tony Stark yet?
  8. I thought the wrote out Pepper because Paltrow's contract ran out, and she didn't want to renew? Hasn't she taken a break from all acting now?
  9. My understanding is that it's canon that synth's just recognise each other. Our conscious synths are often getting questioning looks from other synths, or asked why they don't share etc. I think it's like each synth is a WiFi router, on open settings, constantly sharing information; but that our conscious synths are WiFi routers with the security turned on - visible, but not sharing. My biggest suspension of disbelief was that it seem too have taken the government this long to think about using synths to spy on people - all that face-recognition software, all that Geotagg
  10. You've... obviously never had pets
  11. IMO: It's the remote control for what they're seeing / feeling. Basically a more advanced version of the eye-implant we see in Nosedive, White Christmas and Entire History of You
  12. I THINK they're beginning to change that this season though. Specifically with Niska going through these tests of emotion and showing none for images of cutsie crap that mean nothing to her as a non-human - yet we know that she is sentient and emotional. It's not trying to show that she's a psychopath, but that she's sentient and emotional, but thinks that human babies are ugly little shrivelled things, with no particular connection to her or her emotions.
  13. I'm sure I saw blue on her hand; but I reserve the right to be wrong (as a married man, I ALWAYS reserve this right).
  14. Pretty sure the synthies would still have red blood, not blue - and it appears that they're not well known about yet. Joe has noticed Sophie, but doesn't know what's going on; and Toby has to ask about the girl at school; and... that's all we've seen, no adults, and one kid at achool who knows what's going on.
  15. The girl at school is a real person who's name they knew before she started acting this way (IIRC). I'm guessing that it's to give Toby some insight into what Sophie is doing, and help the family out that way, with some insight.
  16. I hope all you new rugby fans from Stateside managed to watch what might well have been the match of the century (so far) in Chicago last night between Ireland and New Zealand. No spoilers in case anyone will hunt for a replay, or recorded it to watch later. ETA: Just in case anyone missed it (I could only follow text updates, for example) Official Replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SFyW2DRzvg Official Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T53EF4wtQo
  17. TBH, I think the American corporation is a way of getting funding out of AMC - too early to see where they go with it. NB: Dr Morrow definitely has sentient AI already; we also know she wants to protect it, at least from corporate hands.
  18. The waltz in Before Sunset https://youtu.be/VhRkUhY8MlQ Brian and Mandy Cohen addressing the crowd in Life of Brian https://youtu.be/Zjz16xjeBAA Ellie and Carl's life together in Up https://youtu.be/F2bk_9T482g The final reveal in Se7en https://youtu.be/1giVzxyoclE Chess scene from Thomas Crown Affair https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oVp9v9kCXE8 Not the best scene, but the best match for the music: Don't Stop Me Now in Shaun of the Dead https://youtu.be/W4tVH7BPb-Q Honourable mention from TV from Dr Who, Van Gogh visits the Musée d'Orsay https://youtu.be/ubTJI_UphPk
  19. "Stealth" advertising has started for S2, but still no air date.
  20. I know nothing about this actress (beyond a quick google now); but have no problem at all with MJ being non-white. If hair colour is really an issue, then there's always hair dye. The only thing I would comment on, is that it'd be nice if Hollywood's idea of diversity wasn't always to cast African-American, almost never to go East Asian, or South Asian, Arabic, North African, Euro-Mediteranean or Latino etc; it seems to be black, white, or some combination of the two. Maybe it's my European bias, where we have different Ethnic mixes, but it really stands out to me.
  21. But he doesn't want to be a Danish puppet; he wants to be lord of Bebbanbugh; in his own right.
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